Competition Matters: New Study Supports Cdn Govt Policy on 4th Wireless Player
RT @UofTSCCO: Copibec is filing $4M class action lawsuit vs Université Laval for #copyright infringement
RT @RonDeibert: State-sponsored hackers target human rights groups, study says @citizenlab
Lest We Forget.
Too important to leave just to CRTC/FCC: defending political involvement on net neutrality, Netflix taxes
Net Neutrality & Netflix Taxes: Tension Between Gov & Regulators on Digital Policy
RT @NewmanRobinson: CSE received $923K from "foreign partners" last year:
RT @CanLII: Copyright claim against @internetarchive has "real and substantial connection" with Canada
RT @arminaligaya: Obama calls on FCC to ban paid internet fast lanes, in support of net neutrality
RT @josh_wingrove: Access to Info watchdog agency is basically broke, needs funding to fulfill mandate:
Should using the Internet be subject to a licence like a drivers’ licence? The OPP seems to think so
Ontario Provincial Police Recommend Ending Anonymity on the Internet
RT @CBCNews: 'Open government' plan slams door on Access to Information Act reform
RT @CanLII: Tort damages awarded for privacy breach in Ontario - @danmichaluk reviews 2014 ONSC 6136
RT @christinedobby: Wireless co’s strive to sell themselves on best service, network quality - not price
RT @theTVaddict: Open to Canadians too! RT @ProgGrrl: CBS All Access has launched! ($5.99/mo) v @fagstein
RT @CRTCeng: CRTC issues its first decision on Let’s Talk TV: eliminates 30 notice req to cancel service
RT @amacek: Senate considers new version of Anti-Counterfeiting Bill after wrong version sent from HofC
Can a wireless company change your data plan without express consent? CCTS says no:
CCTS Report on Wireless Code Violations: When Is Data on a Data Stick an “Add On”?
RT @Justin_Ling: Here's Blaney on the federal court decision, and it's relation to #C44.
RT @caparsons: Appeal Court upholds ruling CSIS kept judge in the dark on foreign spying
RT @TorontoStar: Commentary: How Canada’s privacy deficit undermines our economy
2) Provider changed data stick data plan from unlimited to 10GB w/out express consent. Billed overage & said data an “add on”
2 striking things about CCTS report 1) Bell (inc Virgin Mobile & Northern Tel) source of 2/3 of confirmed wireless code breaches
RT @KatherineDines: 5 things to know about the Canadian #genepatent case via @torontostar
Govt Control Over Internet Governance: Plan Would Give GAC Increased Power over ICANN Board Decisions
RT @CompBureau: Eastlink and Bruce Telecom Abandon Proposed Merger:
RT @ericbot: @ethanz has written a brilliant piece on the ad supported web and our future.
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