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marcia g. yerman

marcia g. yerman

Writer/Activist/Curator/Artist Writing about women's issues, culture and the arts. Co-founder of Articles housed at
#Inners #Blakenship sounds pathetic. Actually, he's just plain disgusting. But most of us already knew that. #coal
#Inners #Blankenship just stated he doesn't believe in the science around #climate change. Guess he missed the #NYC @Peoples_Climate march.
#Inners. Blankenship keeps touting his website & talking points. OMG, 2X again with website. How pathetic is this. Now dumping on renewables
#Inners Wow, #DonBlankenship is starting off with BS. Like ownership cared abt its workers & their health. Surprised this guy came on show.
Got 100% on @honorable_woman quiz, but still don't know if I understand everything! #Honorablewoman Off to read @Guardian Recap!
#HonorableWoman Don't you love how the Brits use real looking people who are actually middle-aged & not glammed up?
#HonorableWoman Ok. We've been thru the wringer. So is bottom line that "The only answer is there is no answer." & Who was guy in desert?
#honorablewoman Why don't I believe that Nessa is safe? Where's Shlomo when you need him?
RT @letat_lechat: To Limbaugh's sponsors: I will not buy your products. I do not shop with sponsors of rape. #SayNO2Rush
RT @honorable_woman: Retweet if you’re watching The @Honorable_Woman series finale on @SundanceTV right now! #HonorableWoman
#TheHonorableWoman Truly intense. Wonder when Nessa is going to find out her brother is dead.
RT @radiobobkansas: Stephen Rea is just so fantastic on #TheHonorableWoman
Okaay! I knew #NessaStein was alive. Now what? I'm ready! #theHonorablewoman
Getting ready for #thehonorablewoman finale. Still thinking abt #pbsroosevelts though.
RT @PBS: You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face ~ER #RooseveltsPBS
RT @BetteMidler: This #RooseveltsPBS brilliant... We should lock Congress in a room and force them to watch it. What a tremendous amount they got done.
#RooseveltsPBS Totally amazing. Can't help wondering what #FDR wld do now. Sorry that the support those in the arts got cldn't be repeated.
RT @feministing: 10 female revolutionaries they didn’t teach you in history class: This is pretty much the only feminist list t...
RT @politico: Court rules against gay marriage bans in Indiana and Wisconsin
RT @CleanAirMoms: Tar Sands And Pepsi? Urge Them To Stop Guzzling Tar Sands: @mgyerman #WhatAboutTomorrow
Hey @Kroger, it’s not OK to allow people to openly carry guns in your stores! #GroceriesNotGuns via @Everytown
RT @Earthjustice: Think our current laws protect you from toxic chemicals? Think again >>
RT @natehowardbe: Really Obama? You end on the note of a small minority of people looting? #Ferguson
RT @thedailybeast: All 52 officers of the Ferguson Police Department could be outfitted with badge cameras for less than $20,800
RT @RYOTnews: SeaWorld thinks it can win us back by building bigger bathtubs for orcas. LOL!
#POTUS #Ferguson "The cause of justice & fair administration of the law must be brought to bear." However, Peaceful residents vs looters...
#POTUS #Ferguson Stating if young black men commit crimes, they have to be held accountable. But, "given the history of our country..."
RT @goldietaylor: Talking about school to prison pipeline now. Sentencing disparities and unfairness of trials.
#POTUS #Ferguson When he goes off-script Prez does best, spking from the gut. "Looking a criminal justice system." More boys get suspended.
#POTUS #Fegurson "I have 2 be careful of not pre-judging" in response to visit from him. Nah. A visit cld show that he is concerned for all!
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