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marcia g. yerman

marcia g. yerman

Writer/Activist/Curator/Artist Writing about women's issues, culture and the arts. Co-founder of Articles housed at
RT @feministing: 10 female revolutionaries they didn’t teach you in history class: This is pretty much the only feminist list t...
RT @politico: Court rules against gay marriage bans in Indiana and Wisconsin
RT @CleanAirMoms: Tar Sands And Pepsi? Urge Them To Stop Guzzling Tar Sands: @mgyerman #WhatAboutTomorrow
Hey @Kroger, it’s not OK to allow people to openly carry guns in your stores! #GroceriesNotGuns via @Everytown
RT @Earthjustice: Think our current laws protect you from toxic chemicals? Think again >>
RT @natehowardbe: Really Obama? You end on the note of a small minority of people looting? #Ferguson
RT @thedailybeast: All 52 officers of the Ferguson Police Department could be outfitted with badge cameras for less than $20,800
RT @RYOTnews: SeaWorld thinks it can win us back by building bigger bathtubs for orcas. LOL!
#POTUS #Ferguson "The cause of justice & fair administration of the law must be brought to bear." However, Peaceful residents vs looters...
#POTUS #Ferguson Stating if young black men commit crimes, they have to be held accountable. But, "given the history of our country..."
RT @goldietaylor: Talking about school to prison pipeline now. Sentencing disparities and unfairness of trials.
#POTUS #Ferguson When he goes off-script Prez does best, spking from the gut. "Looking a criminal justice system." More boys get suspended.
#POTUS #Fegurson "I have 2 be careful of not pre-judging" in response to visit from him. Nah. A visit cld show that he is concerned for all!
#POTUS #Ferguson After shout out to Ann Compton, she asks if Prez has thought of going to #Missouri himself.
#POTUS Geez. I had thought questions wld have drilled down more on #Ferguson. Our country is falling apart! Am I missing something?
RT @EcoWarrior1980: Tell the EPA: Protect communities near oil refineries #ClimateAction
RT @jaredbkeller: I hate to say it but: Obama looks tired and miserable and I don’t blame him.
RT @jbouie: Barack Obama is either very tired, doesn’t believe a single word he’s saying re: Michael Brown, or both.
RT @mitchellreports: Obama:says he'll be watching to see whether national guard are hurting or hindering local law enforcement #Ferguson
#POTUS #Ferguson "No excuse 4vexcessive force by police. Seek understanding, heal, rather than wound each other." We R united American fam
#POTUS Others in govt traveling to #Ferguson to reduce tensions. "The vast majority of people are peacefully protesting." However....
#POTUS #Ferguson "I spoke with Gov. #Nixon." Feds have opened their own investigation. #AG will be going to #Missouri & be on the ground.
#POTUS on #ISIS. "The #Iraqi people need to reject them" and push them out.
#POTUS On war in #Iraq before we get to the war on the home front. #Ferguson
#Ferguson #POTUS Ok. Seems that we are going to start with #Iraq. Run down of on the grd stuff. Dam retaken by #Kurds & #Iraqis. #Embassy
#Ferguson Ok. I don't want to be cynical, but how did a religious figure giving a prayer become part of a presser with #CaptRonJohnson & NG?
"A Human Rights Crisis": In Unprecedented Move, #Amnesty International Sends Monitors to Ferguson This is the #USA!
RT @MarcGunther: Not a shocker: MIT study says world's nations are failing to tackle #climate crisis, reports @insideclimate
#POTUS to speak abt #Ferguson at 4pm. Finally!
RT @JulieAnnSilver: This from yesterday: "Don't loot in Michael's name! We're not looters, we are liberators. We are not burners, we are builders!" #ferguson
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