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marcia g. yerman

marcia g. yerman

Writer/Activist/Curator/Artist Writing about women's issues, culture and the arts. Co-founder of Articles housed at
#IfNotNow's Letter to The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organ...: via @YouTube #ConflictResolution
#IfNotNow's Letter to The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organ...: via @YouTube #ConflictResolution
RT @davidsheen: My latest video: 5,000 protested in Tel Aviv this past Saturday night against Israel’s assault on Gaza #antifa972
RT @TPM: Obamacare will help Medicare remain solvent even longer, trustees report says
Super @LastWeekTonight! #GoGetThoseGeckos! Thx for making me laugh #JohnOliver!
RT @larryprevost: You have to admit, Joe knows how to take control of the crowd and redirect their attention. #HaltandCatchFire
RT @NorthbndTrain: "You're not Robert Frost. You're a pawn shop hack selling my dream under a plastic mask." - Joe, #HaltandCatchFire
RT @PixelProject: #Palestinian women in Ramallah facing abuse may call SAWA toll-free @ 121
Getting ready for #HaltandCatchFire! So glad that Donna is coming along. She's a major brain! #WomenInTech
RT @PixelProject: #South Africa: #rape crisis (Cape Town) 0214479762
Writing about @A_Sannikov, in context of @DangerousActs review. What a brave, heroic man. @BFreeTheatre #Belarus #Dictatorship #Repression
RT @womenforaction: Rwanda female MPs 'pioneers' in gender equality: 64% of parliamentarians are women - the highest such proportion...
RT @Tough_Women: Don't let someone else's opinion of you become your reality
RT @the_g_rant: If #halliburton involved in #csg #fracking its toxic. Spill mystery: chemicals in Ohio waterway? via @motherjones
RT @ClimateReality: What would Jesus do (about climate change)? Professor says her environmental & religious beliefs go hand-in-hand
RT @50millionmissin: The #sexism of the “#Men First!” attitude everywhere in #India. It’s that attitude that says, men are entitled to...
RT @Fem2pt0: A must read: A message to girls about religious men who fear you. by @RoleReboot #fem2
RT @stopKXL: US Coast Guard has proposed opening #Ohio River & other major waterways, as a route for #fracking waste barges
via #Rabbi @CenSynNYC: "Let empathy conquer rage." #ConflictResolution #Israel #Palestine
Meriam Ibrahim is free! Thank you to 1 million+ @Amnesty supporters who took action. #HumanRights
RT @MarkWT7: @CleanAirMoms @CNA_org @mgyerman very true. DoD's last QDRs have been recognizing the significant of this too. Still, deniers want to deny
Tell Secretary Kerry: Don't stop at ceasefire. Address the underlying issues! #conflictresolution
RT @ProNetworkBuild: "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." - Victor Frankl
Decrying "Brutal Operation Taking Place in Our Name," #Israeli Military Reservists Refuse 2 Serve #conflictresolution
Can someone put the extremists from both the #Israeli & #Palestinian camps in a room together. Let others take the lead. #ConflictResolution
Dear #TedCrux: I resent you using #Israel to advance your own political agenda. The #MidEast has enough problems without you! #Demagogoue
RT @ClimateStore: RT @CleanAirMoms By 2030 the global middle class will have increased food demand by 35%, energy need by 50% @mgyerman
#TheBridge is starting to make me too anxious. Not sure how much more I can take.
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