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marcia g. yerman

marcia g. yerman

Writer/Activist/Curator/Artist Writing about women's issues, culture and the arts. Co-founder of Articles housed at
RT @elonjames: Joe Morton is the type of dude that if a waiter brought him cold food he'd wait 20 yrs & make the waiters kid flunk out of college. #scandal
US decries anti-Semitic leaflets in Ukraine: The United States on Thursday condemned as... via @ScribbleLive
RT @monaeltahawy: After overnight jail NYC for spraypainting racist ad, @stanleycohenlaw came to my arraignment bec some Occupy activists asked him to help me
RT @EcologyWA: Weigh in on protecting and preserving water levels in the Spokane River. #publicweighin
RT @StephInTeevee: I would pay to see @ZerlinaMaxwell and @feministabulous start their own digital commentary/news show a la Young Turks!
RT @jljacobson: Tennessee's Pregnancy Criminalization Law Will Hit Black Wmn Hardest Tell Gov Haslam #Veto1391
I wonder if when Twitter began #SponsoredTweets they had any idea that #BigOil wld be such a disseminater of #disinformation. i.e. @chevron
RT @CameronCRussell: Join me & help @iHollaback train young feminists to be great leaders, donate a couple bucks in the next 33 hours >>
RT @waylonlewis: "There’s something wrong with a society that drives a car to workout in a gym.” – Bill Nye Elephant Bicycle.
.@Chevron Keep it up with the big bucks PR campaign. Some one may actually believe you. Thx for keeping the planet safe. #Ecuador #irony
RT @AmbassadorPower: When asked why he smuggled photos out of prisons and exposed truth, regime defector "Caesar" said, “this is not the #Syria that I love.”
RT @NewsOnGreen: EDF Helps Standardize Energy Efficiency Projects in Texas
RT @PixelProject: See for help with domestic violence, incest, child sexual abuse. We have 50 chapters in 6 countries
New #IPCC Report: #FossilFuel #Divestment Must Start Now | EcoWatch via @ecowatch #BigOil
RT @TheTweetOfGod: The next time I create mankind I'll conduct an environmental impact study first.
RT @msnbc: Tax Day is especially tough this year for the unemployed, who find even their unemployment benefits are taxed:
RT @TurnAMC: Are you watching #TURNamc right now? Follow & RT this tweet to win the book it’s based on, #WashingtonsSpies!
RT @MomsRising: 7 Ways That 1960s #MadMen Looks Like 2014
RT @AntoniaZ: Yes Ladies. It was really that sexist back then. Remember that next time you say you're not a feminist. #MadMen
RT @ninaturner: This is about unfettered access to the ballot box so that the government is for the pple by the pple. #VotingRights
RT @MHPshow: Now in #nerdland: we talk to Cynthia Diaz, 18, who is hunger-striking in front of the @WhiteHouse to free her mother, a detained immigrant.
RT @tsquared2001: This is why I spend hours watching #nerdland Amy Goodman just referenced Raison in The Sun & Langston Hughes-where else can that happen?
RT @animal_warrior: Orangutans – victims of “sustainable” palm oil #environment #vegan #animalsrights
RT @MediaEquity: @mgyerman @dailykos @JenniferLeeUSA Great write up Marcia. Sorry missed you in NYC this trip. #ti-graceAtkison
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