RT @zedshaw: So does google save a billion dollars a year by giving Chrome fucked up caching that doesn't ask web servers for documents first?
RT @zedshaw: If Color sells for $5mil, and there's 10 employees (?) that means each one is worth $500k. Acquihires could set market rates for coders.
RT @LaughingSquid: Explosions, High Speed Photos of Items Exploding by Alan Sailer http://laughingsquid.com/explosi...
RT @zedshaw: Key & Peele have the best depiction of Dubstep yet: http://www.comedycentral.com/video-c...
RT @philiph: no middle-aged woman has ever been improved by the addition of a half-sleeve tattoo.
RT @lovingthebike: Drop the Phone – Save a Cyclist http://networkedblogs.com/C2Mf3
Whatever happened to the @ticketmaster anti-trust lawsuit? Can we get one for @craiglist too?
Stop posting your phone number in alpha-numerics it screws me over when I'm trying to paste it into google voice and makes me hate you
Finally have Vagrant provisioning with hosted Chef and now I have to switch back to Puppet, a transition which hurts my brain for a while
I secretly wish that everybody I see parking in a bicycle lane dies immediately afterwards in a brutal head-on collision
Start-up stock options are not worth gambling salary away for unless you're a founder.
I kind of wish Github would suggest related projects when you're browsing public repos
I want to see more VS horror (think alien vs predator) .. maybe Reagan vs Obama or Snoop Dogg vs Justin Bieber
RT @peterc: Prediction: Beginner's programming books/courses will eventually mostly be "How to Build [Things]", not "Learn How to Code in [Language]".
Deirdre's Glow In The Dark Bike (1 of 1) - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
Deirdre's Glow In The Dark Bike (1 of 1)
RT @zedshaw: No @tbolandjr I won't use Google Drive. It's Google. If they could make a Google Enema they would do it just to count the corn in my shit.
RT @littleidea: show me in the code where the bad man touched you
RT @xeni: This should make America feel shame, not feel good: 6yo boy raises $10K via lemonade stand to pay for dad's chemo. http://t.co/kjnVOy6P
RT @thesethings: @shanley HP hardens openstack. and Oracle made Unbreakable Linux. open source just too soft without enterprise.
RT @grist: Most popular post today - One mile on a bike is a $.42 economic gain to society, one mile driving is a $.20 loss http://grist.org/list...
RT @philiph: People, I'm headed to downtown SF for dinner and am all by my lonesome self. Please supply charming dinner conversation.
RT @tia_marie: The TSA is terrified of Bruce Schneier. They got him kicked out of a congressional hearing: http://www.schneier.com/blog...
RT @philiph: T-shirt design needed: "I got blocked by @zedshaw on twitter"
RT @hypatiadotca: Dear Seattle, anyone have a book scanner (commercial or DIY) they can lend me?
RT @tia_marie: #FF @TPinUp because she loves FF so much.
RT @zedshaw: Looks like MIT is using LPTHW: http://ocw.mit.edu/courses...
RT @bryanl: i'm not wearing a hoodie today. it's hot. plus us black people have known for years that hoodies scare whites. e.g. i wear mine on the train
RT @tia_marie: Dear Anthem: Be severely burned in a fire and have to file an insurance claim. XOXOXO - Me.
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