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There was a lot to like, The Five-Year Engagement. Enjoyed that.
Dear WWweb, DO NOT ever ever ever ever ever ever eVEr EVER auto-play sound in my presence. Ever.
Especially when I've just opened several tabs and then I have to hunt through them all for the culprit. - bentley
Huh. School lunch has really gone south. - Jenny H. from Android
In many states, the companies that provide food for prisons also provide food for schools. Because more money is spent on prisoners than students, the food is better. - Anika
And the food in prisons is usually abysmal, so that's saying something. - Jenny H. from Android
" its a normal blanket."
But it's organic heat! That makes it ... normal, yeah. - bentley
Organic heat is smelly. - Uli from Android
Astroturf manufacturers must have a helluva time calling out astroturfing comments and forum posts.
Clinic receptionist used my private health info to wish me a happy birthday. FOILED!
Proposed experiment in corporate/org email excess: Tie bonus structure to outbox zero performance.
But then how will my superiors know I'm "taking the initiative" to "catch up" and "circle back around" to things? - Mark Trapp
Once upper mgmt drains bonus down to zero $, HR weaponizes oppo-procured facts as a gentle incentive. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
iPod Nano, iPad Mini, micro aggressions—QUIT MINIATURIZING EVERYTHING!
Minions. [Edited: the linked photo was locked] - bentley
Those little yellow different pills, absolutely. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I think this is self-explanatory.
? - Joe
(| *_* |) - Stephen Mack
Never forget, at the end of all those Pace Picante Sauce commericals a guy rallies a group of men to murder a man by hanging. Because fresh vegetables. And spices.
As if Subway's catchphrase was "Eat fresh! Or die!" - Brian Johns
Is planking back?
I can't adequately express how moving it is to be in tune with how Mike cared for Beverly, thoughtfulness overflowing to the point of sharing those steps with us along the way.
OH: "He's here to pickup eyeballs." "Hearts." "Oh, scratch that. Hearts. How many? ... 30."
RT @morganwarstler: MT @chrismessina: "It's a trope of modernity to be in a state of trope overload." #DepictArt
That poty mouth smile.
Uber's back-pedaling service sure is disrupting.
RT @marthayoung: Meet your Uber driver, Vlad.
RT @marthayoung: Meet your Uber driver, Vlad.
My reaction reading: "Charles Manson issued marriage license to 26-year old" - Micah
Were you supposed to blink? - Kristin
Contractually, yes. Otherwise, id'a held out. - Micah
Tried txting 'Bruce will get...' instead, got 'Bruce Willis...'.
RT @optimistpanda: Every single detail of this image is wondrous.
RT @optimistpanda: Every single detail of this image is wondrous.
"Is wearing an inappropriate and unprofessional shirt that demeans women the Worst Thing Ever? No, but..."
"... the physical science have disproportionately low participation by women, and women who leave the field often say that they left because the behavior of senior male colleagues made that feel unwelcome, like they weren't respected equals. A shirt like this would absolutely contribute to a hostile work environment, and that's not my opinion, that's how the law works. It's entirely possible that you don't think that the shirt is offensive, inappropriate or unprofessional. That's fine. I bet your own workplace regulations say it is, but regardless, lots of people say it offends them and makes them uncomfortable, so don't wear it. It's really not that hard to dress professionally for work." - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
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