Junction Box check. Nipple check. Union check. Cable connector check. Sealing Compound check. Fibre Dam check. Cable Armour check. RW90 Insulation check. Armoured Cable with Plastic Jacket check.
Pay check. - Spidra Webster
Hip check - Steve C, Team Marina
Hat check. - Spidra Webster
Can you do the nipple check again? - Kristin
Kristin has needs. - Akiva
I charge by the hour. Union rate. - Micah
I discharge by the minute. - Akiva
Hookers have unions? - Kristin
This discussion is not to code. - Micah
It's not anyone asked for a permit anyway. - That's So CAJ!
I'm calling the cops. - Akiva
They're on the payroll, doh. - Micah
Oh so now you're coding, I thought you were checking stuff, nipples and such. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Legal/trade code (no computers necessary). - Micah
Coding? Nipples? Are you making another sequel to Leisure Suit Larry? - That's So CAJ!