Nice, noticed only today that Muni trains are made in Italy. Of course they're late.
I always spell check whether to make sure I don't write wether.
The first run intro on NPR One is very nice.
@karlthefog is shy, so cute. -
@karlthefog is shy, so cute.
If you hate Facebook remember that before it existed you received all the same crap in PowerPoint email attachments.
RT @johnnyfuncheap: Do you love the #BayLights? keep them lit for another decade!
Yes, Siri, I am indeed.
This guy got style.
Yup. — A company made of people - Allen Pike
Last week. (at Restera Del Sile) -
Last week. (at Restera Del Sile)
it also had 70 min delay, missing my connection. And this to wait for TWO stupid passengers who lost their bags. /cc @FlySWISS
This airplane has USB charging ports on every seat.
This used furniture shop is selling a coffin. Not sure how that works.
Never seen Four Barrel this empty.
RT @annielin: Hitler tries to rent an apt in SF. My fav part: "everyone who works at Google, leave the room" (via @Davidgropper)
Deadmau5 Purrari on Cragislist — “can be fully factory restored (wrap removed) if you’re a pussy”
RT @Carnage4Life: Remember there is no correlation between how hard it is the build a feature and how much your customers value it #FlappyBirdVsWindows8Theory
Doc Playgrounds: Don Knuth meets Bret Victor.
RT @mattshep: @rhettdickson @matthgamble @micampe @aftertommy Thank @gruber for coining the term notification-centric computing! I'm printing up t-shirts.
at Crissy Field Beach -
at Crissy Field Beach
Living in California made me lose the ability to pronounce the letter t.
at Mussel Rock City Park -
at Mussel Rock City Park
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