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if you wan to make your scathing Yelp review more credible, check it for decent spelling.
Questa a cui ti riferisci di cos'era? (Eddai, facce ride.) - ubu
Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
well, fun. / @umberto_b @ Golden Gate Bridge
*o* - {°)) from Android
grossainvidia :D - Francesco Mosca from iPhone
ok, let's see how this guy handles.
fichissimo! - Francesco Mosca
ma sei brevettando o brevettato? ammirazione a pacchi in entrambi i casi *.* - {°)) from Android
sei salito? e anche sceso? - reloj
ma soprattutto, che ore sono? - reloj
Just posted a photo @ California Airways
Just posted a photo @ California Airways
ti sei iscritto? :) - Francesco Mosca from iPhone
RT @AntiJokeCat: You know what really hurts me inside? Internal bleeding.
no idea how Americans can walk and drink coffee at the same time. must be genetic. I can only choke and spill.
Name's Smalls. Leonard Smalls. My friends call me Lenny, but I ain't got no friends.
verso fine settembre passo in Italia. ho un Nexus 7 da vendere, qualcuno interessato?
mi interesserebbe, ma non so se dopo il 12 settembre mi interesserà ancora. comunque io sarò in australia. :) - zio bonino
sarebbe bello anche solo salutarti:) - pm10
scadono il 12 settembre? pm10, passa a TV :) - michele
ti sei già stufato? - Davide Tarasconi
'sto giro sei troppo lontano :( passi da roma? :) - Francesco Mosca
ok, lo metto su Craigslist. Roma è un po' fuori mano, arrivo da nord. :( - michele from iPhone
ed in teoria il mese prossimo arriva in italia a 249 - naevus
Potrei anche comprartelo io - dvd (modifica | elimina) from Android
Arrivi "da nord" dove? Potrei essere interessato io, Michele. - Nicola D'Agostino
dear fog, you suck, but I love you because you made Metallica’s laser show awesome
Ma hai visto solo i laser, quindi. (E sentito un gran casino.) - ubu from iPhone
Beck. Feels like 1994. It's awesome.
Neil Young & Crazy Horse
When I want to feel like a tourist I go home with the F from Beach.
RT @KarlTheFog: I just ate San Francisco. It tastes like startups & wood paneled restaurants.
Someone put a mattress on the curb and wrote “nothing really mattress anymore” on it.
Game Center notifications always crack me up.
I keep forgetting how hard it is to find a restaurant open on Sunday night.
My main interest lies along these broad areas, naturally assuming great plot and character
awww... - Francesco Mosca
Total Recall: are you officially old when they start making remakes of movies that came out when you were young?
These are some awesome ties.
Nanolaw with Daughter, why privacy mattered – a dystopian legal future.
.@uppercasing Where was this taken?
How long before some bar in SF starts serving these?
non sono sicurissimo della marketabilità di "cocksickles". - dario
Just posted a photo @ Hi-lo Club
quello a terra è sangue, scommetto - Francesco Mosca
yeah, beer helps.
Seriously Skype, it’s been at least two years, every single f'cking update gives this error. Every.Single.One of them.
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