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Steve Gillmor
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Standing buy with a bunch of Google kit! - Robert Scoble
standing by with a bunch of apple kit - Keith Teare
keith I can hear you - Steve Gillmor
you can't hear us - Steve Gillmor
do you have audio at all - Steve Gillmor
keith - robert can here me. we will try reconnecting with you - Tina Chase Gillmor
I don't see the FF chat widget on the Building43 page for some reason - Stephen Pickering
keith are your speakers on? Can you hear other sound? - Tina Chase Gillmor
S Pickering... yes I see that. cant do anything about it now. Will deal iwth it after the show - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina No problem, I just opened another Window for it - Stephen Pickering
Hi everyone! - Nir Ben Yona
Hi there, ready to be called in - Kevin Marks
Hi Tina! - Aron Michalski
Hi Aronski - Francine Hardaway
I did too Stephen. Hi Aron - Tina Chase Gillmor
No video... - John Taschek
I have a bunch of Google kit too - Kevin Marks
also, speed test says the wifi is 64Mbit down, 48Mbit up, so bandwidth should eb good for a change - Kevin Marks
I'm home and jetlagged. In perfect condition for GIllmor Gang. - Francine Hardaway
Jelly Bean is making me want a Galaxy Nexus III - Francine Hardaway
Hi Francine. - Aron Michalski
Hello Friday afternoon distraction ... - Laura Norvig
Just listening to the the show and watching this screen is kinda surreal. - Aron Michalski
Robert, someone wrote on Twitter how funny it was to see you run towards the Google Glass line. Did you apply for one - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Also it's released! Why can't MSFT release things in a timely fashion? - Stephen Pickering
uh - friendfeed - haven't been here in years - Sebastian Küpers
I just ordered the Galaxy 7. I ordered the small one because I don't store stuff on a tablet. - Francine Hardaway
@Moe He did. No.107 if I remember correctly :) - Nir Ben Yona
He ordered #107 of the Google Glasses - Francine Hardaway
Awesome. Wished someone filmed this Scoble Dash - Moe Glitz from iPhone
That's why I ordered the tablet. I want to be in the ecosystem. - Francine Hardaway
Jesus Christ, Friendfeed is still alive? - Michael Arrington
Jeezus. too many gadgets. Too many mics. - Aron Michalski
Yeah, why didn't they kill it off like they did Gowalla, but I'm glad they didn't - Stephen Pickering
hi everyone, I'm here, at least listening with one ear - Charlie Isaacs
hi Michael A. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Shhhh, Friendfeed is a sekrit now. - Laura Norvig
yes, Michael, Friendfeed is here but I think Jesus uses Google+ or Facebook, not sure which - Charlie Isaacs
OMG Arrington just joined. It's probably the Google effect :) - Nir Ben Yona
yeah, don't tell anyone at facebook that it's still online. - Michael Arrington
hi mike - Keith Teare
Jesus Christ. Arrington is still alive? - Francine Hardaway
long time - Keith Teare
no Ariana jokes, Arrington is on the feed - Charlie Isaacs
oh snap, Francine. - Laura Norvig
not a lot of chat - Rocky Barbanica
$299 is a bit pricey for the Q streamer IMO. - Nir Ben Yona
Tina, what did I miss about Steve last week? Why was he out of the loop? What about in a parked car? - Francine Hardaway
tap tap - is this thing on? - Rocky Barbanica
all of the rock stars are here today, even Rocky's on board - Charlie Isaacs
The Q is Hardware for the Cloud! Do we really need Hardware for the Cloud? - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Happy Birthday to Rocky! - Robert Scoble
Happy Birthday Rocky - Francine Hardaway
Hi Mike Arrington. - Robert Scoble
does anyone remember the movie Sleeper and the orgasmatron? - Charlie Isaacs
The Q looks like one of those bombs in Spy vs. Spy. - Alex de Soto
@Alex LOL. Love this game. - Nir Ben Yona
Nice to have stuff you're never going to use. - Aron Michalski
feels so 2008 - btw shameless plug sign-up for beta http://thin.gs - Sebastian Küpers
Because all the providers except for NFLX only work on certain systems - Stephen Pickering
Charlie - we're on the same wavelength - I'm worried. - John Taschek
For instance, obviously Amazon Instant wont work on it - Stephen Pickering
Bocce ball. - Alex de Soto
I've never bought a TV show from Apple. But I'm cheap like that. - Laura Norvig
oh, yeah, definitely agree with steve. I cancelled cable tv, just use apple tv. - Michael Arrington
70% of viewers now watch TV over the internet - Francine Hardaway
I'm guessing Keith "bought" it on bittorrent - Michael Arrington
I do Hulu and Netflix, and playing around with Amazon instant. No cable or satellite. - Laura Norvig
Thanks for the birthday wishes! - Rocky Barbanica
I do the same thing. Watch everything on APple TV - Francine Hardaway
Here is Scoble unpacking his Google Q: http://www.abba1951.org/bowling... - Charlie Isaacs
Those contracts with cable suck - Francine Hardaway
Laura, is Amazon Instant as good as iTUnes? As many shows? - Francine Hardaway
haha John, you should be very worried about being on even a remotely similar wavelength :) - Charlie Isaacs
No, definitely not. More similar to Hulu. Older seasons of random TV shows, some movies. - Laura Norvig
the nexus tablet is a loser. - Michael Arrington
Francine, It seems like all the latest stuff that comes out on DVD is available on Amazon Instant. I rented "21 Jump Street" on Amazon last night, watched on Roku - Stephen Pickering
Best Buy - Stephen Pickering
best phone ever other than the current iphone. - Michael Arrington
THe HTC Amaze is a solid unit, plenty of memory, great camera. - Aron Michalski
In Israel the Samsung Galaxy series is doing quite good. - Nir Ben Yona
the nexus tablet should have a cell radio to do data AND calls. But they wouldn't market it as a phone. as a tablet that also makes phone calls. I always wish my ipad was a phone. - Michael Arrington
Why can't Google Voice make a call from an iPad? Is there some kind of law or something? - Stephen Pickering
microsoft's in the game? - Michael Arrington
I use Skype on the iPad all the time. Don't need a phone - Francine Hardaway
your foot? - Laura Norvig
Microsoft's in the vapor and FUD game - Kevin Marks
Everything shoves data into FB. That's why many people no longer like FB - Francine Hardaway
And coming soon, there will be Facebook 'Want' Bigger than 'Like' for Advertisers - Moe Glitz from iPhone
The background notification sounds are like Silicon Valley outdoor nature sounds. I'm enjoying the no picture experience! - Aron Michalski
This sound like the old Gilmour Gangs! hahahahah - Stephen Pickering
scoble's 100% right, although he's a little over excited about it. - Michael Arrington
Yeah, Events is weird. - Laura Norvig
its funny with someone yells over noise protection :) - Sebastian Küpers
WOW - Tell us how you really feel, Robert !!! - Rocky Barbanica
steve, please turn that rant into a video clip - Michael Arrington
You're a public figure who subscribes to everyone. - Aron Michalski
LMFAO - Rocky Barbanica
Holy cow! Chill out man! - Alex de Soto
Rocky, I hope your editing the naughty Scoble words out. Oh wait, Rocky's not recording this. :-o - Charlie Isaacs
By the way, Google just announced "Mobile App Analytics." - Alex de Soto
What drug is Robert on? - Francine Hardaway
He gets mad at Google for being OG, but loves it when FB gets OG all the time - Stephen Pickering
hey it's my birthday too! - Rocky Barbanica
No FCC mandated delay or bleeping here! - Alex de Soto
all the best folks - it's been real! adios! - Rocky Barbanica
I don't see events showing up in my calendar, only in plus - Kevin Marks
You open the door, anyone can come in. - Aron Michalski
Bye Rocky, have a great birthday. - Laura Norvig
Tina bleeped everything, no worries. Oh wait, I was listening to a dial tone. - Charlie Isaacs
Best thing at Google IO: My son doing an Ignite: http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Kevin Marks
You can't silence him. That's the problem. - Aron Michalski
Robert's face is starting to match the red shirt. - Alex de Soto
The Events feature actually has very cool potential, but people should be able to accept or decline an event before it ends up on their calendar. - Laura Norvig
it's the same speech, without the screaming. - Michael Arrington
Alex, that shirt was white when he started - Charlie Isaacs
no...the problem is that you really can't delete your G+ account, it just recreates it for you - Michael Arrington
Mike, you're just round the corner, right? going to drop in? - Kevin Marks
Well. I think they need to be opinionated in order to move quickly. - Darren
around the corner from what? - Michael Arrington
Still glad I have so few followers. - Aron Michalski
is it still going on? - Michael Arrington
you were at creamery earlier - Kevin Marks
The Calendar that broke Scoble's back - Moe Glitz from iPhone
i want one of those chrome mac mini things - Michael Arrington
it's dying out a bit. - Kevin Marks
I feel really left out.. I've had no event invites!! - Raymond Lee
i wonder if that thing will play media files loaded onto a usb flash reader, effectivley giving it a hard drive - Michael Arrington
that's the one I haven't plugged in yet - Kevin Marks
I hope Louis Gray is gonna watch this chapter. - Nir Ben Yona
refuse and can't? - Stephen Pickering
Google + isn't interesting to discuss. - Michael Arrington
Is there any noise control on Robert? - Aron Michalski
don't follow stupid people, maybe? - Laura Norvig
So basically what you're saying is G+ has no noise control? - Darren
scoble, you're just randomly ranting now. - Michael Arrington
He posted on G+ like ten times yesterday - Stephen Pickering
He's getting squeaky... - Aron Michalski
"pinteresting" - Michael Arrington
I don't get random events posted on my calendar. - Francine Hardaway
Facebook has too much noise control. Edgerank shuts up good organizations so nobody can hear them. - Laura Norvig
and yet you can't stop talking about it. - Michael Arrington
Yes, Laura. FB doesn't let me see people I want to see in my feed - Francine Hardaway
My take-away from this is that I shouldn't post any more cute kitten pics on my Google+ and +Robert Scoble - Charlie Isaacs
scoble follows 32,000 people on twitter - Michael Arrington
track rocked - Michael Arrington
Oh Steve... - Francine Hardaway
Why was it banned? - Stephen Pickering
track did rock. Streamboard tries to be track - Francine Hardaway
I remember the future. - Aron Michalski
how can you follow that many people on Twitter? You need way to many lists and rules to make it of any use.. - Raymond Lee
And what is it? I've heard Steve talk about "track" for 5 years and I still don't know what it means - Stephen Pickering
you're explaining why you weren't full of shit earlier? - Michael Arrington
A meta-heuristic algorithm for filtering based on topics for delivery. - Darren
there has to be an app that would do that (track like function). How has that not been created? - Laura Norvig
And not a word about Project Glass, so far :) - Nir Ben Yona
Track gave you the ability to see keywords that you wanted to see - Francine Hardaway
And does Robert really think Twitter - in it's native form - has noise control? You need the old version of Tweetdeck to do this. - Raymond Lee
the problem is, smart people do have kids, or like to cook or whatever. Which you may not be interested in. - Laura Norvig
yeah, talk about the goggles - Michael Arrington
Thanks, Francine! So, why did they ban it? - Stephen Pickering
this is so fun - but i gotta go to a meeting. Have a great weekend all. - Laura Norvig
Hashtags are manual categorization. FB is automated and dynamic. - Darren
Tina, is that clip of scoble's epic rant done yet? - Michael Arrington
is noise control a real problem to the average user of social technology, with the average facebook user having 190 friends? - Sebastian Küpers
I'm following the chat but don't have bandwidth on this train to watch the video. Hope I get the gist. - Bruce Lewis
I want a ringtone version too - Michael Arrington
Stephen they didn't ban it. Twitter took it out of the product. We think because they wanted to sell that information - Francine Hardaway
Ah, ok, thanks Francine - Stephen Pickering
track was very cool - Hilary Talbot
It only takes a handful of noisy friends for noise control to become an issue. - Bruce Lewis
When your list is small and manageable you can do it yourself. An algorithm can be gamed. Track was about people. When the trust is broken the offender is ejected. - Aron Michalski
I hear you Mike - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Bruce sure - but isn't that easy to manage with circles or the lists on faceboom/twitter? - Sebastian Küpers
why are "more followers" the goal? - Michael Arrington
it's just ego stroking. - Michael Arrington
Good question, Mike. Better followers are the goal. - Francine Hardaway
Google+ circles make it easy for me, but like 97% of people on Google+ I'm technical. Facebook friend lists are hard to use even for me, though I do use them (when I use FB). - Bruce Lewis
Here we go, the normal people argument again. Being you has its drawbacks. - Aron Michalski
Kevin: Google+ technical support, how can I provide you with excellent customer service? - Charlie Isaacs
I've read that. Plus is the next iteration of Google. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Scoble's rants resulted from an adrenaline rush from skydiving with his Google Glass device this morning -- he was under the impression that it would only work properly at 12,000 ft. - Charlie Isaacs
I'd call it the normal people unknown (not argument). I thought FriendFeed's "hide other items like this one" noise control was easy to use, but it didn't catch on. - Bruce Lewis
I want the cop to have them. - Aron Michalski
the first version won't be interesting. I want the apple version a year later. - Michael Arrington
First-person-view sports. - Nir Ben Yona
Another Google Wave - Moe Glitz from iPhone
I want the apple version too, because I suspect I will be able to see prettier things through them - Francine Hardaway
Waze does that - Charlie Isaacs
I cant find my regular glasses - Tina Chase Gillmor
Waze can be very wrong, Charlie - Francine Hardaway
rington #2 - Michael Arrington
Yes, Francine, social driving can be wrong, you are correct. If they start applying filters to it, then it should be pretty cool - Charlie Isaacs
Google Contact Lenses - Stephen Pickering
the ringtones will cost you ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
everyone images future tech being super useful, and then the reality is tons of games and tons of porn. - Michael Arrington
With the Huawei version, the working class folks can afford it - Da
Google location history thinks I work at Caltrain San jose - Kevin Marks
I think eventually it will be able to provide multiple options to you and play each option for you and let you make a choice, a little bit like the Sherlock Holmes "next best action" flash forwards - Charlie Isaacs
it'll be you walk into bloomingdales and it tries to show you info about the PEOPLE you look at. - Michael Arrington
(it doesn't grok working form home) - Kevin Marks
Could be big in the Enterprise. At work it could be big, but not in the real world - Moe Glitz from iPhone
no, it's jane smith, and she's single, and do you want to message her. - Michael Arrington
I always see you checked into Caltrain San Jose, Kevin - Francine Hardaway
its about social, not buying jeans - Michael Arrington
I may have set up an auto checkin there once to test it - Kevin Marks
Technology is not about "usefulness" its about the "Medium is the Message" - Stephen Pickering
don't go near that guy, men are all pigs -- the Google Glass app for my daughter - Charlie Isaacs
it's still a man's world - Tina Chase Gillmor
Mike will use it in the Creamery to source rumours - Kevin Marks
Something in the Eye - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Got to go... much love to all, have a great weekend. - Aron Michalski
Good to see you Aron - Francine Hardaway
you too Aron :) - Charlie Isaacs
perfect for plowing the rice paddy. Plenty of peasanst texting on Nokias. - Da
isn't that what the Creamery IS used for? - Tina Chase Gillmor
@ginatrapani tweeted "Sure I can't wait to try a pair, but Google Glasses seemed destined for Segway's fate: mall cops and city tours." - Jerome Hughes
right, but with google glasses he'll ID and record people - Kevin Marks
more reason to stay away from the mall - Jerome Hughes
Mike will get alexia to jump out of a zeppelin over the creamery and get the story. - Kevin Marks
when the pic is clear ill show it John T - Tina Chase Gillmor
http://gizmodo.com/5921823 Does Google Have Any Social Skills? - Francine Hardaway
I liked Robert's response to that story, Francine - Stephen Pickering
Could a 7 inch iPad dent both Google and Amazon - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Moe, I was just thinking about it as well. - Nir Ben Yona
Influential plumbers? - Francine Hardaway
My non-tech friend last night said "I want something like my phone but bigger" - she has an Android phone. - Kevin Marks
Could a 7 inch iPad dent Apple's margins - Da
She liked the Nexus 7 and the $199 price - Kevin Marks
Me, too Kevin - Francine Hardaway
Da: I don't think so. I think it will dent Microsoft's margins first. After that, Apple will have a 7-inch tablet to compete. - Robert Scoble
I'm in UK next week - Kevin Marks
that was fun, thanks! Happy Birthday Rocky!!! - Charlie Isaacs
Thanks everyone! - Robert Scoble
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Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang, Live Recording Session at 1pm PT. Participate at http://www.building43.com/realtim...
Waiting for call... - Robert Scoble
evening all - Nick Halstead
Just a few more minutes. - Robert Scoble
who is on tonights show? - Nick Halstead
Nick. Arrington. Kevin Marks. Steve Gillmor. They are trying to get Seth Goldstein on. - Robert Scoble
Still trying to get everyone on. - Robert Scoble
Hang out a couple more minutes. - Robert Scoble
Here we gooooooooo..... - Robert Scoble
Up.. good.. looks good. - Kevin Costain
John Tauschek, too. - Robert Scoble
I see Robert's TeetDeck buzzing away.. haha - Kevin Costain
Is all of the music listed in ping shown with just a preview? Are there any full-length tracks there? - Kevin Costain
They don't have a built-in network... they have a user base that are not connected - Ankush Narula
They have the network of iChat users and Appel Mail users... - Kevin Marks
Kevin: I wonder if any of those user will care to connect to each other? Who out there actually "Lives" in iTunes? - Kevin Costain
yeah but that's quite pre-social - many ichat users users use AOL accounts and mobile.me users have address books - which is what they're telling us to use anyway by inviting people by e-mail - Ankush Narula
I use iTunes to sync my iOS devices, and occasionally to buy music. I don't think that's going to change - Rob La Gesse
Robert: and there's no status updates! - Ankush Narula
Genius is still processing. - Arnie Klaus
On the bright side. Apple Ping is already monetized. - Alex de Soto
Personally I think Last.fm is the only proper music social network... it matches people based on scrobbled songs/libraries rather than who you know. Most of the people I follow on Twitter and Ping are tech folks who I probably don't have huge musical overlap with. - Ankush Narula
Arrington + Priority. .:) - Kevin Costain
Alex: good point - Ankush Narula
Arrington can donate to The Rackspace Foundation - http://rackspacefoundation.com/ - or to any other charity of his choice - Rob La Gesse
Rob: good idea. - Robert Scoble
Microsoft Marketing: Windows Phone Series 7, "Doesn't Suck Completely" - Ankush Narula
you can only comment on musics that Apple has for sale, so no Beatles discussions on iTunes - Kevin Marks
I'm checking out Ping myself.. .. - Kevin Costain
no, not going to give rackspace money. incentives aren't aligned. Scoble, sent you an offer. - Michael Arrington
Mike - that's why I added, "Or any other charity" :) - Rob La Gesse
Michael: incentives are pretty aligned anyway. If I don't keep you happy I don't keep Rackspace happy. :-) - Robert Scoble
Microsoft has no phone advantage in the enterprise - Francine Hardaway
honestly, rackspace pretty much screwed us. ain't going to happen. - Michael Arrington
daughter who works for public company is on iPhone bec. they gave her a choice - Francine Hardaway
Scoble: but if you want me to donate whatever we agree to to charity, i'll do that instead, fine. - Michael Arrington
Michael: huh? Rackspace is still hosting much of your business and is sponsoring Techcrunch Disrupt. - Robert Scoble
What is going on Mike and Rackspace? - Francine Hardaway
there is no mob anymore Mike! - Nick Halstead
its only us! - Nick Halstead
Francine - we moved to them based on promises of them keeping us live and oh boy did they flail. This rackspace cloud is a joke. And it really hurt us. - Michael Arrington
Ouch - Ankush Narula
Oh boy, Mike. Ouch. Is Rackspace THAT bad? - Kevin Costain
Robert - oh, they're sponsoring disrupt! then i take back everything i said. I LOVE RACKSPACE. lol. - Michael Arrington
Michael - let's not air dirty laundry in public - especially since it is impolite for me to enter the debate. Sites like live.gdgt.com serve millions of simultaneous connections without issue. - Rob La Gesse
what i love is that our sponsors, like rackspace and microsoft, are fine with me trashing them sometimes. respect. but rackspace cloud is a huge pile of fail. - Michael Arrington
Robert - Is that a Substrata iPad case? - Alex de Soto
Rob - actually, go ahead and air it - truth matters, if it was more on our end, I'll stand corrected. - Michael Arrington
aren't they screwing their app developers? - Xenophrenia
great article about Flipboard -> http://steveobd.blogspot.com/2010...) - Nick Halstead
Xeno: why are they screwing developers? - Nick Halstead
Mike - I am not even interested, actually. We serve over 100K websites on our cloud. And it is growing. You had a bad experience, for a number of reasons. The reasons aren't important anymore. BTW - most of your sites are still on Rackspace Cloud, in case you didn't know :) - Rob La Gesse
Rob - I'm trying not to take "I am not even interested, actually" as representative of the whole problem we had with you guys. - Michael Arrington
Robert - Why does Steve think 'twitter' is going to absorb us? - does he mean buy or build something betteR? - Nick Halstead
they are forming their own apps and cutting off all 3rd party - like bit.ly ect - Xenophrenia
That was targeted to having a public debate, and nothing else. I am VERY interested in the actuality of what happened. - Rob La Gesse
WRONG - Nick Halstead
we are doing it right - Nick Halstead
Rob, fair 'nough. - Michael Arrington
Another week without Datasift..Nick when you going to let the cat out of the bag? - Jim Posner
Nick: Is the alpha open? - Ankush Narula
@jim - sorry the team are lazy - Nick Halstead
@jim seriously though - to a small number of developers - we will open more and more over coming weeks - Nick Halstead
Nick, can you tell us what the impact on traffic/usage has been since Twitter started competing with you? - Michael Arrington
ok thanks Nick..watching my email closely :-) - Jim Posner
I can yes - Nick Halstead
I am typing :) - Nick Halstead
yes we lost 20% at first - but we have continued to grow, twitter growing even faster, the whole point was to make the 'whole' ecosystem grow faster - Nick Halstead
This show would be much better without Gillmor - Kenny
Ev says that he is going to starting filtering tweets around events..that should be interesting - Jim Posner
we never a penny from buttons - Nick Halstead
*made - Nick Halstead
but we made twitter grow - more links = more links for us to filter + sell the data for - Nick Halstead
Nick, lost 20% of publishers? of traffic? - Michael Arrington
button impressions per day - Nick Halstead
we didnt lose many sites in grand scale of things - Nick Halstead
were still at 220,000 sites - Nick Halstead
Let Nick join the call for crying out loud.. - Kenny
and growing - but the agreement was not to suddenly switch everyone from one button to another - Nick Halstead
Kenny: it's hard to add another person onto the skype machine. We'll have Nick on when he ships. - Robert Scoble
Alright, I guess I'll buy that...seems like Gillmor is, well, being his grumpy self - Kenny
Twitter is planning on tracking all clicks and shutting off access by other url shorteners - they are setting the precedent that 3rd party developers are eventually going to be cut off ... isn't that liability in some ways for Twitter? - Xenophrenia
@kenny lol - Nick Halstead
Kenny: that's why I love him. :-) - Robert Scoble
Steve is great - I wouldnt be up at 10pm in UK to listen if he didnt have deep thoughts - Nick Halstead
I guess he's ok...I don't listen to ever show but when I do its for his guests and topics - Kenny
Steve is like a magnet - you are either attracted to him or repelled by him :) (love you, Steve!) - Rob La Gesse
lol - Kenny
I'm both - Michael Arrington
Mike: Get an iPhone ;-) - Ankush Narula
I LOVE STEVE,but then, I love many people! - Francine Hardaway
ah com'on!! - Kenny
Hey Robert - Great video with Smugmug - Kenny
Thanks Kenny! I love those guys. - Robert Scoble
Thanks for the show guys!!! - Kevin Costain
Yeah, great site and they seem like cool people...hope you get to go on the shoot of the Golden Gate - would love to see that video! - Kenny
Cant wait for Datasift. And I never switched to the Twitter button:-) - Francine Hardaway
@Nick we're not lazy ;-) - Chris Alexander
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang, Live Recording Session at 1:00PM PT. Participate at http://www.building43.com/realtim...
who's on today? - dlature
Steve and some other folks. - Cliff Gerrish
3rd base - Jesse Stay
What's on second? - Cliff Gerrish
haha - Dale Lature
nobody said "I dont know" - Dale Lature
Any Hungarian content? - Aron Michalski from Android
anybody got skype 5? - Dale Lature
We will start soon. - Robert Scoble
I heard Danny Sullivan's voice so far. Not sure who else is on. - Robert Scoble
It's Gillmor Gang time with @stevegillmor @scobleizer @dannysullivan http://www.building43.com/realtim... - Kevin Marks
storm coming here...hope I dontlose power or internet - Dale Lature
live now - Robert Scoble
Droid Incredibe! - Da
Gillmor Gang Live now with Mike Arrington, Danny Sullivan, Kevin Marks and Scoble at http://building43.com/realtime - Cliff Gerrish
if you don't want it online, don't put it online - Da
Anybody back Diaspora with some cash? - Alex de Soto
http://www.pledgebank.com/leavefa... has a few hundred signups. Da, people didn't think it *was* online - Kevin Marks
Managing stream access control is a new primary online skill. - Cliff Gerrish
FB should keep it simple. Did you see this infographic? http://www.nytimes.com/interac... - Alex de Soto
FB changed of all profile settings and likes into public pages: eg http://bit.ly/bVGdKj - Kevin Marks
Exactly right it's a big deal - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
It's easy to say "so they have my data" but explain that to a person who was sharing very personal lifestyle issues to only private friends and now can be discovered they have an alternative life style by their boss or coworkers - *thats* the pain of the change of default privacy settings. - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Scoble - but during all of those previous growth phases the user's basic data was still default private. I had to *invite* you into my facebook realm. Now it's default public and that is different - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
my facebook hasn't shared my stuff with yelp. I remember one time there was a page that appeared on my facebook asking if I wanted to share and I clicked no and that i haven't seen FB stuff on my other accounts. If my stuff's being shared, let me know - Da
"We" don't all know that. - Ken Sheppardson
Agreed, in previous phases it was default private. It became a trusted to reconnect with family and old friends. It allowed a deep emotional connection to those people become representative of the service. Opening it up is disregarding that. *edit* --> And as we've just seen on #GG, this is clearly a highly emotional issue. - Nick Wade
"in previous phases" was a 19 year old kid. - Johnny
Because we trust you Scoble and that's different than exposing to the world. And we are not the same people as average FB Joe or Jane. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Jeez, Robert... it's opt-out. The fact that they haven't opted out doesn't mean staying in was an explicit choice. - Ken Sheppardson
For some reason Scoble is taking the refutation of his sample set as a personal attack - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Nobody "normal" reads TechCrunch... let alone comments on posts there. - Ken Sheppardson
Robert: Average consumers probably don't know a lot about privacy on the Web and a lot of them are also put off and scared by the chatter. - Alex de Soto
We're all edgy on this Mike. It's a touchy debate. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
If you understand how gossip works, you understand how linked social graphs work. - Cliff Gerrish
exactly Cliff- you understand how gossip works after it impacts you or someone you love - Kevin Marks
Mark - oh for sure - I went off the handle a couple days ago when discussing this with Jesse - it's sooo easy to do when you talk privacy and come from vastly different background assumptions of what privacy means - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
... and with vastly different assumptions about what *other people* think privacy means. - Ken Sheppardson
Most people I know filter the information before it goes up. If they don't want it known, they don't upload. If they do, they already have their profile locked down. - Johnny
Kevin, or when you here a particularly juicy piece of gossip. "how did you hear that?" - Cliff Gerrish
@Mike Exactly - Privacy is not a well defined scope. Each person has a different view on what info is personal and what's OK to share to the world. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Privacy is what other people agree not to pass on. - Cliff Gerrish
Facebook is Walmart... - Johnny
No, you're involved in the choices and control -- but you have a say. - Cliff Gerrish
100,000 / $10 = 10,000 vs 400,000,000 - Johnny
Facebook has reinvented the AOL of the 90's - and i think it will go the way AOL did - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
I don't think the AOL comparison is useful. - Cliff Gerrish
Bear, yes... and will make a tonne of money doing it. - Johnny
isn't this what they said about myspace? - Da
Facebook has a much different model than AOL. - Robert Scoble
It's Facebook vs Google vs Twitter, and Google and Twitter don't seem to have really joined the fight yet. - Ken Sheppardson
For a lot of people, Facebook IS the web for people. They made it so, not Facebook. The 'web' is large and confusing. Facebook made it simple. People like simple. - Johnny
Evening all - can we get off the privacy and talk about future of semantic / structured data - has the FB changes meant enough websites will start adopting? - Nick Halstead
Cliff - why not? AOL was also a closed environment that slowly added on features and also pissed off many of it's original users when they changed. In some ways that is the same thing that FB is doing - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Nick: next week. :-) - Robert Scoble
Facebook grew up in the age of the web; AOL was pre-historic. - Cliff Gerrish
10 years from now, Facebook=MySpace=Friendster-Classmates - A new child will rise, they always do if people revolt due to direction (or lack of). - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
DId you see @blaine's 'Facebook is my new BoatCar' post? http://bit.ly/at3OB0 - Kevin Marks
what's FB's motto? - Da
Cliff - it may have grown up in the age of the web but it isn't a peer at all in the realm of the web. It's a view only portal into their data - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Man, I wish I'd thought of the kickstarter angle before the Diaspora guys. Most direct cashing in on a meme I've seen to date. - Ken Sheppardson
Walmart is trying to take over 'shopping'... - Johnny
Facebook is moving from a walled garden to putting a permeable membrane in place. That's what all the complaints are about. - Cliff Gerrish
flash = dead - bored now - Nick Halstead
Cliff - I'll believe that as soon as they put their own *Connect code on their own web site - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Indeed, Exactly. Shop at a local store - Johnny
What is the name of the book Mike mentioned on the network effect - TonyatMATC
All the Flash developers I speak to are all thinking about retraining in new technologies - its already happening - Nick Halstead
But if I tell you I got a cheap deal at Walmart, you might go. - Johnny
I hope so... if only to push Apple - Johnny
EVO 4G! - Da
Verizon provides it out of the box on the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus. I'm sure they'll roll it out on Android - Ken Sheppardson
I can tether on my iPhone here in Oz... - Johnny
I think Sprint will allow tethering on the upcoming 4G HTC android phone. - Alex de Soto
Will the carriers rest Android away from Google? - Cliff Gerrish
The Google store is gone. Right? - Alex de Soto
Wave, Google Store, Buzz... big year for Google :-/ - Ken Sheppardson
If Google Android store goes down, then people can get Androids programs somewhere else - Da
the carriers may make the version 2.* of android they already have the only version they support and just iterate new hardware - much like what happened with WinMobile - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
I still haven't found a cell phone that gives the call quality and low latency of a land line. Maybe I'm just imagining things. - Ken Sheppardson
Google's in beta all the time - Da
Ken, you're talking about latency like it's a bad thing... - Cliff Gerrish
Yeah, I guess I'm old school that way. - Ken Sheppardson
Latency is a bad thing in a phone. Most of cellphone lag is in the codecs. - Kevin Marks
HP's webOS FTW ;-/ - Ken Sheppardson
The question is whether Android is just a commercial for iOs (iphone/ipad) - Cliff Gerrish
didn't Android just passed iPhone? - Da
He threw away voice, 'cause he couldn't get it to work right. - Ken Sheppardson
Gotta love latency. - Ken Sheppardson
wishing for G722 audio on these shows - Jerry Schuman
Salesbook? - Ken Sheppardson
looking forward to what comes next to the EVO 4G - Da
Wave is back.. and the thing is getting blazing fast. - Jerry Schuman
If you didn't log in to Wave this year, be sure to log in next year... - Cliff Gerrish
Open Standard people work at Mozilla also - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Jerry a crappy interface that runs fast is still a crappy interface. - Robert Scoble
I agree about the interface issues.. but again.. Wave as a technology platform in the hands of a developer community... the best is still ahead. - Jerry Schuman
Wave and Buzz API's will allow the devs to finally start showing the possibilities of both tech platforms - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Jerry: smart developers will rip Wave out of that crappy interface. :-) - Robert Scoble
Any year now. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken - it's only been year, not long at all for new tech - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Robert: correct and it's what I said would happen from the initial launch. I hate the email metaphor as much as you.. - Jerry Schuman
I wish the Diaspora guys would spend their $140K on that instead... - Ken Sheppardson
Facebooks needs a social graph access control visualization -- instead of text based access control, visual controls. - Cliff Gerrish
I'd be scared if Google reveals my browsing history, on all the the devices I use - Da
If the Diaspora guys are smart they will research the already present platforms (buzz, wave, ostatus, etc) and implement a common service to consolidate them - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
If the Diaspora guys were really that smart they would have shipped already. Too much talk. - Robert Scoble
good point Scoble - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Heck, they haven't even *started* yet, Robert. I think they're going to spend most of the summer printing t-shirts and burning CDs to send out to contributors - Ken Sheppardson
NO give it away now! - Jerry Schuman
Just give it to me - Jerry Schuman
Kevin Marks is a negative nelly that needs to take happy pills - Ken Sheppardson
But Google display ads based on key words and history, that's not aggregating your true personal identity. It's a weaker "guess" to who you are. It's not true 1-to-1 aggregation and sharing. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Ill take it - carnell washington jr
WHAT (but I don't want one) - Ben Metcalfe
what - Nick Halstead
What? (heh) - Nick Wade
Kevin Marks is a negative nelly that needs to take happy pills - Ken Sheppardson
Kevin Marks is NOT a negative nelly! - Ben Metcalfe
kevin mark is a negative something and needs to take happy pills - Nick Halstead
kevine marks is anegative nelly and he needs to take happy pills - Jerry Schuman
kevin marks is a negative nelly that needs to take happy pills - Smashing
lol - hey didnt know I was taking a typing test tonight :) - Nick Halstead
do they have to spell my name right? - Kevin Marks
I dont need the ticket :) so dont give it to me! - Nick Halstead
"I still haven't found a cell phone that gives the call quality and low latency of a land line. Maybe I'm just imagining things." - No, you're not. Quality requires bandwidth. That battle was lost before it was fought. - John Craft
Hey I beat Nick - Jerry Schuman
Kevin Marks is a negative nellie and needs to take some happy pills. - Richard
lol richard, were you watch in some kind of timewarp? - Nick Halstead
give me an excuse to see my 18 year old daughter in NYC - Jerry Schuman
hah. sorry for saying that so fast. i'll give away 3 - Ken, Nick and Manielse. - Michael Arrington
two extras for pure comedy. just email me at editor@techcrunch - Michael Arrington
BAH! - Jerry Schuman
looks like Nick will be sending his to Jerry - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Mike, just to say the reason I said I didn't want one is that I will not be able to make it over to NY... I'm sure it will be a great conference. - Ben Metcalfe
Don't waste one on me... I'm flat broke, by product of 3 daughters in college and being a serial entrepreneur. I do wish I could attend though. - Jerry Schuman
Mike, what what the name of the book you referenced on networking, I could not hear it - TonyatMATC
where is audio of the previous gillmor gangs? can't find any from shows since 04/22? - franzstehrn
"What" - Richard
I am watching GG from Friday on Newgang Live beta:-) - Francine Hardaway
I am watching GG from Friday on Newgang Live beta:-) - Francine Hardaway
I am watching GG from Friday on Newgang Live beta:-) - Francine Hardaway
Trying to figure out the book on the network effect Mike mentioned. Anyone know the name? - Scott Kingery
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