Michael Barton
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This isn't just in America either. I'd say that here in the UK, 95% of my friends aren't going to stay in science after their PhD. - Michael Barton
same all over the place(judging on swiss, germany and US)! hopefully it will change provided the shift to "science 2.0" and stuff that comes along - Yaroslav Nikolaev
Here is another angle. How many chemical engineers do you know who stay in chemical engineering afterwards? The difference is that scientists usually really care about the science, so it's more of a bummer. - Deepak Singh
I think Science 2.0 is one the main reasons I'd stay and do a post doc. Apparently it's just at the end of this rainbow here, just need to a walk a little bit further... - Michael Barton
I've been *doing* Science 2.0 and I'm beginning to look for the escape hatch - my funding's up in December... - Andrew Walkingshaw
Each day I'm more and more convinced that Science 2.0 is not about changing the system - it's about changing the scientists themselves. In this spirit I hope the S2.0 movement will help me grow so I can take care of my research by myself. I stopped counting on the system already some time ago. - Pawel Szczesny
imho, changing researcher ideology/attitude is not sufficient - in the limit, one cannot work simply on enthusiasm...we really need to change the system to be able to get resources for our work - Yaroslav Nikolaev
I think early stage researchers are those most likely to try Science 2.0 in their research. At the same time though, the earlier you are in your career, the less funding and freedom you have to purse Science 2.0. - Michael Barton
I think i agree with Pawel here. 'S2.0' actually makes things tougher for young scientists in some ways. It suggests that you need to change the way you approach science, and implies in many ways the kind of 'going it alone' that Pawel has blogged about. As a young scientists you actually have more freedom in how and what you do but less resources to express that. At the end of the day, something has to pay for the groceries, and that is the core problem. - Cameron Neylon
before tenure make sure you check off all the other boxes before Science 2.0 - Jean-Claude Bradley
There's a load of informatics/science 2.0 types looking, or who will be looking, for new jobs in the UK after the (effective) drying up of eScience funding. Mind you, the STFC debacle's hitting everyone's funding, so at least we're not being singled out... - Andrew Walkingshaw
Its worse than just the STFC problem. The government spending settlment across the research councils plus the final push to full economic costing means that the volume of PDRA/PhD funding will be down right across the spectrum, except for MRC. I would suggest going into medical statistics and translational medicine for the next few years. And who knows what will happen after the RAE - Cameron Neylon
Agreed, funding competition is incredible tough in the UK and the US. I post doc'd on a couple of "2.0" projects at Cornell that had to be parked: demotivating at best. - Matt Wood