Michael Barton
GitWrite - blogging for nerds - http://gitwrite.com/
looks like a potentially great platform for a lab notebook... - Carl Boettiger
Sounds an awful lot like http://pages.github.com/ GitHub Pages is an awesome platform for hosting documentation. For example, we use it to host http://gunicorn.org from this GitHub branch: http://github.com/benoitc... - Paul J. Davis
There's a great desktop/cloud notebook app to be written using git as a back end. Anybody got into the guts of this and seen what is different if anything under the hood? - Cameron Neylon from twhirl
I know that the Mercurial vs. Git debate seems to have been won by git in the Open Science community, but if you want a saner life you should look at http://hatta-wiki.org/ (Also see http://www.mzlinux.org/node... for a list of Mercurial/Git backed wiki engines.) True nerds should consider an Emacs Org mode backed blog or wiki http://orgmode.org/worg... which can also be combined with revision control. - Matt Leifer
Just thought about an Emacs org-mode + git solution, too. Especially as it can include executable code snippets via Babel: http://orgmode.org/worg... (at the bottom of this page you can find a description how this can be used for reproducible research). - Konrad Förstner
The server software used for display must be available for the content to be truly portable. Would be happy to see even if only basic features were available so far. - Mike Chelen
Hatta looks good, wonder how difficult it is to get set up? - Mike Chelen
Ended up using Github's Git-backed wikis https://github.com/blog.... Now if only there were a way to allow comments similar to blog posts... - Mike Chelen