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Michael Jung

Michael Jung

Technology, Economics, Business, Entrepreneurship, Renewable Energy.
Sascha Lobo über den BND und den Bruch der Verfassung - SPIEGEL ONLINE -
Eikonal-Affäre - Michael Jung
NorthernSparrow comments on Student loans have hit a record high of $1.2 trillion, putting a crimp in The American Dream of owning a home and starting a family. And it’s affecting the broader economy too. -
But back then you could work hard and it would pay off for you; now you work just as hard and it doesn't. Also I had the freedom to choose a lower-paying career deliberately, a career that I found fascinating. I could only do that because I had no debt. I don't understand boomers who don't realize how lucky they were and how much it has changed. - Michael Jung
Steven Pinker on bad and good writing - YouTube -
Powerful Forces Pushing Against U.S. Wage Growth: Haass - YouTube -
ZDF Frontal21: Hürden bei der Umsetzung der Inklusion - YouTube -
Lügen und Halbwahrheiten im Wahlkampf - YouTube -
ZDF Frontal21: Mies bezahlt - Weniger trotz Mindestlohn - YouTube -
Sie hat den flächendeckenden Mindestlohn von 8,50 Euro durchgesetzt. Jetzt muss Andrea Nahles (SPD) zusehen, wie sich Arbeitgeber von ihren Beschäftigten die Mehrkosten der Lohnerhöhung zurückholen. - Michael Jung
Telekom: Jeder kann mit uns verhandeln - YouTube -
SPIEGEL.TV - Tattoo - Pfusch am Koerper -
The Professional PR Strategies of ISIS in Syria and Iraq - SPIEGEL ONLINE -
Lecture 5, How to Start a Startup: Peter Thiel | Hacker News -
see comments. - Michael Jung
Sarah Silverman Closes The Gap - YouTube -
Symantec Said to Explore Split Into Security, Storage Cos - Bloomberg -
@Symantec ($16B mkt cap) is in advanced talks to split into separate storage & security entities, @Bloomberg reports; new CEO Michael Brown reportedly supports the split ... [...] “We are focusing our investments in businesses where demand is greatest and improving operational efficiencies to grow revenue and operating margin,” Brown said in a statement at the time. “I look forward to continuing to focus the company’s strategy to deliver for our customers and our shareholders.” - Michael Jung
Lifestyle Medicine Is the Standard of Care for Prediabetes | -
Der Einfluss des Theologischen Seminars Leipzig auf DDR-Bürgerrechtler | FAKT | Das Erste - YouTube -
"Arbeitskreis Gerechtigkeit" - Michael Jung
Desertec: Wüstenstrom-Projekt DII für Erneuerbare Energie vor dem Aus - SPIEGEL ONLINE -
.... Europe has to step in. Capitalism sees no need to put that money now in long-term when profit margin sinks over the long-term as energy prices may sink over the long-term because energy (renewable energy) becomes commodity ... cheaper. with marginal revenue/profit. thus making it impossible to turn 15-20% ROI over the long-term. This became untenable for investors as they explored the project. - Michael Jung
BBC News - Nick Clegg unveils first mental health waiting targets -
Mental health problems are estimated to cost the economy around £100bn a year and around 70 million working days are also lost annually. [...] Care Minister Norman Lamb said it was a "watershed" moment that achieved "genuine equality between mental health and physical health". He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "This is a simple fact of discrimination. If you have cancer, you get access to a specialist within two weeks. If you have a first episode of psychosis, it's completely haphazard and that is outrageous. There's a moral and an economic case to do this." - Michael Jung
BBC News - Is your office as trendy as this? -
Anita Sarkeesian, Feminist Frequency - XOXO Festival (2014) - YouTube -
At this year's XOXO festival, Anita Sarkeesian, creator of the "Tropes vs. Women in Video Games" series of videos, gave a presentation on all the various ways online trolls and harassers attempted to intimidate, threaten and discredit her work as a cultural critic. - Michael Jung
Beyoncé - Flawless (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj - YouTube -
50k screaming youths read, maybe for the first tiem, the word feminist (feminism) and its basic basic basic meaning. ... this coming from the music industry (symbol of sexism and misogyny) vets ... this song doesn't even. it's hypocrisy. it changes nothing. it is forgotten in days by the youths in this arena. - Michael Jung
Empire - The Promise and Peril of Democracy - Web Extra - Empire asks why democracy is in retreat - YouTube -
Wie wirken sich Inhaltsstoffe auf unseren Körper aus? | SWR Odysso - Das will ich wissen! - YouTube -
see more - your food is your medicine. - Michael Jung
Whites - Saturday Night Live - YouTube -
National Crime Agency director general: UK snooping powers are too weak | UK news | The Guardian -
The UK’s top law enforcement officer says Britons must be prepared to sacrifice their freedoms online if they want to be protected from terrorists and cyber criminals. This includes giving authorities access to private email and social media contents. Speaking to The Guardian, the director general of the National Crime Agency (NCA), Keith Bristow, warned that the UK’s biggest threats are becoming increasingly focused on the web, and that authorities had not done enough to persuade the public that greater oversight of their online activity was necessary. // "The National Crime Agency was set up by the coalition to spearhead the national response to serious and organised crime. It has been called Britain’s version of America’s FBI with ministers considering giving it even greater powers and handing it the lead role in counter terrorism. It replaced the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, which was beset by problems from its birth." - Michael Jung
Jennifer Lawrence denounces nude photos hack as 'sex crime' | Film | -
Dr. Garth Davis - Meat alters microbiome (gut flora) disadvantageous to your health. -
Dr. Lawrence David did a fascinating study showing that you could dramatically and quickly alter your gut biome when you eat meat, and meat can specifically create inflammatory bacteria. [...] Dr. McCarty looked at the role of excess essential amino acids has on affecting health and was amazed to find, as I was, the negative effects of excessive protein in the diet. He found that excess protein coming mainly from animals, caused obesity, heart disease, and cancer. In the discussion of the article he states, that the data was so overwhelming he changed to a vegan diet. He concludes with, “ I suspect the single injunction, ‘ do not eat animal products has the the potential to do more for world health than all of the abstruse wisdom in all of the worlds medical libraries”. I certainly agree with him. - Michael Jung
David Suzuki - bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides are a bigger threat than DDT -
Ontario's environmental commissioner didn't mince words today. He says bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides are a bigger threat than DDT, and that much of Ontario's corn is unnecessarily pre-treated with it. Time to ban neonics! - Michael Jung
Streit um Turbo-Abi: Was soll Schule leisten? | Kulturjournal | NDR - YouTube -
Search Google. First Result for "bulimielernen" - - Michael Jung
EZB: Draghi kündigt Aufkaufprogramm für Kredite an - SPIEGEL ONLINE -
Mit dem Plan reagiert Draghi auf die schwache Wirtschaftslage in der Eurozone. Länder wie Italien, Spanien oder Griechenland kommen - wenn überhaupt - nur sehr langsam aus der Krise. Die dortigen Banken vergeben seit Jahren immer weniger Kredite. Und selbst in großen Ländern wie Frankreich und Deutschland stagnierte die Wirtschaftsleistung zuletzt. Ausdruck findet das auch in der Inflationsstatistik: Die Verbraucherpreise in der Eurozone steigen kaum noch - im September lag die jährliche Teuerungsrate gerade mal noch bei 0,3 Prozent. Um die Wirtschaft in Schwung zu halten, sollen die Preise nach Vorstellungen der EZB aber eher um knapp zwei Prozent pro Jahr steigen. Deshalb versuchen Draghi und seine Kollegen seit Monaten, die Kreditvergabe der Banken zu steigern, um so Wirtschaftswachstum und Preisentwicklung anzutreiben. - Michael Jung
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