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Michael Jung

Michael Jung

Technology, Economics, Business, Entrepreneurship, Renewable Energy.
#GamerGate: Liana Kerzner Says Sexism IS an Issue, BUT... - YouTube - & & "#GamerGate: 8Chan Admin 'Hotwheels' Denounces Brianna Wu Doxxing & Harassment" & "#GamerGate: Arthur Chu Angry with Interviewer, Defends Tactics" - Michael Jung
Da ist man lieber still - Am rechten Rand der Republik - YouTube -
& "Neue braune Welle: Die Jugend im Visier der Rechtsextremen" & "ORF Am Schauplatz - Am rechten Rand" & & & & & "Die Story: Lauter nette Leute - Wie die Rechten in Sachsen angekommen sind" & & & & & & "Molau und Rochow: Ex-Neo-Nazis klären über NPD auf | SWR1 Leute" & Rechtsruck in Europa ... protestwahlergebnis - - Michael Jung
Am Schauplatz - Wenn Frauen Frauen lieben (ORF 20.07.2012) - YouTube -
Will Superheroes Save The Planet? Russell Brand The Trews (E178) - YouTube -
Naomi Klein - Michael Jung
Die bisexuelle Revolution - arte - YouTube -
BBC News - MI5, MI6 and GCHQ 'spied on lawyers' -
[P]olicies allowing staff to access confidential communications between lawyers and their clients, official documents have revealed. [...] An MI5 document said legally privileged material may be used "just like any other item of intelligence". [...] Families involved with the Belhaj case brought a claim to the IPT over concerns that their private discussions with legal charity Reprieve and law firm Leigh Day were being intercepted. The families have brought litigation about the kidnappings and allege that any interception of privileged communications has infringed their right to a fair trial. [...] "We hope the tribunal will tell the government in no uncertain terms that this conduct is completely unacceptable." [...] "It's now clear the intelligence agencies have been eavesdropping on lawyer-client conversations for years. "This raises troubling implications for the whole British justice system. [...] correspondence between a person and their lawyer is confidential". - Michael Jung
BBC News - French health watchdog warns on 3D usage for children -
Richard David Precht zur Demokratie - YouTube -
Richard David Precht zu Hartz IV - YouTube -
Planet Wissen │Die Liebe - YouTube -
erwartungen, und sozialer stellenwert von liebe, und heirat, steigende Scheidungsrate, ... und secularism hat Religion mit Liebe ersetzt. --- & & - Michael Jung
Planet Wissen Zivilcourage - YouTube -
Online-Dating im Selbstversuch - PULS - YouTube -
Do's and Don't. - Michael Jung
Homophobie in Deutschland || PULS - YouTube -
In Germany, still discriminated actively, ie via Law for adoption and marriage (Religion). &&& 'In der Merkel aera wird sich nichts aendern.' - Michael Jung
Doku - Undercover als Paketsklave - YouTube -
Plastik - Die Geißel der Welt-Meere - YouTube -
>> "Kinderspielmacher werden nie fuer Kinder [und deren Sicherheit und Gesundheit] hergestellt. Sondern um Geld zu machen fuer den Hersteller." & "Wir muessen uns vor unserer eigenen dummheit schuetzen." - Cradle to Cradle - Michael Jung
45127 - die ärmste Postleitzahl Deutschlands | ARD-Morgengagazin | DAS ERSTE - YouTube -
Why Yahoo’s abandonment of core Tumblr users is actually almost commendable | PandoDaily -
Nevertheless, a platform for existing video superstars is not exactly in the spirit of Tumblr’s gonzo community of lost toys. But couldn’t Yahoo conceivably chase its YouTubian ambitions without ruining Tumblr for its original users? Apparently not. Over 50,000 Tumblr users have signed a petition asking the company to reverse course on a change it made to image size requirements. Tumblr likely made the size changes, which involve wider images, because they would make video content (and video ad content) more attractive. But as a result, many older images are now stretched or otherwise distorted. Commenters say the impact has been especially great on animated GIFs, one of the most popular formats on Tumblr. - Michael Jung
SPIEGEL.TV - Web-TV der SPIEGEL Gruppe -
Lyft Accuses Former COO Of Stealing Confidential Documents Before Joining Uber | TechCrunch -
BBC News - Oil industry in North Sea capital investment warning -
Das Märchen vom Fachkräftemangel - YouTube -
see halfway end ... keeping Germany competitive with cheaper immigrant employees. policy make by industry. & & & & (Arbeitslosigkeit der Geringqualifizierten >> Hauptschule & Mittelschule) & Rekord Nummer von Studierenden in Deutschland, bei steigender rate von fehlenden Grundkompetenzen. Waehrend jeder fuenfte sein Studium abbricht. "Deutschland zuechtet sich Akademisches proletariat heran." & Bulemie Lernen - Michael Jung
Der Rassist in uns (ZDF_neo) - YouTube -
US-Kongresswahlen: Barack Obama vor zwei schweren Jahren - SPIEGEL ONLINE -
Ist Obama wirklich so schlecht? Nein, ist er nicht. Aber es half ihm ja alles nichts: Nicht die geringe Arbeitslosigkeit (sechs Prozent), nicht das Wirtschaftswachstum (3,5 Prozent). Denn die Amerikaner sind enttäuscht und verunsichert zugleich: Enttäuscht, weil vom Aufschwung bei den meisten nichts ankommt; verunsichert, weil sich gefühlt Krise an Krise reiht: Ebola, Ukraine, Dschihadisten. Die Stimmung ist mies, das Misstrauen grundsätzlich. Die Republikaner sind keinesfalls beliebter, ganz im Gegenteil. Die Midterms wurden also eher als Wahl zwischen zwei Übeln wahrgenommen - wenn man überhaupt wählen ging. Deshalb ist Amerika in der letzten Nacht auch nicht nach rechts gerückt. Vielmehr schlingert das Land. [...] weil die Jungen, die Latinos, die Schwarzen enttäuscht sind von einem Präsidenten, der nicht hielt, was er versprach. & - Michael Jung
Ep. 18: SUPPLY CHAIN REACTION | Jehane Noujaim - YouTube -
profits at any cost ... - Michael Jung
BBC News - Women 'unaware they are paid less' than men -
BBC News - Government crackdown on mobile 'notspots' -
The Meteoric Acceleration in Series A Valuations -
Series A valuations have doubled in 6 mo's, passing median Series B valuations from 10 yrs ago, acc to @ttunguz; the valuation explosion is likely due to capital tripling within the Seed fund raising market; if the trend continues & A replaces B, then Seed is the new A. ... // is it A: Maturity of New Economy business case. or B: hunt for yield. or C: increased occurrence of soft-landing/acquihire. or D: FOMO. or E: Increased cost for Start-ups to reach next business/product stage due to crowding and competition for talent. or F: All of the above. & - Michael Jung
Exclusive: Sean Rad Out As Tinder CEO. Inside The Crazy Saga - Forbes -
@Tinder majority owner IAC pushes cofounder @SeanRad from his CEO position to oversee product; he will remain on the board & serve as acting exec pending a new CEO hire; @Forbes profiles Rad, recaps the sexual harassment suit & details Tinder's 2-yr rise to 30M registered users & 1.2B daily prospective matches - Michael Jung
Uber Encourages Its Drivers To Sign Up For Subprime Loans - Business Insider -
TTIP - How We're Lied To About Food: Russell Brand The Trews (E179) - YouTube -
& // power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely = TTIP, CETA, Montanto Protection Act, exluding accountability and liability for corporate action/doing/products. = two tier justice system = inequality, no fairness, Gerechtigkeit, ... this equals to the Bailouts and TBTF and too big to jail. - Michael Jung
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