Eerie Video Shows Masdar City--The Sustainable City Of The Future--Has No One In It | Co.Exist | ideas impact -
Another example of the difficulties of central planning. - Michael Nielsen
An Oral History of Burning Man, the Biggest, Weirdest, Most Clothing-Optional Desert Carnival on the Planet | Events | -
Nice history of the early years. - Michael Nielsen
So you wanna try Deep Learning? - Exchangeable random experiments -
Fun overview of some of what we know about deep learning, with plenty of useful links (and nice Theano source code) - Michael Nielsen
Lester Dent's Master Plot Formula -
More in the Moorcock vein. It's easy to imagine the reaction of the critic, holding their nose at writing to formula. But you can turn that around, regarding Dent (and, more plausibly, Moorcock) as a student and theoretician of structure. And that's a pretty powerful point of view. Of course, word-by-word Dent is a poor writer, suffering from an insufficiency of revision, and an overuse of cliche. But I rather suspect that with a little more revision, a little less tolerance of cliche, he would have been pretty good. (Cory Doctorow suffers some of the same problems, and would also be excellent if he simply revised more, eliminated weaker material, and had less tolerance of cliche.) - Michael Nielsen
How to Write a Book in Three Days: Lessons from Michael Moorcock -
Fascinating both intrinsically, and for the commentary. The commentary first: part of the interest is from people who desire an easy way to write (or, more accurately, to have written). But there is also clearly a genuine interest on the part of many: what does this guy know that I don't about storytelling? You may not like Moorcock's writing, you may even regard it as shabby, but it does have its moments. And that's more than one can say for the writing of many critics. My condensation of the article: study structure. And work to find story structures that work. - Michael Nielsen
Gossip is Philosophy -
Kevin Kelly interviews Brian Eno. Slow to get going, but fascinating. Eno proposes "process, not product", says that it's his "ease of seduction" that means he often gets things first, talks about putting more "Africa" into computers, and generally makes many interesting comments. - Michael Nielsen
Conveys well how much force of personality and intellect Sontag brought to her writing. - Michael Nielsen
The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling by Ted Chiang — Subterranean Press -
Ted Chiang on the impact of lifelogging, and the expansion of self it will cause. - Michael Nielsen
The Zen of Gradient Descent | Moody Rd -
Nice article explaining a principled way of deriving Nesterov's method. Also makes the interesting point that Nesterov is more brittle than standard gradient descent, and thus may be less useful in practice. - Michael Nielsen
Have some coffee — @ Medium — Medium -
I've heard people talk a lot about the "need for mentors". It's a slightly odd obsession. This little essay has a lot that's smart to say about the notion: (1) It's a mistake to think in terms of "mentors", just think in terms of what you want to learn, and who you want to learn from; (2) Approach people with very specific questions; (3) Pick people who you think would be particularly well suited to answer your question; (4) Think carefully about how to structure the conversation (without going overboard); and (5) Make sure to followup, simply because people like to hear that they've done something useful. - Michael Nielsen
The problems with object-oriented coding -
A thoughtful criticism of object-oriented programming, from an experienced programmer. The analogous argument for English would be something like: don't start by thinking about the nouns. "The fallacy of “object-oriented programming” is exactly that: that code is at all “object-oriented”. It isn’t. Code is procedurally oriented, and the “objects” are simply constructs that arise that allow procedures to be reused. So if you just let that happen instead of trying to force everything to work backwards, programming becomes immensely more pleasant." - Michael Nielsen
How the backpropagation algorithm works -
Shadow DOM — -
Nice summary of some of the problems in the design of the web. - Michael Nielsen
The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Wacom Tablet Work on Windows 7 -
The Wacom Bamboo tablet has lots of problems when installed by default on Windows 7. This page is a pretty good guide to how to fix those problems. It's working much better now! - Michael Nielsen
Oral History Transcript — Dr. Richard Feynman -
Ken Shirriff's blog: Bitcoins the hard way: Using the raw Bitcoin protocol -
▶ Game Changers: Trip Hawkins -
▶ Game Changers: Trip Hawkins
Hawkins on where games (and in particular educational) games are going. - Michael Nielsen
Build Your Own Adobe Creative Suite with Free and Cheap Software -
undefined - Michael Nielsen
How to use Photoshop to design interfaces | Nathan Barry -
Neural Networks and Deep Learning: first chapter goes live -
MCB80x - Fundamentals of Neuroscience -
Bitcoin As Protocol | Union Square Ventures -
Nice abstraction of Bitcoin as a way of maintaining a distributed, public ledger - Michael Nielsen
Colored coins paint sophisticated future for Bitcoin - CoinDesk -
Cognitive Theory of Multimedia learning -
Proof of Pythagoras’ Theorem - Jason Davies -
No Tears Guide to HTML5 Games - HTML5 Rocks -
The money is in the Bitcoin protocol | Internet Ganesha -
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