A very interesting panel on creativity proposed for SXSW: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote... via @sharethis
I can haz a pi!
Maximize the public benefit of federal technology by open sourcing government-developed software. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petitio...
Ready for another day of great presentations at OSCON, and looking forward to tonight's Arduino BOF. Beginners and Arduino curious welcome!
Meet the Arduino Community Manager and tell him what you'd like to see http://www.oscon.com/oscon20...
Help my friend make 200' lightening bolts with a pair of 10 story Tesla coils! http://t.co/wxhGP8yy
Arduino class at the Shipyard tonight: http://teachmetomake.wordpress.com/
very successful workshop at the exploratorium yesterday, another one next week. http://tinkering.exploratorium.edu/materia...
Getting ready for gasification workshop! 60 researchers from around the world gather to learn, build, and test: www.gekgasifier.com
Maker Faire NYC (officially World Maker Faire) is incredible! Come!
Jameco now carries Arduino!
Free Arduino workshop tomorrow (Thursday) night at Noisebridge https://www.noisebridge.net
I'm starting a new Arduino workshop series this Saturday in Berkeley: http://learnarduino.eventbrite.com/
Arduino class at Noisebridge tonight, and classes at SFSU and Shipyard to start next week
The first day of the rest of my life: I have quit my day job to pursue my dream of teaching. Am I crazy or brave?
I have almost as many tweets as I have followers. After this tweet, I'll be one closer.
Maker Faire is over. What a wonderful event. Met old friends, made new friends, taught hundreds to solder.
off to maker faire! I'll be teaching people how to solder in the Hardware Hacking Area by the Maker Shed. Come say hi!
Made it half-way home. In London waiting for flight to SF. Flight delayed but not canceled. Sad to finish such a great trip.
Just returned from visit to CERN. What an amazing place. Judy bought a CERN hardhat. Seriously thinking I should have as well.
End of Lift conference. Two presenters mentioned our workshop in their talks!
What is the ethical justification of entertainment?
Excellent workshop on the intersection between TV and social media. Excellent side talk on the ethical justification for entertainment.
finished our workshop at Lift, now can enjoy conference. Excellent talks on different generations and social use of the Internet
Woken up by the sound of construction of LRV on Jaffa road in J'lem. Construction is the sound of my youth (in more ways than one I guess)
Walked around the walls of the old city on the ramparts - wonderful. Much more of the ramparts are walkable than when I was young.
Showing Judy around Jerusalem - very special!
Looks like we're good to leave tomorrow for London, then on to Geneva for Lift
How am I supposed to take clothes, tools, and supplies for workshops in two countries in one 50Lb bag???
Preparing for Lift in Geneva and Kinnernet in Israel. Any of you going to either of these?
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