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RT @pinkcamry: Bus crashes light pole Times Sq people hurt Duffy Square #breaking news # Times Square NYC
MT @mathewi: interesting that @gilgul says some of the most sane discussion of Gaza and Israel was found on Secret:
As someone who works in the ‘creative industry’, @SocialLandlord is a cry for help.
RT @MartinShine: BREAKING NEWS: Armed Police Arrest A Passenger On Aircraft At Manchester Airport
From inside the plane RT @JoshHartley_: Being escorted in
RT @RamiAlLolah: Much clearer photo for the @qatarairways passenger plane escorted by the jet near #Manchester airport
RT @sugru: Our friends over @iFixit have done a teardown of an @oculus!
#detailof an anolog mail dashboard
RT @UnisaPKamara: Freetown is quite as its prayers and reflects on Ebola
Input is a flexible system of fonts designed specifically for code
MT @ValaAfshar: 1 China 1.3B 2 @Facebook 1.3B 3 India 1.2B 4 Tencent 5 @WhatsApp 6 USA 7 @Google + 8 @LinkedIn 9 @Twitter 10 Indonesia
RT @garwboy: Last night my mate asked to use a USB port to charge his cigarette, but I was using it to charge my book The future is stupid.
Saturday morning rain, wind, sun & flat tire ride
RT @Judy_Sims: Worth reading just for the sniper-accurate plot synopses: All 38 Soundtracks to Hit No. 1 Since Purple Rain @vulture
Pity the robot drivers snarled in a human moral maze | @ft 🔒
RT @JulesBoykoff: #FIFA reform? No chance says @AlexandraWrage on HBO Real Sports:The Price of Glory in Qatar [video]
RT @JulesBoykoff: #FIFA reform? No chance says @AlexandraWrage on HBO Real Sports:The Price of Glory in Qatar [video]
.@ifttt shows what to do with Android Wear along with Yo
Creating Maps From Drone Imagery |@Mapbox
RT @nijusaroan: His weather forecasts changed the world. Could his predictions of war? #longreads
RT @BrooklynSpoke: Cyclists on 6th Ave should obey all traffic laws.
RT @neetzan: Daily Show Correspondent TOTALLY DESTROYS Viral Internet “Guru"
What privacy settings tell you about the profound differences between Google and Apple | @qz
Interesting to see what FB thinks basic (info) services for Zambians are
While there are bigger problems in the world... @strava's system went down 2 days ago while today @Garmin's satellites wouldn't ping.
RT @nickcarbone: Why journalists and math don't mix. RT @mmfa: Something is very wrong with this picture...
RT @fsmikey: Look at the beer, look at the beer....
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