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Michael Van Der Galien

Michael Van Der Galien

Michael van der Galien: blogger, columnist, new media entrepreneur. Believer in awesomeness.
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“Rechters beseffen maar al te goed dat er niets zo erg is als eigenrichting” #Buitenhof. Pardon? Niets? Meneer is de weg kwijt.
RT @Jan_Bennink: wanneer is @sassenvanelsloo nou eens aan de beurt?
RT @famousquotenet: Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
RT @HannibalPim: Hèhè, even een ochtendje ergernis, in de hoop dat @sassenvanelsloo een aantal politici de oren wassen gaat. #Buitenhof
RT @Dvanderstoep: Allemaal overschakelen naar Nederland 1 Buitenhof met Sassen van Elsloo!
Zometeen @sassenvanelsloo bij Buitenhof. Kijken! Speel ook de Eurofielenbingo!
Laat de Koning vooral in zijn paleis zitten
RT @nuovoatlantide: @MichaelvdGalien Mike a friend of me found out that the Syrian Alevi baby is held hostage at Latakia acc to al Qaeda
RT @medaedalus: I guess 'yola devam' actually means to enhance North Korean tendencies in Turkish Politics. God help us @MichaelvdGalien @06JAnk
RT @06JAnk: PM Erdoğan sues his own state for 50,000TL in damages for "infringing on his personal life" by reactivating Twitter:
RT @melanie_ward: Happy Easter everyone!
Potentieel D66 is 34% van het electoraat
RT @PieroCastellano: @MichaelvdGalien are you kidding us? :D Can you imagine how exhausting could be for the PM to refute his words every day? @kmyildiz @06JAnk
RT @kmyildiz: @PieroCastellano @06JAnk in a scenario w/o gül as of now the strongest candidates: b.atalay & m.a.şahin.
RT @jaymichaelson: The strangest story about a Turkish cult you'll read this year, in The Daily Beast:...
RT @06JAnk: #Speculation Radikal: If Gül won't play ball, RTE's candidates for PM are 1) Davutoğlu 2) Babacan.
RT @StoicWeek: Repost: The Stoics on the Community of Humankind by Patrick Ussher
RT @OSCE_RFoM: Turkey denies plans to leave World Wide Web for alla turca Internet - RIGHTS via @HDNER
RT @JoshuaLivestro: RT "@afneil: ICM poll on Scottish independence has 52% against, 48% for (ex don't knows). It's narrowing.”
De autohatende bakfietscoalitie
Artikel 50 'weggeknipt' door Nieuwsuur
RT @Voorzitter_KVMO: Er moet een einde komen aan afbraak Defensie | Heb ik weing aan toe te voegen.
"Assad is dreaming, says Turkey's FM"
"Head of al Qaeda's 'Victory Committee' survived battle in Syria"
"Lessons From a MLB Player About Financial Planning"
"Wait Until You See What Clever Pro-Gun Group Did Just to Spite Bloomberg’s $50 Million Anti-Gun Campaign"
Tijd om Poetin bij de roebels te pakken
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