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Michael Van Der Galien

Michael Van Der Galien

Michael van der Galien: blogger, columnist, new media entrepreneur. Believer in awesomeness.
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RT @WashingtonPoint: Editor-in-chief of openly anti-semitic Akit (published “searching for Hitler”) hosted at Erdogan’s private jet y’day
Ik heb net 'Russische separatist bekent neerhalen vlucht MH17' via #ADnl gelezen.
Owen Paterson – Britse milieuminister maakte zich gehaat bij groene lobby en moest daarom verdwijnen
Timmermans vliegt de verkeerde kant op
Moordenaars vinden we niet door 100% DNA-match alleen
Het ergste zijn die mensen die denken dat reageerders het hele lezerspubliek representere
RT @JoshuaLivestro: Intussen in het kalifaat: "Women stoned to death by Islamic State jihadists." Paradijs op aarde, dat kalifaat...
'Waarde creëren volgens Jan Kees'
Ergens tussen koopmansgeest en lafheid
Waanzin: fietsbelasting in Amsterdam?!
Verdient Rutte meer waardering inzake MH17?
RT @adamglantz: @EWilf @CiFWatch @tabletmag @SilowCarroll Well, on the other hand (and sadly), there were some big anti-Israel demos in Europe.
RT @EWilf: Finally someone shares my assessment: @tabletmag: Is Israel finally winning the "Hasbara" battle? h/t @SilowCarroll
RT @hrw: Why is the whole world silent on the murder of Rwandan activist Makonene? by by @DanielBekele
RT @CNNPR: EXCLUSIVE: Ukraine’s President @Poroshenko issues this challenge to Russia: #MH17
For those who think that Hamas are merely 'reacting to Israel's (recent) policies': here their charter. Note the obvious anti-semitism. Quote related to their core beliefs: "Allah is its goal, the Prophet its model, the Qur’an its Constitution,... -
RT @securitythinker: Israel accepted last weeks unconditional cease-fire proposal, but Hamas rejected peace in favor of continued fighting. #GazaUnderAttack
Do you believe that he’ll proceed with those lawsuits, or do you think he’ll eventually drop them (after the elections)? @abdbozkurt
RT @abdbozkurt: Now it seems Erdoğan needed a new false operation to play it to the gallery at least until August 10 presidential elections
RT @BartNijman: UPDATE - GeenStijl: AUDIO. Timmerfrans spreekt in VN Veiligheidsraad -
RT @PzFeed: BREAKING NEWS: John Kerry announces that the U.S. will provide $47 million to help humanitarian situation in Gaza. Via @garretpustay
Before anyone draws the wrong conclusion: I dislike #Erdogan and #hypocrites (who only complain about #Israel), but I love #Turkey
RT @seven__: Screenshot uit jijbuisvid dd 25juni opgedoken van n pro Russische groen mannetje in Donetsk voor BUK raketinstallatie
According to @Democracyindex Turkey is ‘planning to take 130 members of Hizmet’ in custody tomorrow ‘with fabricated evidence’ #AKP #Hizmet
RT @DemocracyIndex: Turkish gov't is planning to take 130 leading members of #Gulen movement under custody with fabricated evidences tomorrow morning.
RT @nipped: Australian and Dutch Foreign Ministers are having a joint presser at the UN.
RT @JaapJansen: Dutch FM Timmermans: 'If Russia does not act, it will become increasingly isolated' #MH17
RT @CatholicLisa: @MichaelvdGalien @EdMorrissey I'd vote for Joe Biden for nursing home entertainment committee president. ;-)
RT @JaapJansen: Raketlanceerinstallatie werd na aanslag Russische grens overgereden
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