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The fan tweets are getting a bit more positive now. Fans were emotionally vomiting nonstop #Rockets
Behind every losing sports team is a load of negative energy fans #Rockets
Earth Day is every day. I have a 100 gallon recycle bin, vinegar + baking soda to clean, I don't buy food w/extra packaging, no VOCs etc
RT @stephenfry: Just about everyone I know with an AOL email seems to have been compromised: I know, tchah! !riends with AOL addresses. But it’s unfortunate
I don't understand people who debate something they haven't even read. I thought boredom was obsolete.
I was raised Episcopalian, I'm pretty sure rabbits weren't substituted for ham and women's heads during 16th century Easter divorces.
My mother still hasn't accepted my conversion + just put Easter eggs on my lawn. *wonders if she bought kosher for Passover chocolate*
For Christians who hate Jews, (and apparently, unfamiliar with Egypt and Romans), The Last Supper was the rabbi's Passover dinner.
Still unsure why guys post photos of their abs and shiny cars in 2014. Congratulations, you know how to polish and do laundry too.
I'm a mean mom who forbids stickers on walls or furniture but I've seen worse than today's cute kitten sticker.
My daughter's version of a Lazy Day with Henri Matisse the goldfish.
Just received a surprise postcard in the mail from @BJNemeth thank you, BJ you made me laugh :)
RT @umairh: It's not OK to harass people. It's not OK to demean women. That is abuse. Just because the net makes it easy, does not make it OK.
At the beach this morning
Throw back Lollapalooza 93. Has it really been two decades? #RATM
Throw back Lollapalooza 93. Has it really been two decades? #RATM
If NyQuil hangovers exist then I have one. Or my allergies are worse. I feel awful. I'm seeing double. Just had 20 min chat with my cat.
The frog I dissected in 7th grade was just downgraded by my 6th grader dissecting a shark.
RT @owenlaukkanen: So CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE is up for an ITW 2014 Thriller Award for Best Hardcover, alongside Lee Child and Stephen King.
RT @WriterJen: @owenlaukkanen Not surprised but YEAH YOU!
New Sunday lineup #GameOfThrones #SiliconValleyHBO @TurnAMC descending from Patriots and Tories I'm rather excited to watch this one.
The No Homework Policy changed my son's life. Don't home school AFTER school, kids already have a 40 hr work week.
Blocking baseball games is a great way to lose fans and increase unemployment from canceled cable subscriptions. #CapitalismSportsmanship
The... this-is-either-brilliant-or-absolutely-ridiculous moment is a step up from the this-is-crap-self-loathing moment. #writing
Oops I was not subtweeting something for literature account
I'm more likely to be repulsed by fame than impressed but carry on bragging about your talents, I've lost 5 lbs from vomiting
Eight years later, "Mommy, did you know in Hollaback Back Girl, Gwen Stephanie is NOT actually singing 'It's my shoe. It's my shoe?"
I dislike shopping so much I could open my own store selling the gift cards I have accumulated over the past few years.
RT @ShaneSchleger: We created @BrokeStories Podcast to have a rational discussion about being broke. And because @change100 told us to.
I would like to start a @MorningStrFarms fast-food chain My kids love the spicy black bean veggie patties.
I wish #WalkingDead had 52 episodes per season- every year.
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