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Why do people say, “If you don’t like the weather in Whatever-Ville, just wait five minutes.” isn’t that common?
My son’s teacher sent a good link regarding tomorrow’s lunar eclipse.
Anyone have footage of @olegsmith singing Sweet Caroline @ this party ? @newbsradio @wickedchops
As an American, it just doesn’t feel naughty saying there should be more British bios claiming to be out of the box wankers.
RT @WrknOnMyNovel: Working On My Novel (a novel about ppl tweeting about wrkn on their novels) is avail today ;-)
Looking forward to Richard Linklater’s film “Boyhood” that was filmed in Texas.
“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.” Ernest Hemingway RIP Robin Williams
Or Jaime’s hand RT @LenKendall: (Mind the gap where your head used to be) Artist Maps Out Transit System for Westeros
Just discovered I’ve been drinking decaffeinated English breakfast for two days.
I shake my fists at the satellites! RT @LaceyJones: Why does Facebook ask me for my blood type??
RT @DamienFahey: Sorry but the fact you took the time to fill out an online IQ test and post the results to Facebook means you’re an idiot.
Banksy by the gift shop.
I took a mobile selfie with Banksy’s “Mobile Lovers” this afternoon for some vanity and then self loathing.
Off to see this Banksy and hoping to beat the rain.
ISO Poetry Slam in Bristol.
I assume The Nether at the Royal Court Theatre has nothing to so with Minecraft but took photo for my son.
Frenchman just opened door for me + said “Eat eez too heavy for you.” Twenty years ago I’d been offended, today I appreciate the gesture.
Got to catch up with @stapes and @snoopy1239 in London. Can’t believe we didn’t take a photo @stapes.
Is off to London.
RIP, Donald. You were one of the good guys MT @KHOU: Businessman killed at poker game … #Houston #HouNews
I just followed the herd across the street and totally ruined a drivers day.
Reading in park. I know high-waisted acid wash jeans are trendy (gross) but a 20 yr-old guy just went by listening to Poison’s Every Rose
Do people really order Beer Ice Cream Floats?
I’m standing on this bridge and really have nothing clever to say about my view and this street art.
Check out the BitCoin machine at @eatSuperFood I saw this afternoon. Anyway, their Veg Cleanse juice is fantastic.
No idea what I’m supposed to be watching but here’s a photo of the show. #HarbourFest
Not real poetry unless 3rd party makes money? MT @Don_Share: A self-published poet laureate? NC pick controversy -
Said goodbye and buried my Jack Russell this afternoon. Went through a lot with that dog as he was 17 years-old. RIP Rocket.
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