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Frenchman just opened door for me + said “Eat eez too heavy for you.” Twenty years ago I’d been offended, today I appreciate the gesture.
Got to catch up with @stapes and @snoopy1239 in London. Can’t believe we didn’t take a photo @stapes.
Is off to London.
RIP, Donald. You were one of the good guys MT @KHOU: Businessman killed at poker game … #Houston #HouNews
I just followed the herd across the street and totally ruined a drivers day.
Reading in park. I know high-waisted acid wash jeans are trendy (gross) but a 20 yr-old guy just went by listening to Poison’s Every Rose
Do people really order Beer Ice Cream Floats?
I’m standing on this bridge and really have nothing clever to say about my view and this street art.
Check out the BitCoin machine at @eatSuperFood I saw this afternoon. Anyway, their Veg Cleanse juice is fantastic.
No idea what I’m supposed to be watching but here’s a photo of the show. #HarbourFest
Not real poetry unless 3rd party makes money? MT @Don_Share: A self-published poet laureate? NC pick controversy -
Said goodbye and buried my Jack Russell this afternoon. Went through a lot with that dog as he was 17 years-old. RIP Rocket.
This skirt might contribute to global warming but I bet it’s TSA approved.
salesmen tacked on points walk free RT @AntDeRosa: Citigroup to pay $7 billion settlement over subprime mortgages
A pedestrian just pointed at me and flexed his muscles. He was also dressed as a crustacean.
RT @kosso: Musicians: Upload your music to, get played on and earn money via etc.
INXS Kick Throw Back.
INXS Kick Throw Back.
Been moving for a week. I have no idea what has happened in world news. But after moving around 35 times, I know moving still sucks.
Unpacked 18 boxes of books. Still needs sorting as Miss Manners and Emily Post ended up on the same shelf as “The Best of 2600.”
Happy 4th of July @BarackObama I didn't vote for you but Thank you for your service. PS: I think July 4th should be tax free day. Thx!
RT @BeauEurell: @AlwaysTheRiver This is NOT ture. @Downtownchad is still with us. Chad has not passed away
Woke early from dreaming about a triceratops spinning in office chair with legs crossed waiting for nails to dry. WTF?
RT @WSOP: @MicheleLewis $10 million is guaranteed to the winner.
RT @YoungTrep: "The best investment you can make is to hire people you can trust to take things off your plate."
Yes @pokernews has done a chip trick video with @DutchBoyd. Good choice.
Yes @pokernews has done a chip trick video with @DutchBoyd. Good choice.
Duh. That's why we faked posts. “@TheAVClub: Facebook tinkered with users’ feeds for a massive psychology experiment”
Ah salesperson, "very unique" "truly unique" or even "unique" at all. Don't mind the made in china sticker.
Has anyone done a poker chip trick video lately? I haven't seen one in a long time.
Congratulations to @DutchBoyd and Eric Buchman on @WSOP bracelet wins (again)!
Random shoutout to @ShaneSchleger bc it's the last night of Game of Thrones and I think of him every time I see the opening credits.
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