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Bob Goyetche
I liked this. I liked myself. Is that wrong? :) Thanks Bob, for this - appreciate the editing. Cheers! - Michelle Sullivan
Bob Goyetche
This is an absolutely fantastic presentation. Let's fly him up for PodCamp MTL! - Michelle Sullivan
Kim Vallee
@mitchjoel It is so annoying to not being to check our Replies. It defies the purpose of asking a question.
Michael O'Connor Clarke
Edwin Khodabakchian
It's great to see Edwin leveraging FriendFeed for customer support and engagement. Can you see how much harder this would be to do over Twitter? This is where the conversation makes the most sense. Smart move, Edwin. - Louis Gray
definitely. the first feature to be developed next week will be to push feedly annotations down to friendfeed. The combination of conversation + search is a killer! - Edwin Khodabakchian
Yay! Thanks Edwin! - iTad
whoa. I've just experienced a paradigm shift. Loving the everyone search. - Michelle Sullivan
amazing ideas - mjc
Not only it is fun to use the first real cloud composite application, It also saves time and I do not miss any news as it is available everywhere. - Örjan Lundberg
Good to hear about the plan to look at Friendfeed integration - Jican from fftogo
it's just me or feedly doesn't work with firefox 3.0? - Alessandro
Alessandro - I think the trick is to uninstall then reinstall. - Russellreno
Robert Scoble
Demonstrates how I use "Likes" on FriendFeed. Like it or not here I come! :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert, have you tried the beta version Google Reader for the iPhone? (http://is.gd/fCp). I've been using that on my Tilt and even there it's much better than the old mobile version. It does let you share with 1 click. - J. McConnell
Thanks for writing this...I really like hearing about how you're using friendfeed because i'm just getting a hold of it - raincloudcat
that's awesome. I'm really slacking compared to you, I've only got 761 comments and 649 likes! - Thomas Hawk
Thomas -- think of it not as slacking but as being more selective and discerning - Brian Sullivan
1201 this week, 5,812 all time. thank you for defending the like in your post. :) and i don't like blindly. though I know that is not unanimously accepted. c'est la vie, i guess. but i like boosting things that I think should get some responses and might not otherwise be seen. and often it turns into a good thing. - edythe
I wish you could search through just likes. - Micah Baldwin
I can see it now. The Guiness Record for likes - Charlie Anzman
my Like Stats: 290 this week, 2670 all time. Robert, I am hot on your trail! woo hoo! :-) (Edythe is on CRACK!) :*) - Susan Beebe
Well, I did 85 likes since I wrote this yesterday. So, hurry up! :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: hehehehe OK! click , click, click!!! - Susan Beebe
mathew ingram
How we read online. - By Michael Agger - Slate Magazine - http://www.slate.com/id...
Donna Papacosta
Reading @whatsnext -- interesting take on 2 sites that terrify marketers http://www.whatsnextblog.com/archive...
Chris Brogan
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