IRN BRU - Orange soda. Caffeine. Iron. Do one thing a day that scares you, huh? (I tasted only a bit.)
a glutton for punishment. RT @MattFnWallace: Registration is open for THE LOOSE CANNON MK.2, my writing workshop. matt AT
Just interviewed @Mary_Roach for I Should Be Writing. She is made of awesome.
Oh look. My third Incredible has died a horrible death. Beginning to wonder if I've developed personal EMP powers. I am SLAYER OF TECH.
Two writing assignments done today. Now to catch up on lost audio.
So are there any podcast directories worth using, or did itunes eat them all?
Aww. My fishy died. RIP Shub Niggurath. Now I guess I know why the office smells.
Wait. @thebronxzoo is only NOW naming its escaped cobra? Come on, if you never named it, no wonder it ran away. Poor thing. no identity.
RT @jchutchins: 25k words in three days? Of course I can do this. I'm J.C. Motherfucking Hutchins.
"listen to my #haiku - only I forgot it..." -- The Pink Tornado
Sounds like Spider-Man reboot planned before JMS was done.
Pink Tornado is walking around listening to Radio Adventures of @drfloyd - Al Capone is still one of the best stories of all.
RT @flickguy: My world is upside-down. Matt Wallace is the Good Cop and @mightymur is the Bad? I can't stop laughing.
New post at the Murverse: ISBW #191 - Social Media / Nathan Bransford Interview
I'm sorry I grumbled at you, @DaisyCakesNC man. But I do home you come back to twitter. #nocupcakesforme
RT @MauriceBroaddus: I do have the nerve to ask how much you pay. I write for the love, but if it stopped there I'd just put it in a drawer.
Yeah. need to step away from the internet til I feel better. did two big mistkes online today. Bleh. Feel like a feeb.
OK. I'm calming down. Time to hunt cupcakes. @DaisyCakesNC - we're coming for you.
She ended up going upstairs anyway to fetch my squishable zebra to hug. Damn I love that kid.
Big fat kudos to Southwest Airlines for keeping my heart attack at bay. Kids- don't book travel while your brain is migraine scrambled.
Damn you @DaisyCakesNC - you are almost a month off twitter! What are you thinking??? Hm. is it worth #pants to go hunt the cupcake truck?
I want @DaisyCakesNC - are they parked at the usual spot today?
Hm. Expensive flight to reno. Cheap flight to Vegas, 8hr drive to reno. Cheap flight to vegas, 5 day walkabout to Reno...
Arranging travel this morning. No kung fu cause I have a migraine and PT has a cold. Rats.
PT asked if we could play D&D tonight. My heart swelled. Then i wondered if I was going to have to learn 4th Ed.
awesome short free flash piece by @CKHBFiction! Got a second? Go read!
Child goes outside. Puppy frets and whines. Old dog groans/whines in sympathy. I think it's quieter when the kid is inside.
New post at the Murverse: Scott Sigler's The All Pro launches today
I miss Joe.
New post at the Murverse: ISBW #190 Feedback Show
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