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The "Bulletproof" Button | Silverpop - http://www.silverpop.com/blogs...
how to use image based call to action buttons in email messages even if images are disabled - Mihai Secasiu
Mihai Secasiu
seth listens and stops brandjacking - Mihai Secasiu
Mihai Secasiu
Why Bit.ly Could Upstage Digg - http://gigaom.com/2009...
"Compared to digg bit.ly is still small. When spamers will realize that people go to bit.ly to find stories and not use it just as an url shortner they will start gaming the system. Now digg knows a lot more about their users/voters then bit.ly will know about those that click the links so detecting the gaming might be harder for bit.ly" - Mihai Secasiu
Mihai Secasiu
How HTML Code Affects E-Mail Deliverability - ClickZ - http://www.clickz.com/3490146
a few problems in the html code can get your message in the junk folder - Mihai Secasiu
Mihai Secasiu
Mihai Secasiu
Feedback loops being replaced by engagement? | MailChimp Email Marketing Blog - http://www.mailchimp.com/blog...
improve deliverability by delivering to engaged users first - Mihai Secasiu
Mihai Secasiu
"This seems like a successful attempt to get your social profiles plugin into the wp core :)But it nice for other plugins to be able to set those with a filter." - Mihai Secasiu
Mihai Secasiu
Encrypting Your Dropbox Seamlessly and Automatically & Pragmattica - http://pragmattica.wordpress.com/2009...
how to automatically encrypt files on dropbox using ubuntu 9.04 and encfs - Mihai Secasiu
Mihai Secasiu
Has your blog been hacked? - http://ronaldbradford.com/blog...
"Rsnapshot could have saved you" - Mihai Secasiu
Robert Scoble
I wish Twitter would sell to Google so it would die like Jaiku and Dodgeball. But I won't post this over on Twitter. I really don't have much love for the service, even though I know I'll be stuck using it for the indefinite future. Jesse Stay has it figured out. It's a horrid place to try to communicate anything other than a bit of self pimping.
Here I can write the equivilent of an entire blog post. And even make changes. And even have a conversation. And use it as many times an hour as I want (Twitter rate limits my apps after a while cause I'm too heavy of a user). - Robert Scoble
werd. - imabonehead
I can sense already that FriendFeed is slowing down now that it is joining Facebook, while Twitter still has the best flow (and best system for following people and best mobile clients). So, we're stuck with Twitter, which is too bad, because the technology here is a ton better. - Robert Scoble
Twitter is a piece of crap - BUT it's where the audience is (currently). - Jim Connolly
Now it is starting to feel like FF again with you bigging it up again Robert ;) - travispuk
Twitter is the new MySpace. - imabonehead
Maybe google wave will change the way we use twitter, etc. again. Haven't tried it yet, but it might succeed where friendfeed "failed" - getting enough people to use it. - Frank S.
Travis: I had to go and clean out my Twitter and Facebook accounts and spread out my usage. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I'm thinking of setting up a facebook account for my Marketing blog - what do you think? - Jim Connolly
@Scobleizer I don't think Friendfeed would be quite so popular if it weren't for twitter - Prolific Programmer from IM
Twitter is the new Myspace - HAHA - this quote made my day. For me it is just becoming a multiplicator for my friendfeed but it is important for that! - Sascha Pallenberg
Prolific: I'm not so sure. Blogs made Twitter. So, what if there were no Twitter? We would still talk up something else. But maybe FriendFeed wouldn't have thrived anyway. Twitter hit a sweet spot with its easy to program API, it's easy to use interface, and its cute name and branding. - Robert Scoble
Twitter works extremely well on mobile devices. I constantly see people tweeting whereas it's more difficult to do with FriendFeed's interface for a typical user. - imabonehead
Really think that Twitter is annoying it's users too much. There's some problems out there that are really being ignored. Here's an example of a problem that could be solved very simply, but no action is being taken (if it was solved it'd create a lot of goodwill) http://getsatisfaction.com/twitter... - Edd McArdle
Robert, now that FriendFeed's people are working for Facebook, and since Facebook has already been making changes to make it more "open socially", do you think eventually that Facebook will become the best place to have serious conversations? - Carlton Hackett
Carlton: yes. - Robert Scoble
I've been thinking so too. Although, I wonder how the non-Soc/net junkies will respond to that? - Carlton Hackett
Robert, two thoughts. #1 - do you think Google really would let it die? Acquiring Twitter would be more like its YouTube acquisition than Jaiku (in terms of price and # of users). Secondly, what would Twitter have to change for you to change your opinion? - Ben Parr
I really, really, really want Twitter to work out is the thing. It's just a pain in the neck to communicate without either losing the conversation or spamming useless banter over multiple Tweets because you can't fit it in 140 characters. That's just my experience. Those still spending most their time there don't mind it I guess. - Jesse Stay
I like Twitter. The conversation flows pretty well for me, and to be fair, I get more @replies there than I get replies here to my posts. - Chris Nixon
I think a combination of the Retweet API and a true threaded replies architecture and UI could change some of my opinion on that though if they do it. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: It's NOT just your experience. Twitter is getting less valuable the bigger it gets. The spam / porn / bots issue is insane and ruining the experience. - Jim Connolly
Chris: I have a twitter account with over 20,000 followers and get ten times as many replies here as I get there. Here I only have a small following. The calibre of people I connect with here is better too. - Jim Connolly
Jesse, have Twitter improved their communication with developers since you wrote about it in April? - Edd McArdle
Edd, over the last week I have noticed a difference, yes, but it's hard to tell if it will remain that way. They now seem to have a project manager over the API dev team (Ryan Sarver). He seems to be putting a filter on some things and keeping devs updated elsewhere. They're still learning though, much slower than FB or FriendFeed. - Jesse Stay
agree on spam and bots, but it still is a nice little thing, if it remains what it was made for! marketing and reviewing thing isn't/shouldn't be there, true friendfeed is more effective as a tool for sending your message across, it is simple and strong - testbeta
Testbeta: ... and FF works. - Jim Connolly
Jim, Jesse, Robert: Value varies. For me, Twitter value continues to increase. I use it to find out what's happening, meet up with people, get random insights into how people are doing, find new people. It all works well. There are many different use cases and one tool does not have to do them all. - Rachel Clarke
i couldn't agree more! - lilian
Rachel: "It all works well"? Really? Twitter? - Jim Connolly
Rachel, I agree with you. I just don't think Twitter works well for conversations, that's all. I use FriendFeed and Facebook for that. I use Twitter for different purposes, and I agree it does still have value. - Jesse Stay
sometimes i think of Automattic's intense debate, but well friendfeed is intense debate, such a experience was never had on blogs, the commenting, liking, and so fast it propagates, even disqus commenting systems can't achieve what we have here on friendfeed, but i can't just throw away twitter, twitter still is good, true for the serious types it's word limit, reply system is a bit of... more... - testbeta
I would love to have FriendFeed as the commenting system on my blog. - Chris Nixon
Chris, there are a few plugins that do that. I haven't tried them though. - Jesse Stay
Chris: Check out what Scoble's doing with FF on building43.com - Jim Connolly
Jim: yes. It works well for what I want it to do (I'm ignoring the ongoing issues with the DDOS). It's a free tool that adds far more value than it costs me to wait for odd outage. - Rachel Clarke
Just checked your Twitter account and now understand exactly what you are saying. - Jim Connolly
Jesse: agree, I use Facebook, Friendfeed, blogs, comments etc, all for different things. I even use the phone as a phone occasionally to talk with people ;-) But the assumption that one tool/service can do everything - and should do everything - is something I have a problem with. If something does not work for a person, don't use it. - Rachel Clarke
The twitter ecoverse is cool, can do Psychological Profiles, can do Social Network Analysis. All those services that spawned as a result are amazing. I am also amazed at how dense Asians Languages are on Twitter, think about it they get about 60% more per tweet. - Robert Higgins
Ben: at this point I am not sure what Twitter could do to win back my love. I will use it just like I use AT&T and United Airlines. I have very little love for those even though I use them frequently. Twitter wins because it is simple and flat and has great clients. I wouldn't cry if it disappeared, though. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
So why do you hate it? - Raanan Avidor
You want it to die? Such an odd statement. I have met so many great people through Twitter, and the news information I can find through search or news agencies or even people who are newshounds are amazing. I know it's not perfect and the last few weeks have definately proved that, and the spam is just awful. But to want to kill it, what a strong statement. - PC Easy from twhirl
Twitter is not abot writing blog posts or having conversations, its about small pieces of information being communicated to anyone who wants to listen. You do not have to listen, if you want a conversation use a forum or FriendFeed, use WordPress for blog posts. Stop trying to make Twitter into something it is not designed to be. - Darren Rollett
I really used to like Twitter, still do sometimes. What I don't like is the Twitter hype. I don't seem able to turn on any media channel these days without reading/hearing or watching about it. Even the BBC reported that Twitter was under attack recently on the main BBC news. FFS come on, there must be more happening in the world than a micro blogging site with a few million users... more... - Nick Bristow
If you owned twitter would you sell to google? - cheapsuits from iPhone
Robert, Atleast something positive could come out of it. If Twitter sells to Google they might(though its not guaranteed) make it opensource and then a federation of twitter server(ala wave servers) can co-exist happily and that way we'll own our stuff(as Anil Dash and other points out). Or they might integrate it in Wave framework. Not that people are not gonna complain about it but thats a different topic. - Abhishek Sharma
Surely an improvement in the service would be a more positive wish? - Chris Nixon
Say what you want but something with the architecture of friendfeed is far more conversational then twitter could ever be. - cheapsuits
I don't know why people think Twitter is the place to converse. It's really not built for that. I find myself enjoying the flow of conversations more on Facebook and FriendFeed. - Naomi Williams
Self pimping? Hmmm... Perhaps not for all of us. And besides, self-pimping isn't limited to twitter. - @JonAston
PS - Maybe it's just me, but you seem bitter lately. Hope you turn that around for yourself. - @JonAston
Jon: You are right. People pimp on FriendFeed too; as I say in my new book.... :-) - Jim Connolly
@jim, they will do anywhere, this is human nature, they do even in real life, so why not in virtual one? - abdellah
Abdellah: Absolutely. - Jim Connolly
Personally I wish Google would buy both Facebook and Twitter so they could both die. - Brian Sullivan
@brian, hey where could I read to you then?!! - abdellah
@Frank S. Google Wave will only be valid if you actually have other friends/collegues who use Google Wave. Otherwise you'll be using it with the *crickets* - Naomi Williams
Oh yeah -- forgot that due to circumstances beyond our control FF is now Facebook. ;-) - Brian Sullivan
oh yeah , they share the same vision, they got the same perception... - abdellah
I hope the FaceBook people will take comments like these to heart. I do like twitter but the functionality FriendFeed brought was the next generation in stream notification. - Chris Jackson
Mark: Yeah - all I need is a title. Oh, and a book....and the time to write one....then I will be pimping like a pro! - Jim Connolly
Wow Robert, I was thinking this the past few days and could never bring it to words...well done - Braden Douglass
I was gonna call the Funky Phantom. (That really dates me.) - Jim Connolly
Robert, I challenge you to stop using Twitter for a month and then blog about the experience. And that includes hiding all Tweets in FF. - Mike Doeff from iPhone
Lets face it, Twitter was built as an update service - a big Internet megaphone. The natural transition has been from update service to marketing service. Big Internet Megaphone. It's good at that, but it's not at conversations nor at discovery. The larger problem is people still approach Twitter like a true social engagement tool - and it's simply not. The disconnect between perception and reality results in the poor adoption numbers and other soft metrics. - AJ Kohn
twitter is noise. filter it and you can find some gold. imho, that's beyond mere self-pimpage - Rob Schieber
i'd love to meetup with fellows and see what api scraping is going on - know where threads are for that? - Rob Schieber
Idk, This seems so much better then twitter. - SeanParnell
It does have a lot of noise, granted - but if it went away now, I'm not sure where everyone would run to. Facebook is too silly, Linkedin is too stolid, and everything else is too fractured for me to communicate with all the people I want to in a single shot. Guess I'd end up doing everything through ping.fm after all. - Ciaoenrico
Wow, Isn't online chit-chat such a fuss? :) - SeanParnell
Robert, just a week or two you were saying that Twitter is beating FriendFeed because of scanability http://friendfeed.com/scoblei.... And you had lots of complaints about the FriendFeed user interface. You also talked about how Twitter was much better after you un-followed everyone and hand picked who you're following. I have to ask, what has changed in the past few days to make you say that the service should die? Feels like you're flip flopping. - Mike Doeff
Can't you apply for extended API limits? - Tristan Seligmann
love the single post/status page, i mean like this: http://twitter.com/twitter... - testbeta
I noticed that in the past two weeks, the tweet intensity has greatly decreased from all my follows in Twitter. Granted, I'm not following too many, but the ones I do follow have traditionally tweeted a lot each day. Is this a trend (has Twitter become a has been) or is this simply a coincidental anomaly? - Jeff Sayre
Robert I find myself on friendfeed more these days - (jeff)isageek
@brian would you consider myspace if both facebook and twitter die?!!(ps: sorry I forget the LOL) - abdellah
Myspace -- don't know. I haven't really tried or paid attention to it. But probably not -- isn't it Facebook like? Maybe usenet? ;-) - Brian Sullivan
brian, let forget all those techie and go irc :) - abdellah
Well said Otto - Chris Nixon
Jesse Stay: you should stop complaining so much about twitter when you build an entire business based on their lack of functionality and other issues. - Mihai Secasiu
Mihai, I'm not complaining - they can do what they want. As I said I really want them to succeed. It's a matter of fact that they do have their flaws - I'm hoping to help them fix those, assuming they're listening at all. What are you doing to help Twitter get better? - Jesse Stay
it is like twitter if for what,where, when and friendfeed is for why, how - testbeta
Mike: just because I use a service doesn't mean I love it. I use ATT and United all the time and they suck too. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
And yes Twitter has some good things about it. Doesn't mean it is all good. Personally it is overused and overhyped and YES I am partially responsible. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Apostol I get value out of Twitter. You aren't listening. I get value out of AT&T too but it COULD be so much more. Chris I tried to be positive but Twitter just doesn't respond to positivity. Plus they are cynical AT BEST about their users. Read the Twittergate documents to see just how cynical they are. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Twitter was just there at the right time. It's not the best solution to the problem (microblogging), but it's good ~enough~. - Trent Hamm
You seriously think Twitter will die once it gets bought by a 'bigger' company? - Mike Shields
Mike: do you use Dodgeball? It was bought by Google. So was Jaiku. - Robert Scoble
Trent: did you just call Twitter the Microsoft of microblogging? Yeah, that's sorta what I was trying to say too! ;-) - Robert Scoble
I just find it amazing that all the early adopters get really snobby about Twitter now it is getting more mainstream. There is something snobby about people's attitude to Facebook as well. I'm not a fan of Facebook but I know more people who use Facebook than use Twitter or Friendfeed combined. Even my mum has a Facebook account but she'd never be on Twitter or Friendfeed. Twitter... more... - Paul Nash
I liked Pownce. I wonder what SixApart has cooking up for them. So there's really no chance for Plurk to make a comeback and take back the community? With all the outage problems Twitter has, I would think Plurk would try to capitalize on that. Guess not. - John Wang
now if the Google Reader team could just get their new commenting system streamlined and real-time ... :) - Peter du Toit (S.Africa)
Paul: it's not hard to understand if you are in our shoes. Here's why. When a company is young and struggling to get noticed, they love having early adopters. After all, that's the ONLY WAY a company gets to the next stage. I've never seen a company go straight to Oprah stage without getting early adopters excited. Then once the company gets enough traction they usually start mistreating the early adopters. In this case Twitter stabbed them in the back. Leo Laporte, for instance ... - Robert Scoble
...got me excited about Twitter and was THE REASON it was the big huge deal at that 2007 SXSW. He had more followers than Mashable last year. But did he get put on the Suggested User List? No. So now Mashable has more than a million and Leo has a knife in his back. And you think it's amazing that early adopters turn their backs on Twitter? Really now. - Robert Scoble
I don't see how Leo has a knife in his back. There was no preconceived notion that anyone would be added to that list. Who cares? He was fine before that list was created, and he can be just as fine now, and just as engaging. - Andru Edwards
Andru: when he was hyping up the service and telling his users to use it, he was getting something in return: being at the top of the follower lists. When Twitter artificially put its own people at the top of the follower lists, and handed out grants of followers (worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars, by the way -- Mashable has changed its entire business to be Twitter centric) they specifically dissed Leo and many others. Most of whom won't point it out in public. - Robert Scoble
Sadly true. I'm in much the same boat -- Twitter is a necessity for professionals and bloggers to stay on top of things, but other socialnets like Brightkite and FF are light years beyond it, which doesn't look to be changing any time soon. Don't even get me started on the spammers and the get-rich-quick'ers. - Ryan Meader
But before the SUL was released, didn't Leo abandon Twitter in favor of Jaiku, due to Twitter having "Twit" as part of its name? Just saying, if I owned a list that I had complete control over, and someone showed that behavior towards me (whether it was right or wrong, I am not judging), I would think twice before putting them on a list that will result in many people seeing they they... more... - Andru Edwards
I can't agree with you more, Robert. - Jon Ursenbach
Scobe: I very much disagree that it is about self pimping. Perhaps your senses are mush because you follow too many? I absolutely love getting that link to a new article or research, or to get a tweet from that celeb that makes me think and provides insight into a new world. I also use it as a research tool, for exploratory purposes. Twitter, as you know very well, is about what you make it, and that is a tenuous notion that really is influenced by who you follow. - Chad Gesser
Andru: again, the list did NOT exist in the days when we were hyping up Twitter. So, there was a "promise" to early adopters that if they invested time in the service they could be at the top of the follower lists. Sort of how PlayFoursquare is today promising users that they can become mayors of places they frequent more than anyone else. What Twitter did was the equivilent of PlayFoursquare telling everyone that their "mayorship" doesn't matter anymore and that Oprah is now mayor of everywhere. - Robert Scoble
Chad: one thing you have to remember about me is that I see that Twitter has 1,001 uses. Stop seeing the world as black and white. This is one post I'm making about Twitter among thousands. Translation: I already agreed with you. But you have to admit that many people use Twitter for self promotion. - Robert Scoble
Andru: and anyway, the SUL is hardly the only reason to diss Twitter. Twitter still goes down all the time, it still has stupid rate limits. It still can't block spam effectively. It still has no friend management. It still has no features that didn't exist a year ago. And it is, in many respects, behaving worse. I'm hearing from developers that Twitter is becoming more closed, not more open (to monetize) and we're seeing them pick winners before the marketplace is done (bit.ly anyone?) - Robert Scoble
The nice thing about Twitter is that it keeps your message short and to the point. Friendfeed is great but it doesn't lend itself well to an external app out of the browser. Also FriendFeed and any of these services you don't own your content - Seth Goldstein
Seth: bing! So, back to the blog we will go. Except, why are we still here? ;-) - Robert Scoble
Awww Twitter the "me" network :) - Wayne Sutton from iPhone
Anyone tried Streamy? - cheapsuits
because the interraction is in real time - abdellah
Wayne: retweet me. :-) abdellah: I thought it was because of all the sex. ;-) - Robert Scoble
that was my expectation too ;) - abdellah
Robert: But what do you want from these companies ? Chaps like you give them the oxygen of publicity they need and they court you and then when they become successful you suddenly start to criticise them. Friendfeed has become successful (in great part to your endless plugging of it) and the founders will now go on to make money through their company being taken over by Facebook. You,... more... - Paul Nash
Scoble: no doubt....I can deal with the self promotion, the e marketing and spam garbage though to me is what has gooootttt to go - Chad Gesser
Paul: my role in life is to use what will be, not what is. I don't turn on many companies, but Twitter isn't one that dealt with early adopters on good faith. - Robert Scoble
nick: I explained why above. - Robert Scoble
Is there a "social media" company that has dealt with early adopters in "good faith"? Facebook, FriendFeed, Flickr I suspect don't qualify ? Any that do? - Brian Sullivan
all platforms seem to have self pimpering styles, why so passionate against twitter? Objectional question, not one of rhetoric. - nick tadd
Brian: I didn't know that any of those have actively dissed their best early adopters. Facebook kicked me off, but only because I broke the TOS. It's always been straight up with me. Same with Flickr, although I do watch Thomas Hawk's talk about their censorship. - Robert Scoble
none as brian says, they all deal with them, and "the earlier adopter" contribute to their evolution until they sell (sorry) - abdellah
nick: because it's so prevalent there. "Look at my blog post about xxx" is almost a staple on Twitter. It's a new RSS reader. Which is fine, I use it too for that! :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert, I think you may have the makings for one of your future blogs here. Perhaps you do it for that reason? ;) The thing about Twitter is always going to be its LBE. It's a mainstream LBE to Social Media. For that very reason its perfect for business, government, and non profit to take public temperature and promote. The other "noise" is the "MV", the "mainstream voice". The conversation is 4 way.(and yes sometimes only 1 way) but there it is and its not going to go away any time soon. - Melanie Reed
Yes, indeed, Twitter is the Microsoft of microblogging. It's good enough, but not the best - but it has the huge advantage that everyone is using it, so you have to use it for compatibility reasons. - Trent Hamm
DAMN Robert I HATE that you are right on this one!!!!! - Arleen Boyd
Hopefully you use it for positive self pimping and not for negative pimping... which is inevitable - Kevin Burrell
Alex, they are taking mobile seriously - they sold to Facebook. :-) - Jesse Stay
What makes people think Facebook or Twitter is all-conquering? There's a new generation coming through, and they aren't using these services. It's very important not to get sucked in by the hype of a service you use. Fanboys will talk up the positives and ignore the negatives, giving you a skewed message. The truth is somewhere in the massive grey area in between. - Chris Nixon
The new generation uses Facebook a lot, but not Twitter. - Steph (sh_skew) from email
Let me say that it is not twitter per se. It is the population of twitter to make it the place it is at the moment. Whenever there is a (free entrance) place crowded of people, there will be spambots to pollute it. - funkyboy from Posty
Twitter is just a temporary solution for a quick mixture of instant messaging + status updates + chat forum. - Bora Wiemann
Just having a discussion today that Twitter will eventually go bankrupt when the hype is over - Khuram Hussain
I don't agree with you Robert. Twitter is easy to use, succinct and versatile. I've made multiple very meaningful connections through my use of twitter. I do like friendfeed's threaded conversations which are great but in a way it only helps those who have big followings like yourself, because people are more apt to comment on your thread than say mine because they know the conversation... more... - Lon Cohen
For example - how do I message you directly so you know I'm speaking to you (i.e. Twitter @ reply) but all your followers and my followers know that we're having a conversation in Twitter back and forth so that they can follow and interject when they want. Everytime we do that we have to start a brand new discussion thread and I have to "tell" you somehow that I'm talking to you. Twitter is like email/phone conversations and friendfeed is like collective blogging/commenting. - Lon Cohen
Amen, Robert. - Lindsay
The power and beauty of twitter originate from limitation. Think of it as conversation haiku. - Brendan
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Mihai Secasiu
Context Switches are Bad, but Stack Traces are Worse - Ted Dziuba - http://teddziuba.com/2009...
managers killing the programmers with context switches and stack traces - Mihai Secasiu
Mihai Secasiu
TG Daily (c) - Firefox, IE. Tech journalists are a disgrace - http://digg.com/softwar...
"what is this guy talking about? firefox 3.5 is great." - Mihai Secasiu
Jesse Stay
I want to know where my followers (that actually read my Tweets and FF posts) are from. Come share your location here!:
I live in Salt Lake City Utah, and am currently visiting Franklin, MA (in between Boston and Providence) for the next few weeks. - Jesse Stay
Metz, Lorraine, France - Brome
Portland, dorset, UK. ;o) as Alex will attest to. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Dallas, TX - mark zero (Jason)
Monterrey, MX - Enrique Flores
Pickering, Ontario, Canada. - Chris Charabaruk
Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Laurie Desautels
I live in Lehi, Utah and work in Orem, Utah. I've lived and worked in a 4 letter word most my life. - Brad McCall
Red Deer, Alberta - Micah
Smithfield, NC - Damond Nollan
Toledo, OH. But you already knew that. ;) - Mark Pannell
Grimsby, in the good old rainy U.K. woohoo! - Kat Musselwhite
Espoo, Finland - Tapio Kulmala
West Palm Beach, Florida - KristenCarr
Baltimore, MD - Dennis O'Neil
I live in Goldsboro, North Carolina and was born in Queens, NY and lived in Brooklyn as well-sallycat 1208 aka sheila smith - sally cat
Scotland, Uk - Roberto Bonini
I totally thought I commented on this already - Calgary Alberta. (then I said ooooh! another Calgarian up there) - Nathalie
Edinburgh, Scotland (well I'm a French in exile!) - Arnaud Fischer
i am in nyc for now - Allen Stern
Tweeting from Costa Rica! :-) Regards!!! - José Trinidad
London, UK - M F
Arlington/Alexandria, VA - S. Charles Balazs
I'm quickly realizing my audience is NOT Utah. :-) My previous Utah post net'd hardly any responses. - Jesse Stay
Silicon Valley, California. - DGentry
West Virginia - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Charlotte, NC - Mike Nencetti
Northern NJ - Morton Fox
Sheffield, UK - Tony Ruscoe from fftogo
Wiltshire, UK - James Slater
Lehi, UT - Skyler Call
Wiltshire, UK - James Slater
Lyons, CO - DJ Stevie Steve
Boston, MA. Currently sitting outside a post office in Needham, though. - Lola Bean (Penguin) from fftogo
Jonesboro, AR - Tracy Farmer
Somerville, MA - Dan
lost angeles california - sean percival
University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill - Miss Elle
Lost Angeles, Sean? - DGentry
Whistler, British Columbia - Andrew Smith
My train is stopping in Chelsea, MA, but I'm not getting off here. - Bruce Lewis
Los Angeles, CA - Jack DeWitt Smith
I love all those outside the US that are commenting! I lived 3 years in Indonesia and 2 years in Thailand growing up. - Jesse Stay
Toronto, formerly of Bangkok and Bangalore. - The Fat Oracle
Los Angeles, CA. - Jandy
Puerto Rico. - Manuel Mas
Jar, Norway :) - Hanna Wiszniewska
New Delhi, India - Faraz Mullick
San Francisco, CA, USA - anna sauce
Napier, New Zealand - Lee
Oslo, Norway.. in Scandinavia, and no Scandinavia is not a country :P - kozmic
Dardenne Prairie, MO - Randy David
Cambridge, ON, Canada, but I travel all over as an Over The Road truck driver. - Robert Couture
Salt Lake City, Utah - Zach Holmquist from BuddyFeed
Colorado Springs, CO. - Eric - Final Countdown
The Black Mining Hills of Dakota - Gus
Mean streets of East London, urban ghetto. lol - Badger Manuf. (Barnaby)
Grew up in Louisville, KY. In college in downtown Chicago, going into my junior year. Flying to Brooklyn to hang out with my brother. - Daniel Zarick from iPhone
San Jose, CA - Kiran Patchigolla
Xaghra, Gozo - Malta - Stephen Moon from iPod
Okay, now that I know where you're from (keep sharing if you haven't!), I want to know what you all do!: http://friendfeed.com/jessest... - Jesse Stay
Petriolo - Italy - SKAgnozzo
I live in the western suburbs of Chicago. - Kathy Fitch
Buenos Aires Argentina - Johni Fisher
A big hello from Istanbul ,Turkey - Haldun Uraz
Vilnius, Lithuania - Mindaugas Kucinas
Chapel Hill, NC (but born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, now Serbia) - Bora Zivkovic
Düsseldorf, Germany - Wulffy
San Francisco, CA - Justin Korn
I'm from Brooklyn, NY and I think that this is a great idea! i want to do this too. - Jason Pollock
Austin, Texas. - Patrick Jordan
Tel Aviv, Israel. Where did you live in Thailand? - Majento
San Francisco, CA - metalerik
I'll play along, Little Rock, AR - Grant Bierman
St. Augustine, FL - Ronald S from iPhone
Adelaide, Australia but only via DGentry - Peter Kelley
Majento, I lived all over. I spent a lot of time in various parts of Bangkok, as well as Buriram, Chiang Rai, Lampang, Khon Kaen, Khorat - Jesse Stay
i'm currently in the area of Philadelphia, PA - but i've also lived in various US States, Puerto Rico and Italy - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
istanbul, turkey - aybars badur
nisantasi, istanbul, turkey - Ozgur Uckan
We come from France! - Rahsheen
San Diego, CA - Jack&Cleo
The Outer limits of California. - Brent - Yes I am
adana, turkey. - Oguz Serdar
atrium marriott hotel, nyc - Myrna
Chapel Hill, NC USA - Charles Alden from twhirl
checking in from San Francisco, CA - Criz
Beaumont, TX - BRҰANSAҰS from iPhone
Seattle, WA - Rochelle
SF,CA - but a nawlins girl at heart - Liza + = ?
I switched back and forth between NJ and NY - Milton Ramirez
North Mexico - Franc, a rememberer
Fairfax, Virginia - BEX
Taipei Taiwan - MarkHirsch
Seattle Washington, home of hot breezy air this week. - Dan owns Comicsforge.com
Encino, CA - Michael Hocter
Chambersburg, PA (near Gettysburg) - Courtney Engle
Just saw the intro from Ben so I'm a new follower. (c: My wife and I are in Salt Lake, or more specifically Sugar House. Just a couple streets away from the park. - Tim Costantino
Orange County, CA (near disneyland) - Brett Kelly from iPhone
Chennai,India - Krishnamoorthy
dubai, uae - bob
San Francisco - .LAG liked that
Beaverton, OR - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Bangalore, IN - Aaman (Clone of FF)
This one is from Kuna Idaho... Boise area! - Robert Freeze
Salt Lake City, Utah - Will King
Kent (South East England), UK. - Kol Tregaskes
Mumbai (Bombay) INDIA - ThinkEzy
Grenoble, France, Europe. - Zackatoustra
Don't you guys think that this information, altough not essential, should have its place in the bio? Think of geolocalized friendfeed, for instance. Quite not possible yet. - Zackatoustra
Chatsworth, CA - Mark Krynsky
Venice, CA - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ from iPhone
Porto, Portugal - Carlos Duarte
San Diego, CA - Bonnie Foster
Istanbul, Turkey - Jacque from fftogo
Bali, Indonesia - Fajar Nurdiansyah
greetings from Rome, Italy - Flavio
Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Philippines - that's where I'm at. - jan geronimo
Amman, Jordan - zsafwan 
ISTANBUL:) - meliskaratay
UK! - Simon Wicks
Adelaide, South Australia - Mo Kargas
Cluj-Napoca, Romania - Mihai Secasiu
Pune, India - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Cobh, Cork, Ireland and soon Mobile Alabama :) - Paul OFlaherty
New York city for work and Great Neck long island for home - JMaultasch
I am in Lenexa, KS which is a suburb in the Kansas City, MO metro area - (jeff)isageek
NC State in Raleigh, NC. - Aaron Hood
I'm in Menasha, Wisconsin - Tasha Saecker
Edmonton, Alberta - Wang Yip
England, UK - Somewhere in the middle :) - Roy Herrod
SLC, Utah - Chad
Adelaide, sunny South Australia - Howdy - Chris Loft
Mostly US, I'd say. - Zackatoustra from IM
top o' the mornin' Robert, from Carlow, Ireland - Ken Power
HI Jesse from Lakeland, Florida and it is 85degrees today - Stephen Brown
Yankton, SD - Ben Hanten
Newcastle Upon Tyne, which is in the North East of England. - Craig Deakin
Currently in Lancaster, OH. I'm from Coshocton. - Shane Tilton from BuddyFeed
Rural Iowa, fairly near Des Moines. I see cornfields and trees out my window. - Trent Hamm
Tampa, Florida! but you probably could have guessed that... - Sarah Perez
Turin, Italy - I thought that came through on the Geolocating tweets and brightkite - Nicholas Paul Gordon from iPhone
Tampa, Fl too! - Fox
Milan, Italy - amarantoblook
This is actually amazing. Not just US centric.... - Liza + = ?
Bulgaria - Dimitar Vesselinov
Delray Beach, Florida - Bob DeMarco
Boston - mikepk
Kansas City, Missouri - Tobin Truog
Seattle - Ben Reierson
Little Rock, AR - Keith - @tsudo
Pasadena, Cali - Eric Berlin
Portsmouth, England. - Mark H
Austin, TX - bill giltner
Atlantic Beach, FL - shayne catrett
new paltz, ny - constance taft
central MA (not far from where Jesse is hanging out this month) - Stuart Miniman
Rochester, NY (originally from Huntington Beach, CA) - Susan Beebe
Arlington, VA - Chris Abraham
Mountain View, CA - Stephen Mack
Brandenburg, near Berlin, Germany - Solveigh Calderin
Slidell, LA across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans! - Tdubya
Antananarivo, Madagascar - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Thierry, wow - I think you are one of my most remote followers. - Jesse Stay
Charleston, SC here - Leigha Baer
Wellington, New Zealand - Jamie Craig from Nambu
Newcastle upon Tyne, England. - Daniel Rowley
Jesse Stay
Thank you everyone who shared where they are from. Now, what do you do? If you read my posts would you mind sharing here?:
My background is developing web software. I also write books, blog, and start new businesses. :-) - Jesse Stay
Former stonecarver..turned blogger. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I run a start-up company - http://flotate.com. - Ryan Moriarty
help head trauma survivors - chaz2b
Travis, yes, I know you read my posts. :-) Hopefully people do more than just that though - I would be really worried if that were the case! - Jesse Stay
Software developer, agile is king :) - kozmic
Med student. - Manuel Mas
Enterprise software development. - Kiran Patchigolla
Marketing and advertising, mostly for small and medium businesses - Dennis O'Neil
Software problem solver (meaning I support teams, most of the time devs, and help them do their work by handling network, infrastructure, build/release, whatver tasks. Currently Ops and Infrastructure person at Seesmic. Active in a couple open source projects and lurking in a lot more. Yep I read your blog. - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Bear, I've been following your work since before you joined Seesmic. Thanks for chiming in! - Jesse Stay
Oddly, I just realized I'm not subscribed to you on FriendFeed. Not sure how that happened - just subscribed, and added you to my favorites. :-) - Jesse Stay
Bear was the original developer of Twhirl before it was bought by Loic and Seesmic. - Jesse Stay
Jesse - Marco is the original Twhirl dev - I did some command line tools for Twitter tho. Travis, yes while I was at OSAF I was active in the Twisted project. We met at PyCon in DC once. - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Bear, did you do anything with Twhirl before it was acquired? I swear you were involved somehow. Maybe not. Maybe my memories are after it was acquired. - Jesse Stay
Media management and graphic design student obsessed with tech, Internet, branding, and design. Work as a "community manager" and social media director for my school's student communications office. Columbia College Chicago, if you are interested. - Daniel Zarick from iPhone
evidently i wasn't subscribed either - but with everyone else reading and commenting on your stuff it probably didn't matter. I was seeing it already :) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Ha! Kevin I like that. - Jesse Stay
coder - aybars badur
I work in Forticom as a creative. Company runs several social networking sites: odnoklassniki.ru nasza-klasa.pl one.lt one.lv (I am also LDS, that's wahat I "do" :)) - Mindaugas Kucinas
Online community manager for Public Library of Science; blogger at Scienceblogs.com; organizer of ScienceOnline conferences; series editor of The Open Laboratory; adjunct faculty at NC Wesleyan college (teach Biology to adults); external advisor for the BBC/PRI/Nova/SigmaXi science content online. - Bora Zivkovic
Rental Agent/Web Developer - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Developing a new Twitter service "HQFollowBack". - Wulffy
database stuff, mostly for email/marketing, blogging, social media stuff. - anna sauce
IT Manager / Web Developer / Photographer - Justin Korn
Teaching & consulting knowledge economy & information design ... writing about them - Ozgur Uckan
In web biz since 1998, online editorial/community/marketing. Now fully dedicated to starting up a new web service. - Majento
My bio here (as one wag saw fit to tweak me about!) includes most of what I do: teaching, writing, designing, etc. I guess my work falls into the "boutique" category--small collection of clients, very personal touch. - Kathy Fitch
IT Manager (really IT Department) for a small company in Orem, UT - Skyler Call
Am I supposed to be doing something? - Brent - Yes I am
Support engineer at flickr/Yahoo! - Criz
Birth doula with a background in social work. I'm also a mother! - Rochelle
I'm loving this thread - your skills are all so diverse! - Jesse Stay
Project Manager for Banking software company and I blog online for fun. - BRҰANSAҰS from iPhone
Personal Trainer - BEX
Retired now after a career in data processing for banks and insurance companies. First programming job was on the IBM 1401, language Autocoder, 8K of memory. I don't know what I would have done with out computers. Loved them then and still love them. - Jack DeWitt Smith
Oh forgot to mention, of course I read your posts. I helped you coin Social Technology And You. - BRҰANSAҰS from iPhone
I run the technology school at a local private college and teach there too, I blog, I write, I take pictures, I play bass guitar, I do computer security, tons of stuff. I also run an online comic book store. - Dan owns Comicsforge.com
I manage a software development team at a big bank. - Michael Hocter
I'm a software developer (web, primarily - at least, these days) and blogger (TUAW and an upcoming new blog). - Brett Kelly from iPhone
Holden, I have a Mom and a Dad, too. Even a sister. :-) - Jesse Stay
Software Architect, focusing on web software. Worked as an Architect for a large bank for four years and now work as an Architect in a small company here in Salt Lake. - Tim Costantino
librarian - bob
All sorts, currently a data monkey for the telecoms industry. - Kol Tregaskes
I'm a Risk Analyst in a large financial services company's Compliance Management team. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Jesse, was just looking at your site today. :) I've been a Program Manager for software development projects involving offshoring, a Product Manager for new software product startups, and now a writer for MakeUseOf.com. I'm based in Pune, India. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Alex, you do what most of my siblings, and Dad do. My sister's interning for KPMG right now, and my brother-in-law just started with another one of the big Accounting firm. My other brother-in-law worked for Fidelity for quite awhile, and my other BIL was a consultant for Monitor for quite awhile. - Jesse Stay
I manage the websites and content for the X PRIZE Foundation on Drupal CMS as well as all 3rd party web services. For fun I write at Lifestream Blog and on a personal site. - Mark Krynsky
Mark, that sounds like a fascinating job! - Jesse Stay
Accountant.....used to work for a CPA firm.....now self-employed.....much better..... - Bonnie Foster
Technology Consultant / Software Architect / DBA. My tool-belt is based on but not limited to .NET. I've been mostly working with securities trading, portfolio management, pension insurance systems and various EAI solutions.. - Tapio Kulmala
Web software developer for one of the world's largest language translation companies. - Tony Ruscoe
developing web sites, databases, email servers, administrating unix/linux machines and having fun :) - Mihai Secasiu
I work with individuals with specials needs...I also have a child with special needs - - sally cat
I write poetry in spanish, and administrate a Tourism place, a family business - Céu de Buarque
I ma a dislexic pheasant plucker :|) - Matt G
These days? Business Development Manager for Amazon EC2, Blogger, Podcaster, all-around geek. - Deepak Singh
Library director - Tasha Saecker
I'd guess you could call me a software engineer, but I've just graduated from University and am currently unemployed :( - Roy Herrod
Teacher, Photography and Multimedia. - Chad
Web Developer - Zach Holmquist from BuddyFeed
Occasional SEO guy when the deal is right (and the client is.... :) - Charlie Anzman
Network Engineer and Consultant - Keith - @tsudo
Student - Undergad - Fox
Manager, IT Integration and Project Management for Nelnet, Inc (NNI) - Nelnet Enrollment Solutions Division (2 companies - CUnet.com and Petersons.com). Also Innovating my new Social Media products for Higher Ed - internally funded innovation program) Founder, Social Media Club - Rochester, NY and VP of PR, Marketing for PMIRochester.org. Plus I like chocolate, cats and beaches! I blog at http://susanbeebe.com. Oh and I absolutely love FriendFeed, but you already knew that! :) - Susan Beebe
Hi Jesse, I enjoy your feed. I am a sales and marketing guy and I am really passionate about how emerging media tools can fit into business' marketing efforts. I currently "embed" with companies to set up and utilize emerging media tools. So what does that make me? I got tired of trying to tell people how to use these tools and decided to find companies that already KNEW they had to be in that space, but they didn't know how to do it well. - Tobin Truog
I'm an editor of a humanities journal. I love the diversity of expertise and interest on FF. :) - Ayşe E.
MVB, my kids would really like you. :-) - Jesse Stay
Independent Demonstrator for a Vinyl Lettering & Decor Company - Uppercase Living® - Jannifer @wordsforliving
I code. - Bruce Lewis
I wear many hats for a rather small data security company including marketeer, graphic designer, web developer, PR person and IT Guy - the company is http://www.deadondemand.com/ - Mike Bracco
Mihai Secasiu
Here's one feature I'd love to see in firefox: I click a link and it opens in new tab, when I close that tab firefox should return to the initial tab, not the last tab in the list of opened tabs
pai eu stiu ca asa este. - Laurentiu
using FF 3.5, no special extension , having more tabs opened, clicking on a link in one of the tabs ( not the last one ), opens a tab at the end of the list of opened tabs, if I close the new tab, I see the page on the last tab in the list, not the tab I was viewing when I clicked that link - Mihai Secasiu
Mihai Secasiu
Gmail Tries To Make It Easier To Unsubscribe From Spam Newsletters, But Fails - http://www.techcrunch.com/2009...
"here’s one other theory: maybe google is trying to replace email with their wave service…" - Mihai Secasiu
Mihai Secasiu
Gmail Tries To Make It Easier To Unsubscribe From Spam Newsletters, But Fails - http://www.techcrunch.com/2009...
"I agree to google that you shouldn’t even try to unsubscribe from a spammer. But the fact that by default you show users “unsubscribe and report as spam” is really just stupid. First google acknowledges that it will only show the unsubscribe button for some trusted senders and then it lets you report them as spam. I think the probability that a trusted sender is also a spamer is small so this button is really useless. They should have just shown the simple “unsubscribe” button like hotmail does but no they had to be different on this one too… well google different is not always good. This time it’s a really big disappointment." - Mihai Secasiu
@mihaisecasiu pui niste linkuri okay dar nu poti sa _linkuiesti_ direct articolul respectiv? (la ultimul am facut 2 pasi prin: FF si Digg).
contul de pe digg e integrat in friendfeed si totul se face automat cand votez sau cometez ceva pe digg - Mihai Secasiu
era o setare prin FF sa poti sari peste pagina intermediara, url-ul aparea cu un - la sfarsit. parca :) - aurelian
Mihai Secasiu
Exciting Technologies Coming to Linux - http://digg.com/linux_u...
""Open-source has left desktop computers for phones, netbooks, servers, ..." open source was always first on servers" - Mihai Secasiu
is 2009 the year of linux on desktop? - aurelian
@aurelian: I don't know, for me the year of linux on desktop was sometimes back in 2003-2004 I think :) - Mihai Secasiu
Mihai Secasiu
Google Gives in To John Chow; Proves Ends Justify The Means - http://www.shoemoney.com/2009...
"I agree, and it’s not like John didn’t know what he did “wrong” and why he was banned. He knew it all the time. Here’s how I I imagine the dialog between Matt Cutts and John Chow: John: Hey Matt can I get back in SRPS? Matt: sure, just nofollow those paid links and reviews John: ok, done Matt: thanks, you’re back now And that’s “Google giving in to John Chow”" - Mihai Secasiu
Mihai Secasiu
Dealing with Qmail's TAI64N format | Uno-Code - http://www.uno-code.com/...
Dealing with Qmail's TAI64N format | Uno-Code
converting the qmail TAI64N log date format to readable format - Mihai Secasiu
Mihai Secasiu
Wanna be @the_real_shaq? That'll be $50,000 - http://digg.com/tech_ne...
"This is not about selling your twitter account. It's about others paying this company to spam you with their twitter account for you to follow" - Mihai Secasiu
Robert Scoble
I love that on Google you can ask it what time it is in some part of the world (like London) and it answers. More here:
Here's the result for "what time is it in London?" http://www.google.com/search... What other questions can you ask Google and it will answer? - Robert Scoble
Bing also supports that these days; http://www.bing.com/search... - Menno te Koppele
Menno: I know, I checked, but I like the formatting Google does much better. - Robert Scoble
Welcome to my home town Robert! - Jim Connolly
Maths questions :) - Simon Wicks from iPhone
I usually use it for conversion between US measurements and metric/grams and all that. Also good for temp celsius to fahrenheit. My wife brought a couple of American Cookbooks over so I need to translate sometimes. - Rasmus Lauridsen
Oh yeah simple calculation questions are good also - Rasmus Lauridsen
and other such conversions... - The Fat Oracle
Thats pretty cool, I always knew you could ask Google math questions - David Hintze
I like the currency and other conversion ( http://www.google.com/search... ) - Mihai Secasiu
How many tablespoons in one cup? (16 in case your wondering). Great for halving recipes (or doubling them). - Joe Luft
Mathematics, like: how much is 2+2? http://www.google.co.il/search... - Nir Ben Yona
and of course the big question: http://www.google.com/search... - Mihai Secasiu
Conversions - Paul Rawlings from iPhone
Yes Nir... I'm a bit simple .-P - Rasmus Lauridsen
Robert: I agree with you on formatting, but hey at least Bing has it these days. That's a step in the right direction - Menno te Koppele
You can ask it the answer to life, the universe, and everything: http://www.google.com/search... - Jesse Stay
42! Look, I beat Google! - Jim Connolly
You can ask about the date of birth, like: how old is Michael Jordan? http://www.google.co.il/search... - Nir Ben Yona
I constantly use google for math and conversions - Neil Bernhart
Height of people, http://www.google.com/#hl=en... and Adriana Lima's bust size http://www.google.com/#hl=en... - Burcu Dogan
Seems not to work for smaller towns (e.g. Fort Totten, ND) - bing doesn't either, but wolframalpha answers. - Matthew McCowan
Bruce :-) Google not first mistake its just 84cm http://www.jurgita.com/models-... have a great wknd - Johni Fisher
Robert, Bing does this as well. http://cliq.cc/IqIdk - Darren
Have used this feature many times and Google has never let me down. - Ashish
exchange rates? "how much is 1 eur in usd" - aurelian
No need to be so verbose. "time in london" and "10 usd in sek" suffices. - Oskar Lissheim-Boethius
They still can't answer "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?" alas - Justin DeMerchant
Mihai Secasiu
Wanna be @the_real_shaq? That'll be $50,000 - http://digg.com/tech_ne...
"from what I understand uSocial plans to spam twitter users with recommendations in order to get you followers" - Mihai Secasiu
Mihai Secasiu
"This is “send your advertisement to millions over email for just $100″ for twitter. A few months ago everyone thought twitter was kind of “opt-in” and you couldn’t get any spam unless you follow a spammer. Back then I said it would be just a matter of time till spammers get in the twitter game and send “recommendations” as @replies . That time has come. I would block such an account when I get the first message from it and I would definitely not follow whomever they would “recommend” just like I stop following those that abuse the #followfriday thing. I think twitter should also block this company." - Mihai Secasiu
Can I get a quick 'How Douchey Is That Guy' ruling from you guys. I have just bought a white Dell Mini 9 to be my Hackint0sh Netbook. It comes with Windows XP but I'm not even going to boot that up, straight hack when I take it out of the box. Is it douchey to put one of my Apple logo stickers over the Dell Logo?
dell_mini_9 (1).jpg
Depends whether you think running a mac makes you a better person ;) - Glenn Slaven
Nope, I always stick an apple sticker on my laptops of other brands... same goes for the wife actually ... - Rasmus Lauridsen
Yes. Sleeper Mac FTW! - ricin
Ahhh... all Mac Ninja like... I tell you what though, I'm taking a black marker to every bloody shiny dell logo on the inside :P - Johnny from IM
I do it with love so she doesn't care :-P - Rasmus Lauridsen
+10 Andy... LOL - Johnny from IM
Put an old rainbow apple logo sticker on it and you're golden. - veo
Yes, but fuggit - Rodfather
I agree with Rodfather. Johnny - will you let us know how you get on with the hackintosh process? - Andrew Terry
Yes. It's like V-TEC stickers on a Toyota - Mo Kargas
Andrew, I plan to film it (I don't know how exciting it will be) - Johnny
Why not? Self-expression is an art form. - Martha
yes it is - Mihai Secasiu
Definitely put at least one sticker on there. I look forward to that video hey. - Chris Lawrence
Two thoughts: (1) Aren't the apple stickers white? How will you be able to see it? (2) Is that what those stickers are for? To put over top of other people's logos? - Miss Elle
sheeeit, i put a white Apple sticker that came with my iPod Shuffle over the Compaq logo on my old laptop. it was either that or a left-over bright orange "BASURA" sticker. - Big Joe Silenced
If it's running Apple software, why would it be inappropriate to put an Apple sticker on it? If you installed Ubuntu on it, would you even stop to think about asking if it was appropriate to put an Ubuntu sticker on it? Of course I'm not an Apple cult member, so I might not be up to speed on all the rules. - Ken Sheppardson
i also have a vintage "Morley Men Do It With Their Feet!" sticker on that laptop, so... - Big Joe Silenced
My laptop is not made by Microsoft but it has a Windows Vista sticker on it. - John (bird whisperer)
Hey, if you can't find a sticker . . . just use a band aid - Chris Loft
I would definitely put an Apple sticker over the Dell logo. - Joey Gibson
Actually, I think it's funnier to leave the Dell logo there, and surprise anyone who sees the Mac OS on it. - Ordinarybug Heather
ummmmmmm....hahahha - Shevonne
If I could get a penguin sticker, it'd be on my netbook :P I didn't even boot into Windows, just wiped it completely. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
Note For Tomorrow's Shopping Trip: 2GB SODIMM DDR2 5300 + 8gb thumb - Johnny
I'm more interested in how well your hackintosh works. But, .... yeah, it's uncool. Goofy, so maybe +5 for humor. - Jason Nunnelley
I'd draw a pirate face over the Apple logo. - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
Eh, I'd put the sticker on but not over the Dell logo. Basically showing that Dell hardware can run Apple software. - That's So CAJ!
Thinking of buying a few of these for the house. How well do they run? - Jason Nunnelley
I'll let you know when it gets here... The nutsack thing is they are now discontinued - Johnny
It will only appear douchey to apple snobs. - Josh Haley
Johnny, I wondered what the deal was with the 9. They're still selling the 10 and 12. - Jason Nunnelley
I'm pretty sure I got one of the last in Australia. They stopped selling the black on Monday and the White (which I wanted) has had a $50 off deal until tonight. Wouldn't be suprised if they go from dell.com.au in the morning... - Johnny
i say stick it on!!! - (jeff)isageek
Or make a plain, black-on-white, sticker that says "COMPUTER" on it. Like the old generic, white-box-black-lettering, labels. - Ordinarybug Heather
Or, be totally l33t and just get a sharpie to write "Hackint0sh", maybe draw an apple logo. Throw in some duct tape and you're set. - Jason Nunnelley
that guy is not douchey, that guy is funny - anna sauce
I say zero douchiness level... Apple stickers are meant to hide one's indiscretions... I have one, Pacman-style, on my hp, just like Rasmus (yes, I'm the much-stickered wife) had on his dell... and now on his new Mac, though that one is old-school, so no harm, no foul there. :D - Bette Cooper
You got this thing yet? - Jason Nunnelley
Joe Tortuga
Tweetdeck syncs its workspace. Dropbox keeps files in sync. Half the apps I use are webapps. How long before my whole desktop syncs?
why would you need a desktop when you have a webbrowser. people have to get rid of their "an app must be installable" mentality. - Paul Kinlan
Hey Paul, are you still developing the "installable" version of FriendDeck ? :) - Mihai Secasiu
there has been an installable version of frienddeck (which is open source too) for a while now. - Paul Kinlan
I'll always need some sort of desktop. The browsers aren't quite there yet, to support a full OS, IMHO. - Joe Tortuga
Joe, the point I was going to make (but forgot) was that it is easy to make a web app appear and work the same as a desktop top app. Frienddeck being an example. Lots of people simply want something to install, i am not sure why, maybe it appears like a tangible asset... - Paul Kinlan
Speaking to Paul's point: maybe they feel like they have more control. - Karma Martell
Karma, a lot of people said their workflow meant that they go up their start menu and load an application up. My point at the time was that the app I am creating is exactly the same. If you look that the "Create Application Shortcuts" in Google Chrome that is where I think the desktop web is going - kinda solves the problem that people were talking about. - Paul Kinlan
Mihai Secasiu
Dev4Press & Expanding Plugins panel - http://www.dev4press.com/2009...
Dev4Press & Expanding Plugins panel
how to add more info about the plugin in the plugins panel - Mihai Secasiu
Mihai Secasiu
does anyone know how to make video work on inspiron 1501 ubuntu 9.04 ?
I mean make the video card drivers work. Right now it only works with the vesa drivers. Before 9.04 it worked with the ATI drivers but it seems like those drivers are not compatible with Xorg 1.6 ( the new X server in 9.04 ) - Mihai Secasiu
I managed to make it work by installing the open source ati drivers. xserver-xorg-ati-video - Mihai Secasiu
You may want to check newer drivers too https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu... - Hassan Ibraheem
Mihai Secasiu
To Smarty or not to Smarty? - http://www.mihaibrehar.ro/blog...
"Nice to see some anti-smarty support here" - Mihai Secasiu
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