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Kol Tregaskes
Best shop front, ever - http://flickr.com/photos...
Best shop front, ever
"Guitar Store" - in Southampton. Cool! :-) - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
they are probably open until 11! - Morgan
+1 Morgan... and they close at 6 to "get ready" for tonight's gig. - Anthony K. Valley ©
Heavy. Duty. HEAVYDUTY! - Morgan
Great idea for a shop front. - jjprojects
Bumping some old good posts. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
that's great! lol! - Be Cookie Industries
Paul Buchheit
Joe Hewitt - On Middle Men - http://joehewitt.com/post...
"We're at a critical juncture in the evolution of software. The web is still here and it is still strong. Anyone can still put any information or applications on a web server without asking for permission, and anyone in the world can still access it just by typing a URL. I don't think I appreciated how important that is until recently. Nobody designs new systems like that anymore, or at least few of them succeed. What an incredible stroke of luck the web was, and what a shame it would be to let that freedom slip away. I do not wish to fight any mobile device makers who want to create a software ecosystem and act as the gatekeepers for that ecosystem. What I do want to fight for is the viability of the mobile web. Developers are rushing to create native apps, meanwhile letting their mobile web apps atrophy (I have certainly been guilty of that myself). Web technology is still relatively weak, and improving slowly. At this pace, what will the mobile web look like in 10 years? Will we... more... - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
But will Facebook stop working on iPhone apps just because of this? No. Neither will Google. Unfortunately, the big companies that have the clout to do something will not stand up for developer's rights, as long as the consumer insists on buying the iPhone and other such locked down devices. - Piaw Na
In fairness to Google they are fighting for openness in the one conduit they control which is Android. Its asking a lot to expect them to completely boycott iPhone which would be their only other leverage with Apple. - Ed Millard
Well, then I should expect Facebook to support Android, as well as all the other companies that have the resources to do so. :-) - Piaw Na
Piaw, are you saying that facebook isn't supporting android? last i checked there was a facebook android app -- plus, this is just one guy's opinions, he does not speak for facebook (as far as i can tell) - Chris Heath
Piaw, I'd imagine that Apple's non-approval of several Google apps has prompted Google to devote more resources to making superb Android apps (and yes, apps for the Pre and Blackberry) than iPhone. Where it really hurts is apps that have a hardware component. I don't know many/any developers willing to make consumer apps for the iPhone that require a hardware component because the rist... more... - Kevin Fox
I imagine Facebook is putting their resources in the ports their user base is demanding. The number of users they have on iPhone demands attention, and shorting it for reasons that are somewhat political probably isn't wise. With the growing popularity of Android it will probably warrant increased resources. Kind of sounds like Joe would rather make the web app work better and that would be more platform agnostic though its pretty hard to do a really exceptional mobile experience through a browser. - Ed Millard
Is there a FB ad on Android? I switched from Android back to Blackberry earlier this year, but I definitely remember that there was no Android app before I switched. - Piaw Na
I guess he's got his heart in the right place, but I can't get too worked up about this issue, not coming from the console game work, where all the platforms are locked down and always have been. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
I've never seen a major-label game be blocked from publication on a major platform for ambiguous and arbitrary reasons. Imagine if Modern Warfare 2 requires a patch to fix a hack and Microsoft decided to disallow it because they've decided that they don't want warfare scenes that take place within the United States? That's a fairer comparison. - Kevin Fox
I have heard a few horror stories of games being rejected, or at least delayed, because the console manufacturer in question had its own strategic reasons for doing so (because they had a similar in-house game coming out, or because they thought there were too many similar games coming out at once). Not quite the same thing, but still a pretty dangerous situation if you're the developer. - Joel Webber
Console platforms have a limited life (try playing the PS games on the PS3). Phone OS, however, look like they'll be around for the long term. - Piaw Na
Joel, those reasons aren't ambiguous nor are they arbitrary. - Chris Heath
They may not be literally arbitrary, but they are still opaque to the developer, and not in the developer's best interest. Not precisely the same thing (and probably less common), but close enough to bear mentioning. - Joel Webber
Piaw, dude, you switched from Android to Blackberry? You are a man who loves outdated tools :) - j1m
The switch was entirely based on my need for international roaming data plans at $20/month flat fee (this is on top of the standard fee, but the only time I *really need* data is when I'm roaming!). If any other smart phone came with that feature, I'd switch. - Piaw Na
Joel, when an app is rejected at the time of a bugfix for reasons that existed in the released product for months, or when an app is rejected for an issue which exists in dozens of other apps that have been approved and a developer is shunned when bringing up this inconstant application of rules, then yes, I would call it arbitrary. - Kevin Fox
Sorry, Kevin, wasn't being clear -- I was just responding to the assertion that console approval processes weren't as arbitrary as Apple's. I agree.-- Aplle's is even worse, and that's saying something! - Joel Webber
Tim O'Reilly
@AuthorGregStone Anyone who calls Obama a Marxist does nothing but display his own ignorance.
Kevin Fox
Little-known fact: For a brief time I was the designer for GeoCities. I only reveal now in honor of their shutting down. Farewell.
So you were in charge of the little shovel man! - Spidra Webster
I have lots of fond memories of GeoCities. Thanks for helping making it happen! - Arlan K.
RT@MSim: Fwd: Loving http://www.xkcd.com/ 's redesign in honor of GeoCities' demise (via http://ff.im/ayfiF) - rowlikeagirl
Oh it had already happened by the time I got there. I helped them with a redesign of their Page Creator, Site Creator, and file management tools. The glory that is GeoCities design was entirely of its users' making. GeoCities was made of people. The original MySpace. - Kevin Fox
We were your competitors over at FreeServers. My Uncle founded Freeservers.com :-) - Jesse Stay
BTW, for some odd reason Freeservers is still up (owned by United Online, owners of NetZero, etc) - Jesse Stay
Kevin, whoa! - Micah
We used to talk about creating what would now be called a social network at Freeservers. Not sure what happened to that. I guess it's no surprise we didn't see anything considering they're owned by the owners of Classmates.com :-) - Jesse Stay
Of course the big thing back then was becoming the next "Portal" - Jesse Stay
Yeah. It was ironic that when I started at Google they were very wary of becoming the next 'Portal' where portal meant 'walled garden'. In actuality, a portal is a thing that you go through to get from where you are to where you're going, and in that context Google was already more of a portal than any of the other major players, but terms shift... - Kevin Fox
yeah, funny especially considering iGoogle, etc. - Jesse Stay
Well, that was way before iGoogle. But even then the idea of a dashboard was more appealing to Google than a walled garden of content. - Kevin Fox
Rock on, Kevin. Looking forward to your next big thing. twss. - Josh Haley
XKCD's View Source is classic. Sample: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="QBASIC">IF $BROWSER = "IE" THEN GOTO 50</SCRIPT> - Stephen Mack
lol - Josh Haley
You're forgiven. - Mike Hussein Cohen
Needs more blink tag. - David
Joshua Schnell
Anthony Farrior
Microsoft canceled silverlight????
Wha?? - iTad
Huh? I think they're canceling the streaming service, not the software itself. - Jennifer Dittrich
to be exact, MSFT is canceling the streaming service which will be replaced by a new coming service which will run on Windows Azure - Vincent RITHNER
double ohhhhh - Anthony Farrior
huh? - mikepk
The Olympic silverlight stream was successful...sorta. Maybe they know something we don't... - Anthony Farrior
I don't think has much to do with what was cancelled - Richard Lawler
Atul Arora
RT @louisgray: New Blog Post: Twitter Snags Platform Manager Josh Elman From Facebook http://blog.louisgray.com/2009... @joshelman tip @techmeme
Daniel Brusilovsky
louisgray.com: Twitter Snags Platform Manager Josh Elman From Facebook - http://blog.louisgray.com/2009...
Congrats, Josh! - Daniel Brusilovsky from Bookmarklet
New MacBook Pros on the verge of release? #apple - http://www.macgasm.net/2009...
New MacBook Pros on the verge of release? #apple
"Today, we get evidence that another MacBook Pro might be on the verge of release or has at least hit the testing phase.  Current Macbook Pros are sitting at Model 5_*, and we’re now seeing references to 6_* models in system files.  We could see some Core i7 based Macbook Pros a lot sooner than some suspect." - Shevonne from Bookmarklet
What are the odds these will feature Home, End, or Backspace keys? - LANjackal
Jeff Jarvis
RT @r: Apple fan-boys everywhere are writing: Dear Santa, Please give me one of whatever is adding 'abnormal shipping costs for the company'
wil wheaton
Just heard that my episode of The Big Bang Theory is airing NEXT WEEK (10/19) on CBS, not next month like I thought.
I can't wait! - holly #ravingfangirl
April Buchheit
Commentary: The sunflower boy's smile - CNN.com - http://www.cnn.com/2009...
Commentary: The sunflower boy's smile - CNN.com
"On the morning of last year's annual Sunflower Fair in La Porte, Indiana, a family, appearing a little lost, walked up and down a crowded street, looking in vain for the table to sign up their entry. They carried a large sunflower with them. If no one noticed the exhausted, grieving look in the family's eyes, that was understandable. The Sunflower Fair is a place of happy noise: rides and music and food booths. It is La Porte's fall festival, and people from across northwest Indiana come to spend a Saturday in the midst of the milling, chattering crowds. The family silently bearing the large sunflower had never been to the fair before. But this was important." - April Buchheit from Bookmarklet
What a beautiful story. - Charley M
I cried. - Mike Hussein Cohen
It is really sad when people die of simple infections these days. My best friend's mom died of pneumonia when she was only about 48. It was almost as sudden as this case. - Robert Felty
I saw this on reddit, and yes, I cried. It hit me when they called his name as the winner. - Carlton Prest
Robert, it is sad. Especially sad that we can't use phage therapy in those extreme cases. - Daniel Dulitz
Mac 101: Create a wireless network between Mac and iPhone (interesting) - http://www.tuaw.com/2009...
Mac 101: Create a wireless network between Mac and iPhone (interesting)
I do this at home because my office is too far away from the AP in the living room :) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Judson Collier
@jeremycowart I feel like it's almost superflous when we can upload to facebook/YouTube. But nice that it's immediate response.
Robert Scoble
avinashkaushik: RT @brettc WOW, seen the Windows 7 "informal launch party" video? So amazingly bad, you have to see it to believe it http://bit.ly/Uycb4 - http://twitter.com/avinash...
it's a sophisticated viral that takes advantage of MS's already lame reputation to create something so excruciating that you just have to tell others about it. File under Singstar. - Tim Ostler from BuddyFeed
For all of Microsoft's money, you'd think they could get cameramen, directors, and actors who can tell which camera is the proper one to look at. - Andy Bakun
even though the video is bad it makes the unnecessary censorship version so much funnier. http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Shawn McCollum
Robert Scoble
Welcome Ryan!
Congrats Robert... best wishes to all - Rhys Amos
Congrats. Now the fun begins!!! - Mike Shields
Awesome! - dstamand
Congratulations! - Stephan Planken
Congratulations! Welcome, Ryan! - Lance M. Brown
Awesome - RetiredTeacherD
Yay! Congratulations! - Jesse Stay
YAYAYAYAYAY! Congrats to you and Maryam!@#!@#! - drew olanoff
congrats Robert and Maryam, Welcome Ryan. - rick
Welcome to the world. - Dave Mora
Congratulations!!! - Mike Doeff
Born 11:32. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Yay! Congratulations to you and your wife! Now off to buy RSS and iPhone - Lise
Congrats!!!!! - Mark Evans
Congratulations! - Kenneth
I hope you're well rested, Robert ... ;-) - Hieronymus Murphy
Congrats Robert! - Charlie Anzman
Congratulations! - Antoniu
Congratulations! - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Congrats to you all - JanLawrence
Congrats Robert and welcome RSS! - Robb Brock
Congratulations! Happy Birthday Ryan! Lots of love to the whole family. - Jodi Church
SUBSCRIBED! - drew olanoff
Hello World! - CannonGod
Congratulations!! Welcome to the world Ryan!! :) - Laura Zickus
<rss> awesome! </rss> - sean percival
welcome to the new world little one! all hail our pink squirming screaming overlord! - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
20.5 inches long. 7 lbs. 13 oz. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
nice alpha version. welcome RSS ! - Kaïs Miled
congrats!! welcome rss! - Barbara R. S.
Congratulations :) - امیرعباس
RSS is finally here! Congrats Robert & Maryam - Dennis Jernberg
Congrats Robert... best wishes to all - joupy
Congratulations! - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Blessings, and the best Robert! - Nakeva Corothers
Cute! - Charlie Anzman
مبارک باشه Congratulations - هامد
Congrats!!! - Jim Williams
Grats! - Denverken
مبارکه رفیق رابرت . خدا حفظش کنه - جـوان ایرانی
If Dave Winer comes on here and claims to have invented RSS I will smack him. - drew olanoff
Congratulations and all the best. - Bryce Roney
Welcome Ryan!!! - Phil
Welcome Ryan :) - giuseppe c. | markgreene
Awesome. Congratulations! - John McCrea
Congratulations! - anna sauce
Congratulations :) Welcome Ryan :) - Mohamed Marwen Meddah
Congrats, Imagine where RSS and the web will be when he turns 30! - James Watters
Congratulations to you both. - Don McAllister
congrats Robert and Maryam :))))) - Conformist
congrats to the family!! - erik yuzwa
Welcome to RSS in Pubsubhub mode :) - Ouriel Ohayon
Congrats to you all!! We had our second child, a boy, on Tuesday. Enjoy!! - Alex Cordiner from iPhone
Yay! Congrats to you, but mostly congrats to your wife for doing all of the hard work. ;-) xo - Jennifer Leggio
Mazel Tov! - Robb Vaules
Congrats Robert....wishing all the best to your family.... - Carlos
Congratulations! Wow! Seems like we were there just the other day! Looking forward to your late-night feeds and tweets and blog posts! - Louis Gray
You rock! Congrats. Thanks for sharing. How's mum doing? - Steve Lacey from iPhone
Congrats Robert - It is a fine family.... - Simarprit Singh
"beautiful new baby" by Robert Scoble, photojournalist. I stepped away for coffee and bang! RSS - Brian Hendrickson
nice! - Josh Haley from iPhone
Thank you so much for sharing - Sherrie Belken
:) congrats - Shandiz
Born on Talk like a Pirate Day, too! Yarrrr! - Josh Haley from iPhone
congrads ms & mr scoble, :) - chaz2b
congrats!! ^_^ - Christine Lu
Steve: mum is sleeping but got to hold Ryan. Instant love! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Welcome, Guest dear to our world / Now the world is on your own - Conformist
that feels good - Brian Hendrickson
Congratulations! - Parth Awasthi
Congratulations. Hope Maryam iis doing well - Rachel Clarke
Congratulations! Wish him all the best! - philos
Welcome Baby Ryan!!! My baby Ryan (17 years!) and I are honored to welcome another superstar to our planet! Love, hugs, and lots of kisses to Baby Ryan, Mommy Maryam, Dad Robert and big brothers Milan & Patrick and of course Grandma!!! My guess on Ryan's arrival (predication) was only 23 hours off. I thought he would arrive on Friday, Sept. 18th at 11:45 pm. Love to all, Kelly & Ryan Kim - Kelly S. Kim
Congrats, Robert and Maryam. - Derrick
Congratulations Robert, and well done Maryam! You are truly blessed :) - Nicola Quinn
So happy for you Robert and Maryam. Yeay...another FF baby! - Mark Krynsky
Congratulations! - Surachart Opun
What a moment, eh? I remember when my daughter came into this world, it was so exciting there were no words for it. Congrats on your wonderful baby boy! - Michael J. Carrasquillo
Congratulations - testbeta
Congratulations! Welcome to the world, Ryan. :-) - Yvette Ferry
Congratulations Robert and Maryam! And welcome Ryan. If I was having a baby today, I'd begin a blog for him/her straight away as an online diary they could look back on when grown up. - Technogran
he's so cute... - Sinem Vural
Robert, Congratulations to you and Maryamie! - Mike Fruchter
Wow, congrats to all of you! - Paul Salzman
Congratulations to you both! - Forrest W. Kobayashi
Great news guys! All the best! - Chris Nixon
الهــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــی چقده ناز نازیه.اینو فارسی نوشتم مریم جان بخونن ....راستی به باباش که نرفته:)) خوشگلتره:)) پس به شما رفته - joupy
congratulations!! - Jeroen De Miranda
Congratulations to you and your wife Robert! - Randy
Congrats Robert! - Terry Jones
congratz and welcome RSS! - Jon Winters
Congrats Maryam :-) - Terry Jones
Felicitations and humble prayers for your new son. - Victor Panlilio
congrats and best wishes! - Mike Chelen
Congratulations Robert! Welcome Ryan! - Jeff P. Henderson
Congrats!! - Tan Kaiquan
congrats and best wishes to all. :) - Naor Mark
I was a c-section six week preemie in an era when that was seriously life-threatening, they didn't know if I would make for the first week. It always gets me a see a c-section / preemie come howling into the world. Welcome, little guy! - Bob Morris (polizeros) from iPhone
Beautiful baby! Congratulations daddy man :) - Gary
:) Congrats Robert... best wishes to your family! Get her name in twitter and ff! - Business Blogger 【ツ】™
Congratulations to you and Maryam! - Elwin Witzke
AmazinG!! congratulations :) - Nakul
Ryan, good to see you. - Burçak Çubukçu
تولدش مبارک ^_^ Congratulations! - ‎‎Emad
Warm wishes and congratulations. Love that you posted him crying. - Irene Koehler
Congratulation to all of you! All the best for baby ryan!!! - Arne Krueger
woooow like :) - کلـیـشه
Congrats M. & R. - GM
Congrats Robert and Maryam, Welcome to geekdom Ryan! - Andrew Wardlaw
Contrats!!! I'm so excited!! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Congrats.That pic brings back memories of my own baby's birth only ten months ago. C-section baby boys rock! - Georgiana Comsa
Mazel Tov to you and Maryam. - Michael Markman
Congrats... a few more Scobles make the world a better place ;-) - Aad 't Hart
Congrats... and Welcome Ryan. Good to have you among us. - Sativa
Congratulations! I - Michael Fidler
Wonderful news. Congrats. - Keri
Congrats Robert, and the best to you, Maryam, and of course Ryan! - Chris Charabaruk
Congratulations Congratulations !! - Farzad
Congrats - Sandeep Swaminathan
looking to to the same in 3 weeks - ROBIN SMITH
Congrats on the blessed event! :D - Joel Lovato
Congrats Robert and Maryam. Welcome Ryan !!!!!!!!! - Nir Ben Yona
Congratulations, Robert! - Mark Trapp
Congratulations to Robert and Maryam. - George Hall (Australia)
Right ON! I am so happy for you. I have 4 kids of my own and they are my greatest joys. Take care and I hope all goes so smooth for him and mom. - Robert Anderson
Daddy Scobleizer!!!!!!!!!! First things first....when will he be signed up for Twitter and FF? - krystyl
Congrats!!! - eric susch
welcome Ryan, it's a beautiful world - Michele Costabile
Congrats!! - Olivia Lovag
Congrats to the Scoble family from South Africa! Welcome to the world @RSS - Shaun Trennery
Congrats, Robert! :-D - Kol Tregaskes
Congratulations Robert, and welcome Ryan! - ↂGiorgiँ Zarrelliↂ
Congratulations Robert and R.S.S.: "Hello World" Cheers! - Louis Trapani
warmest congratulations - Peter Holland
what a beautiful baby=)Congratulations=) - Candan Celik
Such a miracle and a blessing - Congratulations to you and Maryam and "big" brothers! - Marla Schulman
Congrats, Robert. Amazing pictures! - Jordi Soler
Congratulations to all of your family! Enjoy! - Ed Richardson
Congratulations ... enjoy! - Hitesh Parashar
Congratulations!!!! He's beautiful! Welcome little one! I'm proud to share a birthday with you! - Martha
Congratulations Robert and Maryam! Welcome to the world Ryan :-) - Rasmus Lauridsen
happy birthday BABY - ≤ M@RzI
Best congratulations!!!! :) - CantorJF
Congrat Robert. It is wonderful what this new media could do to share your joy! - Gianto Widianto
Congratulations! - Steve Garfield
به به . قدم نو رسیده مبارک مریم جان . خیلی نازه :) - RokhSaare
Congrats on the blessed event! Welcome to the world, Ryan - Jazz Baker
Congratulations! - Jim #teamFFrank
Congrats :) - Maryam Ardakani from FreshFeed
He was delivered by a Blue Man? - paul mooney
Congrats Robert. It's allways a special moment. I still have my child birth in my memory! - Rui
What a happy day! A healthy new Scoble and mom. - Dave Winer
آخي ، بچته ؟؟؟ مبارك باشه تو روز به اين عزيزي به دنيا اومده ، بت نميخوره بچه انقدري داشته باشي شيطون - lenin
My goodness, congratulations! - DGentry
Congrats! - Ivo Mortani
Congratulations!! and best wishes - Johni Fisher
congrats! - Il fu mass
Congratulations! I hope everyone's ok?! - Holger Eilhard
حاجي خانومت ايرانيه جدي ؟؟؟ پس خيلي مباركه ديگه - lenin
Congratulations, Scoble family! - scherbi: bottom dweller
wonderfull - Claudio - braciolanet from BuddyFeed
Congratulations to you and your family Robert! A very handsome baby boy! Cant wait to see more pictures! - TiffanyCarr
Congratulations, Robert. - motownmutt
congrats :) - £lham
مبارکه :) - خیزران
Congrats! - Roozbeh
Congrats to Robert and Maryam! - Bec Rowe @d0tski
WooHoo! My best to the whole family. I hope Maryam is getting some rest after all that hard work! - Robert Couture
Congrats to you and your fam, Robert :) - LANjackal
Ryan was born when the Berlin Marathon was finishing. Perhaps he'll be a long-distance runner. Congrats. - Carl Jacobsen
Congratulations to you and the wife, Robert! Job well done. I see he is gonna take after his Daddy! ;-0 ,hehe:-) - Duliece
One more congrats won't hurt, right? Thanks for sharing the pics. - Kevin Sablan
Congratulations :) - A35G
Congrats - Exciting & now the fun begins :-) - PXLated
Wishing you and yours the best on this wonderful day! Congratulations! - DJ Stevie Steve
Starting today. Sleep will be nothing more than a fond memory. :) Congrats. - Richard
Congrats! - Herb Hernandez from iPhone
Congrats! - Yusuf Ozan Taşdemir
Congrats Robert!! - Taehoon Kim
Congratulations! - Thomas Hawk
Congratulations to all! - malackey
fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - michele ficara 
Awe!! Congrats =) - Brodie Beta
Congratulazioni!! ^______^ - Andrea | amnesiak1978
congrats!! - clarita
Welcome Ryan! Congratulations Robert and family! - Tim Probst from iPhone
Congratulations!!! God bless.... - Bob DeMarco
Congrats! - Jason Williams from iPhone
Congratulations Robert, Maryam and Milan! All the best to the four of you. - Eiso Kant
Congratulations :-) - Jalada
Congrats! Enjoy. - Jim Peake
Congrats - Bee
Congratulations!! - Paolo Leonardi
Congratulations! - John (bird whisperer)
Congratulations. - Ashish
oooww wonderfulll :)) - Ucandepik
Well done, my son's name as well. - Robert Kenney
Congratulations - Caleb Scribner
Congrats - Manuel Mas
Congrats! Best wishes to you, Ryan and all your family! - Lenny Post
congrats ^_^ - Furkan Tunalı
Conga Rats! - Michael R. Bernstein
Wonderful! Enjoy! - Alan Morris
Absolutely wonderful. Welcome to the world Ryan! - Loren Heiny from iPhone
Congrats :) - Hasan Al Shehabi
Congratulations to both of you. - Roberto Bonini
Congratulations to everyone! He looks healthy! I am sure you must all be very happy! ;) - Altan Khendup
Congratulations! May your tribe ever increase in happiness, joy, and fulfilment. - trey pennington
Congrats! - Ben Parr
what would be ryan's reaction when he would read this post someday, so many folks who knew dad congratulating him! - testbeta
Congratulations! - Anne Bouey
hiya RSS! - Laura Norvig
Yah!! Congratulations. - Micah
Congratulations to the whole Scoble family! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Congratulations to the whole family! Enjoy these most precious times. - Marylene Delbourg-Delphis
best wishes to all - Hamza Şamlıoğlu @TEAkolik
congrats Robert and Maryam - Kevin Tunis
Congratulations, Robert! - Sabri Küstür from FreshFeed
Wonderful. Best wishes to Ryan... - Mitchell Tsai
Congratulations to the whole family :) - Chris Saad
Congratulations - Samaneh
Congratulations. First picture on twitter! - Cindy Makonin
I just came to make sure you were getting a proper congratulations - Sherrie Belken
congrats;) - Elham
Congratulations to the Scobles! - Carlton Prest
congratulations, Robert and Maryam. - Valeria Maltoni
congrats! - Daniel Brusilovsky
WOW - what a miracle - congrats! - Mark Harai
Congratulations Robert & Maryam! - Rodrigo Jaroszewski
Congrats from Italy, Ryan! - Federico Bolsoman from iPhone
Congratulations Robert and sorry for delay, Best wishes - erfan
He is crying: "I want an iPhone". Felicitations! - William Mougayar
May he be blessed throughout his life! God bless you, Robert and Maryam! - Melanie Reed
CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! - Greg Ness
congrats :) - erd
Congrats Robert & your family :) - Sampad Swain
what a beautiful little guy! congratulations! rock on! - B.L. Ochman
great day, congrats - imran
Wow congratulations to both you and Maryam you must be so proud :) - David Richardson from Android
Wow, Congratulations, Robert and Maryam!! Ryan looks beautiful.:-) - Cathryn Hrudicka
Congrats man. That's so awesome. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Happy Babbie Day! - Jack&Cleo
Congrats! I wish a long and healthy life. - Muammer Okumuş
Robert, you newest addition is too freaking adorable. I hope you and Maryam are doing well. Congratulations! Here's to a long, prosperous future! - Mike Nayyar
congrats to you and Maryam! And welcome, RSS! - Joshua Allen from fftogo
congrats!!! Welcome to Ryan - Dario Salvelli
Congratulations to you and Maryam! E benvenuto Ryan! - Marco Fabbri
Congrats! :) - Emmanuel Anumonwo
Congratulations! - mlazopoulou
Such auspicious times... Welcome, Ryan! - Red Label
O HAI, Ryan! Congratulations to Daddy and Mommy, too! - Ordinarybug Heather
قدم نو رسیده مبارک!congratulations - uɐſʃɐʌ uɐſ
Congrats Robert! Welcome Ryan! - Garin Kilpatrick
Awesome, Congratulations Robert and Maryam! And welcome to the world Ryan. - Mitch Baldwin
Happy parenting! Congrats! - Natalie
Groovy + one geek on the planet - Yann Ropars
Congrats!!! Robert - Steve Chou
To the proud Papa.....Congratulations!! - Bonnie Foster
Congratulations Team Scoble. Best of good wishes to all of you. - Morrie Johnston
Congrats Robert and family!!! Welcome Ryan :) - buvanesh
congrats Robert! - Joshua Guffey
Congratulations! RS - Sean Kelly
Congrats :D - Emre Misvaklı
Congratulations. he's so cute :) - Armando Grati
Beautiful! - Ryan Sholin
Congratulations - Kreg Steppe
Congratulations! - Gordon Saunders
Congratulations! - Hamid Reza
Congrats Robert....How amny more before you have your baseball team :-) - Alex Marrow
Seriously, Best whishes.............God Bless...... - Alex Marrow
Mazal Tov! - Raanan Avidor
All the best! Fun Times!!!! - Jim Turner
congrads now the fun starts, beautiful baby - Debra Moore
congrads ! - ★ Soner Gönül
Congrats and Best Wishes! - Tracy Benham
Looks like the baby's first trip to the dentist - Steve Borgman
Welcome, Ryan! Congrats, Robert! - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Robert Scoble
Real time Scoble baby news (I will post small stuff here, over next 24 hours as our new baby comes to keep from spamming Twitter):
We came in this morning for an aversion proceedure (turn the baby into position). They were expecting to induce if they could get him aimed the right way. Five minutes before they were supposed to do the procedure he turned the right way by himself. Then 20 minutes later he turned again. Drat. Anyway, now they are in the process of inducing and watching. Won't know for sure what's going on until later tonight. - - Robert Scoble
Right now we're just resting and waiting for the inducing agents to start their jobs. It's still possible that we might have to have a caesarian section, because little Ryan isn't in the right position. More probably later this evening, for now I get to geek out while Maryam takes a nap. - Robert Scoble
Sending lots of beams to Maryam (and you too!) I am out of the loop. I had no idea that the family was growing (and tell M, I'm going to be a grammy come March 1) - Nancy White
Fingers crossed for a natural delivery... unless Maryam would prefer a c-section ;) Good Luck. - travispuk
What a handsome name you've chosen ;) - Ryan Whitwam
Robert: I wish you and your wife the safest and best possible birth experience! Here's to a healthy baby boy and Mom!! Keeping you in my thoughts. Leslie - Leslie Carothers
Congrats, Robert. Can't wait to meet the newest Scoble :-) - Daniel Brusilovsky from iPhone
sending good thoughts for the easiest possible delivery, for both Ryan and Maryam - B.L. - B.L. Ochman
Best wishes, Robert. - Raju Vegesna
Are his initials really going to be R.S.S.? - Carlton Prest
Thinking good thoughts for your wife and the baby - Sherrie Belken
Carlton: yes. His name will be Ryan Soroush Scoble. Thanks everyone. - Robert Scoble
Wishing you both well, hoping it all goes to plan - Rachel Clarke
Fingers crossed for a smooth delivery and sending congratulations on your new son! - Jennifer Leggio
All the best, Scoble family! :) - Micah
bit of a pretentious name, named after one of the wisest Iranian thinkers of the last century. - David Lloyd
Good luck to you & yours :) - Blue_cat_online
Good luck to you both; hope all goes smoothly & swiftly. - Rachel Luxemburg
David: my other son, Patrick, was named for a saint and Milan was named for one of the best writers ever. So there. - Robert Scoble
Best wishes, Robert! - Mike Hussein Cohen
Good luck to Robert and Maryam. A big week ahead. - Louis Gray
Thanks Louis and Mike. - Robert Scoble
Robert!!!!! What great news; it will be early. Why did they induce if the due date was the 25th, or was I wrong? - Francine Hardaway
wishing you the best. we have a girl due in a few months :) - Stalyn☂
Francine: because hospitals like to schedule babies, is my guess (Sequoia is like a hotel). But he was breech and they wanted to get him into position, now that she's here they are doing the induction thing. - Robert Scoble
Good wishes to all. I've never met you and even I'm nervous. - Amyloo
Good luck with everything, Robert!!! Very exciting! I hope everything turns out perfect in the end!! - Lindsay
Best wishes Scobs! This must be a very exiting day! - Jadito
All the best, Robert. This is Realtime Scoble Scoop (RSS)! - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Good luck, Robert, Maryam, and Baby Scoble! - Michael R. Bernstein
So the doctor said that Ryan is one of the five most active babies she has seen in her practice which is why they didn't let us go home. Usually babies at this stage stay heads down. Ryan isn't. I think we have a wild one! :-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Congratulation and best wishes! - Heather Solos
5 is an odd number to recall. Good luck, best wishes. - Benjamin Taylor
Guarantee he gets a best friend named Adam. - Vezquex
Congratulations and good luck. - Luiz Fuzaro
So exciting! Congrats, and good luck Robert! Enjoy the geek out time - that's always one of my favorite parts of having a baby. :-) - Jesse Stay
Very happy for you! Best of luck and hope everyone stays happy and healthy! - Martha
Robert wishing you and your wife a speedy delivery. May you have a happy, healthy baby. - Paul Blasman from iPhone
conggrats! - Alrady
Congrats Scoble! Wishing you , the wife and baby the best of early life. - Nakeva Corothers
Best wishes for this exciting event! - Anne Bouey
Congrats and best wishes - Love the name - you must have made Dave Winer's year with that one! - Steve Lacey from iPhone
Ahh, so looks like I haven't missed anything Robert as its now morning here...hurrah! - Technogran
Congratulations Robert and Welcome Ryan! - Martha
Congratulations :) xx - Joe Dawson
Robert, we're thinking best thoughts for you, Maryam and R.S.S. (cool initials for the new baby!) Congratulations!!! - Cathryn Hrudicka
Robert Scoble
Hurry up and wait:
They have me waiting outside while they prepare to surgically deliver Ryan Soroush Scoble. His life should start within minutes. I wonder what he will be like? What technologies will he see in his lifetime? - Robert Scoble from email
still with my premature congrads, and the techs will be what we cant imagine, :o - chaz2b
sending well wishes.... - Denverken
Is this the first time you've disclosed his name? Best to mother and child. Good health to all! - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
I have a feeling it's gonna be a smooth ride for Ryan tonight - Brian Hendrickson
Ah! Wonderful times that pass so fast! Following from South Africa! Our thoughts are with you and your family! - Andre
best wishes to mom and Ryan - Amit Nangare
shouldn't be long now and he'll be there in your arms :-) - Jodi Church
Three boys. Cool. - Victor Panlilio
Was just sharing this amazing experience with my family. Best wishes to all of you from India! :) - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Best wishes to you and your family. - Henry
Best wishes... - esaarem
Robert - best wishes - imagine the world and technologies Ryan will see in his life, likely into the 22nd century! - Shannon Clark
Any second now... - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Maryam is sleeping through it. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Anticipation is making you wait ... - RetiredTeacherD
best wishes - Conformist
Best wishes to you, your wife and little baby Ryan! - Laura Zickus
Exciting - sending positive thoughts. - Mike Doeff
Congratulations and Sweet wishes ! - Honey
Brad Williamson
ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? Type the Contra code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, b, a) once you reach the destination of this link and see what happens... TOO COOL! (BONUS WARP ZONE!!! Go to http://buysellads.com and enter the same code. WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?) - http://www.southwest.com/flight...
ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? Type the Contra code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, b, a) once you reach the destination of this link and see what happens... TOO COOL!  (BONUS WARP ZONE!!! Go to http://buysellads.com and enter the same code. WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?)
Prepare to have your mind blown right outta your ass!!! BRAVO, SOUTHWEST AIRLINES!!! BRAVO!!! - Brad Williamson from Bookmarklet
HA! Apparently there are some other sites that do this as well. Check this out... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... - Brad Williamson
I'm just curious, how did you find out? - Nik
@Nik Someone on a shady message board posted the link and instructions. - Brad Williamson
Go here and do the same Contra code... http://aq.com/ It's muh favorite ;-) - Brad Williamson
Cute. - Valley
Awesome. - Rob H.
That is awesome! - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Now that's a fast flight - Dave Blankenship
"It's On!" - Brad Williamson
Thanks Brad. Very cool... - Mitchell Tsai
WIN - Josh Haley
Blah. I have to turn off Firefox's "start searching when text is typed" to see it. - MiniMage
Mark, just do it when you get there - MiniMage
WHAT!?!? Watch what happens on this site when you punch in the code... http://buysellads.com/ A hippo shits on the homepage. I kid you not. RANDOOOOOM!!! - Brad Williamson
@Brad LOL! - Valley
This is pretty cool. It's from that list I posted above:: http://www.blueworld.co.za/ - MiniMage
It's even better when you do it on the iPhone. - Josh Haley from iPhone
I still can't get over the http://buysellads.com warp zone. Really, who on Earth would program a hippo to shit all over their homepage!? I just don't get it! But I LOVE IT!!! - Brad Williamson
Thomas Hawk
This is my parents property on fire in Big Tujunga Canyon. - http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos...
This is my parents property on fire in Big Tujunga Canyon.
As of Saturday my parent's home was still there when my dad left. He stayed on the roof with a hose fighting it by himself. The firefighters helped him fight it for a while. They used a pump to pump water from the swimming pool to fight it but eventually the firefighters gave up. The neighbors house burned down. My dad was able to save our house, at least as of Sat. afternoon. It may be gone now. He was going to try and hike back in on Saturday night in order to bypass the roadblock by the Sherriff, but wasn't able to get back in there. - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
:( - Shey
Oh! I'm assuming they're ok if you had time to snap this pic. I'm sorry to hear that! :( - David Cook
So sorry to hear that, the place is gorgeous. :( - EricaJoy
not my pic. Associated Press pic from Yahoo news. My brother found it and sent it to me. - Thomas Hawk
:( - chaz2b
That's the neighbors house. My parents home is on the property burning in the background. - Thomas Hawk
Oh, well that still sucks! - David Cook
bummer - MikeAmundsen
:( So sorry to hear that, Thomas. - Jandy
I think the house may be ok. Well see. On Sat. night when I talked to my mom she said that he'd been able to save the house fighting the fire from the roof. But a storage/garage type structure on the property burned down and 3 cars were lost as of Sat afternoon. The whole thing could be gone now though. - Thomas Hawk
Oh, Thomas! Many prayers, warm thoughts (warm = the affectionate kind, not the fiery kind), and hugs to you and your family. I hope everyone is safe! - Ordinarybug Heather
My thoughts are with your parents. - vicster.
they are all safe. my mom was in ventura giving a seminar and my dad stayed until the fire burned through the property on the canyon. There were still hot spots though that could have flared up. He left on Sat. afternoon after saving the home and the fire burned through the property. I think he wanted to get to town as there's no phone/electricity up there to let everyone know he was... more... - Thomas Hawk
Oh, sh*t!! That's awful. Glad to hear your folks are OK, Thomas. - Andrew Terry
oh no... this fire season is so terrible. my thoughts to your parents, Thomas :( - Melissa
Good luck to your parents, TH. - Stephen Mack
Yikes. - Akiva
Sending good thoughts your parents way, Thomas. *hugs* - Molly Song ;)
I'm so sorry, Thomas. You and family are in prayers, I'm so glad to hear that you are all safe. Your father is a very brave man. Please let them know I am praying for them. - Melanie Reed
Wow. Keep us posted. - Louis Gray
please keep us posted - Joshua Smith from twhirl
i hope everything is alright - sam b-r
You have a cool dad Thomas. Instead of praying, I turned a fan on in the opposite direction of your parents' house. - Edward Zwart
:((((((((((((((( - AJ Batac
So scary. Best wishes to your folks. The worry must be unbearable. - Kathy Fitch
I've lived in Altadena/Pasadena for the bulk of my time in Los Angeles, nearly ten years. It's really scary to know that some of the homes that are being lost are undoubtedly friends or relatives of friends and people that I know. - Derrick
Hope everything turns out good for your parents, looks terrifying - Kim Landwehr
How scary and terrible! I'm glad that your parents are ok, though!! - Susan Dennis
I'm so glad everyone is ok. I'll keep your family in my prayers. - ChiliMac
I'm glad everyone is safe. Is this the worst fire season in recent years? - Bryan R. Adams
yeah. this is the worst fire since the fire that burned through there maybe in 1977 or so? I remember that one too. It was pretty bad. This one seems worse though. The other thing that's terrible are the floods that follow the fires the next winter. - Thomas Hawk
Scary things fires like these. Glad to hear your family's safe though - at the end of the day that's more important than the house. - John
Really scary. I saw a wildfire up close for the first time this weekend in Yosemite. It's not something I hope to be near again. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Amazing pic, but terrifying. Glad you are safe! - Gemma Leanne Goode
So sorry to hear this. Good to know that your parents are safe. - Anne Yeh
ohhhhhhh shit! that totally sucks :-( - Ralph Reijs
Thomas I am so sorry. I hope their house is ok. Gosh, I feel bad for you guys. - Jim Williams
I talked with my dad on the phone for the first time today. He seemed fine about it all. He said it was exciting actually. He was the only one there fighting the fire for a long time. He said it was really quiet except for sounds of the fire. He'd hear a tree fall and yell "timber." He was in pretty good spirits all things considered. He's pretty sure the house is saved and hopes that they might escort residents back in in the next few days sometimes in this part of Big Tujunga Canyon. - Thomas Hawk
I'm sorry to hear about this, but I'm glad everyone is okay! - Michael Fidler
It is a story all to familiar for us Australians and thankfully my family and I have never been caught up in it ourselves, but have come very close. Glad to hear that your folks are ok and in the least have a story to tell. Everything is replaceable except your life and these types of events bring people to that realisation faster than they would like unfortunately. - travispuk from iPhone
Hope they're OK.......ds - David Sanger
WHOA! I hated the CA wildfires ..that was something I'll never miss again... augh - Susan Beebe
he's a pretty crazy but resourceful old dude actually. the firefighters were there helping him for a while but they bailed on the property figuring they couldn't save it and he stayed and fought it off himself. - Thomas Hawk
Can't think of anything more scary than having to run from your house as it's being surrounded by fire. Very glad everyone is safe though....that's what is important. - Bonnie Foster
So tough. Hope the house made it - but mostly glad everyone is safe. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
damnit man :( - Mattb4rd
So glad to hear your folks are safe, TH. Wow. Praying for the firefighters and rest of the people caught in this horrible fire season. :-| - Lisa L. Seifert
OMG! that's really dreadful! glad to know your folks are safe. and stunned that the fire looks so beautiful in this image! - B.L. Ochman
so sory :((( - mamisinga
I'm sorry :( - Bee
Yeah WOW. So brave for your dad to fight the fire all by himself. I'm glad to hear he's ok.. I feel a little sorry about their house, it's beautiful :( - Franc, a rememberer
So sorry they have to go through this. Thank you for sharing the story, Thomas. - Micah
I was listening to a story on the radio about how quickly you can be engulfed by a forest fire, specially when certain types of trees literally explode raining burning chunks around, honestly, it sounds very risky to stay behind and fight these yourself. - Ray Cromwell
Thomas, I hope your parents house makes it though the fire OK. I'm glad to hear that your parents are OK, regardless of what happens to the house. - Jeff P. Henderson
I feel for you Thomas because I've been there just over 6months ago. All I can say is (unfortunately) you're in for a shite of a year ~ http://www.flickr.com/photos... - Peter Renshaw
glad to hear your folks got out - terrible to see the devastation! - Kate
Truly saddened. Truly. - Jeff "RESPRES" Turner
glad to hear they're OK but gutted for you TH - Phill Price
Sorry to hear about your troubles Thomas, but I'm extremely glad your parents are safe and sound. Looks like you guys are having a really bad season - Mo Kargas
sorry you guys are having to go through this shit. And I'm seriously impressed by your dad! major balls. - vijay
Hope everyone is ok. - Comics Forge
Sheesh* Scary Poop Batman - hopefully Everybody is OK* I saw that on the Front Page o the Paper this morning + U never think it's somebody U know* - Billy Warhol
Wow! How is everyone? - Mitchell Tsai
I didn't want to click on the Like link because it's almost like saying I enjoy watching Thomas Hawk's parents house burn down. Hope everyone is safe ;-) - James Robertson
I am sorry to see the fire was such a danger to you and your family. I sincerely hope your Dad didn't manage to sneak back in - he just endangers himself and the fire fighters.. It is better to have your Dad around than a house. - Bill Rawlinson
I'm really sorry to see and hear that......... - Kevin Montgomery
That is so scary, but the biggest thing is that you know where your parents are, and they're safe. - mark zero (Jason)
My parents went back into their property yesterday afternoon. They were letting some residents back into Big Tujunga Canyon. The house survived but there's a lot of work still to do. The pipes from the water pump to the spring burned up and so my dad's trying to repair those to get water back to the property. Electricity is still out and probably will be for at least a few weeks. He's... more... - Thomas Hawk
It's going to be hard for the whole community now Thomas - it is the same in Greece where there were really devastating fires close to Athens these past few days. At least your parents are safe - all the best. - Sofia @ SoMaFusion
Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Word on the street is: Google Reader is where it's at! Forget that Streamy garbage! GReader is the closest thing to FF right now. Come join in, everyone! And someone remind me, where's the list of GR people? Kol?
It's not perfect yet, but it's getting there! - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
I'm going to sound really dumb here but...I don't get it. Don't get how GR can be another form of FF... - Just Mrs. V
i keep forgetting to use GR, FF is still here. - Mike Nencetti
Way to early to start the stampede over there. I have a feeling it'll start getting exponentially lot more like FF by the end of this year. I did enjoy them being separate. :( - Arawak
Kamilah, the thread is here: http://ff.im/6mh5s - Kol Tregaskes
Mark, are you sharing publicly? Can't seem to find you EDIT. nm, found you. just had to search for your regular name. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
It's working beautifully so far. - Vince DeGeorge
Do you define "garbage" as "not close to FF"? - Don Mosites
Yeah Google Reader will take over. Follow me here: http://l.clipotech.com/shared - Svartling
I just recently realized some new features of GR that make it pretty exciting. http://www.damondnollan.com/2009... If interested, you can follow me at http://www.google.com/reader... - Damond Nollan
Yes, sort of, Don. I'll admit, though, I didn't actually use Streamy. I watched the video, and I saw lots of people complaining about how buggy it is, so I was like, meh. No time for that. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
In Google Readers left column: Shared Items=Your friendfeed feed, People you follow=Home feed, Comment view is a new thing that's not excist on friendfeed, but it's the coolest thing: It's there it happens, there you see all the comments on shared items from those you follow. Google Reader=New Friendfeed. please come and join us. http://www.google.com/reader... - Svartling
@Kamilah got it. we weren't quite ready for the traffic, but we're cleaning it up for you. cheers :) - Don Mosites
Don, do you work for Streamy? :( I'm glad you didn't take offense. It's nothing personal. I apologize for my sort-of crude language. I'm sure Streamy works well for some things, but it doesn't seem much like FF. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
AMEN: Real debate might fix what ails health care http://www.suntimes.com/news...
Kevin Fox
When the cable guy says between 8am and 4pm he means 7pm. When the contractor says between 8am and 4pm he means 7am.
Cable guys are paid by the hour, contractors by the job, so.. Makes perfect sense ^_^ - Tsali - A dude man
Tim is right. :) I once had DSL scheduled to be installed in Berkeley. (in 99?) My roommate was on the john when they arrived. Needless to say, it didn't get installed. I moved. - Louis Gray
++tim - Rachel Lea Fox
I am STILL waiting for the UPS man *sigh* - Mona Nomura
Ben Hanten
I bought an Eye-Fi today. Have you ever heard of it? An SD card that turns any camera into a wireless device. You can automatically upload pictures and videos to all the major services, without using a computer. - http://www.eye.fi/
I bought an Eye-Fi today. Have you ever heard of it?  An SD card that turns any camera into a wireless device. You can automatically upload pictures and videos to all the major services, without using a computer.
I bought an Eye-Fi today. Have you ever heard of it?  An SD card that turns any camera into a wireless device. You can automatically upload pictures and videos to all the major services, without using a computer.
that's so awesome! - Rohit
Did you know that EyeFi and FriendFeed are located in the same building in Mountain View? Little known Silicon Valley trivia. - Robert Scoble
Gotta run...(off to best buy!) - Rohit
Wifi cameras were the rage a couple years ago, but I couldn't find any in town today. I did find some on Amazon, but then you have to interface with clumsy upload sites by Nikon, etc. This way you can work with services like Picassa, Facebook, Flickr, etc. - Ben Hanten
Eye-Fi is a cool idea but I don't think it'll be truly useful until there is one that uses HSDPA or CDMA. The coverage for Eye-Fi isn't good enough IMHO. - Kenton
yes, i have heard of it... sounds like you really like it... i don't have a digital camera, but it sure is a cool bit of tech - Chris Heath
I haven't had the chance to try it yet, unfortunately.... I ordered from Amazon. If it does half of what it says, it's awesome. - Ben Hanten
Of course a lot you don't need this because you have iPhone coverage where you are! Grrrrr..... South Dakota is at least a year and a half away - Ben Hanten
I love my Eye-Fi. There's even an iPhone app. - Herb Hernandez from iPhone
I think Rodfather and Mike Fabio were playing with these. - Derrick
Zachary, Eye-Fi sold in Canada: http://www.blackphoto.com/blacks... - Micah
I took the Eye-Fi out on its first trip. It works great; as soon as I hit a wifi Hotspot, I get a text message that uploads have started. If I have to leave, it resumes the upload when I get to the next wifi spot. And don't worry -- you don't have to do automatic uploads. - Ben Hanten
An interesting hack for Eye-Fi: http://friendfeed.com/camera-... - Micah
seen these, but thought it was just to send pictures to a wi-fi printer. going to have to check this out. - Harold from fftogo
Tim O'Reilly
New blog post: Google Wave: What might email look like if it were invented today http://radar.oreilly.com/2009... Being announced at Google I/O this am
only had a brief read,, sounds like friendfeed! - Jamie Vidamour
Sounds a LOT like FriendFeed. This appears to be a shot at the real-time social web (in relation to friends). However, I guess it's not as public which is one interesting difference. - Brandon Titus
Ok, maybe friendfeed with benefits - Jamie Vidamour
friendfeed w/ benefits...*snort* +1! - Ken Kennedy
The "outlook" model is a concept that we can all dive straight into. It may not look pretty at the moment but leaping too far into the unknown will put off a lot of people. - Jamie Vidamour
Would an OS look much different if the same "start from scratch" approach was taken? - Cam from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Now the question for late 2009-early 2010... does FriendFeed need to integrate (even integrate into) Wave? Immediate reflection is that this will be more for tight-knit correspondence, ala email -- more of a threat to Facebook's model than to Friendfeed's (where broadcasting and discussion among people barely acquainted are the modes). Tho plenty of room for all. - Christopher Galtenberg
The comparison to Groove, and the parallels to 'Practical Groupware' also occurred to me (BTW, thank you Tim for starting the process of getting a version of it up on Openbooks!). But what struck me most is that this reinvention of email and the erasure of the distinction between collaboration and conversation is essentially private. A large part of Jon's book was concerned with taking... more... - Michael R. Bernstein from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Gah. 'stuck me most'? 'Thanks you Tim'? I should wait until I've finished my coffee. Incidentally, I've corrected all these mistaks on the FriendFeed instance of the comment. If this was a wave, I suppose those edits would be reflected here. - Michael R. Bernstein from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Uh-oh. Looks like edits in FF *are* reflected here, but long comments then become truncated, and they lose the extra line-breaks. Hmm. - Michael R. Bernstein from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Reposting the second half of my comment here: Another set of problems occurs to me: We understand more-or-less the implications of having multiple email accounts, and our email clients have features to support this, but what does it mean to have multiple Wave accounts, especially on separate Wave servers? For that matter, when you leave Acme or Initech, can you take your waves with you... more... - Michael R. Bernstein from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Great article, just to mention that I really liked the text-to-speech feature, I'm a user that does read by text-to-speech, having it streamed, readily available was cool. The title is so what he said in the keynote. That represents Wave in all aspects. - Zu from AOD
The biggest problem it solves is that you no longer have to write "See comments inline" http://sachendra.wordpress.com/2009... - Sachendra from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Robert Scoble
Oh, oh, Teens in Tech was apparently hacked: http://netnewsdaily.com/2009... is this a way to get back at TechCrunch? (Teens in Tech's founder now works at TechCrunch).
Sounds like a script kiddy who made enemies with Daniel for some reason. - Jesse Stay
ouch Scoble what you saying :P directly linking a hack to TechCrunch, what next TechCrunch getting hacked now ;) - Keith Dsouza
Keith: nah, it just sounds like the same kind of thing that the hacker did to Twitter. - Robert Scoble
This is not Drew, I hacked his FriendFeed. Ok thats not true, it's me. - drew olanoff
This isn't at all what the hacker did to Twitter. He simply got auth to Wordpress, most likely a brute-force dictionary attack, very easy hack. He didn't get any other info from him - the kid who hacked in (and I say kid because it probably was) is inexperienced, I'm willing to bet. - Jesse Stay
That page doesn't even render right for me. Maybe it's an IE8 problem. Do you really think it was anti-TechCrunch? - RobinDotNet
I was just about to blame Drew's Cancer for this. - Jim Turner
Jim, is it *really* Drew's cancer though? - Jesse Stay
Okay bad joke, sorry Drew! I #blamedrewscancer for that. - Jesse Stay
I am so changing my password now. - Jim Turner
You could change your password to 'password'. Surely they wouldn't try that, because who would be that stupid now? (Only like 25% of system administrators I'd bet! ;-) ) - RobinDotNet
But I use 5's for the ss. Shhh don;t tell. - Jim Turner
Hey everyone - Daniel here. We just did a security audit, and no information, other then the screen shot posted. There is no way that the data could compromised in the future. We turned all registrations off until further notice as well. - Daniel Brusilovsky
My passwords are all in binary - Jesse Stay
script kiddies don't need a reason. - Eric - Final Countdown
jesse stay -- I love that. Great idea, but lots of 1's and 0's. Hex would be shorter. - RobinDotNet
Robin, I'm referring more to Unicode, so I guess not binary. It's all binary in the end. :-) - Jesse Stay
Jesse Stay -- still love the idea. I feel the urge to write a translation program coming on... - RobinDotNet
It must be revenge! Nope, sounds like a regular hacker. Nothing REALLY serious. - wiredgnome from iPod
This has nothing to do with TC and Twitter. It's a middle-school rivalry and very small scale indeed. - Louis Gray
Louis, there's nothing more evil than a middle school rivalry. Handling those with aplomb prepares one for all challenges that will come thereafter. (Middle school. Shudder.) - Kathy Fitch
Daniel has issued an official response: http://blog.teensintech.com/2009... - Louis Gray
I think Daniel's being too nice to NND - Jesse Stay
oh man, that sucks, sorry daniel! - sean percival
"accessory to the crime" comes to mind on this one... - Jesse Stay
isn't this a newsworthy story? **confused** - Allen Stern
NND are only in the interest of keeping the security of sensitive information up-tight and secure. That is why we published the story. - Nathan Adam
Allen, newsworthy stories are typically worthy of being properly researched and documented, and are not littered with "our anonymous source." If a source must be protected, at the very least there would be some discussion of why, and an attempt to explain the source's credibility. This was pretty mudslinging stuff, the tone of which was not at all dominated by concern for end-user... more... - Kathy Fitch
Kathy, we have spoken to Daniel Bru, and he has also written a blog post revealing the truth of this article. The Blog Herald and the Inquistr both picked up the story and sourced our article, we also have credible screenshots of the admin panel, how could we possibly have these screenshots, without the source. Please read some of the tweets made on the @danielbru and the @teensintech for more information on the security concern that we uncovered. - Nathan Adam
I watched the whole thing unfold last night, Nathan. I'm curious--when did being able to produce stolen goods ever count as making a source credible? I'll stand by my take on it: a fact isn't the same thing as a truth, and posting a fact gained by nefarious means isn't inherently ethical. - Kathy Fitch
Nefarious means? This was not gained by criminal means, we were sent this by a source. Stolen goods? This is exposing a very big security leak of Teens in Tech, Net News Daily is trying to uphold the security of Teens in Tech members, we have spoken with Daniel and he agrees with our stance that we are trying to uphold the security of his members. - Nathan Adam
Someone hacked into it, Nathan. Who? That isn't newsworthy? - Kathy Fitch
Yes, but your comment makes it out that we criminally obtained this information. Net News Daily did not obtain the information criminally, the way the hacker obtained the information was unethical, but highlighted how easy it was to access a site that is used by many people of the younger generation. That is what I am stuck at. - Nathan Adam
I read the initial NND post, Nathan. A big part of the story was that the site apparently claims more visitors than the theft indicates is warranted. What's with that? How you came into possession of the stolen evidence of a hole in the security interests me. Is that story in the offing? - Kathy Fitch
Sorry, Paul, I don't agree. Of course, the theft is newsworthy, but the path the evidence took to the outlet is, as well. That matters. - Kathy Fitch
Yes, we got information that he had said in an interview on YouTube that he was number juggling, this was something that we were asked to highlight in our article, and was exposed in screenshots that we were given showed this. We just added this to our article after watching the video and seeing the lying. We do not know if the person who got into the site has something against Daniel because we really don't know. We have just been given this information. - Nathan Adam
Guess we'll have to call this one a permanent disagreement. Whatever the motivations of the hacker/thief, those screenshots were obtained unlawfully. To me, that's not, "oh, well, that's life, and we got a helluva story out it" type deal. That Daniel has responded with such aplomb, under the circumstances, does not alter my gut take on it. - Kathy Fitch
Ok, Kathy you are entitled to your own opinion and we have to accept everyone's take on the situation. I hope this one story doesn't give you a casting decision over our careers, as we are are still very young and learn a lot every day. We only know that we published the details of someone getting into an admin panel. The source was adamant that he wanted the post published on our site. We unfortunately cannot do anything about the access by the hacker, as we cannot go back in time.. - Nathan Adam
At least I can say that the good thing that comes from this is that the security leak has been patched, and we can move on from this and make sure that the internet environment is safer in the future. - Nathan Adam
If a bank robber circulates evidence of his crime, and I come into possession of that evidence, I'm interested in tracking down the robber, and getting him caught. Part of the story will surely be that clients of the bank should exercise due caution, and that the bank will need to tighten security, but a huge part of the story is that there's a robber on the loose, who endangers us all. I'd do whatever I could to get him caught. Do you plan to turn your focus to identifying the hacker, now? I'd admire that. - Kathy Fitch
This has happened before and as you have seen by Paul's input, TechCrunch recently released the Twitter documents, by an anonymous source, and I don't see your opinion stretching to this topic. Just because we are younger doesn't mean that you need to target us rather than the big fishes. Sources have a legal right to be kept anonymous. - Nathan Adam
Why invoke age? In life so far, I've noticed no correlation at all between age and ethical development. But I take it that's a "no" on nailing the hacker. - Kathy Fitch
We published the Teens in Tech article in the interest of making sure that the Teens in Tech is as secure as possible. If it wasn't primarily about that we would have thought twice about publishing it. However, we did believe that this in the long run would help, even if you do not agree with the ethics behind our way of making the internet more secure. - Nathan Adam
Guys, I do hear you--I simply have a different take on it. "Who would do that, and will he/she be nabbed?" interests me as a consumer of your story. Paul, I can see you're ticked (I think it's quite impossible simultaneously to welcome feedback and to designate it as bitching), so I'll leave it at that for now. I'm not a devotee of TechCrunch, so "hey, *they* do this too" is immaterial... more... - Kathy Fitch
As I said before Kathy you are entitled to your take on the story, and I do respect that. Paul has reflected his take too! Haha. Hope this doesn't create an overcasting impression on Net News Daily, for the future. Bye. - Nathan Adam
No worries there, Nathan. The story did the job of getting you on lots of radar screens, I think, so there's that. - Kathy Fitch
Haha, thank you again for your take, it has certainly been interesting! In some ways, on the negative radar screens, unfortunately. However, hopefully the reason for publishing has been and will be implemented. - Nathan Adam
Apparently the Patriot Act has been extended to cover corporate ethics...? And can be executed by anyone with a news blog? Give me a break. - Jason Hargrove
Incredible. I left a commentary on the original post a bit earlier. (I'll post it here for the record). In response, the original post was edited, with various information removed. A note was left stating that this action was in response to posted comments. I then left a third comment about how the original post should not have been edited, but perhaps updated. Minutes later, the entire post was removed. - Jason Hargrove
/////// For The Record /////// The following comments were addressed to Nathan Adam, Scott Campbell and Paul McEnhill at netnewsdaily.com. After comments 1 and 2 were posted, the information mentioned in my comments was removed and the original post edited. After comment 3 was posted, the entire post was removed. So much for transparency and accountability in "journalist" blogging.... more... - Jason Hargrove
Hi Jason, I have spoken with Daniel and I have taken the article down for re-creation. I am happy to speak with you on the matter over e-mail. - Nathan Adam
Hi Nathan, I'm glad that you are working to resolve it. As you see from the many comments above (and via Twitter Search), you've left a trail of damage across the internet. It's only fair that the entire trail be recorded. I have nothing left to say. It's not my beef. I hope you and Daniel are able to resolve your issue, and wish you luck. More than anything, I hope that this event results in a higher standard of integrity from tech bloggers. I don't like the precedent that has been set this week. Peace. - Jason Hargrove
Thak you Jason, there is a story behind the story, which is quite depressing upon me. However, I am glad that I have been able to resolve things with Daniel on behalf of Net News Daily and myself. Thanks again, bye. - Nathan Adam
Nathan--that is one smart rewrite. I'm impressed. - Kathy Fitch
Google Wave: 'Like Real-Time E-Mail. On Crack.' | BNET Technology Blog | BNET - http://industry.bnet.com/technol...
Google Wave: 'Like Real-Time E-Mail. On Crack.' | BNET Technology Blog | BNET
"Developers are finally getting their hands on the developer preview of Google’s Wave, which means we can finally get some first-hand accounts of what it’s really like to use, unfiltered by Google’s own programmers. Wave, demonstrated by Google at its I/O developer conference in May of this year, allows customers to create a customizable communications and collaboration tool without any software other than an Internet browser. As such, Wave poses a significant threat to the business models of Microsoft and other applications vendors. Ben Rometsch, a developer with U.K. Web development firm Solid State, blogged that, it’s “probably the most advanced ‘application in a browser’ that I’ve seen.”" - arnaldostream from Bookmarklet
Great article. I was on the fence with Google Wave, but after reading this, it's starting to look more interesting. I originally thought of it was a 21st century AOL client (being so boxed in), but it's clearly more than that. I'm eagerly awaiting my beta copy. - Marc Ferguson
Yeah, cannot wait. - arnaldostream
Arnaldo you are right. It's be something new and fresh. At least for me. :) I can't wait to see how it's work. - Damir Zubović
I guess I'm anxious because I want to check how far they've went with GWT. Besides all the supposedly cool stuff. - arnaldostream
Twitter has already forced many of us to reallocate our time, I'm sure Wave will do the same as well. But there are only 24 hours in a day, so something has to give! - Jeremy Campbell from twhirl
If Microsoft made a toaster... - http://www.engadget.com/2009...
If Microsoft made a toaster...
And if you tried to share your toast with others, they'd sue you for piracy! ;-) - Carlton Hackett
where are the ctrl+alt+del buttons? - Patrick
Before you can use it, you have to plug in the ethernet port and authenticate it. - Josh Haley
The only toaster that comes with an EULA? - Mel Buckpitt
Typical Microsoft... It's burnt :P - Johnny from iPhone
I'm thinking the entire lot would go up in smoke - Mo Kargas
If you can find one of these toasters for under $700 they'll pay for it! :P - Carlton Hackett
Oh now that is cute! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
wil wheaton
Anne: GROSS! Me: What? Anne: The cat puked, and Ferris ate it. Me: Um. Anne: Your dog is a cat-barf Zamboni. Me: I have to Twitter that.
Beats having to clean it up. - Chris Olin from fftogo
I'm waiting for the day that Wil's pets get their own book deal :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Re: Your cat-barf zamboni: Nature: Recycling for over 4 billion years. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
She's really going to freak when she finds out dogs like litter box treats.... - FFing Enigma
I hope Ferris is an animal and not a person. - Rochelle
Robert Scoble
Taken from the top of Fort Point underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Hope you are having fun too. - Robert Scoble
Damn, you lucky, lucky bastard. - Mark
Damn, I wish I lived in SF. I loved my vacation in SF (and California) earlier this month, first time in the US ... wish I could have stayed for years!! - Klaus @ TechPatio
sure is a lovely day here in the bay. i was supposed to work this weekend but have put it off thus far. - Donovan Watts
Terribly sorry to hijack the thread chaps and ladies, but is this genuine? http://www.1938media.com/forum... Chris Pirillo is getting divorced?!? - Mark
Looking forward to come to the Bay in a month :-) - Thomas R. Stegelmann
Holy crap Chris Pirillo is divorcing Ponzi:( they are both so lovely http://chris.pirillo.com/persona... - Mark
Mark: yup. Sad. - Robert Scoble
I guess that audio file explains it all. She got sick of him being online all day every day and not spending enough time on her. Hope Gnomedex carries on, one of my favourite confs. - Mark
I am terrified now. Do I have to marry a geek girl to decrease the chances of it all going to hell? Argghh! - Mark
Looks gorgeous in SF. It's gorgeous out here in the East Bay, except it's 30 degrees F warmer (100 on my back porch, 70 in SF according to TWC). - RobinDotNet
Mark: Gnomedex will indeed carry on. Living with geeks is not easy. - Robert Scoble
Chris: it is amazing to me that many SF residents never have gone to Fort Point. It is one of the best free things to visit in the world. - Robert Scoble
Robert, have you been to the other side, the Marin headlands, and the battlements? You can almost trouch the bridge. I take all visitors there. - RobinDotNet
Robin: yes, many times. - Robert Scoble
You're hanging out at Ft. Point using your iPhone? Does your family mock you? (Most of my friends aren't tech-y, and they just don't understand.) - RobinDotNet
@Mark, did you listen to the audio all the way through? It's a joke. - Jeff P. Henderson
Then why did Chris announce on his website the day the audio was posted he was getting divorced? - Mark
Wow...Beautiful! I miss living in No Cal!!! - Brandi Madrid
Jeff, that audio track was from April, 2008. - Laura Norvig
San Francisco is one of our most favorite vacation spots. Been to the Fort Point location many times. Great pics! - Bonnie Foster
Seems like yesterday I was there. Well no two weeks ago and few thousand miles back now. The weather looks great and I love that view back to the city! - Andrew
Robin: my family all has iPhones too. Problem solved! :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert, that's absolutely brilliant. - RobinDotNet
Fort point is nice but where I was better :) I will post pictures in a second. Its a little beach on the coast I know. http://ourdoings.com/lukekil... great day in SF and the coast today. - Luke Kilpatrick
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