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this bike is everything:
oh man what a perfect day out there today.
pro tip: don't shower after your race to get a 2 for 1 deal out of your embrocation.
oh man the post family party food coma is oh so real.
for the record, I was a lot better at bike racing when I drank beer and ate Nutella.
yup, race legs still a few weeks off. hope my tail gun legs show up for this 123 race.
actually racing with teammates today. like four of them. wutttttt so sik.
I don't often get amped while listening to shitty pop music. But when I do it's usually in my car, alone, driving to a bike race.
NINIGRET. get amped, kids. get fucking amped.
actually slept last night. interesting concept.
Easter - proving that Americans can make any holiday about food.
low key wish i was riding rasputitsa. going to have to get a cross bike setup for dirty 40. maybe i'll even do d2r2…
long drive home, so many snax. all the snax.
shout out to the guy going 40 in the fast lane who has aero bars on his mtb
nothing fucks with my mental state quite like a malfunctioning scale.
first ride with the new training partner today.
big shout out to my piece of fucking shit roommates for having literally every piece of dishwater we own, dirty, in their bedroom.
.@mike868y ha ha…"poor technique" unintended pun.
day 1 with the kalita: my poor technique sucks, but i'm a pour over convert. sorry french press, i still love you!
well this certainly has me excited for tomorrow morning.
RT @ThBaltimoreChop: Still can't get a Cronut in Baltimore. Just Sayin'.
renaming Monday "starve-it-out-day." gotta offset yesterday's transgressions.
nothing cures a bike racing hangover like a 13 hour shift. #werk
RT @tweakn101: Glad I raced today made me happy itd been a rough couple days.. today was amazing racing your bike fills voids.. makes me somewhat managble
I hit "too full" like 1500 calories ago. RIP my stomach.
foiled myself again by buying trail mix. no friggin self control...NONE
nothing says "racing into shape" quite like 4 crits in one weekend. hell yeah, bike racing.
really thought I was getting too skinny then I came to a bike race and realized I still need to drop 10lbs.
two races today and a race tomorrow means two dinners. korean bbq here i fucking come.
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