chugging cheap coffee and taking notes like I'm in college again. love it.
Well that doesn't happen often RT @heyob1: Oops. You are correct! Damnit.
It's taking all the restraint I've got not to buy the needles rebuild jacket from @gentrynyc
skipped my ride this morning. 5 days off the bike this week because of a work conference. whatever, it's november.
why do people struggle so fucking much with the whole "miss your call up, start at the back" thing? you are not a special fucking flower.
pro tip: complaining about the "cold" doesn't make it warmer.
just afternoon snacked so hard. telling myself it's #watts for tomorrow.
With the way my legs felt this morning it'll be a damn miracle if I don't get lapped at Plymouth tomorrow.
RT @ThBaltimoreChop: Idea for 2016. Stickers that say 'I gloated.' 🇺🇸 @posttypography
RT @matthewlcooke: RT if you think @iamspecialized should support womens cycling more than Levi Leipheimer.
I hope I never get serious enough about cross that I have to start running to train.
.@heyob1 for me # of kudos is far more correlated to the title than the actual ride. shows how shallow you assholes are.
had to wear arm warmers this morning so of course I immediately ordered tons of #wool accessories after my ride.
i was pumped about this ti cross bike, then i watching "thereabouts" now I'm REALLY FUCKING PUMPED for this ti cross bike.
I post a strava ride with a self loathing title and get a bunch of kudos. Post a ride with a positive title and get 0. Alright, fuckers.
so 80 miles and three 8% IPAs the day before wells was apparently a bad idea.
anyone riding from camberville to wells tomorrow?
didn't buy a cross bike from @taticycles but I'm going to rock orange bar tape so that's gotta count for something.
saw a group of grinta guys out training together today. made me really wish i had a team up here. riding alone is great until it's not.
may or may not have just bought a ti cross frame on ebay. time to stop shaving my face.
.@jarednieters is the only reason i stay subscribed to the mabra listserv
and the cross bike saga continues. it should not be this hard to buy a fucking bike.
flat tire. spare tube valve stem broke. pump isn't working. happy Friday morning to you too, world.
well this...this is unfortunate.
stomach has been in shambles since the middle of last night. might be dying of Ebola.
new shoes for cross arrived in the mail yesterday. still don't have a bike.
"When do you need this by?" "Well I told everyone it was already done..."
lol someone flagged one of my rides on strava.
do not let robin williams die in vain, use his death as a lesson and a reminder than anybody can suffer f …
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