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"you doing the pan mass challenge" "no." "oh, you're not that into biking?" "ummmmmm"
anyone from boston driving to #irr Saturday morning? can't go Friday not and not sure I wanna do the drive alone.
my "commute" is pretty rad.
I feel like every tour for the pat 3 years has been Jens' last one. If it weren't for his one liners he'd just be the German Chris Horner
I bet the somervelo battle road ride was a lot dryer than mine.
because road bikes are cross bikes, right?
are there any tarantino movies that don't have the same plot as all the others?
am i just autistic or is meeting people in the "real world" really stressful?
hey friends. I've got a brand new 49cm specialized Tarmac sl4 frameset (frame, fork, seat post) for…
on to my to do list for this busy saturday: finish dharma bums, read a bunch of Thoreau, buy kale at the farmers market.
hey guys, buy my bike!
"Keep calm and save market basket" "stay market basket strong" fucking hell.
the best part about buying alcohol to drink alone is when the guy at the liquor store tells you to "have a good night"
the best part about buying alcohol to drink done is when the guy at the liquor store tells you to "have a good night"
someone should totally show me around boston area dirt roads/road bike able trails sometime.
yay, warrantied Tarmac is here. now someone buy it so I can afford a cross bike!
thinking of buying a single speed cross bike. stupid fad or actually rad? #seewhatididthere
ate a cookie. it was worth it.
the man's trying to hold me down.
RT @resultsboy: @AdamMyerson @nealrogers one "Levi can get fucked" vote for me, plz.
...after 1 ride on the @Van_Dessel hellafaster I know believe that mantra more than ever.
for years I've blindly preached that good aluminum frames are better than mid level carbon...
first ride on a new bike means stopping every 5 minutes to adjust saddle height only to ultimately end up in the position you started with.
new bike day is the best day.
it should be illegal to have aero bars and panniers on the same bike.
still can't believe the specialized venge "lunch ride" edition isn't a joke.
RT @liz_so_what: While some of my friends like pub crawls, I am more into coffee shop hopping #lightweight
of course #newbikeday is going to coincide with "getting sick day." of fucking course.
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