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bummed my Tarmac bit the dust, but super amped to start riding a made in the USA @Van_Dessel hellafaster #hellarad
posted up in Davis. alone. eating trail mix and enjoying this fine evening. wut.
nothing like the tornado warning coordinating perfectly with your ride home.
Fat Lip comes up on pandora and suddenly the afternoon is great.
no working road bike and a deep hatred of cars means I'm riding my #partybike to work. going to be a sloooooow commute.
highlight of my weekends is turning up at trader joes. #ThingsWhitePeopleLike
"gosh I can't wait until 8 when chopped is on" fucking hell, I need a life.
In other words, bikes of all shapes are fucking rad.
I miss my road bike already but trolling around downtown on the #partybike isn't half bad either.
summertime bliss @ FoMu - Alternative Ice Cream & Cafe
walking around newbury street but not going into any stores because this place is way the fuck above my pay grade.
watching stage 5 of the tour…team sky looks like a pack of sad puppies.
lol insomnia
from a bike racing perspective 2014 has been a catastrophe. from a life perspective 2014 has kind of been rad.
no one happens to have a size xs road bike I can borrow for capital region, right?
shout out to people who get to the office early and stay late but spend all day on gchat.
shout out to people who get to the office early, stay late, but spend all day on gchat.
fuck. thought it was Friday.
how y'all schedule a 90 minute meeting and expect me not to bring snacks?
someone carpool from boston with meeeeeeeee. NY Capital Region Road Race -
wake up, listen to blink 182
first commute today with my @RoadRunnerBags1 small roll top and I gotta say...this thing is pretty damn rad.
I need a cot damn massage.
tornado warning. going to be a fun ride home.
thus begins the time of year when I pretend I can stay awake until 11 to watch prime time TDF coverage.
"what does he care if he hasn't any money, all he needs is his rucksack w/those little plastic bags of dried food and a good pair of shoes"
Boston people: anyone driving out to capital region and want to carpool? @GREENLINEvelo @BackBayBicycles?
Shout out to the assholes who go on Facebook/twitter then get mad that people have posted the tour results.
hi vis, aero road helmets, bottle vests…the past 5 years have not been an aesthetically pleasing time period for cycling.
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