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Michael Beckett

Michael Beckett

Mike cares about making things better for everyone. Through activity, volunteering, campaigning, caring and working together lets build our Big Society locally!
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Re: Exclusive: US blocks publication of Chilcot’s report on how Britain went to war with Iraq -
"If Mr Blair broke the UK law then he needs to be seen to face UK justice, he cannot be above the law!" - Michael Beckett
Re: Boris Island London airport designs revealed -
"Which end has the trunk and tusks?" - Michael Beckett
Re: Irrational service: Compulsory national service Bill to hit Parliament in 2014? -
"Earning citizenship through national service, someone took Starship Troopers literally... I guess Mr Hollobone thinks police have nothing better to do than check were not wearing a balaclava? Who made him the fashion police? Will they arrest everyone if we get a really cold winter..." - Michael Beckett
Re: Origami Crane Folding Instructions -
"My next mobile, wouldn't be a crane one either but it would have internet connectivity..." - Michael Beckett
Re: Thomas Cook boss Harriet Green got job by cold-calling chairman -
"In short WTG Ms Green leading by example, taking charge by changing the rules of the game!" - Michael Beckett
Re: If Miliband is serious about tackling low pay, he needs to embrace the unions -
"Ed is seriously interested in Power, less so in Unions and low pay..." - Michael Beckett
Re: ‘Zero-hours’ contracts for workers to be reviewed by Coalition -
"I am glad Vince is tackling this, after a decade of Labour's prevailing attitude of ignoring employment issues not effecting their massive Trade Unions paymasters and the worry of backwards looking Tory ideology inhibiting organic grassroot business growth." - Michael Beckett
Re: It is time for Lord Ashcroft and the Tory party to part company -
"I suppose Lord Ashcroft would be welcomed with open arms by UKIP and if Conservative Home backed UKIP David Cameron would be in more trouble as the knifes behind him would now be joining the enemy ranks infront of him. I guess Lord Ashcroft's preferred outcome is to play the part of Brutus as he has already invested so much in the Conservative party machine. I am left thinking he is throwing good money after bad but then again as a Liberal Democrat I much prefer the Torys with David Cameron than without him." - Michael Beckett
Re: Le Wizard d'Hollande: 'Euro crisis is over' -
"I thought simple decreeing that the Economy was better, was something no longer done since the Soviet era Russia, with the possible exception of the 'green shoots' gaffe." - Michael Beckett
Re: Column: Why acquiring a skill is easy -
"I must be a good enough 'management today' reader as I have clocked up well over 20 hours doing it!" - Michael Beckett
Re: Foreign Secretary William Hague: Law-abiding Britons have nothing to fear from GCHQ -
"I find it hard to imagine a poor struggling vegan artist with a chip on his shoulder being able to take power of a Nation state too..." - Michael Beckett
Re: Foreign Secretary William Hague: Law-abiding Britons have nothing to fear from GCHQ -
"I certainly fear Nigel Firage, 'Tommy Robinson' and Nick Griffin gaining power!" - Michael Beckett
Re: Foreign Secretary William Hague: Law-abiding Britons have nothing to fear from GCHQ -
"So long as they vote the 'right' way?" - Michael Beckett
Re: Foreign Secretary William Hague: Law-abiding Britons have nothing to fear from GCHQ -
"Just because our current Prime Minister isn't called Nigel Firage, 'Tommy Robinson' or Nick Griffin doesn't mean we shouldn't defend civil liberties, be vigilante in holding our government to account and complain when they get it wrong." - Michael Beckett
Re: America's Secret Fukushima Poisoning the Bread Basket of the World -
"The hidden cost of Nuclear power, is the problem with externalities like radiation, those who benefit leave the full cost to others and their children, etc..." - Michael Beckett
Re: Charity tribunal unable to enforce its own ruling because of 'lacuna' -
"Local Authorities are supposed to act as an example of upholding the law of the land, it is remarkable that they're failure to act to ensure the charity comply with the Charity Commission's directions. I am left to wonder whether it is the charity or the Council that holds the Charity Commission in more contempt? This is a Prima facie case of maladministration. I wonder if the Local Authority Monitoring Officer of Dartford Borough Council has failed to discharge the duty to advise Dartford Borough Council that failure of Kidd Legacy to comply with its regulators direction is for it to act Ultra Vires? Perhaps the advice has been received and the failure to promote and maintain high standards of conduct in the Council as per their constitution is the fault of elected members? Most worrying of all perhaps the administration of the Charity is held at arms length to allow wilful blindness and plausible deniability by the Local Authority and that those who administer the charity are just..." - Michael Beckett
Re: Breaking: Patrick Mercer resigns Conservative Party whip -
"The main problem is the public are unable to hold MPs to account. They have a 5 year free ride and all parties can do is threaten to withdraw the whip, which I am led to believe by the Telegraph was scheduled to happen tonight in this case. Lobbying scandals were some years ago highlighted by David Cameron as the next scandal waiting to happen, when will the Coalition take action on Lobbying and also review MPs/Lords job security? At the moment MPs cant be recalled when they misbehave, in every other job disciplinary action is taken resulting in being fired if the consequences for investigations reveal gross misconduct occurred. Why are Lord Archer, Lord Hanningfield and Lord Taylor still allowed to continue to participate in government making laws despite incarceration for seriously breaking the law?" - Michael Beckett
Re: Why you haven't heard of the five most important (only) pro-European movements -
"The EU is the least worst way forward, we do achieve on balance more positives than negatives. Walking away and leaving our Europe Union chair empty so that Germany and France can set the rules for Europe would never be in our national interest!" - Michael Beckett
Re: Google boss Eric Schmidt hits back at Ed Miliband and vows to invest in UK even if it has to pay more tax -
"They are running Brighton but are infighting over decisions about equal pay..." - Michael Beckett
Re: How to start a family business -
"Keeping it in the family should means you know what you are going to get from those involved going into the venture..." - Michael Beckett
Re: Google boss Eric Schmidt hits back at Ed Miliband and vows to invest in UK even if it has to pay more tax -
"Multi Millionaire Ed Miliband who has benefited from Inheritance Tax loopholes is therefore an expert on tax avoidance... So wait these tax problems Ed now identifies are the ones Labour ignored for 13 years in government. Why didn't they sort them out before is it because his government was asleep at the wheel last time round? Are these words seriously suppose to make us trust Labour again? With the fate of our country? they seem so empty, aspiration spin worthy of Blair but actually committing Ed to nothing!?!" - Michael Beckett
Re: City surprised as inflation dips and pound falls -
"I can imagine only Labour party strategists being upset by this encouraging news..." - Michael Beckett
Re: Better off out of it: a slogan whose time has finally come -
"Isn't out of the #UK and the #EU self isolating and making Scotland Billy No mates?" - Michael Beckett
Re: Ten Top Tips: How to hit the ground running as a new manager -
"A good guide on managing the transition and action planning for the first three months to demonstrate impact." - Michael Beckett
Re: Gordon Ramsey's worst nightmare: A restaurant he cannot save -
"Its like looking a gift horse in the mouth and saying you prefer walking everywhere..." - Michael Beckett
Re: Why the Coalition is still doomed to last until 2015 -
""...will be the love that dare not speak its name." I think not, rather "...will be the pragmatism that will say only because its in the national interest."" - Michael Beckett
Re: What can leaders learn from The Apprentice? -
"Taking learning examples from The Apprentice: admittedly mostly on what not to do..." - Michael Beckett
Re: Queen’s Speech: the next lobbying scandal will be on David Cameron’s head -
"David Cameron only pays lip service to this problem as he'd rather not offend his lobbyist friends who bankroll his party..." - Michael Beckett
Re: MP Jo Swinson recovering after allergic reaction -
"Thank you staff at Southern General and the NHS for keeping Jo Swinson and so many other people like her alive!" - Michael Beckett
Re: Relief all round as UK dodges triple dip recession -
"So the economic weather appears too foggy to see what's ahead. Consensus is more of the same, a sigh of relief that things aren't worse but all bets are hedged..." - Michael Beckett
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