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Michael Beckett

Michael Beckett

Mike cares about making things better for everyone. Through activity, volunteering, campaigning, caring and working together lets build our Big Society locally!
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Re: Are we on the path of 'Limits to Growth'? -
"We are on a path which has limits to growth, however with developments like salt-water powered cars, printable technology and the opportunities of the internet for communication and knowledge accrual, mean that peak oil is less of a crisis and more of a transition? In which case the limits to growth remain we have just moved our possibility frontier to the right and postponed reaching those limits..." - Michael Beckett
"Perhaps you should try to meet someone(s) at Twitter." - Michael Beckett
Re: Four Parliamentary quirks to watch out for if Scotland votes ‘Yes’ -
"If Scotland votes yes then Alex Salmond, the First Minister of Scotland is building unrealistic expectations, so he may blame the resulting disappointment on the English for dragging their heals and light a fire under the English to get on with it. All the while ensuring a YeSNP media narrative receives constant attention and continued column inches something which Mr Salmond will neither neglect nor be shy about." - Michael Beckett
Re: Expensive Thrills Don't Do Much For Your Happiness -
"Expensive Thrills Don't Do Much for Your Bank balance either!" - Michael Beckett
Re: Lager all 'tastes the same', report says -
"This is news? Although I bet the journalistic team all enjoyed "researching" this down the pub." - Michael Beckett
Re: How to get excited about local government reform -
"The Single Transferable Vote with more localism is what we need." - Michael Beckett
Re: George Will Confirms Nixon's Vietnam Treason -
"Good government requires that people come to serve not their own interests but the best interests of the people. Prolonging war needlessly for short term political gain was wrong then and is wrong now" - Michael Beckett
Re: Case of cannibalism reported in Gorakhpur | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis -
"Eating people is wrong..." - Michael Beckett
Re: {NEWS} Facebook Bans Incentivised Likes -
"Facebook is a virtual gated community with alot of locked in users, facebook know this and can therefore act with some degree of abandon. @Chloe Forbes-Kindlen well their are as you highlight other choices while I like the independence of Diaspora but influence their is a struggle. Instagram, Tumblr and Vine interest me visually but I made the decision not to engage with these platforms and I am content with that. Googleplus currently remains my favoured platform, although twitter and Facebook have their uses, the more facebook stack the deck the less inclined I am to play with them but instead to maintain a presence and focus elsewhere... I am planning to experiment with Youtube going forward and keep an eye out for other options I can be an early adopter of..." - Michael Beckett
Re: {NEWS} Facebook Bans Incentivised Likes -
"So Facebook want "bribery" to stop going to third parties gaming statistics. So instead promotion and adverts that bring revenue to Facebook will be used and then Facebook is in effect gaming their own systems..." - Michael Beckett
Re: Wikipedia refuses photographer's demand as 'monkey owns copyright' -
"Many Camera manufacturers do the 'setting up' and a "Monkey" always takes the picture..." - Michael Beckett
Re: Autodidacticism: How You Like Them Apples? -
"I feel I disengaged and coasted through College and University because, I didn't feel challenged and engaged very often. I have found private study and inspiration more from outside established education structures since that time. These days most of my inspiration to learn more comes through the internet curiosity and reading deeper into what interests me seems to be my prefered continuing professional development... Autodidacticism is certainly attractive and I have to reply to @Joshgibbs I think I have developed a taste to Like them apples!" - Michael Beckett
Re: Something you Should Now On Google+|KNTechShow -
"When you say "Something you should now on google+." are you being hip, cool and I am just out of touch as to what is "now" or do you perhaps mean "Something you should know on google+."?" - Michael Beckett
Re: This Drone Could Be the Ultimate Photographer’s Assistant -
"Well this does seem to be a much more positive use of drone technology and I welcome such constructive innovation." - Michael Beckett
"Revolutions create instability and opportunistic foreign governments often seize on such opportunities to "help" forwarding their influence and agenda to the helped countries detriment. Peaceful campaigns apply a safer to civil society pressure which can prevent a vacuum occurring and facilitate a power transition in some cases. As ever circumstances alter cases and in foreign affairs no two places or times are the same.." - Michael Beckett
Re: Lawyers for Guantanamo detainees cite Hobby Lobby ruling in motion for communal prayers -
"Slavery. I thought the US had abolished it? The men in #Guantanamo freedom and rights are gone = slaves #SAA1833" - Michael Beckett
Re: Lawyers for Guantanamo detainees cite Hobby Lobby ruling in motion for communal prayers -
"Slavery. I thought the US had abolished it? The men in #Guantanamo freedom and rights are gone = slaves #SAA1833" - Michael Beckett
Re: Google+ after three years: Future of social network still unclear -
"Googleplus works ok for me ::Grin::" - Michael Beckett
Re: Google to Remove Author Images from Search Results -
"Less pretty pictures will mean somewhat less clicks but maybe that is what Google thinks the consumer prefer..." - Michael Beckett
Re: Blue Cross chief executive resigns after allegations about her private life -
"You are right the loss of a life is more important. I was musing on the wider context. I think err towards a conclusion that caution and thought out changes implemented through gradualism might be the least worst way forward." - Michael Beckett
Re: Blue Cross chief executive resigns after allegations about her private life -
"Speaking more generally than the above example, the divide between public and private life seems to be harder to define especially when professional and personal relationships mix, I think avoiding a degree of blur would often be counter productive. However I am unsure how often the Public Interest is served by undermining a leader in the media? I suspect that more often than not, the Public Interest and our Social Capital as a whole is devalued by the process regardless of the merit of any such criticism. Although the ability to speak truth to power needs to be enshrined and protected by law so often organisations need the ability to adapt. How often any such process may be used correctly or how the more grey realities of manipulated spin where blame is somewhat shared and it is about degrees of dysfunctional behaviour and too often poor interpersonal communication is manifest. At the same time guarding against the extremes when cynical abuse of the system occurs by those with more..." - Michael Beckett
Re: Exclusive: US blocks publication of Chilcot’s report on how Britain went to war with Iraq -
"If Mr Blair broke the UK law then he needs to be seen to face UK justice, he cannot be above the law!" - Michael Beckett
Re: Boris Island London airport designs revealed -
"Which end has the trunk and tusks?" - Michael Beckett
Re: Irrational service: Compulsory national service Bill to hit Parliament in 2014? -
"Earning citizenship through national service, someone took Starship Troopers literally... I guess Mr Hollobone thinks police have nothing better to do than check were not wearing a balaclava? Who made him the fashion police? Will they arrest everyone if we get a really cold winter..." - Michael Beckett
Re: Origami Crane Folding Instructions -
"My next mobile, wouldn't be a crane one either but it would have internet connectivity..." - Michael Beckett
Re: Thomas Cook boss Harriet Green got job by cold-calling chairman -
"In short WTG Ms Green leading by example, taking charge by changing the rules of the game!" - Michael Beckett
Re: If Miliband is serious about tackling low pay, he needs to embrace the unions -
"Ed is seriously interested in Power, less so in Unions and low pay..." - Michael Beckett
Re: ‘Zero-hours’ contracts for workers to be reviewed by Coalition -
"I am glad Vince is tackling this, after a decade of Labour's prevailing attitude of ignoring employment issues not effecting their massive Trade Unions paymasters and the worry of backwards looking Tory ideology inhibiting organic grassroot business growth." - Michael Beckett
Re: It is time for Lord Ashcroft and the Tory party to part company -
"I suppose Lord Ashcroft would be welcomed with open arms by UKIP and if Conservative Home backed UKIP David Cameron would be in more trouble as the knifes behind him would now be joining the enemy ranks infront of him. I guess Lord Ashcroft's preferred outcome is to play the part of Brutus as he has already invested so much in the Conservative party machine. I am left thinking he is throwing good money after bad but then again as a Liberal Democrat I much prefer the Torys with David Cameron than without him." - Michael Beckett
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