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Mike Chelen

Mike Chelen

Biologist interested in neuroscience, data vis and analysis, digital collaboration, and open access.
RT @mattjay: 20 most popular passwords used to bruteforce our @ProjectHoneynet SSH honeypots in July. (via @CERT_Polska_en)
RT @rlanzara: Despite metamorphosis, moths hold on to memories from their days as a caterpillar - #science #biology #insects
RT @phylogenomics: Work of Rachel Dutton @racheljdutton on a fascinating human-made microbial ecosystem - cheese rinds via @microBEnet
U.S. Jewish Leader Henry Siegman to Israel: Stop Killing Palestinians & End the Occupation Pt2
RT @nytimes: An internal C.I.A. inquiry confirms its officers spied on Senate investigators
RT @mendelspod: NEW SHOW: The Basic Biology Lab Goes into the #Cloud: @BrianFrezza, Emerald Therapeutics @EmeraldDNA
RT @cogscinl: @mikechelen @oscbloggers @openscience You can write software papers to get citable credit. Other than that, software doesn't 'count' yet.
RT @AmnestyOnline: It is time for #US Secretary of State, @JohnKerry to take a stand and STOP ARMING ISRAEL.
RT @BBCClick: Tor attack may have unmasked dark net users (via @BBCtech) -
RT @oscbloggers: Why doesn't the scientific community invest more effort in the development of open-source alternatives? #openscience
RT @KenRoth: Satellite imagery shows 600 structures destroyed in Shejaiya neighborhood of #Gaza City.
RT @ForeignPolicy: "I came to get my things during the cease-fire and I found nothing." @sharifkouddous in Gaza:
Best of both worlds, #fail2ban + #cloudflare to protect your server from bots #linux
RT @democracynow: Follow our correspondent @sharifkouddous on Twitter and Instagram for his reports from #Gaza.
RT @glynmoody: .@techdirt "went from profitable to unprofitable as a result of the SOPA fight", & could do with a little help now -
RT @edyong209: Desert rat relies on microbes to detoxify its deadly meals. New research by @KevinDKohl; post by me
RT @Impactstory: Miss the #jcbms Open Notebook Science symposium? Check out @egonwillighagen's summary: #openscience
RT @Addgene: Free PCR for 5 years (or how to make your own Taq and Pfu) | #OpenScience by Addgenie Andy Baltus
RT @NIH3Dprint: .@onetruecathal good luck! Hope will be a place to share #openscience labware for #diybio
RT @jmil: Hear that? Tiny sound waves pattern cells in intricate 2D layers in a few seconds.
RT @figshare: Minimal information for reusable scientific software: #openscience #openresearch
RT @openscience: If you can't make it to a @MozillaScience #mozsprint site today, here's how to contribute online: #openscience
RT @allisonkilkenny: The US needs immigration reform, not another opportunity to blame the GOP
RT @dijalbert: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Prison (HBO): via @YouTube
RT @dijalbert: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Prison (HBO): via @YouTube
RT @kristenchick: UNRWA now says 81,000 people staying at shelters in #Gaza. Earlier today number was 63,000. So almost 20,000 ppl displaced today alone.
RT @RaniaKhalek: 4 Palestinian children were playing on the beach when they were killed by precision shelling from Israeli navy boats
RT @allisonkilkenny: Hamas did not reject a ceasefire, Israel did
Lovely #QRCode generator with many options including logo images, dot style, and data redundancy - via @UnitagLive
RT @JohnMesserall: Was up till 4 watching the brutally dark #AdamRapp film #Blackbird (2007) w/ #GillianJacobs & #PaulSparks #recommend
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