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Mike Chelen

Mike Chelen

Biologist interested in neuroscience, data vis and analysis, digital collaboration, and open access.
RT @RichLewis007: Is #github down right now? The status page won’t even load. Surprising!
How to share your #Instagram photos under a #CreativeCommons license
RT @MaxBlumenthal: Israel used 60% of 4.8 million bullets, 43,000 artillery shells and 39,000 tank shells budgeted for assaulting Gaza:
RT @UCLA_DH: Tool: CSV Fingerprints: Visualize the datatypes & spot mistakes in your CSV
RT @Myrmecos: Mapping the ants of the world by @YourWild_Life
RT @gwardis: Students learn more if they'll need to teach others #edchat
RT @yokofakun: "A C++ interface for NGS data formats"
RT @CitizenRadio: Check out @jamiekilstein in @peoplemag talking about how #RobinWilliams helped him with depression #citizenradio
RT @TimCushing: Boston Police Used Facial Recognition Technology to Spy on Thousands of Music Festival Attendees
RT @chanux: Docker containers for development environments, the idiomatic way.
RT @openscience: MT @CameronNeylon: Introducing the Open and Collaborative Science in Development Network, @OCSDNet #openscience
RT @MITOCW: Calculus for Beginners and Artists, a free online textbook from @MITOCW. #math
RT @NatureNews: A woman has won the highest prize in mathematics for the first time
RT @jamiekilstein: Jesus christ. This piece by @ChrisGethard on comedy and depression is fucking flawless.
RT @prisonculture: Things To Stop Being Distracted By When A Black Person Gets Murdered By Police by @BlackGirlDanger (on point)
Ease & speed of cloth physics simulation in #blender is incredible
RT @jobomont: Succesful Wild Rice establishment at Kenilworth lake, probably the best year! #wetlands #anacostiariver
#Anacostia river (northwest branch) has some serious rapids. #mtrainiermd #hyattsville
RT @AAAS_SRHRL: Eye opening @nytimesscience article about the harassment of female science students and researchers.
RT @gilbertjacka: Gut's Earliest Bacterial Colonizers | The Scientist Magazine®
RT @freelance_astro: Our shiny new viewer at works with PLOS papers. Want more? Extend it! We post the source next week. #wikimania2014
RT @ggreenwald: Police tactics in Ferguson are good reminder of the importance of @radleybalko's book on militarization of US police
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