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Nellie Oleson
Tonight's yummy dinner. Shredded cabbage, snow peas, carrots, and ginger sesame dressing.
Tonight's yummy dinner. Shredded cabbage, snow peas, carrots, and ginger sesame dressing.
؛ patrick
JaFFa (Java FriendFeed App/Tools) ver_1.1.4 has been released. You may download the executable file from:
12/12/2011 - Version 1.1.3 - Added Spam Cleaner || 13/12/2011 - Version 1.1.4 - Added ability to delete comments from blocked users - ؛ patrick
For instructions please see readme.txt: - ؛ patrick
Well this looks interesting... Is there any documentation on what it is/does?? - Lindsay
Please see "readme.txt". I sent the URL earlier. It basically gets a backup of your FF Feeds plus their files (images, mp3's, etc.) - ؛ patrick
@Marco, thanks for reporting it. I fixed it and uploaded the new version - ؛ patrick
Change Log: 11/08/2010 - Version 1.1.1 - Fixed the issue with reading backup_dir setting - ؛ patrick
دوستان اگر سوالی دارید بپرسید، جواب میدم - ؛ patrick
خسته نباشی‌! - apar(اپر)
مرسی اپر جان - ؛ patrick
کسی اینو تست کرد؟ - ؛ patrick
Eclipse project files come with the source. Download/install eclipse ( Then use Import -> General -> Existing Projects into Workspace - and it will compile it for you. Shoot questions if you have any problem - ؛ patrick
مرسی گل آقای عزیز - ؛ patrick
nice! - .LAG liked that
Thanks. Did you get a chance to test it? - ؛ patrick
@ ؛ patrick: not yet, but will import it into Eclipse when I get a chance - .LAG liked that as advertised. i now have a folder full of XML - .LAG liked that
very nice. glad to hear that! - ؛ patrick
پانته آ جان اجازه بدید من فردا نگاهی به کد بندازم ببینم چه کاری میتونم انجام بدم که یک سری فیلتر بشه براش تعریف کرد - ؛ patrick
خوب من به برنامه فیلتر اضافه کردم ولی مطمئن نیستم این چیزی هست که می خواستی. مساله اینجاست که اگر برای لینکی لایک نزده باشی یا کامنتی ننوشته باشی، در لیست مای دیسکاشنز ظاهر نمیشه و در نتیجه دانلود هم نمیشه - ؛ patrick
بله حالا ورژن جدیده. فرصت بشه این قسمتش رو هم درست می کنم - ؛ patrick
any mac version? :D - نیک
شرمنده نیک جان. من مک در اختیار ندارم. اگر زحمتی نیست اون بچ-فایل رو یه نگاهی بکن ببین چطور میشه تبدیلش کرد به اسکریپت برای مک. اگر کار کرد که زحمت بکش به من هم یک کپی بده. اگر هم سوالی داری بپرس که جواب بدم - ؛ patrick
12/12/2011 - Version 1.1.3 - Added Spam Cleaner - ؛ patrick
13/12/2011 - Version 1.1.4 - Added ability to delete comments from blocked users - ؛ patrick
برای کسانی که می خوان اسپم ها رو پاک کنن، من یک قسمت جدید به برنامه اضافه کردم که میتونید لیست افرادی که اسپم می کنند را به فایل کانفیگ اضافه کنید و برنامه رو اجرا کنید. خود به خود تمام کامنت های این افراد را در هر جایی که زیر لینک های شما باشه پاک می کنه حتی اگر اونها را بلاک کرده باشید. ولی شرطش اینه که پابلیک باشید. مثلن اگر پرایوت هستید، میتونید قبل از اجرای برنامه برای چند لحظه پابلیک بشید و وقتی برنامه تمام شد دوباره پرایوت کنید - ؛ patrick
پاتریک، این چه قابلیت‌ها و ویژگی‌هایی داره؟ - آرشیو
ورژن قدیمیش که میتونه از فیدتون بک آپ بگیره. حالا هم یک برنامه بهش اضافه کردم که میتونه کامنت های اسپمر ها رو از تمام لینک هاتون پاک کنه - ؛ patrick
برنامه سراغ نداری که لیست کسانی را که بلاک کرده‌ایم یا ما را بلاک کرده‌اند را نشان بدهد؟ - آرشیو
;-) - ؛ patrick
it's a batch file. they don't need eclipse for it - ؛ patrick
it's okay :)) - ؛ patrick
دانلودش کن، به درد می خوره ;-) - ؛ patrick
اون دو تا بچ فایل رو باز کن، کامندش اونجا هست. شرمنده فرصت نشد برای لینوکس هم اسکریپتش رو بنویسم - ؛ patrick
مرسی. اگر ساکس رو اضافه کردی کدش رو به من هم بده اضافه ش کنم. یا اگر می خوای میتونم اضافه ت کنم به پروژه خودت تغییرات رو کامیت کنی - ؛ patrick
دو نوع فایل اونجا هست. یک سری فایل سورس هست (اس-آر-سی) و یک سری فایل باینری (بی-آی-ان). باید اون فایل باینری رو دانلود کنید. بعد توی یک فولدر آن-زیپ ش کنید. بعد یک فایل داره به اسم رید-می (مرا بخوانید) که همه چیز توش نوشته شده - ؛ patrick
بهتره به جای هارد کد کردن مقادیر تغییر پذیر از کانفیگ فایل استفاده بشه - محمد لی
پاتریک جان اینجا هم ببینید فکر کنم اگر چند نفر با هم دیگه کار کنن جالب باشه - uɐſʃɐʌ uɐſ
ahem... i'm very newbie and for me jaffa don't work (the .jar file is missing) - Elia Spallanzani
friendfeedCommentAnchor - New User script & Bookmarklet to add a permalink to each comment -
Show all
friendfeedCommentAnchor [v0.1.0] - - A user script, a bookmarklet and an alternative configuration userscript (has autoCommentAnchor turned ON). To add a permalink to each comment. The hyperlinked text default is "#" (you can change it in the Configuration section to "permalink", "linky", etc in the user script). Works in single post and stream modes. Tested on Firefox and Safari. - Micah
Special Note ~ Post image: NOT A HASH TAG :) - Micah
I started the group ffhacks to house a concise listing of user scripts: . If you have a script that works on the current version of FriendFeed, and you're its author, write a comment on with the link and I'll share the original friendfeed post to the group. - Micah
Does it only work to other users with the script enabled? - Andrew Trinh
The anchor is the comment <div> container id which has been there all along; there simply has not been a user interface to conveniently access it. So yes, a URL with the anchor will work for anyone regardless of script usage (tested in Firefox & Safari). - Micah
Wow! Great work. - Svartling from iPhone
Thank you, Svartling :) - Micah
This is awesome Micah, well done! :D It's really non-intrusive too. - Mitch
splendid work Micah! - vijay
Thanks, guys. - Micah
fantastic. precisely what I had in mind. only tested the bookmarklet so far...I'll have to check out the userscript later. - chrisofspades
chrisofspades - right on :) - Micah
i like bookmarklets. - Franc, a rememberer
everybody subscribe to Micah's ffscripts group! - Franc, a rememberer
Hi, Franc :) - Micah
Hey Micah. how's it going? ;) - Franc, a rememberer
Thank you, Micah. So you listened? <> - ianf ⌘
ianf, yep. I try anyway. I remember one or two conversations you had anchors - I've wanted access them for a while too. Cheers! - Micah
#hashanchors should have been there by default, so that you could spend your time on more creative things rather than fixing FF. In fact, absence of this key element of hypertext, granular addressability, tells me that FFeeders really do not care for comments - they're ffodder to the OPs, which are the only ones that rank anything in the hierarchy of submissions around here. I don't... more... - ianf ⌘
Great feature Micah Wittman thanks. another bookmarklets suggestion plz browse this: - Nimaa
Installed the script and like it. - Miss Elle
Thanks, Miss Elle. Take a look or even subscribe to to check out more scripts. - Micah
*BUMP* for John E. - Micah from iPhone
How did I miss this? - AJ Batac
Just don't let it happen again. :D - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Very cool! - Mitchell Tsai
Bret Taylor
Right now FriendFeed supports multiple photo upload using Flash. I want to convert it to use HTML 5 multi-file upload if it is available, then Flash if it is available, and then fall back on standard HTML otherwise. Is there a good article demonstrating this approach?
Specifically, is there a way to have a link trigger an HTML 5 file upload? shows a standard INPUT element, but we want to make it trigger from our "Add: Photos" link. - Bret Taylor
Your best bet will probably be to set the alternate content for the upload swf to be a proper HTML upload form. If you're using SWFObject to place the swf, this is fairly easy to do. Not sure about HTML 5 since it's penetration is probably pretty small (sadly) - Brett Kelly
Brett: We already have the Flash working, and it gracefully degrades. I am interested in supporting HTML 5 in addition to that. (You can try it with the Photos link above) - Bret Taylor
btw, I hope Adobe will correct the problem that makes Firefox on Linux hang horribly when trying to get the upload progress via swf upload (and you will not get the progress at all!) - Claudio Cicali
Claudio: yep, it is so bad we don't load the Flash uploader for Linux (it just uses standard HTML file upload). I use Linux all day, so it is a big pain. When the next Firefox release comes out with HTML 5 support, hopefully it won't matter. - Bret Taylor
What if you did something like this: Render out the HTML 5 form and the SWF for photo uploads and adjust the event handler for 'click' on the 'Photos' link depending on what the browser is capable of - in other words, if the browser can do HTML 5, click would reveal the related form; if not, click would launch the flash-based upload stuff. Obviously, you'd have to use javascript to... more... - Brett Kelly
Do you use a javascript check for Flash and then javascript write to add the Flash upload embed? - Chip Ramsey
Chip: not really, but sort of. We load the flash, which then calls back to our JS when it successfully loads, which then changes the DOM to replace the link with the Flash control. That solution is a bit more robust in case the Flash control fails to load for some reason (even if they have Flash installed). - Bret Taylor
If on php+apache, I would rather use the upload progress meter. No need for flash. But you do need js. - Vivek Puri
That makes sense. I'm sure this isn't what you're looking for, but I think you have to use user agent detection. You could start off with your basic HTML form with the input field with multiple attribute (which should degrade gracefully right?) and then detect the user agent. If it is a user agent that doesn't support multiple and isn't Linux, then you could add the Flash control to the... more... - Chip Ramsey
BTW, initially thought you could use JS to read the attributes of the input field and the multiple attribute would be missing for browsers that don't support it yet, but that doesn't seem to be the case in FireFox. - Chip Ramsey
Had a little more time to play with this tonight. Because you guys use jQuery, it looks like you may be able to use $("#test").attr("multiple") on <input type="file" id="test" multiple> and it will return the true boolean on browsers that support the attribute. On browsers that don't support it, either an empty string or "multiple" is returned. Didn't test thoroughly, but maybe somewhere to start. - Chip Ramsey
Thanks, Chip! Really helpful - Bret Taylor from email
hey bret -- in Firefox now we do support file upload without page reload and without user interaction, and you can do one file upload while picking another one -- probably not totally what you want, but maybe helpful. here's the writeup: - John Lilly
Thanks, John, that's helpful - Bret Taylor
John Lilly
Wow, Bret promoted to CTO at Facebook - smart, great guy. Congrats!
Thanks, John :) - Bret Taylor
@Bret. Congratz Bret.. - Ozgur Demir
Bret, well deserved! You're perfect for the position. - Jesse Stay
Super happy for you - incredibly well deserved. But I still want to get you working on another startup! Want to find something to do together. Looking for board stuff for you, too. - John Lilly from email
Congrats, Bret! - Mark Trapp
Now to see if Bret can take that confusing Facebook interface and make it into something nice like, for example, friendfeed. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
The Facebook "Lite" version helped simplify the interface, hopefully some of those concepts will make it into the standard design. - Mike Chelen
TechCrunch called it the Friendfeedification of Facebook. That can only be a good thing. Congrats! - Eric - Let Me Know
Congratulations Bret! - Atul Arora
BT and FF did 'open' in the healthy, right, & honest way. Here's to bringing that positive force to a pretty unhealthy & confused company. Serious congratulations! Now... what would you do if you were CEO, Bret? That's what you need to do, starting today. - Christopher Galtenberg
Congrats, Bret! - Kol Tregaskes
Good on ya, Bret!! :) - Skye Miller
Congrats Bret! - Bojan Babic
Kol Tregaskes
[WELCOME TO #FFBG]: Firstly welcome to the new Beginner's room! Hopefully this room will be used by new users to find out and ask questions on how to use FriendFeed + by more experienced users to help out with the queries and to welcome the new users to the FriendFeed community.
If you have any queries on using FriendFeed start by checking the "guides" here: If none help try searching the group as you may find it has already been answered: - Kol Tregaskes
1. To do this type in one or more keywords, for example "filter", into the search box at the top of the screen. As you type a list will appear underneath the box. Before hitting Enter to start the search make sure "Search friendfeed-beginners for <keyword(s)>" is highlighted. Once you press Enter you will be presented with posts where the term or terms have been found in the title or a comment. - Kol Tregaskes
2. If you find the list does not help you, press back on your browser or return to the group's home page here: and type in your question in the text box below the group's name and above the words "Add: Photos". This is the 'share box' and you will find these on most pages within FriendFeed. - Kol Tregaskes
3. If you would like to add an image, such as a screenshot, click on the word "Photos" underneath the box and use the dialog to navigate to the image you wish to upload. Then either double-click on image file or highlight the file and click on the Open button. A progress bar will appear and once the image is uploaded it will be shown as a small thumbnail under your post. - Kol Tregaskes
4. Once you're happy with your post press the "Post" button and you will see your post appear in the group just under the share box. - Kol Tregaskes
Later on you'll hopefully get one or more comments to your post. These will apear under your question, to post your own comments: - Kol Tregaskes
1. Click on the word "Comment" under your question. - Kol Tregaskes
2. A new text box will appear at the bottom of the comments already posted. Type your comment in the box and press the "Post" button. This wil post your comment and it will appear at the bottom of the thread. - Kol Tregaskes
I hope this gets you started, feel free to leave any feedback here. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
NEED MORE HELP? CAN'T FIND YOUR ANSWER HERE? You are welcome to post your question here, but also feel free to ask any of the Admins of this group (we're the ones whose names you see as authors of any of the [HOW TO:] posts in this group). By clicking on any of our names, you can subscribe to our feeds and have the opportunity to watch regular, avid FF users in action. Also, you can then send us a Direct Message (click the link in your Filters box) and ask for help. - Mark Traphagen
If you want to view the "guides only please use this link: - this shows all the HOW-TO, LISTs and other help posts that have been written for the group and is a great way to start. - Kol Tregaskes
Hi, I am manoj sharma from India, a newbie hree. I need some help of senior member. - Manoj Sharma
This will be very useful for a workshop I am doing in my HEI to introduce academic and support staff to the delights and benefits of 'using social media to inform and educate' - any further hints, tips or useful guides that anyone can point me to, would be very gratefully received ;-) - Julia Ault
Hi and Kia Ora....My name is Fololi Lologa-Iosua from Auckland, New Zealand...This is my first time on FriendFeed and I welcome any suggestions and recommendations to help me build up my networks with people all over the globe...I look forward to more communciations with you all! I quite like your idea Julia about the use of Social Media to inform and educate....Look forward to a long lasting friendship on FriendFeed! - Fololi Lologa-Iosua
and so it begins. I'll start the office ff how do you sign your name to your post? - rin wall
Don't forget the FF for Beginners group here: :-) - Kol Tregaskes
is it like "twitter"? can we add # or @ to mention something especial? - mansooreh sani
@Mansooreh Sani (as you can see, no effect, but a saved search of your name could be your solution there -- or even better, thinking of it, could be having your own hashtag #mansoorehsani): You can tag with an #hashtag which refers to a search of that term. @ mentioning didn't exist and never was brought up as absolutely necessary by the hardcore users. You can post to a user with a... more... - Zu from AOD
Guy Kawasaki
Hanging out over at
Hey, Guy! - Jesse Stay
How's it going Jesse? - Guy Kawasaki
Yay! - Susan Beebe from iPhone
Trying to keep my sanity during the Twitter DDoS :-) - Jesse Stay
Guy, glad to see you on FriendFeed! :) - Susan Beebe from iPhone
About time man - James Hunter
Hi, Guy! Not another darn subscription you have talked me into :) - Eric
Oh, oh. :-) - Robert Scoble
/me hands a bottle of rum to Guy. - imabonehead
come baaa ...aaaaa ...aaaack! - Mike Chelen
Hi Guy! When we going back to prison? That was definitely one of the most memorable experiences I had in 2009. Thanks! - Robert Scoble
Bump! - Jesse Stay
Great social bookmark bro - desiratna789
Oh no! He's back. Wait, maybe not. Nevermind. - Joe
Daniel Mietchen
Feature request: Search by license -
About the benefits of a search-by-license feature at PubMed: Open Access comes in many flavours, as highlighted by Cameron Neylon some hours ago. One of these flavours is the type of license under which the content is made available — one of the intersections of science and law. To facilitate navigation in these waters, it would be good if 1. all articles were clearly tagged (for both humans and machines) with their respective license (the same argument for data is central to the Panton Principles, by the way) 2. the license type could be used as a parameter in searches across articles or their metadata, or aggregations thereof (as is possible on Flickr and BioTorrents, and requested at Vimeo). - Daniel Mietchen
Thank you! Plenty to ponder in your response, thanks for posting it. - Rachel Walden
Reply from PubMed just came in: "The data to which I believe you are referring is not contained on PubMed/MEDLINE records. It cannot, therefore, be made searchable." It seems I should have submitted to the PMC helpdesk at . Just did so. - Daniel Mietchen
Took a while, and a lot of nudging from Daniel, but PMC search by license is now a reality: - Chris M
yay! - Kubke
daniel, do you have a new url for that blog post? - Kubke
Leo Laporte
Live now: Security Now 249 with Steve Gibson: Q&A 92. Discuss here....
Tease: - Leo Laporte
Security Updates: Adobe, once again: Shockwave (not Flash) Many CRITICAL vulnerabilities in v11.5.6.606 and earlier on Windows and Mac Not "Shockwave Flash" - Just "Shockwave Player" From the SANS Security Vulnerability Alert: The first issue is caused by a boundary error while processing Shockwave 3D block. The second issue is a memory corruption vulnerability caused by a signedness... more... - Leo Laporte
Two new Safari for Windows problems: Last time it was a pop-up handling problem. This week, in v4.0.5, we have: The first issue is caused by a use-after-free error in the way Apple Safari handles references to window objects. A specially crafted web-page can be used to trigger this vulnerability and successful exploitation might lead to remote code execution. The second issue leads to... more... - Leo Laporte
Security News: Truly Horrifying!: - Leo Laporte
*Google WiFi "Spying" Snafu* - Leo Laporte
How about this google search: - Leo Laporte
Verisign sells PKI, VIP & SSL to Symantec. - Leo Laporte
Errata and Updates - Leo Laporte
Steve's Twitter handle has changed: @AgileSynapse -> - Leo Laporte
No he won't send you the plans for the Portable Dog Killer, but you might find the parts at (42Ave Electronics ... since 1961) - Leo Laporte
Question [ 01 ] - Paul Stob in Nashville, TN write about: "The Portable Dog Killer" Dear Steve and Leo: I just wanted to add my voice to the likely thousands of people emailing you about the latest Security Now (about the portable dog killer). It was absolutely wonderful. My wife, God bless her, usually hates Security Now (for reasons that I'll never understand). But she absolutely... more... - Leo Laporte
Question [ 02 ] - Mike York in Seattle, WA writes about our mention of "FIRST robotics" in episode 248* Thanks for the mention of FIRST robotics. I'm been involved with FIRST for seven years serving as a team mentor, a judge and a referee. It does make a difference. A significant difference. We have seen a phenomenal growth of FIRST FRC teams here in Washington state the last few years,... more... - Leo Laporte
*Question [ 03 ] - Listener Matt says: "Please Sir, can I have some more?"... Episode #248 was FANTASTIC!!! Oh … and you're right about ctrl-c but it has been like that for a few years! So much so that it is second nature for me to always now press ctrl- cc and that always works, but it is a pain in MS Office because it brings up a multiple paste toolbar. - Leo Laporte
*Question [ 04 ] - An anonymous listener posted:* "Subject: German citizens responsible for own wireless security" An interesting ruling occurred in Germany where a musician sued a household for illegally distributing copyright content. While the family proved they were gone on vacation during the incident, the judge ruled that they were responsible because their wireless network should have been password protected. - Leo Laporte
*Question [ 05 ] - Jason in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada wonders and worries about "magic packets":* Hi Steve --- I was troubleshooting my network adapter and I came cross a network setting in Windows 7 I have never heard of before. The checkbox said "Allow a Magic Packet" to wake the computer." Should I be worried about the "magic packet"? Is it some strange or secret Microsoft backdoor... more... - Leo Laporte
*Question [ 06 ] - Vegard in Norway asks about: Hosted vs self-hosted blog:* Why are you using and not hosting yourself? - Leo Laporte
*Question [ 07 ] - Richard Doyle in Sydney, Australia stumbled upon Steve's "Legacy Project"...* Dear Steve, I am 32 and have only been listening to Security Now for a few months (but am quickly catching up!)... Your explanation over the last several weeks of the fundamentals of computer architecture, organisation, design and evolution over time has been accessible enough to inspire me... more... - Leo Laporte
Keeping blog codebase updated can be time consuming. There are hosts with automatic installers though. - Mike Chelen doesn't insert ads, only search bar (similar to Google Blogger). - Mike Chelen
*Question [ 08 ] - An anonymous listener suggested: "Subject: Let's Design a Network"* I really enjoy your program and am especially impressed by how you take the time to explain the fundamental technology to give your listeners a deeper understanding of the weekly topics you cover in your Q&A and regular episodes. If I may make an episode suggestion, it might be worth while completing... more... - Leo Laporte
Question [ 09 ] - Ashley Black in Reading, Berkshire, England brings us the WONDERFUL GLITCH OF THE WEEK! Subject: Skyhook Hi Steve! Just listened to the podcast where you described the skyhook WIFI location finding system, and it totally explained a strange bug I had been having with my Iphone! When using the Maps application on my iPhone at work, it kept showing my location as the OLD... more... - Leo Laporte
GOOD SHOW daves watchin from ga - daveccorey
Bret Taylor
The Secret Behind The Real-Time Web - YouTube -
The Secret Behind The Real-Time Web - YouTube
Ross and Dan made this video to illustrate the advanced technology we use behind the scenes at FriendFeed. (Ross and Dan, you are amazing - I can't believe how awesome this thing turned out) - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
How very creative. This is very fluid and cool. - Louis Gray
OK, not exactly what I was expecting, but very cool. - Kevin Arth
Anyone have the video somewhere other than Youtube? it's banned here in Turkey and I can't wait until we get home (next month) to watch it!! - Chris Myles
This is awesome! - Christopher Chung
with a community like this - you just can't roll-it into f.b.. keep the dream alive! - michael sean wright
:O - Josh Haley
Amazing, thanks for that! - dkb
According to Ross, they used about 1030 individual pictures in the final version. Stop motion is a lot of work :) - Bret Taylor
Sure, sure--give away all the secrets. (Are those Lego dudes union?) - Kathy Fitch
very creative. wonder how long it took to do that stop-action? - berchman
Ross's best work so far ! great job Ross - goutham
Major props to Ross and Dan. FriendFeed lives on - Shane
That's priceless. Great job, guys. - John Craft
This is superb. I just showed it to my 5 year old son who enjoys Lego and has already taken some great photos, including one or two of his toys. So now he has the seed of the idea that, in time, he could take multiple stills and put them together to make moving pictures. Thank you very much for posting it and giving me and him that opportunity. Maybe, he might use FriendFeed one day too! - John W Lewis
Great project! - Anne Bouey
AWESOME! - Kevin Fox
I think they need to make a full stop-motion version of the Matrix in legos. Now THAT would be awesome. I wonder what bullet-time looks like in LEGO? - Bret Taylor
i'd pay to see the stop animation lego matrix, but not the sequels - patrick
"Equipment Generously Provided By Casey Muller" - hahaha!! THIS IS AWESOMESAUCE!!! I love the creative energy and vibe in this video... LOTS of work went into that one! Thanks guys!! :) - Susan Beebe
Genius, how much time did that all take? - Wayne Hornsey
Chris Myles: if you want ot - DM me an address and I'll mail you a copy. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
That is so awesome - Glenn Slaven
happy-making! - Felicia Yue
I am more proud than ever for being a FriendFeeder :) - Arvind
Wow!!!!! - Mona Nomura
Excellent!! - Kol Tregaskes
That's great! - Devon Govett
Cool! The friendfeed's manufactury - Benedetto Vacca
неплохо, неплохо! Продолжение будет? - atner
hahaha very nice stop motion and music! - Alex man
FULL OF WIN - Jac Falcon
might I remind everyone that we are still loving FrF ^__^ - Peter Fedin
Peter +1. - Ahmet Yükseltürk
This is very cool and interesting, thanks for sharing! - Sarah Stamos
I do love this video and all the time Dan and Ross put in to it. - Kevin Fox
Thanks, Kevin! :D - Dan Hsiao
I love that this got bumped!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Me too Rachel! \o, Long live the Real-Time Web! - Zu from AOD
Cameron Neylon
Faculty of 1000 strikes a blow against the Ingelfinger Rule -
Maybe we need a run of "Give the finger to Ingelfinger" t-shirts? - Cameron Neylon from Android
With a list of journals to name and shame on the back? - Cameron Neylon
agreed, awesome :) - Heather Piwowar
It has always bugged me that JAMIA follows the Ingelfinger rule. You have Informatics in title! Be about maximizing use of information! - Heather Piwowar
@Graham: I get 403 errors... - Björn Brembs
hahahahaha, these are great - Meg VMeg
Love it, looking forward to seeing these on Camden Market. Actually, it's not just an issue with posters/abstracts, as some of the journals seem to have very similar policies regarding pre-publication release of data and pdb structures. Policies regarding data doi's are not clear yet, but Cell (Elsevier) recently told us if data released in this way represents a significant contribution to the importance of a related article, then access to it should be embargoed until the article is published. - Scott Edmunds
re: zazzle, I won't use a commercial site that *requires* me to sign in just to see their products. - Bill Hooker
And the flickr picture is Ingelfinger giving the viewer the finger. The hand should be the other way around, surely? - Bill Hooker
Bettina Tizzy
Voice algorithms spot Parkinson's disease Add your voice to research [3 mins] TY @garrymargolis
Jesse Newhart
Astronomers Discover Galaxy They Thought Couldn't Exist
Bora Zivkovic
RT @MiriamGoldste: Girls showing off amazingly hot science at the White House. THIS is how we do it. via @David_Dobbs @fayroberts
RT @MiriamGoldste: Girls showing off amazingly hot science at the White House. THIS is how we do it. via @David_Dobbs @fayroberts
Stephen Mack
Hypothetical question from "You Are Not So Smart": Suppose you won a lottery. Let's say $1 million. However, it's a very special lottery. You have to split your winnings with another person, chosen at random. Here's the catch: If she or he rejects your offer, you both get nothing. What percentage do you offer?
Clarifications: You don't get to communicate or negotiate with the other person, you just offer a percentage. Then the lottery board communicates with him or her, and your offer is either accepted, and you both get the money, or rejected, and neither of you get a penny. - Stephen Mack
You can offer anything from 0% to 100%. There's no right or wrong answer, it's just a thought exercise. But assuming you want to keep some of your winnings, if you offer a percentage that's too low, it might be rejected and you get nothing. If you offer a percentage that's too high, you don't win as much. So, what would you offer? - Stephen Mack
This sounds like a large scale version of a survey I did a few days ago. Only I was the one who got the offer. I accepted a bad offer and decided if I ever me the person I would pinch them. - Heather
Typically fairness requires 50% or people will reject. I would give 100% because I'm just that kind of guy :-) - Todd Hoff
50% doesn't come into play because the other person doesn't have a sense of entitlement. If the odds are high enough that nobody can reasonably respect to win twice in a lifetime, I'd offer 2%. - Kevin Fox from iPhone
If you have to tell them a straight percentage, then I'd say 50% but if you can tell them a total sum, I'd say $20,000 :D - Victor Ganata
Economists love asking this type of question because it helps to underscore human irrationality. :) - Dan Hsiao
Victor, let's assume you must express your offer as a percentage in this game. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Without knowing the total sum of the winnings, I honestly think some people would reject what sound like really low ball offers. I don't think anyone would reject even $100, but they just might if you told them they only get 0.01%. Especially if there's paperwork involved :) - Victor Ganata
Never thought I would say this but I agree with Cristo ;-) - Marina's Godmother :-)
I'd offer 45%, because I don't mind sharing, but it's my dollar that bought the ticket so I deserve more. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I also assume the other person knows the percentage, and I'd say 50%. If I was on the other side and was offered 10%, and knew the rules, unless I was impoverished the temptation to say "Screw you" would be really tough to resist. - Walt Crawford
I mean, if I were the person being asked, and they couldn't tell me the total? What if they only got 2 numbers + the mega? I'm not going to fill out paperwork for $0.0005. Probably not even for the whole $5 - Victor Ganata
That surprises me, Walt. Unless I really didn't like the other person, a lowball percentage is still more money than $0. It's still money I wouldn't otherwise have gotten. - Spidra Webster
I'd want to go with 50%, not because I think the other person would reject a lower number, but mostly because it is windfall money. As much as more could be great (I can certainly think of good uses for it), it is basically free money (minus the small amount of the ticket.) I guess it depends on how you see it - either the other person is 'costing' you the percentage that you're giving them, or they're giving you the percentage you're getting by participating. - Jennifer Dittrich
@Spidra, Walt's response is a fairly common one. People will give up free money to spite you if they think you're being unreasonably greedy. But that doesn't mean you can't be a little greedy (so I'd definitely offer less than 50%.) - Dan Hsiao
OTOH, if someone offered me 90%, I'd be suspicious. What's the catch? Is this not really a lottery, but a way to involve me in a nefarious money laundering scam? Even 55-45 in my favor might make me paranoid. - Victor Ganata
I'd probably offer 50%. Doesnt hurt me any since I'm starting with no money, and offering them an even split wouldn't leave them feeling like I was trying to take 'more than my share'. (Essentially, what Jennifer said above) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
If you can't be told the total winnings, what if 5% is some incredibly infinitesimal amount? What heuristic would the average person follow to decide whether or not it was worth their time to get involved? - Victor Ganata
Does lottery board communicates how much is at stake or just the $$$ amt or the % offer ?? These are crucial parameters to my decesion. If the total amt is disclosed then I'll offer 50%, if $$$$ amt discloused. I'll offer 10000/- , if % is disclosed (Without telling the total amt). I'll give 10%. - Peter Dawson
CLARIFICATION: The Lottery Board will disclose both the total winnings and the percentage. "Hello, this is the Lottery Board. So-and-so won $1 million in the lottery, and you were randomly selected to share it with so-and-so. So-and-so is offering you __%. You can either accept that offer, and you get __%, which is $___, and so-and-so gets the rest of the $1 million, or you can reject that offer and both of you get nothing." - Stephen Mack
Ah, then, yeah, I'd offer 2%, although I bet you there's still a fair chance I'd get screwed. - Victor Ganata
This is fascinating. I would go for 50% because the chances of anyone rejecting that is so small. It seems equitable and everyone feels like they win. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
"What's your answer, Stephen?" -- I will chime in tonight :) - Stephen Mack
With Stephen Mack's clarification, I'd offer 50%. For the reasons stated by others. - Walt Crawford
If the The Lottery Board will disclose both the total winnings and the percentage. then the only logic conclusion is to be fair and share 50%.. else the other party can screw you either way. If I go by @tiffany thinking, then its a zero loss $$$ , as the $1 was never yours to start off with. However, the chances are in gaining 'found' moniess for both parties if its split dead center. however, its still 50/50 chance that it can be reject/taken , regardelss off how much is offered , thats pure stat's - Peter Dawson
50%, less the about that gives me $1 more. Then I'd announce at a press realease that I'd like to meet the other recipient and if they are willing I want to give him/her the final 50 cents of their split I'd been holding for them. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Something like 60-70%, from what I've seen of this question before. What you don't have is a measure of the other person's greed and spite. The choice you have is all or nothing, but you get to decide what all is. If I've invested only $1, having 300000-400000x return is fine. I'd rather hedge with a smaller amount of still considerable returns. It would also depend on how hard it was to initially win the lottery, of course. - NOT THE CRICKET from twhirl
Also, I remember discussing this before, though I think that was $100. And I believe there is a section in Dan Ariely's book "Predictably Irrational" on the topic. And this type of thought-puzzle if I remember correctly it is an example of an 'Utlimatum Game'. - NOT THE CRICKET from twhirl
50% because people are irrational. - Dario Gomez
It's amusing that a system that has helped us survive gazillions of years could be considered irrational. - Todd Hoff
Todd, effective survival systems certainly can be considered irrational. Consider peacock feathers. - Stephen Mack
But it's irrational to say a system that leads to survival of a species is irrational. - Todd Hoff
Maybe let's discuss that concept in a different post? I disagree but I'd rather focus this post on the lottery offer. - Stephen Mack
I'd bet that pretty much no one would turn down $100,000, but a surprising number of people would turn down 10% - Victor Ganata
I think how one responds is how the proposition for the second person is phrased. There are different variations, are they called 'winners', amount vs percentage numbers, do they know the original amount/amount person one recieves? Also, the size of the initial amount is a factor. - NOT THE CRICKET from twhirl
Jimminy, I agree with all that. For this exercise, assume it's one million dollars, and the call the second person gets is phrased as I put it in a comment above: "Hello, this is the Lottery Board. So-and-so won $1 million in the lottery, and you were randomly selected to share it with so-and-so. So-and-so is offering you __%. You can either accept that offer, and you get __%, which is $___, and so-and-so gets the rest of the $1 million, or you can reject that offer and both of you get nothing." - Stephen Mack
So far, "50%" is in the lead with 6 votes, followed by "10%" with 3 votes, and 2 votes for "2%," then 1 vote apiece for "100%" and "25%" and "45%" and "5%" and "some percentage less than 50%" and "some percentage greater than 0%" and "60-70%." I'd like to see some more answers, please! - Stephen Mack
In the hypothetical where I was the necessary random person and not the main winner, I would take as little as 10 bucks, even if there was paperwork (assuming I wasn't worried about a scam), because I would be excited for them and not care about what happened to me. However, in the opposite case, I would offer 50 percent. They are equally necessary to my benefit as I am, so we should... more... - Marianne
I realize this isn't a balanced, logical approach, but my sense of morality is neither balanced nor logical, and I find that going against it makes me unhappier than any amount of money would make me happy. - Marianne
I agree with Starmama - I would offer 45% - b/c I won and they would be getting a good portion of it but I should get more and they should be happy with almost but not quite half. :D - Paulette
10%. I think that the big risk is being rejected because the random person assumes that the offer is a spam, not because of spite. - Tudor Bosman
Tudor, for the purposes of this hypothetical, don't worry about that -- assume that the Lottery Board shows up with a giant check and TV cameras and an Ed McMahon clone. - Stephen Mack
Stephen, if you were my special someone, I would give you half. - Louis Gray
Needs more clarifications; Does that person know all the details (this person won lottery but ...bla bla ) ? or someone is gonna tell her/him "That person offers you %x of her/his money, do you accept ?" - Ozgur Demir
Ozgur, assume they know about this lottery and that it's popular. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
50% :) - Georgia
If the last name of the person started with A-E 65% F-Y 45% Z 30% No last name then 25% - Me
Deciding if behavior is rational depends on the goal. If only the profit from a single event matters, then it is irrational to turn down any amount over zero. However if an individual in a tribe punishes another member for being selfish, that might improve their behavior in future situations. - Mike Chelen
is there a list of all of our Wordfeud handles? if not, here it go.
I'm chrisofspades (big surprise I know) - chrisofspades
laurabotts - Laruia Ingalls Botts
Sonorandragon, but I warn you, I suck at this game. I have fun, but you're going to whip my ass. And if you don't, then you shouldn't be playing it. - Dan: Bibrarian
StarsAtNightTX - Kristin
MikeChelen and it looks like the latest version of WF includes a new friends list feature - Mike Chelen
iphwin (iOS) - That's So CAJ!
Still faboomama - Anika
I'm skeered to play against Anika - A Gunny named Slickback
movieguyjon - Jonathan Hardesty from Android
Anika is skeery indeed! - Laruia Ingalls Botts
*cries* I'm not either! - Anika
I'm willing to play again I haven't been humiliated lately :D - A Gunny named Slickback
Starmama30 - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Nathan Chase
Regarding FB/FF - Here's how it's [probably] going to work. You will most likely have an account merge, all of the services FriendFeed supports will now be aggregated on Facebook, and all of your FriendFeed friends will be in a "list" on Facebook. The FF Groups will become Facebook Groups. The FF lists will become Facebook Lists.
the only thing that might get lost in the shuffle would be the Saved Searches - those don't have an equivalence on Facebook, and may be hard to port over... - Nathan Chase
that's my guess anyhow. - Nathan Chase
still the issue at hand is the past data... if they could figure out how to port over all the previous conversations and comments to Facebook - that would be a monumental achievement - Nathan Chase
I'm feeling a little nautious just thinking about it. - Daniel Sims
I dont't want this. Don't like facebook. Don't want to be there. I think Friendfeed is over for me:( - Ozgur Uckan
Yup. - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
It did not happen. - Ahmet Yükseltürk
Kinda wish it did. - Nathan Chase
Not me. While I wish FF had regular maintenance, I'd much rather be neglected than get the constant UI/privacy issues that FB has. - Spidra Webster
Seconding Spidra. - Absentee
What Spidra said. - John (bird whisperer)
Agreed. - Andy Bakun
For better or worse, FF walks its own path. - Micah
Ivan Zuzak
List of FF tools and services:
When adding to the list, please include the service name, type (bookmarklet, web app, browser extension, etc) and short description including links to the service website and FriendFeed post/group with more info. - Ivan Zuzak
ffcheck (bookmarklet): The ffcheck bookmarklet gives you a quick way to find out if there are any existing items on FriendFeed related to the web page you're viewing. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
FFHolic (web app): FFholic is a place for FriendFeed users to find lists of most liked and commented entries, most popular rooms and most popular users. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
friendfeedTranslate (user scripts and bookmarklets): Translates title and comments of a friendfeed entry to a chosen language. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
feed-buster (feed transformation service): Feed-buster is a service that enables automatic importing of images and other media for RSS/ATOM feeds in FriendFeed. See and for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
FFWho (web app) - FFWho allows you to see people who commented, liked your feeds and subscribed you but not in your subscription list. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
F2P (web app for mobile): f2p is a web-based FriendFeed application for mobile users. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
FriendFeedLinks (web app): FriendFeedLinks is a memetracker that tracks links shared on FriendFeed. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
FriendDeck (web & desktop app): FriendDeck is an aggregator built upon FriendFeed. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
ffOldAvatars (web app): ffOldAvatars takes you back and shows previous profile pictures of your FriendFeed account. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
FriendFeedSpy (web app): FriendFeedSpy is an aggregator built upon FriendFeed. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
whendidyoujoinfriendfeed (web app) - Whendidyoujoinfriendfeed finds approximately when you started posting to FriendFeed. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
FFsummary (e-mail service): FFsummary will e-mail your feed summary consisting of popular posts to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
ffsms (sms service) - ffsms brings you ability of posting to FriendFeed via SMS. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
ffScheduler (web app): Schedule your FriendFeed posts and send them automatically when you want. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
ffollo: is a simple service to auto follow users who share similar interest as you on FriendFeed. Ffollo will follow users based on how you use Friendfeed. - Paul Kinlan
friendfeedCommentAnchor (user script & bookmarklet) - Adds a permalink to each comment. See and for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
friendfeedCommentMiniAvatar (user script) - Adds a mini avatar to each FriendFeed comment. See and for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
dnd-bookmarklet (bookmarklet): FF bookmarklet replacement with drag&drop support. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
friendfeedPoll (user script): Report statistics on a friendfeed thread used as a poll / survey. See and for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
friendfeedForceHttps (user script): Redirects a friendfeed page to a secure connection and render all friendfeed links on page as secure protocol (https). See and for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
friendfeedFilterByService (user script): Shows only FriendFeed feed entries based on user chosen service types via either an inclusion (services to show) or exclusion (services to hide) list. See and for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
friendfeedExpandAllCommentsLink (user script): Adds a link (next to Tools link) to expand all rolled-up comments for every post on the current FriendFeed page. See and for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
friendfeedCommentHoverReveal (user script): On mouse hover, long FF comments are revealed (avoids needing to click the "more..." link). See and for more info. - Ivan Zuzak (web): directly post your updates to your stream from your phone where ever you are and when ever you want too. - AlpB.
Cool 3 of my apps are in this list :) FriendDeck, FriendBoo and FFollo :) - Paul Kinlan
ffspy (web app): FFSPY allows you to find out who unsubscribed from you by sending you hourly, daily or weekly reports via e-mail. Try it out at - Ivan Zuzak
fftogo (web app for mobile): FFtogo is a web-based FriendFeed application for mobile users. Try it out at - Ivan Zuzak
friendfeedTitleCompactor (user script): Compacts the display of friendfeed entry titles. See and for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
OPMLtoFF (Yahoo Pipe): Combines all feeds in an OPML file into a single feed for easier importing into FriendFeed. See for more info. - Ivan Zuzak
Here is the new one: FFSendImage ( provides you to send images via their urls ;) #ffsendimage #yay - Kaan Şengül
It might be better if you separate tools and services with separate posts. The list is awesome but it will get longer and longer. - @barisunver
ffedit ( you can edit your friend lists quickly. - batuhan - find new music through friendfeed - Uğur Çelenk aka friendfeedTranslate for FF, Facebook, and Twitter. - Micah from iPhone
ffPics | browse someone's shared images - - Barışnikov
JaFFa ( provides JAXB Objects and utility services for FriendFeed and downloads public feeds, direct feeds, discussion feeds and attachments. - ؛ patrick
ffhound (mobile app - FFHound is the ultimate FriendFeed client that works as you expect! Features: - Multiple account; - Create favorites list; - Notifications on new DM (with custom scheduling); - Browse all feeds; - Geo tagging on posts; - Realtime updates; - Fast browse; - Live folder for fast access; - Languages: English, Italian; - ✔ Crino
Added a small program to JaFFa which can delete spam comments. Just add the spammer users to the list and it will get rid of all the comments from those users. - ؛ patrick
tool for making anonymous posts to the friendfeed: - FFAnony
Son of Groucho
Image of the day: 84-year-old woman hit with pepper spray, Occupy Seattle - Boing Boing #occupy -
Image of the day: 84-year-old woman hit with pepper spray, Occupy Seattle - Boing Boing #occupy
"Image at left: "Seattle activist Dorli Rainey, 84, reacts after being hit with pepper spray during an Occupy Seattle protest on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at Westlake Park." Seattle Post-Intelligencer photographer Joshua Trujillo captured this shot, along with other shots of Seattle Police officers using pepper spray to disperse a crowd." - Son of Groucho from Bookmarklet
=O - Shevonne
Is this the democracy the US wants to export to the rest of the World? - Son of Groucho
I guess macing the younger protestors weren't doing it anymore. - Steven Perez
@Gordon: no, it most certainly IS NOT. don't be fatuous. - Big Joe Silence
although it is not any less shocking when done to an 18 year old! Or at least it shouldnt be. - Iphigenie
It shouldn't be, but for me, it is. We are taught to respect our elders. This shows none. - Shevonne from Android
this is illustration of how scared are powers-that-be... I wonder now, can US population at large get rid of self-elected government at all? or whole democracy theater exists to add smell and taste of legitimacy for gang at power? - A. T.
It's always inappropriate to mace peaceful protestors. When the victim is a younger person, viewers may imagine that they were somehow resisting violently. However when an old or infirm person is the target, it is instantly apparent that they could not have been a threat to the police officers. - Mike Chelen
@Mike That is true as well. What the hell can a 84-year old woman do? I guess none of these officers have grandmothers. - Shevonne
Or fathers... ;-) - Son of Groucho
:) - Shevonne
Allyson Lister
URL decay in MEDLINE—a 4-year follow-up study -
Bioinformatics, Vol. 24, No. 11. (1 June 2008), pp. 1381-1385. Motivation: Internet-based electronic resources, as given by Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), are being increasingly used in scientific publications but are also becoming inaccessible in a time-dependant manner, a phenomenon documented across disciplines. Initial reports brought attention to the problem, spawning methods of effectively preserving URL content while some journals adopted policies regarding URL publication and begun storing supplementary information on journal websites. Thus, a reexamination of URL growth and decay in the literature is merited to see if the problem has grown or been mitigated by any of these changes.Results: After the 2003 study, three follow-up studies were conducted in 2004, 2005 and 2007. Unfortunately, no significant change was found in the rate of URL decay among any of the studies. However, only 5% of URLs cited more than twice have decayed versus 20% of URLs cited once or twice. The... - Allyson Lister
Jason Snyder
Are subscription-based, or non-free, Electronic Lab Notebooks worth it? NIH is weighing options on which one to purchase, namely Labmatrix ( ), Labtrack ( ), and Sparklix ( ).
I'm not sure I like the idea of paying, especially on a monthly basis for a subscription, once I have to foot the bill, and also if free cloud-based services exist and can do a half decent job... - Jason Snyder
I'm more worried about the NIH devoting itself to one provider... people should have the freedom to pick a ELN that suites them, and the organization should be careful not to fall for the Vendor Lockin trap... they should pick a provider that strongly supports Open Standards... - Egon Willighagen
Personally I would run screaming in the opposite direction at this point. Trying to standardise across the NIH with anything that describes itself as an ELN is very like to be a disaster IMO - Cameron Neylon from twhirl
data portability is the keystone for software selection, because however perfectly any program meets today's standards, in the future those requirements are sure to change - Mike Chelen
I May give ELNs a try, just to see what I'm missing, but you all bring up some key points that make them pretty unattractive. I think the take home message for me is to spend a few hours deciding how exactly to best organize my lab notebook. Currently, it's a mix of lab books, sheets of paper, google calendar, google notebook (which isn't even being maintained by google), and a bunch of files stored remotely via dropbox...all the info's there, just not so cohesive. - Jason Snyder
I've been working with a small outfit called BioKM to get them to support data portability and open standards, but so far I haven't been able to get much of a committment from them regarding how open data and data portability fits into their roadmap. Hopefully this thread will help them see the importance. (In case anyone's wondering, that's my strategy to get more support for open science - help the service providers get a clue about what customers want in this regard) - Mr. Gunn
Gunn: what do you recommend for data potability? XML maybe? We just released Samples ( and I'd like to look into doing more in regards to data portability - Jamie McQuay from iPhone
I would have said XML some year ago, but now I'd say RDF using Open Specification namespaces, like FOAF, DOAP, Dublin Core, BIBO, ... - Egon Willighagen
Egon: thanks for the info, will be looking into more exportability in our next point release of Samples. - Jamie McQuay
+1 Egon, and thanks. RDF FTW I need to turn on comment notification or something. - Mr. Gunn
Followup the NIH evaluation process, recently the Scientific Directors have decided that each researcher is free to choose the electronic lab notebook that best suites their needs. During the committee evaluation, Sparklix e-Notebook received high praises for its ease of use, reach functionality and the included support. this electronic lab notbook is free, I would give it a try - - Roi Paz
Consider using WorkingWiki - it's free and flexible regarding data types. - Lee Worden
Steven Perez
Photo: › "Occupiers of Zuccotti Park and other sites around the country have been criticized for the...
How to Bid on Computing Power -New online exchanges aim to turn computer time into a globally traded commodity. Technology Review -
How to Bid on Computing Power -New online exchanges aim to turn computer time into a globally traded commodity. Technology Review
"Imagine buying time on a computer in Ireland or Indiana the same way you'd bid for an antique on eBay. That's how a new crop of startup companies called "cloud brokerages" plan to change the way companies buy and sell computing capacity. Cloud computing has already made accessing computer power more efficient. Instead of buying computers, companies can now run websites or software by leasing time at data centers run by vendors like Amazon or Microsoft. The idea behind cloud brokerages is to take the efficiency of cloud computing a step further by creating a global marketplace where computing capacity can be bought and sold at auction." - Wildcat from Bookmarklet
Been using Amazon EC2 spot instances for a while, great value if you bid when prices are low. More providers would help with price spikes, especially if there are ways to place orders across multiple exchanges. - Mike Chelen
Fwd: 6 Reasons We're In Another 'Book-Burning' Period in History:Cracked discusses the fate of books and libraries and nails it as usual.
Proponents of book destruction warn against the mentality that sees the library's function as a "museum of the book." Their point is that while you may think of the library as shelf after shelf of beloved old works of literature, the most important function (and often biggest cost) of a library is maintaining active subscriptions to dozens or hundreds of journals that students and academics use for research - LibrarianOnTheLoose
I'd say Steve's being generous. An awful article, even at a supposed humor site. - Walt Crawford
Lately the articles i've been seeing from Cracked are more political/social commentary than humor and I can't figure out when they made the switch. I don't think the article "nails it" in terms of scholarly import or something like that. I think it is a good piece to get non libraryland types interested in and concerned with the role and future of libraries. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
I'd disagree, if only because (a) the author says books are dead, (b) the author treats libraries as vandals of civilization, wantonly destroying important stuff in secret. I'm not sure hostile caricatures much help the cause of libraries. - Walt Crawford
I guess I don't read it as hostile. I thought the author did try to show that libraries aren't being malevolent, but they are responding to patron demand and economic pressures. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
I think the key to understanding this article lies in one of its first sentences: "For the past year or so, part of my job has been to walk through library warehouses and destroy tens of thousands of often old and irreplaceable books." It's a lot easier to do that job, I bet, if you see it as something ALL libraries are doing, nay, being forced to do, than as one approach to the... more... - Marianne
My partitioning masterplan
Ko da ti je drGspot preporučio layout :-) - Dobrica Pavlinusic
<3 - Gligor
Ne znam tko je drGspot :) - Fritz
@stricfric jel voliš amigu? - marcell mars
Ljubav je preteshka rijech za moj odnos s Amigom jer mi je jedina anoreksichna korelacija s njom moj prvi komp: Commodore 64 :) - Fritz
@stricfric dovoljno za početak ljubavi s drGspotom. - marcell mars
Agree :) - Fritz
GPGPU Java Programming - Java Code Geeks -
GPGPU Java Programming - Java Code Geeks
"In one of our previous posts we discussed the General Processing on the Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU) concepts and architecture. For C/C++ programmers this is all great but for Java Programmers writing C/C++ instead of Java is to say the least an inconvenience. So what tools are out there for Java programmers?" - imabonehead from Bookmarklet
ahmet, nice find! - imabonehead
Thomas Power
The five biggest companies that Google has gobbled -
AJ Batac
Sticky - An unbelievably simple notification system for jQuery -
Son of Groucho
People say, ‘I’m going to sleep now,’ as if it were nothing. But it’s really a bizarre activity. ‘For the next several hours, while the sun is gone, I’m going to become unconscious, temporarily losing command over everything I know and understand. When the sun returns, I will resume my life. If you didn’t know what sleep was, and you had only seen... -
I frequently think about how weird it is to sleep (partly because I have a hard time doing it most of the time). - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Why am I awake at 04.54? - Son of Groucho
New York City Bike Share Program Will Have 10,000 Bikes, 600 Stations -
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