Free Video on how to easily find hot niche products to sell on Clickbank and Free Software to help sell it:
How to Find Hot Clickbank Products to Sell. Free Videos:
How to Find Hot Affiliate Products to Sell. Free Videos:
I'm officially leaking Jeff Johnson's 4th Video for the Traffic Voodoo Prelaunch! Still Looking for Video 3...
The most vulgar (and helpful) video I've ever seen from Frank Kern. And it's totally Free!
Probably the most crude Frank Kern video ever!
Very cool! Frank Kern giving away a Free seminar video:
Free video from Frank Kern. 3 spots available.
Texas, our Texas. All hail the mighty state...
Looking at the worst flood I've ever see-- oh, wait.... Driving through Louisiana. It's supposed to look that way!
Alex will pay you $94 if you do not make your first sale in 10 days. Get set up in 20 minutes!
Great show tonight! A little muggy, but a lot of fun!
Improv Addicts show this Friday. Anyone interested?
My favorite keyword research tool!
Just finished a pretty cool placeholder page for a pal at
Jordan Weiland Photography: Samuel Cotton is 6 months old! -
Excellent Chuck! Can't wait for next season!
"Daddy, what does that say?" "Blessed are the peacemakers." "Police Makers?"
Coming home with two drum sets. Josh will be thrilled!
Lyndi chants, "Osternot, osternot, osternot--" Josh interrupts to correct her. "Lyndi, say ASTER-NOT." Ami and I were too tickled to correct them both.
Today is going to be a "blast"!
I hate sore throats.
She's a nurse, a student, a wife, a best friend, she's.... Super Mom!!! Happy Mother's Day, Ami. I love you!!
Watching the big kids play in the kiddie pool in the front yard, about to fall asleep on the front porch.
Thank you to everyone who came out to the ImprovAddicts show last night. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! If you haven't already done so, make sure you visit the ImprovAddicts page and become a fan. Thanks again!
Those of you going to the @improvaddicts show tonight, here is a practice questions for you: What is something unusual you might put in the trunk of your car (not a dead body)? 9pm, Lakeland Community Theatre, tonight. Be there!
In the words of the infamous Black Eyed Peas: "Tonight's the night! Let's live it up!!" Tonight, 9pm, Lakeland Community Theatre (on Lake Mirror). Come watch me act stupid on stage and be allowed to laugh at me at my own expense. This is your chance. be there!
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