Offshore Wind Farms Are Havens For Seals | IFLScience -
"Innovation not technology but the strategic use to give people a meaningful role to shape their worlds."
RT @mapkibera: Open Schools, Government Data Stories get the story behind the data
RT @hotosm: A new version of Tasking Manager Give it a try at
Matatu business lessons
RT @hotosm: Renewed ebola response needs your help Lots of new imagery to digitize.
RT @mapkibera: Working Strong with the Team in Kibera ... education mapping field trip report
RT @MapGive: First MapGive job is up to support #map4ebola along with several others at Thanks @pierzen @mikel and Andrew Buck
Organizational Anti-Patterns | hypatia dot ca -
RT @GroundTruthIn: New blog post: Making Education Info Available To All…
Outliers - Rebecca Szeto -
thanks @calimapnerd @jharpster for organizing #BoundaryCamp today. OpenBoundaryMap, here we come
here's @ricaji putting it on the map at #TedSalonBerlin
happy bday @houndbee. almost made it by, but babies make life a little inflexible.
The hidden beauty of airport runways, and how to decipher them - -
RT @mapkibera: @ricaji presenting Map Kibera at #TEDSalonBerlin tonight!
how has no one mapped the berlin pink pipes in @openstreetmap?
10 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr To Get A Near Perfect Desktop ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog -
in berlin and seeking baby friendly but still fun world cup viewing venue...
Fundamentals of Using Technology in Transparency and Accountability Organisations the 90% that's not about the tech
Why You Should Use ‘Fundamentals’ | The Transparency and Accountability Initiative - http://tech.transparency-initi...
11 maps that explain the US energy system - Vox -
RT @SarahTGold: Super to see #open source maps from @openstreetmap power new screen on #TFL bus @AlastairParvin
Crack open the @worldbank book on Closing the Loop at next week's launch
RT @bgigler: Excited about Closing Citizen Feedback event with @FeedbackLabs @OpenGovHub @mikel @civicusSG @AidData @LSE_ID @KfW
hi @paulcurrion, long time! cc @whiteafrican
New Indian State of Telangana added to @openstreetmap on day of creation
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