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Mike Mueller

Mike Mueller

Mike is a builder of engaging Custom Facebook Business Pages, blogs and social media engagement plans for his clients.
Re: STOP Sharing Stolen Videos! -
"Nope. It was just sitting in pending. I'm at a family gathering but I'll get to the reply later :)" - Mike Mueller
Re: Why does your small business need a website? -
"Thanks Sheila! As for the possible answers - is there another one you might add?" - Mike Mueller
Re: How Much ‘Stuff’ Can Your House Hold? -
"I saw your tweet the other day. I've been in homes like that. I can't imagine trying to sell one. Besides, if and when it did sell, would they be able to pack everything up and get moved out by close of escrow? Probably not." - Mike Mueller
Matt Larson Retul Bike Fit -
Matt Larson Retul Bike Fit
Lactate Threshold Test with Matt Larson -
Lactate Threshold Test with Matt Larson
Re: The “LIKE” is a copout! Engagement takes work -
"It can be hard and it does take time. No excuses, sorry. ;) For me if I don't have time, it just has to wait until I do - Like replying to your comment. I got the notification yesterday when you left it and might have come right over and replied but I was busy with a client project. For those that remember the good old days of A/R - there were great conversations that happened, and there were also those "bookmarked and saved for later" comments. I agree that there are certainly times that pressing the LIKE button is appropriate in my mind BUT that justification lies inside your mind, the person you liked may not have the same feeling. This isn't to say that I think everyone who likes my stuff is coping out. I am not projecting that on anyone other than myself. Does that make sense? For me, I'm resisting the like ONLY because I'm forcing myself to concentrate more on comments." - Mike Mueller
Re: The “LIKE” is a copout! Engagement takes work -
"Thanks Sheila! Me too. It's strange because I started with an empty list. It's up to a handful so far. I imagine it'll build exponentially. Only time will tell, eh?" - Mike Mueller
Re: The “LIKE” is a copout! Engagement takes work -
"I got your LIKE button right here... :)" - Mike Mueller
Re: The “LIKE” is a copout! Engagement takes work -
"You are most welcome! I read each and everyone of your posts, and yes some do inspire me! :)" - Mike Mueller
Re: Social Media is the new customer suggestion box -
"Social certainly is the new "suggestion box" but along that same vein I see consumers using it also as the new blackmail tool. "Hey Comcast, i had to wait 20 minutes past the appointment time you quoted so now I want a free month worth of service" kind of stuff. I think that's a real fear businesses have. I know of a well connected social media expert who launched an all out offensive in an effort to get a manufacturer to replace something that was not defective, performed as advertised, but was accidentally broken by the 'expert'. This wasn't a two dollar widget but an item that cost $10,000+ and the sad truth is that the 'expert' used the social media soapbox to flat out blackmail the manufacturer into replacing the item. How would you suggest the business owner handle that situation?" - Mike Mueller
Re: The “LIKE” is a copout! Engagement takes work -
"I saw that and I like the the idea! (pun intended) You don't need to run to FB and engage there - you did so here. Besides I know you. You are a true "engager". (Ken is too) BTW: that's my daughter, back in 2008. I had her pose for the pic as I was starting a blog called "Blog Whispering" It's dead but still lives in digital land at http://blogwhispering.wordpres... :)" - Mike Mueller
The Top Half of Pacifica -
The Top Half of Pacifica
15 tips to get more engagement: #6 -
15 tips to get more engagement: #6
Re: Giving back: WordPress -
"Ha! You did? I guess that's a good thing. Thanks Sheila!" - Mike Mueller
Re: How Apple Pay Works -
"It's really not safer to give your waiter a credit card - he or she probably has a skimmer in their pocket! * of course i am not that paranoid in real life. My point in all of this is that while we keep making things better, easier and safer - nothing is ever really safe. Just trying to get the whole story out there. :)" - Mike Mueller
Re: 5ive Questions with Patrick Healy -
"You are welcome! And yes you do fit the mold. There is no mold. I add a new question each week but after yours I think I also need to rearrange the order. ;)" - Mike Mueller
Re: I Got Me A New Caricature -
"I think it's great! It represents the massive intellect inside! :)" - Mike Mueller
Why I am doing Cycle for Survival -
Why I am doing Cycle for Survival
Rebarcamp Myrtle Beach -
Rebarcamp Myrtle Beach
So, I'm on Primer (it's from Google), using Chrome (it's from Google) and I can't help but laugh at the bottom link (that doesn't work). terms, Privacy and FAQ all work - but the get notified isn't an actual link. Am I missing something? Check it out -
Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 9.57.08 AM.png
WNR Upper and Lower Indian Valley Creek -
WNR Upper and Lower Indian Valley Creek
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