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Mike Mueller

Mike Mueller

Mike is a builder of engaging Custom Facebook Business Pages, blogs and social media engagement plans for his clients.
My favorite pic while riding yesterday - I get lucky sometimes! -
WordPress Basics: How to use Quick Draft -
WordPress Basics: How to use Quick Draft
Re: WordPress Basics: Archive Pages -
"SWEEEEEET Question! With 'Comment Spam' the bad guys are trying to increase traffic to their sites by either links in their comment or by having their site linked to their profile. The very same happens with websites that show their 'Trackbacks'. In the purest form they are looking for you to visit the site and buy something. In the darkest form they are looking to install malicious malware on your computer. Spam or malicious - it's all bad. For instance: posting something on a spam site with a link back to this article ' might create a visible trackback IF the theme showed trackbacks. That link creation can be automated easily by RSS. Luckily this theme, and most themes these days do not show trackbacks so their efforts are mostly in vain. i say mostly, because as you know, you get notification of these trackbacks. That means they might have a visitor (you). There is no SEO value in either." - Mike Mueller
Re: Work Smarter – Using -
"Hi Loz - So it's been a year since I did this experiment. Sounds like I should do a post on the subject. And sure - after i do the post i would love to guest on your podcast." - Mike Mueller
Tuukka in Castlerock -
Tuukka in Castlerock
Happy Birthday Buddy! +Patrick Healy -
Jul 10, 2014.flv
5 Sources for Free Pictures -
5 Sources for Free Pictures
Re: Is Yelp worth paying for? -
"Awesome Dawn - Care to share more? What works, what doesn't? What kind of return are you looking for? Running ads? So many questions... :)" - Mike Mueller
Re: Is Yelp worth paying for? -
"Thanks John! :)" - Mike Mueller
Re: 15 tips to maximize your Linkedin Profile -
"Update is a very good idea. Too many people leave there profile just sitting there. I generally try to post a public update everyday. I couldn't care less who 'likes' them - for me it's not a numbers thing. My Linkedin Plan has me writing a Real Recommendation once a week. It takes me just a few minutes and makes a big difference for some people. (and then sometimes my recommendation never gets seen by the person I wrote it for because they ignore the network all together) Depends on the group. I love the groups that are tightly moderated. no spam, on topic, quality conversations and help. I mod one such group and participate in a few others like that." - Mike Mueller
Re: What happened to my Google Authorship? -
"For me - it was all about the click thru rate. Much much higher when I had a pic. Google didn't put a pic on everything - just when they thought it was relevant. As for the semi accurate description - always use an SEO plugin that allows you to dictate that meta description. They won't always use it but they do most of the time." - Mike Mueller
Re: Is Yelp worth paying for? -
"Ahh, but then again... a Yelp Biz does show up in a Google search. I've had a few people who searched Google, saw my pitiful little Yelp profile and then called me. So there is that. I actually answer the yelp calls. Talk to them (politely) about why I don't need a paid account. * I thought I paid you that $ for clicking all those expertise's on my Linkedin Profile ;)" - Mike Mueller
Northstar XC Race #1 -
Northstar XC Race #1
Staircase to Hell : Hole in the Ground -
Staircase to Hell : Hole in the Ground
Re: Follow vs NoFollow Links on Social Media Sites -
"You are most welcome!" - Mike Mueller
Tahoe Rim Trail Boo Boo -
Tahoe Rim Trail Boo Boo
Re: Is this still really happening? Really!?! -
"You know - that would make a good Guys Talking Tech episode. ;)" - Mike Mueller
How to Schedule a Post in WordPress -
How to Schedule a Post in WordPress
How I spent Father's Day -
How I spent Father's Day
Re: The Importance of Listening -
"Yes we did! And that's perfectly fine by me! (always)" - Mike Mueller
Re: The Importance of Listening -
"LOL! That was a 2 Egg Omelet, a french feta styled sheep cheese, avocado, Salsa de Molcajete (great salsa!), and a dollop of sour cream. Oh, and a sprinkle of Himalayan coarse pink sea salt on the extra avocado! :)" - Mike Mueller
Re: 3 reasons to keep on writing -
"Most welcome! Good stuff and it needs to be shared! :)" - Mike Mueller
"Proposed building and sight lines. So that the neighbors can better visualize what the proposed building is going to block of their view." - Mike Mueller
Set up Google alerts with the url of your website and add +viagra, +ciallis, and other spam injection words to monitor what you can't see.  Don't forget to spell the words both correctly and incorrectly too!   #NoHacked -
Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.54.42 AM.png
I am SO going to Instagram this! -
Re: How to subscribe to a Craigslist search -
"I'm guessing the issue isn't a issue, it's a Craigslist issue. I tried setting up a Craigslist search notification too and that's wonky. Bummed!" - Mike Mueller
Re: WP Basics: How to write a blog post -
"A spammer? NEVER! Oh and by the way... Good Luck in Game 7 tonight! :)" - Mike Mueller
Re: Five Posts You Really Should Read (episode 1) -
"I'll bet you a bunch of people are reading ('paperlessly' of course)" - Mike Mueller
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