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Enginerdery : love of all things science, engineering, creative, design, and nerd um... ery.
RT @reedsturtevant: Startups same, except Women Wanted RT @bittman: Shackleton's original ad, to which there were 28 replies /ht @jnagro
iPad in a stuffed animal? having watched small kids with iPads this seems pretty compelling
How good at logic, algebra and sequences are you? Smarterer has a new 'programming aptitude' test. Any takers?
Saw a banana peel in the road this morning. First thought: should I swerve to avoid? Super Mario Kart reflexes die hard apparently
been a while. surprised to see so many people still on here (friendfeed)
We Need You: Help Us Take New Smarterer Tests For a Spin -
Facebook (Development) test
Twitter (Development) test
Amazon Web Services test
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Web Server Logging Tip -
Finding a Co-founder, Tips For Evaluating Startup Ideas -
Playing iOS spotify app through AppleTV -
Quick Code Fix: Disqus ‘Same Comment’ Problem in WordPress -
Is something wrong with Verizon VOD tonight in boston-area? @VerizonSupport
Is anyone using Google+ in google apps for business? Is it useful for intra-team sharing / communication?
digital archeology: on my computer, found an old list of "music to check out" that's 3+ years old. So easy with @spotify now.
comments / community used to be one of the most interesting parts of some blogs, now it's all a ghost town.
.@MetaLauren I'm more active on twitter, but not much :) Thanks for the bday wish!
Congratulations to @ashalytics on the #battle2charles #swboston win! Boston represent!
Watching the tweets re: #battle4charles hoping teams I tried to help yesterday do well.
iPad mini, so tempting :) @HubSpot: Want a chance to win an iPad Mini? Enter the contest here: http://hubspotmobile.sites.hub... #HubSpotMini
OK. crashing. can't keep eyes open. Too many late nights lately.
The deed is done. Ballot away!
Ok, coffee then to the bat polls! Wait. no. Voting polls. Definitely coffee first.
What ever happened to all the "open government" initiatives?
I've got a null hypothesis for ya right here! ... I've been looking at these statistics for too long.
Playing Spotify (or really any OS X app) Through AirPlay or AppleTV -
Great post on design process. @googleventures design staff blog: We (@smarterer) did a sprint w/them & learned tons
cool scrolling space info graphic:
Messing with PostgresSQL. A bit alien for this old MySQL dog.
Gym plan not working out today. Motivation meter is on E
Google + Star Trek. Love today's Google doodle, celebrates first episode. (click around)
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