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Enginerdery : love of all things science, engineering, creative, design, and nerd um... ery.
RT @ajturner: "The size of the comet compared to an Imperial Star Destroyer" @ESA_Rosetta - well played @WashingtonPost
Sorry I had to miss tonights @StackDive. Sounds like it was pretty awesome with @AdelphicMobile Another great event, @jiqtoo and @jfmyers01
RT @laurencreedon: #StackDive event at #WeWork hosted by @smarterer & #Adelphic. (How do I never notice the 10:1 M:F ratio until later?)
Big news. Super excited to have Larry on the team!
Great job @jfmyers01 and @jiqtoo on the first @stackdive! @smarterer represent!
RT @hodges: The @Smarterer crew in action talking shop about Backbone & Coffeescript at @stackdive.
RT @JayNeely: At the inaugural @Stackdive. Glad this event series is happening. @Smarterer organizing, @WeWork hosting.
RT @firstround: The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately. — Anonymous
Cool! extracting audio from object vibrations in video.
RT @reedsturtevant: Startups same, except Women Wanted RT @bittman: Shackleton's original ad, to which there were 28 replies /ht @jnagro
iPad in a stuffed animal? having watched small kids with iPads this seems pretty compelling
How good at logic, algebra and sequences are you? Smarterer has a new 'programming aptitude' test. Any takers?
Saw a banana peel in the road this morning. First thought: should I swerve to avoid? Super Mario Kart reflexes die hard apparently
been a while. surprised to see so many people still on here (friendfeed)
We Need You: Help Us Take New Smarterer Tests For a Spin -
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Twitter (Development) test
Amazon Web Services test
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Is something wrong with Verizon VOD tonight in boston-area? @VerizonSupport
Is anyone using Google+ in google apps for business? Is it useful for intra-team sharing / communication?
digital archeology: on my computer, found an old list of "music to check out" that's 3+ years old. So easy with @spotify now.
comments / community used to be one of the most interesting parts of some blogs, now it's all a ghost town.
.@MetaLauren I'm more active on twitter, but not much :) Thanks for the bday wish!
Congratulations to @ashalytics on the #battle2charles #swboston win! Boston represent!
Watching the tweets re: #battle4charles hoping teams I tried to help yesterday do well.
iPad mini, so tempting :) @HubSpot: Want a chance to win an iPad Mini? Enter the contest here: http://hubspotmobile.sites.hub... #HubSpotMini
OK. crashing. can't keep eyes open. Too many late nights lately.
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