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Check out this ipad Parody. Too funny!
Check out this ipad Parody. Too funny!
Why is it so hard to find a nylon wallet or a plastic mug that fits into your refrigerator?
#wow #warcraft All sites look to be up. But no one can log in. None from our guild can get in.
#wow #warcraft "Disconnected from Server" error on character screen. Forums are down too.
#tigerwoods Obviously he was trying to send a tweet when he crashed! What else would distract him so much?
Saw Wicked for first time on Sunday. Awesome show. Blogged the details:
#balloonboy balloon boy found. Hiding in cardboard box. I guess we know how the balloon got loose! lol.
#balloonboy The "basket" was that round thing at bottom of balloon.
#balloonboy Confirmed. No parts of Balloon were missing. There was NOT separate basket. Balloon on TV was it.
#balloonboy Dads name is richard heene, kids name is falcon heene
#balloonboy Channel 7 reporting box was attached to balloon. That is probably not good news.
#balloonboy Doesn't look like there was any way to attach basket.
#balloonboy Balloon may have had a basket when it took off. No solid information yet.
Checkout if you want in on the #blizzcon twitter action.
Posted on options for following #blizzcon this weekend.
This site looks really cool. Will blog about it later.
If you want to follow blizzcon via chat, check this out: #blizzcon at
Or should I say, wake up text!!!
Must be a new iphone feature, 6am wake up call!!!!
But at 7am, I got an e-mail from the at the address in question. lol.
At 6:15am ATT started spamming me with texts every 5 minutes or so. Apparently their system doesn't like my updated email address
Installed iphone 3.0.1 this am. It broke my phone. No 3rd party apps work now.
@andylevy Apparently Engadget doesn't like Red Eye, but Engadget readers love the show.
Found some really good pictures of protests on See my unplugged blog #iranelection
@AmandaCarpenter Good segment. The copy should never have pulled the grandma from car.
Appleinsider is live blogging the Apple WWDC keynote. A new iPhone perhaps? We shall see.
A few posts on my blog. If you use a Mac, get Open Office 3.1. You'll be glad you did.
Testing 123 from friend feed.
New posts on free webex, iPhone web dev, and pretty CSS tables.
New posts on free webex, iPhone web dev, and pretty CSS tables.
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