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For wasting on hours of my life on your click-bait links...
RT @MythBusters: In case you missed it, that myth about only using 10% of our brains? Busted!
Weeeeeee I am using 64-bit Chrome on Windows! ... I notice nothing different.
This is why I have it backed up on multiple spots. “How a bug in Dropbox permanently deleted my photos” by Jan Čurn
RT @KSTPbrk: Multiple Sources: An officer has died after being shot in the head during a traffic stop.
RT @dteare: The GitHub repo for the 1Password App Extension is live. You can add support to your apps *today*.
RT @Farah_Gazan: The mosque that I have always loved! Why!! 😭 #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack #AJAGAZA
RT @Farah_Gazan: I went out to visit my grandma today, I discovered that at least one building was bombed in every single street. #GAZA IS DESTROYED#AJAGAZA
RT @philcrissman: You know what would be neat? Something new. Not everything needs to be remade.
It's been so long since I used PDM that I had to think to remember how to compile. #ibmi
It's funny how when you empower a user to do a manual process, they start wondering why it was done that way.
Some days I feel like I need to be wearing a superhero cape at work...
RT @jeffjarvis: Google Drive's versioning just saved me.
There... website is compressed... mostly. Good enough. Under 300 kb for the homepage is pretty good I think.
Wait... to compress my JS and CSS I need to have Java installed?!? Really?!?!
Stumbling my way through CSS/JS compression in Jekyll. Almost there if a bug didn't squash my fun.
Way to go Waste Management for NOT fixing my garbage can. That part you "fixed" it with was broke as well. My kid got 10' b4 wheel fell off.
I am finally watching it. — watching The LEGO Movie
"The rock" - like if you are in the know. :)
Selfie on the river trail.
Very cool to see. Scary to be there.
Presenting... my new website design!
RT @roundaboutready: No more no more no more! Adams Street is opened!
Just entered to win an "11 MacBook Air. If interested... via @joystiq
Anyone an expert at jQuery Datatables? I have a weird issue I can't figure out.
Love it! "Level 8 Error" as heard on @Technorama
Getting Started with Modern Web Development via @modernwebhq
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