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RT @kurtiswmorrison: @smashingmag I just did some research: Does Cleaner Design Improve eCommerce Sales? Hint: yes.
Some good tips in here. "You May Be Losing Users If Responsive Web Design Is Your Only Mobile Strategy"
LOL RT @pcweenies: Is the NSA down? Because I can't access my G-mail account.
RT @roundaboutready: Is that? Can it be? YOU BETCHA! That's some concrete going down at the Madison Avenue roundabout. #progress
RT @guardian: If you see this woman's knickers in your Facebook feed, don't click the link @guardiantech
Interesting idea for buildings... Though i question several parts of it....
Dont Feed Your Kid Fish From The River -
Dont Feed Your Kid Fish From The River
I got my @onedrive extra space today! "1.04 TB available"
I am sucuming to peer pressure. I'm trying it! Not clue what I'll talk about though...
I so wish we could drop that PITA java application that the vendor doesn't update support to newer versions of Java.
RT @IBM: IBM + Apple. Really? Really:
I am sure this isn't 100% true.... But does make you think either way
RT @MikeElgan: BREAKING: Google+ drops real-name requirement.
Sometimes I wish I can see all of the posts from certain people... so I created Watch List for these people so I don't miss a thing! :-)
I always forget about it. "SQLite: Small. Fast. Reliable. Choose any three"
BREAKING: 10 Scrag were fatally burned last night. 8 adventurers are said to be responsible.
Guess God doesn't want to rain on this parade.
So... Is the mom shorts a new look now? Seen several girls with them on tonight.
The curse of a self-taught programmer
Sniff.... Sniff....
RT @marcoarment: @techdouchebags @danbenjamin “Everything on iTunes” is never fixed.
What's the science here and why the magnet?
This isn't fair!!! Half these songs I will ALWAYS hear the wrong way now!
I don't have to try hard to imagine the conversation.
They just want to eat our pests. William
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