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Michael Metz

Michael Metz

Manage during the day, spend my nites trying to keep ahead of my technology using teenagers.
RT @jasonbradford: if you have an ipad, You need the Zite app. Smartest news/reader app I've ever used... saves me tons of time.
RT @KatieS: Dear Mother Nature, whatever we did to piss you off, we're sorry. Please bring the sun back. Love, California.
I pay lots of taxes, GE pays none, NY Times via @ziteapp
Mom's birthday flowers from Julia @ On the dining room table
Cory Doctorow on the New York Times Paywall
RT @StephenAtHome: Haven't tweeted in a week, but I feel grea...^&lwe;owgahhh! I was over confident, pulled a tweet muscle!! Knew I should've stretched!
RT @dsearls: Fun to follow my own flight on #flight aware: . Going slow though. And too bumpy for sleep.
RT @KatieS: Apparently, US spent $112mm on day 1 of missile strikes on #Libya. And my kids public schools are issuing pink slips b/c of no budget.
Really?!?! RT @Slate Obama close to naming Eric Schmidt as commerce secretary?!?
RT @Slate: Obama close to naming Eric Schmidt as commerce secretary?!?
Ten yrs and this to show RT @nprnews: Petraeus: Taliban's Military Momentum Stalled
RT @acarvin: @thepachyderm Take it easy, fella. Have some plant roots and a splash in the pond.
RT @TimeOutTokyo: Chubu Electric Power Co reports that the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station has not been damaged by tonight's Shindo 6+ Shizuoka quake (NHK)
What is the situation at Haneda airport? Are the trains operating? ( #YokosoNews live at
yokosuka naval base affected by the earthquake?
are haneda airport trains operational from the earthquake?
Snow!!! @ On our backporch!
Obama, Jobs, Zuck dinner, must be awesome to be in the presence of such power, wonder how Obama felt?
RT @KatieS: Holy awesomeness, #Egyptians are using Google Moderator to generate ideas on rebuilding the country (h/t @ghonim)
I luvit RT @phpieri: Super-fast growth for Instagram:
Mubarak resigns
US Grant Hotel San Diego dumped my reservation made weeks in advance "sorry out of rooms"
Come join me in watching the Cisco Press Event Live with John Chambers from CES #ciscoces
RT @DJLitten: A good rundown of the Joe Sjoberg situation by @jaredbkeller "The Social Media Amber Alert: A Personal Story"
RT @itsjustmath: The Wondeful Power of Social Media: Joe Sjoberg's Amber Alert
RT @phpieri: With Google Instant, an estimated 11 hours of searching can be saved every SECOND!!! #googleinstant
RT @liberalchik: RT @steveweinstein: We cannot even rebuild New Orleans in 5 years. How the hell can we build some kind of amiable society in Afghanistan?
Great video RT @MoveOn: Our Members organized a FLASH MOB at a @Target to boycott the store! (VIDEO) #BoycottTarget
RT @engadget: Flash ported to iPhone 4, available for download (video)
Watching 2010 FIFA World Cup - Spain vs. Honduras on @ESPN3 #WorldCup
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