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Aut viam inveniam aut faciam. (Either, I will find a way, Or I will make one.)
Melody Gardot… Love Me Like a River Does♥
by Gosselin.jpg
Love me like a river does,, Cross the sea,, Love me like a river does,, Endlessly,, Love me like a river does,, Baby don't rush you're no waterfall,, Love me that is all,, Love me like a roaring sea,, Swirls about,, Love me like a roaring sea,, Wash me out,, Love me like a roaring sea,, Baby don't rush you're no waterfall,, Love me that is all,, Love me like the earth itself,, Spins around,, Love me like the earth itself,, Sky above below the ground,, Love me like the earth itself,, Baby don't rush you're no waterfall,, Love me that is all….. Have a great weekend. - mina_sydney
this is what real music is. merci ma cherie <3** - Cera
Thank you, Malik jan, glad you liked it - mina_sydney from iPhone
Thanks, dear Cera :) - mina_sydney from iPhone
Beautiful song. - ma∟ıĸ - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو
Awesome song ... :-*** - Sepi ⌘ سپی
... - Arash
Thank you, booteh jan and Sepi jan :)** - mina_sydney from iPhone
Thank you, Dear Iker yoldas, Gajamoo khan and Arash khan :) - mina_sydney from iPhone
Awesome song ... :-*** - Sepi ⌘ - Homa
++ - amin
+++ - Hadi.YaLın
Listening Now ... :) .. Love me that is all - Hadi.YaLın
Hope you enjoyed it, Godfather :) - mina_sydney
I'm Hadi :D Mina jan - Hadi.YaLın
Oops..., I'm so sorry! Hadi jan :) - mina_sydney
I'm change my name for a while to fun :D my best friend :) - Hadi.YaLın
+ - hosein.x6
+++ - ashk irani
^ - Paul
Miss your beautiful posts:)* - Cera
Miss your beautiful posts:)* - Cera - صمد بهرنگی
چرا نیستید؟ - Hadi.YaLın
Miss you Mina joon <3 - Homa from Android
Checks in with Mina's acct to see if she is okay (from CarlC's acct) - CarlC from Android
Happy New Year Dear Mina :) may it be full of happy fulfilled moments :) - -سعید همیشه سبز -؟
سال نو مبارک - فرتور
Darling mina, happy nowruz. I wish you the best of everything >D<** - Cera
بسیار سپاسگزارم دخترم. سال نو شما هم فرخنده و پیروز باد. شاد و موفق وسربلند باشی. - Arash
مینا جون سال نوی شما هم مبارک :) - aghah
happy nowruz. - ashk irani
سال نو تون مبارک - amin
+ - amin
آخ آخ چقدر من این موزیک رو دوست دارم - Techfan
Baby don't rush you're no waterfall!! - sam
امیدواریم هر کجا که هستید، خوب و خوش و سلامت باشید - Arash
Simply Falling - - Iyeoka ...
Hi, booteh jan :)* - mina_sydney
دانلود میکنم تا گوش بدم. آهنگ های شما همیشه زیبا هستن :) - Hadi.YaLın
Thank you booteh jan, It's so sweet of you. Enjoy your day and good night from me :) - mina_sydney
Thank you, Hadi jan, I hope you enjoy it, have a great Friday :) - mina_sydney
ممنون مینا. گوش دادم و لذت بردم :) - Hadi.YaLın
What a voice! smooth and soft - Paul
Great music, Thank you Mina jan for share it - chakra
absolutely divine! - Cera
hi mina..suck my dick plz :) - کیرتو کون مصدق :)
hi mina..suck my dick plz :) - کیرتو کون مصدق :) - کیر خر تو کون شهدای سبز
Thanks, dear Cera and Paul - mina_sydney
Thanks, dear Cera and Paul - mina_sydney
Thank you, chakra jan. Glad you enjoyed it :) - mina_sydney
Awesome ... :-* - Sepi ⌘ سپی
Sepi jan :)* - mina_sydney
وااااااااااااااااو .... نشنیده بودم میناجان .... خیلی خیلی زیبا بود - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو
مینا جون خوبی؟کجایی؟ - صمد بهرنگی
. - Arash
up - Cera
+ - hosein.x6
Mina, I hope all is well! - CarlC
این چه خوبه من تاحالا نشنیده بودم چرا - اردویسور
اردویسور jan, I'm so glad you liked it :)** - mina_sydney
Give me more beautiful music like this!! :) - amni
Missed to see your beautiful posts lovely ... :-* - Sepi ⌘ سپی
Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?
Will you still love me, When i’m no longer young and beautiful? Will you still love me, When i’ve got nothing but my aching soul? I know you will, I know you will, I know that you will, Will you still love me when i’m no longer beautiful? Dear lord, when I get to heaven Please let me bring my man, When he comes tell me that you’ll let him, Father tell me if you can… - mina_sydney
Best In This Momen! - کیـــومرث-Alfi
Hi, Dear Alfi :-) - mina_sydney
Hi Mina jon.....miss you dear - کیـــومرث-Alfi
beautiful song! - Cera
Same here, Alfi jan, Please take care. - mina_sydney
خوبی مینا جان ؟ مرسی بابت آهنگه :) - Hadi.YaLın
Salam, Hadi jan. merci man khobam, arzoo daram shoma ham khob bashi :-). You are very welcome, glad you liked it :) - mina_sydney from iPhone
++ - hosein.x6
awesome soundtrack! - Paul
خیلی کم پیدایی رفیق - aghah
Her voice is haunting - ashk irani
... - Arash
اوه ببین کی اینجاس :) به سرزمین مادری‌ت (:دی) خوش اومدی مینا :) - مسعودک
مسعودک جان٬ مرسی٬ مرسی :) - mina_sydney
forever! - chakra
beautiful song ! thanks for sharing, mina - صمد بهرنگی
... - Arash
So young and beautiful! - ﻋﻠﯽ.ﺑﺎ
This song gives me goosebumps! it's so good! - Paul
This song is magical <3 - golpar
شخم دلتنگی. We missed you. - aghah
... - chakra
We’re so proud of your work in saving lives in Africa. We missed you at RPA Hospital. Take care of yourself, angel - Paul
miss you Mina jan :**** <3 - Homa
+ - amin
این خیلی قشنگه - ﻋﻠﯽ.ﺑﺎ
جای مینای عزیز هم خیلی خالیه - aghah
Beautiful song! - Ricky
We miss you Mina. Hope you are well wherever you are :-* - Cera
An exceptional melody! - samuel
Eerie and pleasing song & lyrics. Thanks for sharing Mina! - CarlC
Thank you, Not Carlos. Glad you liked it. Happy Holidays :) - mina_sydney
آرزومندم سال نو مسیحی برای شما فرزندم شادی و موفعیت بیشتر به ارمغان بياورد. - Arash
Will you still love me when I'm no longer rich and powerful? - Todd Hoff
Thank you Kenneth :) - mina_sydney
مینا جان خوشحالم میبینمت :) - Hadi.YaLın
Merci, Hadi jan :-) - mina_sydney
Dear Todd Hoff, I'll Think about it :) - mina_sydney
Not being either rich or powerful I can still wonder about the deal being made :-) - Todd Hoff
Mina, hope things are peachy! H2CUS - Paul
Sweet melody! - sam
I can't stop listening to it! - sam
Guess I'll have to wait:) Love the music though - amni
There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met.
We were like strangers who knew each other very well. - mina_sydney
<3+++ - Cera
People are strange when you're a stranger:) - Cera
++++++ - DArA
لایک دستی وسه مینا جون:) - aghah
Nicely said, Mina :) - Paul
+++ #index - Ali Oz
Merci, MotherEarth:) - mina_sydney
Thank you, Malik jan, dear soℬℋ and all :) - mina_sydney
+ - hosein.x6
سلا مینای گلم .. حالت چطوره عزیز؟ باور کن دلم خیلی خیلی برات تنگ شده بود و الان خوشحالم که بعد از مدتها زیر فید زیبات دارم کامنت میذارم ... آخر هفته ی زیبا و شادی رو برات آرزو می کنم - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو
+ - hosein.x6
+ - DArA
+ - hosein.x6
* - Cera
demand - Sean-G
++++ - Homa
+ - aghah
+ - hosein.x6
+++ - Ouistitis
My darling booth jan, Thank you for dropping by and for those heartwarming words ◠‿◠✿** - mina_sydney
...دخترم٬ کاملا صحیح است. و چقدر دوستان عزیز و همراهان گرامی! - Arash
Salam, be shoma, Kenny - mina_sydney
کم پیدای دوست عزیز - aghah
Soft touch♥♥Like a drop of water on naked body, tip-toeing like a ballerina on the skin. Like a second of sunshine on a cloudy day. Like a single note played on the piano, echoing into the distance of mind. As soft as a summer breeze, gently touching the heart with surprise…
لمس زیباترین ارتباط بين دو نفر ♥♥Something resides, deep inside of each of us, longing to reach out - to touch another, to take a lover or simply find the friendly presence in someone else's soul. - mina_sydney
<3<3* - Cera
So sentimental:) - Paul
thanks Cera, thank you paul:) - mina_sydney
Nice! - Sean-G
Beautifully said mina joon :-* - Sepi ⌘ سپی
If you like to post this artwork in authorize me by mail at please write me also the title and some notes about your work and your person. Thanks a lot Ray - ray iperio
thank you Sepi jan:-)**, It's my pleasure. - mina_sydney
thank you Ray, I appreciate your interest:) - mina_sydney
thank you ϺΛИıΛ. I's very kind of you. I'm so glad you liked it:-) Cheers - mina_sydney
+++ - Cera
سلام مینای گل م .. تو ایران ازین کارهای خوب ممنوع ه :)) باور نکن - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو
گجمو ارزو میکنم خوب باشید/ چی را باور نکنم؟...چرا مگر در ایران محبت گناهه؟:!!!همیشه شاد باشید:) - mina_sydney
, - reズa .
* - hosein.x6
مینا جون شرمنده ولی اینا که لمس نمیکنن ، :))) - reズa .
:)))ای بابا رضا جان، شرمنده نشو لتفن:)) من فکر کردم بغل کردن، دست دادن و سورت بوسیدن، لمس (تاچ) هست. اگر نیست پس منو ببخشید:)) - mina_sydney
* - Cera
غیبت طولانی - aghah
I'm missing you :( - Cera
لایک به عکس - ایلعارز دَوَنگ(ع)
Where are you? - سيما كيا Sima kia
mina jan you are missed ... :-* - Sepi ⌘ سپی
And that's nice - ℰℭℋⒶⓃ
I will need someone to be a 'soft touch' to me ;) - Paul
لایک - ashk irani
دوست خوبم مینا.. چطوری رفیق؟ - hosein.x6
If only closed MINDS came with closed MOUTHS.
By. M.Brand.jpg
Yes! - Jenny H.
Empty vessels make the most deafening noise - نافرمانی مدنی
Kelli :)* - mina_sydney from iPhone
My dear MotherEarth, It's so true<3 - mina_sydney from iPhone
world would be more peaceful place to live ... if... - Cera
+ - hosein.x6
عالی لایک لایک لایک - aghah
if! but unfortunately they always seem to be the loudest. - Sean-G
IF! - Sean-G
it's a package! - malekably
there's no solution - Paul
... - Arash
امیدوارم ایام به کام باشه مینا جان - aghah
+++ Golden words - Sepi ⌘ سپی
It is the hidden wisdom that is now revealed by you. jkram, you're a very wise man :) - mina_sydney
Dear, شیرسنگی دربدر ... With close-minded people no matter how many facts or ideas you put in front of them their minds will never change. They’re not open to changing old habits and to accept new ideas for positive change. “(Reminder - an educated person might not have a college degree or even have attended school!) Would be one who searches for excellence, one who does not take things... more... - mina_sydney
+++ - ashk irani
hi lovely, where are you? I haven't heard from you for a while *hugs* - Cera
jeddana::::::::::::ajab mixe jalebi vaghean movafegham - Mona Kamali
++++ - Homa
پرهیز از نادانی که خود را دانا شمرد. - Arash
@ Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ, My mate, Time flies when you're having fun ;) - mina_sydney
@evres, Spigolosa!!?? perche? - mina_sydney
.*♥•♥#♠♥#♥•♥* ' ....*♥♫♥♥♫♥♥♫♥♫* ' ...*♥♥☺♥♫♥♫♥☺♥♥*' ..*♥♥♣♫♥♣♥♥♣♥♫♣♥♥*' '*♥♥♣♥♫♥♥♫♥♥♫ ♥♣♥♥* "._██_*。* /•'•\ .˛* .˛.*.★* *★ 。* ˛. (• ̮• )*
December 24, 2012 - Comments disabled - Share
u 2 - kian
Merci, Kian jan :) - mina_sydney
Thank you mina, the bestest of holiday season greetings to you and your family & friends! :) - CarlC
Thank you Carl. I wish you a beautiful, magical new year too :) - mina_sydney
Thanks Mina. Happy holidays! - Stephan from iPhone
Wish you the best, dear Mina. - Mary
Happy holidays, mina. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Merry Christmas dear Mina :) - -سعید همیشه سبز -؟
Same to you - arvand from iPhone
Thank you, friends:-)* - mina_sydney from iPhone
تعطیلات خوب و شادی داشته باشی مینای عزیز - نافرمانی مدنی
مینا جون امیدوارم یه کریسمس لذت بخشی داشته باشی - aghah
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas & New Year, Mina - Sean-G
Happy Holidays, Darling>:D< - Cera
یکی تیتر رو ترجمه کنه :))) - مـیـرزا-MɪʀᴢA
a very merry Christmas and happy new year, mina :) - Paul
کریسمس مبارک مینای گل م - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو
Happy holidays to you, Mina :-) - Maitani
Happy holidays - ashk irani
Mirza jan, It’s all about feeling good, a feeling that cannot be expressed even with the help of a million words:)) Have a good one - mina_sydney
*♥♥♣♫♥♣♥♥♣♥♫♣♥♥*' It’s all about feeling good, a feeling that cannot be expressed even with the help of a million words - نافرمانی مدنی
دخترم٬ امیدوارم سالی پر از موفقیت و شادکامی در پیش داشته باشید. - Arash
*♥♥♣♫♥♣♥♥♣♥♫♣♥♥*' It’s all about feeling good, a feeling that cannot be expressed even with the help of a million words - (مادرزمین) MotherEarth - صمد بهرنگی
+ - amin
Happy holidays, Mina. I wish the best for you in the new year. - Amin
Thank you, Amin jan. Happy Holidays and best wishes for a wonderful 2013, my dear friend :-) - mina_sydney
تبریک میگم مینا جان :) - Hadi.YaLın
سلام هادی جان٬ ممنونم. ارزو میکنم سال ۲۰۱۳ برای شما دوست خوبم پر از شادی قلبی باشه:) - mina_sydney
مرسی ماهان جان. همچینن برای شما دوست خوب. امسالت روشن تر از هر سال... Take care :-) - mina_sydney
Mina jan, I wish you a warm and happy Holiday Season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year ... :-) - "Flo14wer"
Liebe Mina, ich wünsche dir ein frohes neues jahe und gesundheits und erfolg >D< - Sean-G
سال نو میلادی - 2013 - مبارک خانوم دکتر - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو
Happy New Year! Mina - Paul
Don’t let the IMAGINARY person in your head keep you from loving the REAL one right in front of you.
July 13, 2012 - Comments disabled - Share
Sage advice, mina. :) - Jenny H.
love this post :) - Cera
wise advice! - Sean-G
نقل قولی از دنیای مجازی ما :)) - aghah
If Possible .. :) - Hadi.YaLın
WOOOOOOOW .... Nice Pic - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو
my wisdom says this can work :) - Paul
Kelli, I'm talking from experience, Believe me ;) - mina_sydney
Hadi :) - mina_sydney
Sepi jan, <3* - mina_sydney
+ - hosein.x6
Cera, Sean_Geneva, aghah, paul, Thank you - mina_sydney
Merci, Gajamoo khan, Mahan jan va hosein aziz :-) - mina_sydney
++ - ashk irani
. - Arash
نایس - leilabanoo
It's your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you...
Indeed. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Kelli [ ]*, Hope your eye is getting better, take care :) - mina_sydney
It's still interesting colors, but it doesn't hurt at all. Thank you for your concern. :) - Jenny H. from Android
beautiful image, darling Mina. Well put together <3* - Cera
لایک :) - aghah
... - "Flo14wer"
^ - Sean-G
... - Arash
I like it.:) - NOVA ISI s.r.l. - Paul
I like it.:) - NOVA ISI s.r.l. - Paul - Cera
It's true but not always - chakra
+++++ - Homa
+ - hosein.x6
So surreal, i really like your picture' some more! - Paris Allen
خانوم دکتر گل م سلام - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو
^ - Cera
رنه ماگریت؟ - Niloo Far
Love this - Iván Abrego
... - Arash
Nice composition....!! Nevanta is covering all the latest trends in Bangalore fashion week - Nevanta Media
کجایی شوما؟ - aghah
دنبال درس و مشق و کتاب - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو
miss you Mina jan :** - Homa
So, where is Mina??? - CarlC
Really,where are you? - Mary
+ - hosein.x6
کم پیدایی مینا جان - Hadi.YaLın
کجایی خانوم دکتر؟ جات خیلی خیلی خالیه .. امید که هرجا هستی در کنار خونواده خوب و خوش و سلامت باش ی - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو
کجایی خانوم دکتر؟ جات خیلی خیلی خالیه .. امید که هرجا هستی در کنار خونواده خوب و خوش و سلامت باش ی - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو - نافرمانی مدنی
کجایی خانوم دکتر؟ جات خیلی خیلی خالیه .. امید که هرجا هستی در کنار خونواده خوب و خوش و سلامت باش ی - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو - (مادرزمین) MotherEarth - Homa
Where is our kind-hearted girl? Mina, I miss you so badly :( - Cera
کجایی خانوم دکتر؟ جات خیلی خیلی خالیه .. امید که هرجا هستی در کنار خونواده خوب و خوش و سلامت باش ی - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو - (مادرزمین) MotherEarth - Homa - aghah
Where is our kind-hearted girl? Mina, I miss you so badly :( - Cera - Paul
هر جا که هستی امیدوارم سلامت باشی مینای عزیز - ashk irani
where art thou O Mina? - -سعید همیشه سبز -؟
Dare to go your own way, No one will remember you if you are just one in the Crowd.
موافقم - Zero Sum
The Best! - Cera
No one remember you anyway! - Mary
Mary jan, you’ll always be remembered for your warmth and kind friendship ◠‿◠♥* - mina_sydney
That’s what scares me :) - Paul
nice one - Sean-G
+++ - aghah
... - Arash
Dear Meysam, Some people do care… Because, They don't want to be “SHEEP PEOPLE” following others blindly like scared little lamb. - mina_sydney
Thank you, Meysam. Great advice!!! My friend, But you know what? We are beautiful when our strength and determination shines as we follow our own path, to be remembered simply as a good and decent person, have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing. - mina_sydney
+++++++++++ عالی مینا جان - Hadi.YaLın
سوادمون ک نمیکشه میناجان :) .... تاییدش می کنم - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو
"Shine In The Crowd" :) - نافرمانی مدنی
"Shine In The Crowd" :) - (مادرزمین) MotherEarth - Cera
لایک :) - صمد بهرنگی
yeknafar az poshte jade hay sarde ehsas dare miaye - Mona Kamali
+ - hosein.x6
likeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - نازنین
+++ - Paul
+++ - Homa
کجایی شوما؟ - aghah
Even the best fall down sometimes
falling star.jpg
Even the stars refuse to shine, Out of the back you fall in time, I somehow find You and I collide. ♥ - mina_sydney
<3* - Cera
So true ... - "Flo14wer"
+ - Paul
speechless ♥ - نافرمانی مدنی
'Even the stars refuse to shine' Nice - Paul
+++ - DArA
+دقیقا - aghah
+ - hosein.x6
Wunderbar! Schönes Wochenende, Mina* - Sean-G
... - DArA
up - DArA
برگی جدا مانده ...... - Hadi.YaLın
... - Cera
. - Arash
good - hosein.x6
Great!! - ﻋﻠﯽ.ﺑﺎ
+ - hosein.x6
+++ - Hadi.YaLın
++++ - Homa
... - Arash
... - Arash
The perfect night: Going to bed with a dream, waking up with a purpose ♥♥
لایک - hosein.x6
^^ - Cera
The perfect night: Going to bed with a dream, waking up with a purpose ♥♥ - نافرمانی مدنی
Going to bed with a dream, waking up with a dream... - chakra
LOL. Dreamer - Sean-G
/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\\/\\/\/\/\__________ Like ♥♥ - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو
Thank you dear MotherEarth, chakra, Sean and Gajamoo khan. - mina_sydney
^ - Paul
... - Arash
A+ | Shadows and Realities... - Ali Oz
I'm thinking a purpose for the day or week will really get me focusing on what I need to do. ... - Paul
Thank you, Sepi jan :)** - mina_sydney
like - aghah
... - Arash
. - Arash
+++ So true ! :))) - Ouistitis
UP - Cera
The Earth without “ART” is just “eh”
love art.jpeg
June 9, 2012 - Comments disabled - Share
+++ - Cera
+ - aghah
Cera & aghah :) - mina_sydney
Thank you, Mahan jan :-) - mina_sydney
عالی :) - اردویسور from FreshFeed
Thank you, Ardvisoor jan and my dear booteh jan, glad you liked it :-) - mina_sydney from iPhone
... - Arash
Art for the stylized facts :) - Hadi.YaLın
Sepi jan :)** - mina_sydney
doubtlessly, Hadi jan :) - mina_sydney
+ - hosein.x6
Light Reading ... JANE EYRE, by Charlotte Bronte.
Light Reading.jpg
June 28, 2012 - Comments disabled - Share
+++ :)* - Cera
مینا فوتبال نگاه نمیکنی؟ :) - Hadi.YaLın
هادی جان٬ فوتبال؟؟؟ من؟؟؟ :))... ارزو میکنم ان تیم را که دوست داشتی٬ برنده بود :) - mina_sydney
چرا بابا نگاه نمیکنی؟ دوست ندارید؟ :دی مرسی . یکشنبه مسابقه فاینال هست :ی من طرفدار اسپانیا هستم - Hadi.YaLın
خواب را بیشتر دوست دارم:)) شبت خوش هادی جان و٬ وقت رفتن به دانشگاه هست برای من - mina_sydney
خلاقيت ِ فوق العاده اي تو اين هست واقعا ! خوبه خوبه دوست داشتم ، ياد ِ عكس اتل افتادم :)) - MAS
Hi, Sepi jan <3** - mina_sydney
ورزش دوست ندارید ؟ :ی به سلامت . خوب باشید - Hadi.YaLın
Mas, ممنونم :) - mina_sydney
Hi lovely ... it is light reading but a wonderful one ... Enjoy :-** - Sepi ⌘ سپی
The passionate tale of forbidden secrets! great book - Paul
I love this book, enjoy reading it:-) - "Flo14wer"
... - Arash
Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو
سوالي كه برام پيش اومد و قبلا بهش توجه نكردم اينه كه خودت گرفتي ؟ اينو ؟ :)) اگه آره چطوري ؟ يعني فلاش چتر رو گذاشتي زمين سر به بالا و چترش رو هم دادي دست ِ اين دوستمون نور رو برگردون كرده ؟ فلاش ها چند ژول بوده ؟ و باقي سوال ها رو هم حالا بعدا ميپرسم :) - MAS
I love Jane Eyre. :) - Jenny H.
Thank you, Flo14wer jan :-) - mina_sydney
MAS khan, نه خیر٬ متاسف هستم. عکس را من نه گرفتم. - mina_sydney
Kelli:-)* - mina_sydney
I love it :) - Homa
+ - hosein.x6
You say that you l♥ve rain, but you open your umbrella when it rains…
You say that you love the sun, but you find a shdow spot when the sun shines/ You say that you love the wind, but you close your windows when wind blows…This is why I’m afraid, you say that you l♥ve me too… - mina_sydney
simplicity is sometimes best :)* - Cera
And when the wind blows, as shadows grow close don't be afraid... - Paul
++** - hosein.x6
sehr gut! schönes Wochenende, Mina :) - Sean-G
^◕‿◕^ - Cera
عالی بود مینا :) - Hadi.YaLın
بههههههههههههههه:)لااااااااااااااااااایک - aghah
up - Mary
برای اینکه درد امپول خیلی واقعی تر از دوست داشتن باران هست :)) - chakra
Shadow spots are nice... :) - Eivind
Indeed, Eivind jan…Especially, When you’re in Spain…Enjoy it, Salud :) - mina_sydney
Thanks, Mina. I am :) - Eivind
++ - DArA
++ - نهال
+++ - Hadi.YaLın
up - Cera
bump love this +100 - WarLord
... - Arash
I would like to that the drops of rain make a soft landing. | Yağmur damlalarının yere yumuşak iniş yapmalarını isterim. :) - Ali Oz
like again :) - Ali Oz
+++ - Hadi.YaLın
+++ - aghah
+ - kian
باران ... - Hadi.YaLın
I love everything that's old, - old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wineღ♥
i like the photo! (by the way both are women i think, no...?) - grizabella
Thank you, dear pplus :) - mina_sydney
Dear gizabella, It doesn't bother me :) - mina_sydney
Lets' face it, if I'd been my age back in those good old days, I'd be dead right now :)) - Cera
i didn't say it bothered me, it was just an observation. - grizabella
I know, my friend :-)* - mina_sydney from iPhone
me too :) - chakra
:)) Cera - mina_sydney
old Love ... - Hadi.YaLın
Thank you. dear malik, Mahan jan and chakra aziz :-) - mina_sydney
Dear Hadi, I agree, Old friends are best friends :) - mina_sydney
Yes . Of course :) - Hadi.YaLın
<3 - aghah
" - hosein.x6 from FreshFeed
old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wine- Fantastic - Paul
+ - hosein.x6
شرابی کهنه می خواهم من از خمخانه یارم-- که مستیهای یک روزی نخواهد کرد بیدارم - Arash
سلام بر مینای عزیز و مهربونم :**** - Homa
Salam, home Jan. Merci:-)** - mina_sydney from iPhone
☀‫‫ - Sean-G
Old movies ... - Sepi ⌘ سپی
... - Arash
ترشی سیر هم قدیمیش خوبه! بعضی موزیک ها هم. بازی های کامپیوتری قدیمی هم. کلا حس نوستالژیک حس خوبیه - Techfan
+ - hosein.x6
- - Paul
+ - Judi Abot
So do I ++++++++++++++++ - -سعید همیشه سبز -؟
old feeds ; old songs ... - Ali Oz
. - Arash
And you think in the same way as I do Mina, thanks :) - ℰℭℋⒶⓃ
^ - Judi Abot
+++ - Homa
. - Arash
+ - Paul
If your dreams don’t scare you they’re not BIG enough.
<3* - Cera
++ - Paul
You are so right. It takes courage to go after the unknown. - سيما كيا Sima kia
Thank you, sima jan :) - mina_sydney from iPhone
+ - hosein.x6
++عالی - Sina (شایگان) - aghah
+ - hosein.x6
+++ - Arash
^ - Cera
+ - hosein.x6
Fascinating photo - Paris Allen
^ - Judi Abot
شخم - aghah
امروز همش به این فکر می کردم. دست مریزاد - شیرسنگی دربدر
شیرسنگی دربدر jan, keep your hopes high :) - mina_sydney
De get. - der wille
If your dreams don’t scare you they’re not BIG enough - نافرمانی مدنی
عالی - ﻋﻠﯽ.ﺑﺎ
Every age has its massive moral blind spots. We might not see them, but our children will.
black and white.jpg
March 28, 2011 - Comments disabled - Share
It got me thinking!!! hummm - Cera
+++ - aghah
the hard part is to identify blind spots. - Paul
very intelligent, thank you for sharing:-) - "Flo14wer"
That's why social conservatives rarely look good in the light of history. - Eivind
It might be something as simple as our deep down refusal to believe that every human life has equal worth. Each of you will probably have your own answer, but for me that is it. - mina_sydney
I'm just gonna copy yours, Mina :) - Eivind
;), You're very smart, Eivind:) - mina_sydney
فک کنم یکی از دیدها جنگ و کشتار هاست که امیدوارم نسل آینده از این عبرت بگیرن. - DArA
Smart enough to know who to copy off of at least, Mina. I guess that counts for something ;) - Eivind
Dear Dara, Every generation participates in something that it thinks is a good thing. It is only afterwards that we might realise it wasn’t very good at all. Here is an example: Australia had a policy that forced children who were half aboriginal/half white Australian to go into special breeding programmes to eradicate the appearance of aboriginal-ness over successive generations. They... more... - mina_sydney
. - Arash
+ - Monsieur
+ - hosein.x6
+++ - aghah
سلاااااااااااااااااام گل عمو - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو
Good friends are HARD to find, HARDER to leave, and IMPOSSIBLE to forget.
December 10, 2011 - Comments disabled - Share
ههههععععععییییییییی - ZahraarhaZ
I gotta agree with you, Good friends are Hard to come by - Paul
like :)** - Cera
Aww. :) - Jenny from Android
دوستي سادگی و یکرنگیست - aghah
Then again, elephants NEVER forget anything :-P - Eivind
چقد بده آدم عاشق یه چیزی که انقد از خودش بزرگتره بشه - dream
Paul :) - mina_sydney
Jenny :-) - mina_sydney
thanks, Cere and aghah - mina_sydney
Eivind, Elephants are far more thoughtful mammals :)) - mina_sydney
:) LIKE + - Hadi.YaLın from
Dream jan, مگر عشق بزرگ و کوچک هم میشناسه؟ - mina_sydney
Zaghout :-) - mina_sydney
Hi, Hadi :) - mina_sydney
ツ - Sean-G
لایک برای مینای مهربون - اردویسور from FreshFeed
خیلی ممنونم اردویسور جان :-)** - mina_sydney
Contrasts are source of friendship, not hostility. | Zıtlıklar düşmanlığın değil dostluğun kaynağıdır. :-)) - Ali Oz
يا بنا کن خانه اي فيل توش بره - Prometheus
در دوستی درنگ کن ، اما وقتی دوست شدی ثابت قدم و پایدار باش . - Arash
+ - hosein.x6
+ - hosein.x6
... - "Flo14wer"
^ - Judi Abot
. - آرام
شخم - aghah
The inner beauty of a Woman ♥♥ Like an oyster in the ocean, its outer shell so plain and dull, but when you look inside of it, there’s a pearl so beautiful.
January 14, 2011 - Comments disabled - Share
The most beautiful women are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depts. These women have an appreciation, sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. - mina_sydney
Cher Mina,beauty comes as much from the mind as from the eye:** - Cera
WOW!<3<3 - Paul
nice - خروش
لایک برای تیتر زیبات میناجون:) - aghah
+++++ - aghah
خیلی‌ زیبا بود مینا جان:-) این سخن در مورد آقایون هم صدق می‌کنه، فرا جنسیتی است به نظرم. مرد یا زن، زشت یا زیبا در ظاهر، بعد از زمانی‌ چشم به زیباترین یا زشترین عادت می‌کنه و تنها چیزی که هیچوقت در مقابل چشم آدم یکنواخت جلوه نمیکند زیبایی و حسن درون آدمهاست که البته بس نایاب هست - "Flo14wer"
Brilliant post & image. Nice, nice and nice again:) - Sean-G
Thanks Cher and thank you Paul:) - mina_sydney
merci Rasool:-) - mina_sydney
Thanks Malik, I'm glad you liked it:) - mina_sydney
danke Sean:-), merci aghah - mina_sydney
Flo14wer jan, مرسی خوشحالم که دوست داشتید/ بله درسته خانم و اقا فرق نمیکنه/ اگر ادم ها بدانند که قلب خوب داشتن چقدر زیبا هست اسلن ناراحت بیرونشان نمیشوند چون زیباتر دیده خواهند شد/ مرسی از کامنت شیرینتان:-) - mina_sydney
mina chera mano unsab kardi? - hosein.x6
Oh! Did I? I'm sorry:( - mina_sydney from iPhone
thanx - hosein.x6
up+++ - Paul
+++ - Arash
Audrey Hepburn is always my sweetheart, thank you mina - malekably
++++ - همصدا
شخم - aghah
How Beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it♥
April 26, 2012 - Comments disabled - Share
Fish kisses! :) - Jenny H. from Android
Mina, Everybody should have a kind friend like you :)* - Cera
As if she kisses the mirror, nice photo. - Sir Vali from iPhone
جراح ماهی - پسته دهن بسته
Thank you, booteh jan. Very kind of you, I'm so happy you liked it :-)** - mina_sydney from iPhone
Beautifully said ... Spread love and kindness <3* - Sepi ⌘ سپی
کایندنس اند بوس :)) - نافرمانی مدنی
Cera, sepi jan and dear MotherEarth, thank you :-)*** - mina_sydney from iPhone
ای کاش که اینطوری شروع بشه ولی اکثرن پیش نمیاد :) - aghah
I wonder how many 'thumbs up' this post will get. - Paul
:))) Yeah you right, Sir Vali. :)) پسته دهن بسته روآبی jan :)) - mina_sydney
Paul :)) - mina_sydney
jkram, thanks for song. I love the amount of emotion she puts in her performance :)) - mina_sydney
++++ - Homa
+ - hosein.x6
... - Arash
touchy - malekably
+ - amin
If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent a night with a Mosquito.
August 26, 2011 - Comments disabled - Share
They made a whole different look on my arms! like I got chicken pox again. - Mary
Oh, I'm so sorry, Mary jan:-( ** for your arms - mina_sydney
:) - Mary
عالی :) - aghah
Poor little thing :)) - Sean-G
Those bloodsuckers are tiny, but they can 'tear you up' - Paul
The dudes are okay, but those mosquito chicks will suck you dry. - Eivind
I don't see a good reason for their existence :) - Cera
:)))) Eivind, How can you tell the physical differences between male and female mosquitoes? Do you carry a magnifying glass? - mina_sydney
If they start sucking my blood, they're female ;) - Eivind
what an experience! :)) - mina_sydney
:))) Paul - mina_sydney
Dear Sean and Cera, thanks for comments :) - mina_sydney
... - Arash
++++++تلاش در تاریکی - amin
Hahahaha, excellent ! #LOL +++ So true... Have you tried the socks juice ? :D - Ouistitis
Take every chance you get in life because some things only happen once.
take a chance.jpg
February 24, 2012 - Comments disabled - Share
++++Exactly - Hadi.YaLın
Hi,Mr. Silent. Happy Friday :-) - mina_sydney
Hello My dear friend :-) . I'm Hadi Yalin :D . do you remember me? - Hadi.YaLın from IM
What a question, Hadi jan. Of course I do remember you. Always :) - mina_sydney
Tankssssss :) :D - Hadi.YaLın
فید های بسیار زیبایی میگذاری ، تشکر:) - بوگی
Merci, مسعود - فرزند ایران :) - mina_sydney
... - "Flo14wer"
awesome:) - Cera
++++ - Homa
فید های بسیار زیبایی میگذاری ، تشکر:) - مسعود - فرزند ایران - aghah
+++ - ashk irani
+ - hosein.x6
Sweetie, Did you have a nice weekend? - Paul
Birdy, once? - malekably
... - Arash
+++ #Hello We found Jonathan Livingston Seagull ! *\o/* Yes, we have to take every chance... :))) - Ouistitis
WOW!!! Thank you so much. I was just waiting for that special miracle to happen. You're a real lifesaver, Ouistitis :)) - mina_sydney
You're welcome, Mina ! ;) "Chance is the secular form of miracle." Paul Guth Have a nice day ! - Ouistitis
+++ - Homa
+ - ساغر
Forget what hurt you in the past. But never forget what it taught you.
February 9, 2012 - Comments disabled - Share
+++ - Hadi.YaLın
عالی! - ﻋﻠﯽ.ﺑﺎ
The quicker we learn it, the better. - Cera
+++ - aghah
Merci,هادی جان٬ علی با جان٫ماهان جان و اقا. Thanks Cera:) - mina_sydney
{{{ }}} - Sean-G
+ - hosein.x6
<3 - Jenny H. from Android
... - "Flo14wer"
... - Arash
^ - Judi Abot
++++ - Homa
+ - Judi Abot
+++ - Homa
Life is like a camera: Focus only on what is important and you will capture it perfectly.
April 5, 2012 - Comments disabled - Share
+++ - ashk irani
عالی! - ﻋﻠﯽ.ﺑﺎ
+ - hosein.x6
+++ - Hadi.YaLın
Indeed <3 - Cera
لایک - aghah
beautiful image :) - Sean-G
+ - hosein.x6
Fascinating photo! and saying - Paul
... - Arash
Happy Easter, Mina :)* - Cera
That's a good one. Specially when it comes to depreciation, that sounds so true :)) - Sir Vali
ولی گلابچی khan, Merci. May I ask if by any chance you are from Tabriz? - mina_sydney
No Mina jan. I am from Tehran and missed it so much. - Sir Vali
Excellent :) - اردویسور from FreshFeed
نگاه میکنن:*:*:*:*طفلکی ها - فوژان
Thank you, guys for the kind comments :-) - mina_sydney
provided you have a macro. - clara glass
If you want a happy ending, It depends on where you stop the Story.
last page.jpg
November 17, 2011 - Comments disabled - Share
مینا جون بسیار عالی حقیقتش اینه - aghah
Merci, Aghah - mina_sydney
I'll be nice and let this one go :) - Eivind
The Story never ending. Only parts of the story ends. :-) - Ali Oz
Ali jan, That's true too :) - mina_sydney
علی.با jan, :-) - mina_sydney
Eivind, Do I need to send you a thank you note? :)) - mina_sydney
+++ - MAJID195CM
like - Cera
^ - Paul
++ - hosein.x6
+++ Absolutely true - Sepi ⌘ سپی
What Ali says is true. :-) - Maitani
I like what Ali said ... - Sepi ⌘ سپی
Sepi jan and Maitani, Thank you :-)**. I just believe, The Secret to a happy ending, Is to bring down the Curtain at the exact right time… The End is never… - mina_sydney
Thanks my friends :-) - Ali Oz
... - Arash
+ - hosein.x6
. - Arash
^ - Judi Abot
++ - sahar
"There are no happy endings, because nothing ever ends" - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Victor, You’re absolutely right. But the problem is, it seems too good to be true… - mina_sydney
+ - hosein.x6
Sometimes you have no control over where it stops - Sir Vali
Goodbye Australian summer and welcome to autumn, Sydney♥
Chestnuts from my garden.jpg
March 24, 2012 - Comments disabled - Share
Photo from our garden, taken by Mina :) - mina_sydney
Beautiful Mina jan. Is it Chestnut or something else? - سيما كيا Sima kia
\(^_^)/ Autumn rocks. - Jenny H.
Thank you, sima jan. yes you're right it's a chestnut tree :) - mina_sydney from iPhone
Kelli, <3 - mina_sydney from iPhone
پاییز جشنواره رنگ‌هاست، امیدوارم که بتونی لذت پاییز رو ببری :) - ﻋﻠﯽ.ﺑﺎ
Hadi jan :-) - mina_sydney from iPhone
Thank you, Ali ba jan :-) Happy spring to you, my dear friend. - mina_sydney from iPhone
لایک - صمد بهرنگی
Another beautiful season starts ... :-) - Sepi ⌘ سپی
Lovely autumn.... - Homa
Happy autumn :) - Paul
پاییز پادشاه فصل ها--- دخترم٬ مثل درخت باشید که در تهاجم پاییز هرچه بدهد روح زندگی را برای خویش نگه می دارد. - Arash
I like spring :) - Eivind
Ahh! Eivind, Now I know why I can’t get along with my Norwegian roommate :)) - mina_sydney
مینا جون اسم اين درخت چيه؟ - aghah
Happy fall :) - Sean-G
^ - Cera
Living in Ohio, this winter was so mild, now experiencing a beautiful spring - Sir Vali
@ ولی گلابچی , I do hope you enjoy your spring and spring weather - mina_sydney
Well it wasn't fair at all Mina, we actually didn't have a decent summer, it was more like another winter. wasn't it? where we will be going from now on? I hate cold weather :) - ℰℭℋⒶⓃ
Dear ℰℭℋⒶⓃ, I think, we did actually have a fairly good warm summer with good thunderstorm and some rain. One of the greatest of all time :) - mina_sydney
Everybody wants to be kissed, even philosophers♥.
June 11, 2011 - Comments disabled - Share
sometimes - artahermes
Dear Artahermes, You’re absolutely right and all those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. - mina_sydney
:)) - artahermes
لایک - DArA
++ - aghah
Even Linux Lovers!!!! :)) - chakra
Yes,I know, dear chakra...Especially soldiers... Good luck ;)) - mina_sydney from iPhone
True ... but not by everyone ... ;-)) - Sepi ⌘ سپی
Hi, Sepi jan*,..without a doubt ;) - mina_sydney
Hello darling :-* ;-)) - Sepi ⌘ سپی
I wanna kiss :)) - نافرمانی مدنی
Eventually it will come ;) - mina_sydney
me too:)) - Cera
:) والا. دقیقا - Hadi.YaLın
Gee! I didn’t know you guys are so desperate :)) - mina_sydney
I'd like to try it again ;) - Paul
Thank you, Dear Mahan. You're very kind my friend :-) - mina_sydney
+ - hosein.x6
... - Arash
اما دیگه نه این جوری :) - ساغر
+ - hosein.x6
bu pozisyonda kaç saat durabilir ki - Lodestar
@ Conan The Barbarian, Did you ask for how long? For love, I do it for hours and hours :)) - mina_sydney
even farshad =)) - فَــــــــــر
Farshad ;)) - mina_sydney
مارتين , I'm not lazy :)) I just take my time :)) - mina_sydney
@mina_sydney i want to say to you nah you do it hours and hours..! :P :)) so i mean that it is not possible even if you love him/her very much...:) - Lodestar
^ - Paul
"even"? - clara glass
Yes, dear Clara glass. Even philosophers! Do you know what Plato says about love? he says "Love is a serious mental disease”. :) - mina_sydney
owh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - avleesakura
It’s choice–not chance–that determines your destiny ~ Jean Nidetch
March 31, 2011 - Comments disabled - Share
گل باقالی jan, this is for you - mina_sydney
I'd say it's a combination, and then it's not really "destiny," is it? ;) - Eivind
Laziness in life is a synonym for missed opportunities. Sorry my dear friend :) - mina_sydney
ممد جان،من هم همان را دارم به گلی جان میگم/ انتخاب خودش هست نه گفته بزرگ ها...گل باقالی جان فقت خواستم دلگرمت کنم:) - mina_sydney
جبر چیه؟؟؟« حساب؟ - mina_sydney
Oh! I see! thanks dear:) - mina_sydney
:)))مـــــــــمد - mina_sydney
چرا ما اینقدر کلمه عربی داریم:( - mina_sydney
thanks Malik jan :-) - mina_sydney
سرنوشتها در دست خداست - aghah
ممد، من فکر میکنم اگر یک زبان کامل و ثروتمند باشه لازم نیست زبانهای دیگر را بیاورد و با زبان خود قاته کند. شما در زبان ژاپنی یا چینی کلمه خارجی نمی بینید حتا کلمه های تکنولوژی جدید را هم سعی میکنند لغت برایش پیدا کنند...ولی ما بعد از قرنها از حمله عرب هنوز هم کلمه های ایشان را در نوشته هایمان متاسفانه نگاهداشتیم...خوب من این مقدار دانش هست که میدانم که چرااز لغت های عربی در فارسی استفاده میشود. شاید شما دلیل بهتر داشته باشید. - mina_sydney
من همیشه فکر کردم بعد از حمل عرب بعضی شاعر ها و علوم دانان شروع به عربی نوشتن کردن. متاسفانه فارس من اینقدر خوب نیست که کتاب تحقیق بخوانم از زبان فارسی و به انگلیس هم که نوشتن در این باره خیلی کم و ناقس هست...سوال من این هست که داخل کردن عربی به زبانمان به کدام تمدن زبانی کمک میکند؟ چتور میشود از چیزی که قابل استفاده نیست در جهان امروز ، استفاده زبانی و فرهنگی کرد... - mina_sydney
یه دوستی داشتم که سر قضیه همین جبر و اختیار یه حکایت از سهرودی (اگه اشتباه نکنم چون قضیه مال چند سال پیشه ) رو تعریف میکنه، میگه روزی یکی از شاگردان سهروردی ازش میپرسه: استاد بالاخره جبره یا اختیار؟ استاد میگه: یه پات رو ببر بالا. شاگرد یه پاش رو بالا میبره. بعد استاد میگه: حالا اون یکی پات رو هم ببر بالا . شاگرد میگه: نمیتونم. استاد میگه: ببین یه کارهایی هست که در اختیار توست، یه... more... - maral
All the good and all the bad that has happened in our lives all have resulted from the decisions that we have made in our lives. - Cera
Destiny is something we’ve invented because we can’t stand the fact that everything that happens is accidental. <Anonymous> - Sean-G
Exactly, Sean :) - Eivind
ببخشید ممد نتوانستم کامنت شما را شب جواب بدهم وقت خوابیدنم بود/ مرسی برای کامنت های با ارزش/ من فرهنگ و تاریخ قدیم عرب را چشم پوشی نمی کنم/ قرن چهارم و پنجم تاریخ عرب خیلی روشن بود ولی الان نیست تمام شد/ با یاد مرده دوست ندارم زندگی کنم/ان موقع انسانهای دانشمند بودند که جا پا گذاشتن ولی بعد گم شد و برگشت به صفحه سیاهش/ پس فرهنگ و دانشی که در قرن ما اثر به پیش رفت علم ندارد چرا باید وارد... more... - mina_sydney
I absolutely believe in that mina jaan ... somehow bring this quote to my mind "Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others.” - Sepi ⌘ سپی
So true, Thank you sepi jan, Nice to see you back ;-)* - mina_sydney
شانس بی شانس آقا تنبلی نکن سرتو بنداز و کارتو بکن. بحد کافی گول خوردیم بسه - DArA
مرسی مارال جان برای کامنت قشگتان. بله اون هم که شما گفتید خیلی درسته:) - mina_sydney
Thanks Sean, It's exactly right :) - mina_sydney
Merci aghah va Dara khan - mina_sydney
We better live our best and act our best and think our best - Paul
Hi, Sweetie. Hope you're well:* - Cera
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Thank you,Mark J. I'm glad you liked it :) - mina_sydney
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My friends are my family and my family are my friends♥
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Thank you, Malik. It's very nice of you. It's my pleasure to be here :-) - mina_sydney
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