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The most frustrating blend of impulsive hooligan and timid wallflower you will ever meet!
Just what is Credant's problem with the HP Revolves? Stop making my job harder! "Data so secure, even the owner can't access it."
DC = milquetoast, but there's room in the worlds for that.
Sad that a man who made so many of us smile apparently saw little reason to do so, himself. RIP, Robin Williams.
It goes with me - "Ma’am," the awkward young man in Walgreen’s politely said, "you’re gonna have to leave...
Always Option 3. - Anika from Android
Pleasantly surprised at how well Asurion came through for me this week, even if the phone wasn't pre-activated, as I requested.
I hope Motorola phone support is a lot better than (Symbol) barcode scanner support folks. 7 phone calls + 2 cutoffs & told s/n is bad!
Oh, #Facebook, try not to do unscrupulous stuff that will damage the stock prices, ok? You people are supposed to be smart. Sheesh.
Apple urged to stop using harmful chemicals in its factories
I'm pretty sure I'm in contempt of this court:
Watched #DOFP today. Mostly enjoyed it, but I'm not amused by the Angel/Banshee stuff. I expect Marvel magic & not the death of continuity!
"Trust this computer?" Yes. "Trust this computer?" Yes. "Trust this computer?" A thousand times, yes! Troubleshooting time. Thanks, iPhone.
Dear Life, thanks for answering that question. It's ridiculous that I even asked, isn't it?
Girls have as much right to education as boys. FACT!
Dear Venetian blinds manufacturers: it's really hard to put the rod back when you've been drinking. Can you make them stay in better?
Hiho, Silver, Sterling AWAYYYYYYYYYYYY!
RT @TheRealNimoy: Banning Sterling!! Commissioner Silver hit a three-pointer. LLAP
@Shoq The last time I checked, there were PLENTY of unattractive MEN reading the news; attractiveness seems be required of only the women.
Donald Sterling has a right to be stupid. The #NBA has a right to protect their business from harm, and they would be well-advised to do so.
Finding that Google Now kicks Siri's, er, back cover.
No Min Woo - Trap [Lyrics Romanization and English Translation]: via @YouTube
No Min Woo - Trap [Lyrics Romanization and English Translation]: via @YouTube
Just another pretty sunset -
Just another pretty sunset
I keep reminding myself to stay grounded in reality, but I think I'll be useless and grinning like an idiot all day. I need to focus. FOCUS!
Finally got iOS 7. It is quite unattractive.
RT @universityofky: MT @UKYpres Remarkable run for the Cats. We've a great deal of love/pride for this @KentuckyMBB team. They represented #BBN well. #WeAreUK
Proud of my Kentucky Wildcats.
To Northwestern Mutual: I actually like the commercial you have with the female basketball players. Been meaning to tell you.
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