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The most frustrating blend of impulsive hooligan and timid wallflower you will ever meet!
I keep reminding myself to stay grounded in reality, but I think I'll be useless and grinning like an idiot all day. I need to focus. FOCUS!
Finally got iOS 7. It is quite unattractive.
RT @universityofky: MT @UKYpres Remarkable run for the Cats. We've a great deal of love/pride for this @KentuckyMBB team. They represented #BBN well. #WeAreUK
Proud of my Kentucky Wildcats.
To Northwestern Mutual: I actually like the commercial you have with the female basketball players. Been meaning to tell you.
Photo: With this and a Wisconsin miss, the “overrated” Kentucky Wildcats found themselves headed to the...
Is that salty taste in my mouth from my popcorn, or from the tears of trash-talking Badger fans? #GoBigBlue! #BBN...
Trader Joe's poutine: the fries are heavenly; the cheese curds are delicious, but the weird-tasting gravy gets tossed and replaced!
RT @universityofky: RT if you, too, are #Proud of @KentuckyMBB for making it to the #FinalFour #BBN
I woke up today with the UK Fight song "playing" in my head. I hope it's a good sign. Go, #KentuckyWildcats! #BBN
I can't agree with #UPS on the dismissals. Can you?
Good game, Michigan. Shout out to my #KentuckyWildcats! I think you've silenced the doubters!
Dad gummed #KentuckyWildcats fans! Burning a couch for an Elite Eight berth? Were you raised in a "holler?" Oh, wait...
On, on U of K, we are right for the fight today! #KentuckyWildcats #GoBigBlue Any #Louisville fans want to tease us about Robert Morris NOW?
Shockers are in shock (and so are some Kentucky fans)
Thank you, #KentuckyWildcats and #UKHoops for the exciting NCAA tourney wins this weekend. See you tomorrow, UKHoops! GoBigBlue! BBN WeAreUK
AVAST! me hearties (and now hard-of-hearing) -
AVAST! me hearties (and now hard-of-hearing)
What To Do if The Police Stop You at a Music Festival -
Ok, Siri, you win. You actually may NOT be overrated. -
Ok, Siri, you win. You actually may NOT be overrated.
Beauty is the best medicine -
Beauty is the best medicine
Beauty is the best medicine -
Beauty is the best medicine
Fireflies...the insects and the ships
Sunday afternoon at the park -
Sunday afternoon at the park
You've made my cousin happy for over 20 years, when everyone heard stuff that indicated you would cheat and break his heart. That makes you a valued family member in my book. However, you plan never to return to a certain store, because someone shopping there was wearing tacky short-shorts with her butt hanging out?
how, exactly, was the store at fault? - MiniMage
oh, ok, she said it was sarcasm - MiniMage
What's better than to be in flight?
Poison WHAT?
LMAO - Not Me
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