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Rajeev Edmonds

Rajeev Edmonds

ProBlogger, Technical Editor, Social Media Enthusiast
Why We Rebuilt Our HTML5 Game In Unity #WordPress
Cache Invalidation Strategies With Varnish Cache #WordPress
Is Your Facebook Page Publishing News Feed Spam? (by @JohnHaydon)
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After Editorially: The Search For Alternative Collaborative Online Writing Tools #WordPress
What You Need To Know About WordPress 3.9 #WordPress
Understanding CSS Timing Functions #WordPress
How Many of Your Donors Use Facebook? Here’s Your Answer! (by @JohnHaydon)
Here’s a tip: don’t lie, cheat, or scam people (see the full story) (via @derekhalpern)
Facebook ROI for Nonprofits: Are You Wasting Your Time? (by @JohnHaydon)
3 Facebook Marketing Taboos You Should Break Right Now (by @JohnHaydon)
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18 Ways to Beat Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm (by @JohnHaydon)
“Is persuasion manipulative?” Yes. And that’s okay. Here’s why (via @derekhalpern)
Why Your Facebook Page SEO Strategy Matters (by @JohnHaydon)
Why I’m Deleting My Email List (via @derekhalpern)
Facebook Bootcamp Launches This Week [Totally Revamped for 2014] (by @JohnHaydon)
Lesser the options (exit doors), better the conversions. #webdesign
Ask Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi to agree to a national debate before the elections.
The Perfect Testimonial (use this to boost your sales conversions today) (via @derekhalpern)
17 Steps to Creating Explosively Successful Facebook Contests (by @JohnHaydon)
Ghost v0.4.2 coming up with some cool additions for theme developers. Have you tried the release candidate copy yet? #blogging #webdesign
WordPress Performance Improvements That Can Go Wrong #WordPress
HA! You won’t BELIEVE what this guy did at dinner. And that’s why he’s successful. (via @derekhalpern)
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