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Ministry Tools Res. Ctr.

Ministry Tools Res. Ctr.

Ministry Tools Resource Center equips Christians with training & resources to help believers effectively serve God. Learn more at:
Let's break through the barriers of tradition & methodology to get to the real essence of the church in accordance with God's design.
Any Bible teaching activities we use should be a means to a greater end, not simply an activity.
Let's make sure we extend lots of encouragement, affirmation & appreciation along the way to those who serve in our ministries.
Let's not get hung up on how many spiritual gifts we have. Go to for what we need to keep in mind.
Trying to Attract People to Your Church by Becoming Like Them? -
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. (Rom. 12:12)
Trying to Attract People to Your Church by Becoming Like Them? -
In communicating God's Word, let's do what we can to maximize learning which means minimizing distractions & frustrations.
3 reasons why a grasp of the Bible's big picture gives teachers good foundation:
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The Greatest Gift a Father Can Give His Children:
Being a father is great responsibility. Churches, let's mentor younger fathers:
Bible teachers, attention to the classroom is important because little things add into the overall impression.
Grasp of the Big Picture of the Bible -
Ministry descriptions (job descriptions) can be good tools for recruitment, training, evaluation & accountability.
A reminder of the Church's role in helping men, whether they be fathers or not:
4 ways to get unmotivated people motivated -
Our local church goes on without us when we're vacationing. Let's remember to maintain giving & prayer support this summer.
How to Get Unmotivated People Motivated -
Let's exalt God by valuing His Word enough to train Bible teachers to effectively teach. -
The time teachers have with students to communicate eternal truth in a given week is minimal. Use time wisely. Make every moment count.
Looking for some ministry ideas for Father's Day? -
Compromise is so much easier if we view the Bible as antiquated, out-of-touch, or authored by man.
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Live out one another commands; Prevent escalation of sin in lives.
Body Life Can Prevent Need for Church Discipline -
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Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. (Col. 4:2)
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