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Ministry Tools Res. Ctr.

Ministry Tools Res. Ctr.

Ministry Tools Resource Center equips Christians with training & resources to help believers effectively serve God. Learn more at:
Pluses & Minuses of Getting Others Involved in Decision Making -
The cross is pivotal to the redemption message found throughout Scripture. -
Leadership position doesn't equal superiority. God spiritually gifts leaders just as He gives grace & power for others to do their parts.
"Happy the soul that has been awed by a view of God's majesty." (A.W. Pink)
Some resources that could be helpful for Labor Day & the workplace:
God opposes pride which tends to be at the root of a sense of superiority to others. (Prov. 8:13; 16:5; James 4:6)
God views every member of the body as important and needed. (1 Cor. 12:22-25)
We find both biblical precepts & precedence for developing future leaders. -
Questions about depression & suicide in light of recent celebrity news? Resources:
The one another passages of Scripture demonstrate accountability in the way we interact with one another & function as a body.
Developing Future Church Leaders: The Priority -
Bible teachers, be sure to use those teachable moments that are not in the lesson plan. Some of the best learning can happen then.
Have a Vacation Bible School this summer? Now what? -
Church leaders: making all or most of decisions on your own? -
Let's keep pace with the Spirit of God so as not to push ahead of the work He is doing nor to lag behind.
If You Find Yourself Making All the Decisions -
People doing what is right in their own eyes only brings trouble, disunity & a tendency to stray from God's purposes.
Difference between spiritual gifts, talents, and spiritual fruit? -
Some Tips for Teaching from the Old Testament Prophets -
God's design for the Body is that everybody does their part for the common good -- accountability & coordination with one another.
Tips for Teaching from the Old Testament Prophets -
Do you regularly pray for the people you serve? God knows their true spiritual condition & needs far better than you.
Check image for how listening fits in to living out the one another commands. -
3 R’s That Will Help Us be More Reliable:
Different kinds of leaders accomplish different objectives. View them as complimentary or supplementary to the kind of leader you are.
Reliability Makes a Difference in Ministry -
The time Bible teachers have students in their classes is so short that we need to make every minute count. Let's be purposeful.
What about children serving? See Pinterest image & repin:
Dividing responsibilities or same ones doing all work?
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