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Ministry Tools Res. Ctr.

Ministry Tools Res. Ctr.

Ministry Tools Resource Center equips Christians with training & resources to help believers effectively serve God. Learn more at:
Different kinds of leaders accomplish different objectives. View them as complimentary or supplementary to the kind of leader you are.
Reliability Makes a Difference in Ministry -
The time Bible teachers have students in their classes is so short that we need to make every minute count. Let's be purposeful.
What about children serving? See Pinterest image & repin:
Dividing responsibilities or same ones doing all work?
Unity is built out of diversity which leads to the growth of the Body.
Measure yourself against God's design & grace given to you to do what He wants you to do, not against other people.
Teaching from books written by Old Testament prophets? -
"When gratitude springs up in the human heart toward God, he is magnified as the wealthy source of our blessing." (John Piper)
This month's discipline tip stresses the importance of teachers & helpers being on same page. -
Accept that God has made & gifted people differently and then you won't need to compare or compete with others.
This month's discipline tip stresses the importance of teachers & helpers being on same page. -
Teaching from the Old Testament Prophets -
In this month's teaching method learn to use lecture more effectively. -
This month's Be-Attitude: Be a concerned teacher with an outstretched hand & understanding heart. -
Only hours left for 40% off Christmas Curriculum – Christmas in July Special:
What are characteristics in an effective ministry worker? -
Last day to learn about using interviews as a Bible teaching method before removed:
Characteristics of an Effective Ministry Worker -
For how the teacher to student ratio affects classroom disciple, read this month's tip before gone 7/31:
Defensiveness stems from insecurities & pride. Instead, find identity & security in the Lord.
Only 2 days left in July to get 40% off Christmas Curriculum -
Disagreements on church board or ministry team don't have to divide! -
Differences of Opinion Don’t Have to Divide -
Defensive leaders produce a stressful & divisive environment where misunderstandings & conflict flourish, not the unity God desires.
As families prepare for back to school, think of how the Church can serve them. -
4 Tips for teaching about God's laws to ensure you give the right message:
In the end, worship can never be .. something you're pretending or putting on. It's got to be an overflow of your heart. (Matt Redman)
Do you value all people in your sphere of influence, including the "sandpaper" people? (1 Cor. 12:22-25)
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