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Sean O'Grady

Sean O'Grady

Decluttering the web - one site at a time
Anyone know the best commenting experience for mobile users? In terms of readability and the ease of logging in?
I’ve read that junior designer article multiple times, and yet I’m just about to close my editor.
Interesting info regarding Touch ID & iOS 7.1.1 (if true that is..)
This is nuts. Selectable text from images that actually works.
Anyone know how I could acquire a mini-Displayport to Displayport cable within the next 4 days?
First coffee of the week. It being good is critical to my performance until Friday.
...and mailbox 2 has removed my email accounts.
RT @damienmulley: Ideal length of: Tweet is 100 chars, Facebook post is less than 40 chars, Website headline is 6 words
The last 24 hours must have been tormenting for Moyes tbh. As shite as a manager as he was, he didn’t deserve what happened yesterday.
If this was HBO sanctioned, well done #SiliconValley
“Doin' It Right (feat. Panda Bear)” by Daft Punk is my new jam. Listen:
RT @thejetset: So… found out you can post to the modem to reboot it. Problem Solved: alias fuckUPC="curl -v -XPOST"
Is #Moyes on the way out?
RT @designernewsbot: Possible New Netflix Logo? #video
12 Years a Slave is incredible.
United’s tempo today is entirely different. Decent off the ball movement, intent and urgency with their passing.
One of those “Things I’m Learning the Hard Way” posts by @owltastic
“Improve the payment experience with animations” by Michaël Villar
How a striking New York skyscraper was secretly saved from collapse
Letter to a Junior Designer
RT @verge: RunKeeper's new Breeze app for the iPhone 5S tracks every step you take
Anyone know if there is a box to switch 2 optical inputs and 2 optical outputs?
Andrea Pirlo: the night Pep Guardiola tried to sign me for Barcelona via @guardian
RT @aidan_walsh: Oh seriously, go fuck yourselves
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