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Sean O'Grady

Sean O'Grady

Decluttering the web - one site at a time
RT @HailoIreland: Make the most of the bank hol weekend with #Hailo! Use the €5 off code AUGBANKHOL14, expires midnight 04/08 (2000 available, act fast!)
Got stuck into Framer.js tonight. Coffeescript experience is still not optimal but I is getting there!
Flexbox is incredible! Any proper polyfills for it yet?
RT @mdo: I don't always test my changes, but when I do, it's in production.
Involuntarily listening to a 6 year old neighbour sing “lets get drunk on the mini bar”.
RT @startupvitamins: A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.
RT @coates: Before you switch a developer from the thing they're working on to another thing, pretend that it's a 2h drive to the other job, + 2h back.
When git fails (or you are stupid enough to delete important work) there is always @Dropbox revisions!
Git submodules are a pain in the ass.
Comcast Confessions: when every call is a sales call This not just a comcast issue..
RT @RichardAyoade: How awesome can awesome sauce even be if it's not an operable condiment?
“Circuitry” by 2:54 (@twofiftyfour) is my new jam. Listen:
Not opening Sublime Text, a terminal window or Sketch for the next 3 days. Manic crazy week.
“Every story is a technology story; every technology story is a culture story.”
RT @piercedavid: *Opens Twitter* "Oh, nothing new here I guess!" *Closes Twitter* *Stares at home screen for three seconds* *Opens Twitter*
RT @reckless: Hi hello yes it's true — I'm going back to The Verge as EiC, and @backlon will be our new executive editor.
Josh Topolsky (@joshuatopolsky) of The Verge Is Joining Bloomberg
4 ideas from Nest CEO Tony Fadell
Re: Fun new game from Google called smarty pints will test your knowledge -
" is another favourite of mine." - Sean O'Grady
Billion and one things completed today. Billion and two things on my list for tomorrow…
“All For Nothing (feat. Page Hamilton)” by @linkinpark is my new jam. Listen:
RT @paddy2k: Do you make the web pretty/awesome? @dotMobiOfficial are looking for a gifted designer to join our team #jobFairy
RT @BeardedGenius: Rodriguez to replace Isco who replaced Ozil who replaced Van der Vaart who replaced Robinho who replaced Figo. Sort of. Kinda.
Real Madrid – you dont even need Rodriguez…
RT @bdkjones: I believe Apple's strategy with iTunes is to just keep adding shit until the app becomes sentient and fixes itself.
oh look, a new iTunes version appeared…
RT @idiot: Programming in movies vs. programming in real life:
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