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Sean O'Grady

Sean O'Grady

Decluttering the web - one site at a time
Re: Lovin Dublin - My Meat Wagon - Hipster BBQ -
"Our web developer is an incompetent buffoon. Apologies on his behalf." - Sean O'Grady
I have 3 Mailbox for Mac betacoin invites if anyone would like one. :)
RT @wilw: When I'm king of the world, it will be impossible to take videos in portrait. The phone's screen will just say "NO" until you turn it.
Betacoins are just a bad idea. I may only be saying this because I don’t have one. #mailbox
Small changes in the navigation on @LovinDublin. Back to our red roots..
Love search form. Would have liked to see it being an overlay but this does keep things simple
Fabregas :(
Oh ceac… y u do dis??
Designers Who Don’t Talk Like Designers Get Hired via @grigoriy_kogan
What if Michael Bay directed “Up” (via @IanHealy)
RT @beep: Hello! @karenmcgrane and I launched a podcast about responsive design. We hope you like it.
54 minutes until i get to take this backslab off. Hopefully not another 2 - 6 weeks of this…
Just finished true detective in one sitting. Jesus Christ.
Regular football is back!
RT @quickcast: An important update regarding the future of QuickCast –
Back to work!
RT @damienmulley: Pinky and the fucking Brain:
Steam no longer looks like garbage on OSX! Shame about game selection though :P
Wahey! Only 7 hours so not the worst. I see painkillers in my future
Do hospitals provide paracetamol to people waiting in A&E? What if I ask really nicely!?
Five hours in. Another 2-3 to go.
In all fairness, I’m an awful gobshite for trying to break my fall with the back of my hand.
In a&e - approx time is 3 hours :(
RT @RichardAyoade: You see, a lot of pop stars would have tried to walk the thousand miles in one go. The Proclaimers had the good sense to break mid-way.
Sprained my left wrist. The thing was useless beforehand anyway :P
RT @monteiro: Hey @ABC, go fuck yourselves.
Buying a single pc component locks me into making a PC right? Anyone have any opinions on this build?
Batty rap is stuck in my head all day today.
RT @AdamWhitcroft: It’s a great tragedy that someone who gave so many people laughter and joy was unable to keep any for himself. An actor I will truly miss.
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