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Sean O'Grady

Sean O'Grady

Decluttering the web - one site at a time
Anyone know if there is a box to switch 2 optical inputs and 2 optical outputs?
Andrea Pirlo: the night Pep Guardiola tried to sign me for Barcelona via @guardian
RT @aidan_walsh: Oh seriously, go fuck yourselves
My eyes. Think it may just be me trying to solve these nav issues, but i’m also suspicious of the impending hayfever season.
“Many Shades of Black” by The Raconteurs is my new jam. Listen:
Sketch 3 is looking good! :)
.@lovindublin LovinBoxes are temporarily unavailable while we sort an issue on mobile. All successful orders will be fulfilled.
Announcing Lovin Box #2 with Peruke and Periwig via @lovindublin
RT @eoinbara: I've a #DribbbleInvite ready to go, show me your best work?
8 comedians who deserve late-night shows and aren't white dudes via @voxdotcom
RT @AnnaKendrick47: The word "Anna" shifted up the alphabet one letter becomes "Boob." Ho. Ly. Shit. -via reddit
"Broken Boy Soldiers" is almost 8 years old. My god.
"Broken Boy Soldiers" is almost 8 years old. My god.
RT @topgold: Designing for the web is a free ebook:
RT @arlenmarmel: Great presentation by @richBTIG The Future of TV: Ad Age's 2014 Digital Conference:
RT @arlenmarmel: Great presentation by @richBTIG The Future of TV: Ad Age's 2014 Digital Conference:
That Time The CIA And Howard Hughes Tried To Steal A Soviet Submarine
RT @StephenAtHome: Let's see...what to tweet about, what to tweet about? I got nothing. What's new with you?
RT @voxdotcom: 17 times Stephen Colbert broke character and showed us who he really is:
France just made it illegal to answer work emails after 6pm
RT @Jon_Favreau: Most gratifying thing to read when making a movie like this. RT @LovinDublin:
Does anyone that uses Autoprefixer and Emmet, know how to disable the vendor prefixes in Emmet?
“Blue Orchid” by The White Stripes is my new jam. Listen:
RT @RichardAyoade: Also if you cut out everyone saying 'hello' to one another you could probably reduce an average episode length by fifteen minutes
RT @RichardAyoade: Might just be me, but I feel that this series of Made In Chelsea is less spiritually nourishing than previous ones
Font War: Inside the Design World's $20 Million Divorce via @BW
Anyone own an Intel NUC? Trying to find a decent Plex server/HTPC with 5.1 optical out. NUC doesn’t meet that entirely but its a good start.
Mailbox for Mac, y u no installed??
RT @hamburger: and yeah Mailbox for Mac is as handsome as you'd think
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