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Sean O'Grady

Sean O'Grady

Decluttering the web - one site at a time
Re: These crazy Germans have invented a new bike where you run -
"What happens when you inevitably fall?" - Sean O'Grady
Re: Lovin Dublin - The Death Of The Restaurant Reviewer, Food Porn And How To Win Customers For Your Restaurant In 2014 -
"To be honest, if sites like Facebook are allowing businesses to add their menu, is it an absolute necessity? Facebook lowers the level of knowledge required to get set up, lowers the cost of hiring someone to build it, and lowers the maintenance time required each time a menu changes. Using Facebook for restaurants is – at worst – non-offensive in terms of design. But at best, it gives everyone a easy way to gain a following, no matter how big or small your establishment is. It also gives the management a tool to update their menu on something they use in their own time anyway. And it still shows up on Google, giving them exposure and you a way to find them. There are too many poor restaurants websites out there, especially when weighed against what is actually a good example of a restaurant's website, to think that every website NEEDS a website. They dont – all they really NEED is an updated menu online somewhere & some easy to find contact details." - Sean O'Grady
RT @mcimag: BREAKING: Preliminary results from Scotland's Independence vote are in & it is now predicted Vladimir Putin will win with 107% of the vote
Re: Lovin Dublin - My Meat Wagon - Hipster BBQ -
"Our web developer is an incompetent buffoon. Apologies on his behalf." - Sean O'Grady
I have 3 Mailbox for Mac betacoin invites if anyone would like one. :)
RT @wilw: When I'm king of the world, it will be impossible to take videos in portrait. The phone's screen will just say "NO" until you turn it.
Betacoins are just a bad idea. I may only be saying this because I don’t have one. #mailbox
Small changes in the navigation on @LovinDublin. Back to our red roots..
Love search form. Would have liked to see it being an overlay but this does keep things simple
Fabregas :(
Oh ceac… y u do dis??
Designers Who Don’t Talk Like Designers Get Hired via @grigoriy_kogan
What if Michael Bay directed “Up” (via @IanHealy)
RT @beep: Hello! @karenmcgrane and I launched a podcast about responsive design. We hope you like it.
54 minutes until i get to take this backslab off. Hopefully not another 2 - 6 weeks of this…
Just finished true detective in one sitting. Jesus Christ.
Regular football is back!
RT @quickcast: An important update regarding the future of QuickCast –
Back to work!
RT @damienmulley: Pinky and the fucking Brain:
Steam no longer looks like garbage on OSX! Shame about game selection though :P
Wahey! Only 7 hours so not the worst. I see painkillers in my future
Do hospitals provide paracetamol to people waiting in A&E? What if I ask really nicely!?
Five hours in. Another 2-3 to go.
In all fairness, I’m an awful gobshite for trying to break my fall with the back of my hand.
In a&e - approx time is 3 hours :(
RT @RichardAyoade: You see, a lot of pop stars would have tried to walk the thousand miles in one go. The Proclaimers had the good sense to break mid-way.
Sprained my left wrist. The thing was useless beforehand anyway :P
RT @monteiro: Hey @ABC, go fuck yourselves.
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