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Sean O'Grady

Sean O'Grady

Decluttering the web - one site at a time
Re: 27 Years Of Laptop Evolution - Lovin Trends -
"I play games on a Mac... Not many because they're never optimised but I still do!" - Sean O'Grady
Re: 7 Of The Best Photo Editor Apps - Lovin Trends -
"VSCO is nice. Camera+ too" - Sean O'Grady
Re: The Most Unreal Documentaries to Watch If You're Staying In Tonight - Lovin Dublin -
"The Hitmaker is brilliant. Nile Rodgers has lived an incredible life." - Sean O'Grady
Re: 5 Gorgeous iPhone Cases For The Stylish Man - Lovin Trends -
"Pfft... A real man wouldn't use a case... :P The "Groove" one is tempting though." - Sean O'Grady
Re: The Software and Services Apple Needs to Fix -
"My external monitor isnt visible on wake from sleep. Its being recognised but all I get is a black screen" - Sean O'Grady
Re: Aeropress - The Idiot Proof Way To Make Awesome Coffee At Home - Lovin Dublin -
"Love me Bialetti. Nuisance to clean though!" - Sean O'Grady
Re: This is the World's Smartest Connected Biking System - Lovin Trends -
"This looks pretty nice – combine that with some wireless earphones and its perfect!" - Sean O'Grady
Re: My New Addiction - Serial The Podcast - Lovin Trends -
"Just listened to the first episode a few days ago. It was good, and very well made but there is only so many times I can change my mind of whether I think he's guilty or not. I don't know if I can last the 12 episodes." - Sean O'Grady
Homeland was excellent this week.
Microsoft patches critical bug that affects every Windows version since 95.
Re: How I Cut My Email Load By 90% Within A Week - Lovin Trends -
"I integrated the RSS feed into Slack for this purpose!" - Sean O'Grady
Someone finally made a native OS X Lifx app! No more using the clunky iOS app to flip the lightswitch
Spotify : $2 Billion and Counting
What can Obama really do for net neutrality?
I’m definitely liking Slack but I’m not really a fan of the web app in a Webkit wrapper.
Buy your “Mobile First Cloud First” Satya Nadella pull string action figure today!
RT @tomwarren: “Newspapers aren’t dying because they’re printing on paper, they’re dying because we don’t need to know what they’re telling us.” - Paxman
I love how as a freelancer (which I’m not anymore) you’re sometimes demoted to the role of personal Password Manager for your client.
Monster, aside from being possibly the worst beverage ever conceived … is now literally the DEVIL’s work
Monster, aside from being possibly the worst beverage ever conceived … is now literally the DEVIL’s work
RT @markcahill: 20 Key Takeaways From the Dublin Web Summit via @SlideShare
I meant popkey
RT @NiallHarbison: Lost 2 true absolute pros today in @YoungEoin and @nicsmcnally. Nobody ever remembers the "starters" when companies get huge. I do
Overwatch looks more movie than video game but it still looks like incredible work from Pixa.. err I mean Blizzard
New office chair arrived. Not quite an Aeron but my back will thank me.
RT @verge: Scribd wants you to leave Audible and sign up for its way cheaper ebook and audiobook service
Easiest way to sell gift vouchers online for brick & mortar stores?
RT @AllergyKidsDoc: Actual discussion: Parent "I want #Ebola vaccine for my child" Doc "There isn't one, but we have #flushot" Parent "We don't believe in that"
RT @davatron5000: DEVGUY: My plogin is bettor because its smaller… *Turns to camera* …its has no accessibility, thets why! *starts jetpack*
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