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Shoes. Nutella. Purple. Tech stuff. Shoes. Libraries. Shoes. Web stuff. Chocolate. Corgis. Shoes. Video Games. Shoes. Tennis. Star Wars.
I should probably get my #hair cut sometime soon. No idea when the last time was. #outofcontrol
I should probably get my #hair cut sometime soon. No idea when the last time was. #outofcontrol
I really like this picture of you! - Laura
aw, thanks! - Miriella
I checked my voicemail. Someone wanted to offer me fitness sessions, and I had an appointment confirmation for 2/6. No millions. #stillbroke
Sometimes I wonder if the calls I ignore from unknown numbers is someone calling to tell me I've won a million dollars. Alas. #foreverbroke
RT @connpost: ICYMI: @UnitedIllum to be sold to Spanish company
RT @connpost: ICYMI: @UnitedIllum to be sold to Spanish company
Why are spiders showing up? Can't you all stay dead until summer at least?
Well. It was nice while it lasted. Knicks are down by 14 after keeping it close and even leading in the first half. #atleastwehavetheRangers
I'll be walking down the runway! "Other duties as assigned" MT @FairfieldPubLib It's a @jenbutlerdesign fashion show!
I'll be walking down the runway! "Other duties as assigned" MT @FairfieldPubLib It's a @jenbutlerdesign fashion show!
I'm at @FairfieldPubLib, teaching a #twitter class to lots of awesome folks, including @AnneJFarkas!
If I still played WoW I'd probably be spam tweeting you all worse than when I'm watching tennis. Lol.
Feels good to get in 10k steps daily again. Been sick for a bit. Yuck.
Not Derrick Rose again!!! :(
Promoted pins SUCK, @Pinterest. Don't want to see stupid rings while looking for dessert. At least show different crap & not the same pin.
Goodness. Really nice Rangers game tonight vs Flames.
Rangers score!!! Finally!
I am on a never-ending search for the perfect water bottle. Halp.
that is an impossible search. - Marie
agreed. I finally settled on a coffee cup (from In-n-Out burger) at work and haven't yet found one that I like to carry around with me when I'm not at work/home. - ellbeecee
that's like trying to find the perfect purse. - holly #ravingfangirl
I use rinsed-out Canadian Powerade bottles. That's not me being a Canada snob; they literally don't sell the valve-equipped bottles in the US. Best possible way to keep water next to the bed; you can knock it over and it won't spill. It won't even spill (much) if you turn it upside down and you're not actively drinking from it. - Andrew C (✔)
Are the Gatorade squirt bottles not good enough for you? (Of course now I'm wondering if they still make it...) - Miriella
Holly I think this is worse than finding the perfect purse. - Miriella
I had a 32ish ounce one that was the perfect size - but it won't fit in my car cup holders. It was a Brita one, and it freaking leaked everywhere all the time, so I couldn't toss it on the seat next to me. And then it would just leak while it was standing up being left alone, so I gave that up. I just tossed out my most recent one because it was plastic and it got some funky ass smell... more... - Miriella
Kleen Kanteen with sport cap. - DJF from Android
Merry, have you tried the Camelbak ones? That's my current front-runner, because no-leak, no-spill, plus the Camelbak straw-like flip top thinger. All dishwasher safe. At home I use a giant Tervis tumbler but for travel it's not perfect, even with lid and straw. - Julie Kane
not yet. I was leaning towards this Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Bottle- - Miriella
I just ate a #Snickers egg and a #Reese's egg and now I feel rather sick. This is @hollysue's fault.
Murderous rampage successfully avoided on a Monday morning: found my cream & sugar in a different fridge. DON'T MOVE MY #COFFEE FIXIN'S.
Looks like my next day off is March 14. Oops. #poorscheduling
Eating up this Johnny Mac and Henrik Lundqvist show. #tennis + #nyrangers = pure win. #TheMaskOnMSG
These Shaq Gold Bond commercials. Why.
Crossbars and posts, oh my. #nyr
Oh good heavens. A shootout. I can't take this. #nyr
Sunuvabi$+%$-#&@$!! #nyr
(They're in LA, right? *shrugs*)
I call shenanigans on that flop. The Oscars are in LA, not MSG!! #nyr
Why are we letting the Blue Jackets hang around. #nyr
I want to go watch the Oscars, but I can't bring myself to switch from the #nyr game.
Marty St. Louis again!!! #nyr
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