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Re: Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses – 25 Essential Tips That Will Boost Your Page -
"Nice post yet again. Any thoughts on using the timeline for other things besides Milestones (Which is very effective)? Also, will Facebook ever let a Group be transformed into a page?" - Amani
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RG3 now gets his chance to have his first game-winning final drive. Luck had his, and won, earlier today...
...he made a play on 3rd-and-8 but his WR gave it away by throwing the ball at the DB...IDIOT! - .LAG liked that
Unsportsmanlike conduct takes them out of field goal range too. - Eric Logan
I think Cundiff keeps his job. Royster, though... - Julian
...Josh Morgan, actually, but yeah - .LAG liked that
OK, so now we can end this "Griffoning" thing... he's human - .LAG liked that
True. It's not like Baylor made it to the Cotton Bowl last year... - Julian
He is human. But he played well. Defense needs to step up. #HTTR!! - Amani
"Another kernel for us to keep an eye on - " In the first half, Montgomery would snap after about two seconds. In the second half, it was closer to one second. I paid attention to it just to see if New Orleans’ linemen would eventually figure it out as well. But the Redskins changed it up later, as they should have."  <-- great catch there." - Amani
"This is why your analysis continues to be impressive - "Hall blitzed 10 times when lined up in the slot and each time his head was turned toward the quarterback before the snap. When he wasn’t going to blitz, his eyes were turned toward the receiver." Please share this with hall (And Mr. Raheem Morris), and see if he can fix this. If he can, he will get 5-7 sacks this season." - Amani
"Nice review. Can't wait for the film review. Are you worried about Bob taking too many hits?" - Amani
"Hey John - Are you getting the all-22 camera access that we fans now have access too this season? The only challenge for your articles is that it isn't released until Wednesday. But if you add that to your tool belt ... you would continue to distance yourself as the premier Skin's beat journalist. Thoughts?" - Amani
"Excellent analysis. In your opinion, who is in the lead for the starting RT job for game #1? Does Alfred Morris have a chance to be the starter week 1? We will keep an eye on Cousins. How soon could he eclipse Rex as the #2 QB? I think of Houston last year with a rookie QB late in the season and the playoffs." - Amani
"Nice analysis. In your opinion, who is leading the competition for FS/SS as well as #3/#4 CB?" - Amani
Re: Match Day Announced for FIFA 13; Seasons Mode Expands, Demo Date, New Trailer -
"Looking forward to FIFA. The game continues to evolve which is great for the consumer!" - Amani
"Excellent analysis John. I particularly enjoyed the timing stats (comparing Griffin/Cousins to Grossman) and how long Griffin held the ball on the throws. Let's keep an eye on Gettis. I am curious to see how he improves after each game. How were the shotgun stats from Montgomery (in terms of time)?" - Amani
"This offensive line continues to break down before the season. The only bright side is that the younger players will get a chance to show what they have early on in the game. Out of LeRib, Gettis, Polumbus, White and Black ... someone has to step up and shine. Right?" - Amani
Re: ReadWriteWeb DeathWatch: Electronic Arts -
"I would also say that EA's lack of focus on their core customers with the Madden series has caused a decline in sales. They have ignored their customers to reach the mainstream and it has hurt the bottom line. Too much emphasis on DLC has hurt their largest selling franchise which hurts their bottom line. To their credit FIFA and NHL continue to be strong titles." - Amani
Re: Introducing A Large Change To The Simply Zesty Blog -
"I have enjoyed your content for many years that you have been live. I look forward to your new evolution. And I agree about 50 different sources covering the same thing. It's crazy. I can't wait to see how you school us in the future. Great idea!" - Amani
Re: Do What You Love: 4 Reasons to Follow Your Passion in Business -
"Finding the courage to follow your passion is probably the hardest step in my opinion. Very nice article. Thanks." - Amani
"Could center Josh LeRibeus improve enough to push Montgomery (especially if Montgomery snaps continue to be slow and at the QB's knees)?? How can the Redskins not address that this season? I like that tidbit you put in there. Keep us  posted on the rookie lineman (and the RT position). Thanks. Welcome back!" - Amani
Re: Networking Tips: 5 Easy Ways to Build a Strong Professional Network -
"Great quick tips right here. #2 and #5 are my favorite. Getting outside your normal circle is paramount." - Amani
Re: Twitter Still Most Popular Social Networking Site Among Corporations; YouTube Growing Fast -
"I like to call Youtube the sleeping Giant for brands. So much opportunity. Very nice article." - Amani
Re: 3 iPad Productivity Apps Every Small Business Owner Should Use -
"I will check out Fatstax. That could be useful. How does Crashplan compare with Dropbox?" - Amani
Tattoo Day! (even though I just spent $1500 on my car oof). I have a monthly tattoo appointment and I missed last month so I'm itching to start my new project... Right Leg - Ankle to Knee. First consultation/drawing/etc... also I have a small tattoo I want to get which I think I'll just have him do real quick - just two words. wait for pics later.
I've been thinking of doing a leg sleeve(?) too! Whatcha getting? - Derrick
WELLLLLLLL. I have always wanted a St. Francis. surrounded by the animals... so yeah. A whole scene... the guy who is my current artist is going to kill it... this is basically the guidance I'm giving him and letting him go to town. Here's some of his current work... - he also does these animals with amazing crowns/halos so yeah, all the animals will have those... and also Imma sneak zoe in my tattoo as well. - Jason
:) - Derrick
sweet! I've been thinking on the design for my left sock when my right sleeve is finished. please do send pics! - t-ra needs this place
I am ready to do a left arm sleeve from shoulder to elbow. Just have to figure out what it is going to be. - Amani
Re: Flipora is the fastest-growing social surfing service you’ve never heard of (interview) -
"Very nice article. I think this addresses an interesting niche. I will take a look around and see what it offers." - Amani
Re: Friends Leaving You When You Enter a New Phase in Life -
"Listen to that old Eric B & Rakim song w/Jody Watley "Friends ..." So very true ..." - Amani
Re: The meaning of my Twitter #hashtags the 2012 edition | by Wayne Sutton -
"Well done sir. Great hashtags. I might borrow a few. #NHA (no haters allowed)!!" - Amani
Re: Blog of Thrones: ‘Valar Morghulis’ Isn’t the End of Things, It’s Merely the Beginning -
"Perhaps that mention can be in the next article! ;)" - Amani
Re: Arbitrator rules against Redskins -
"OK, so this is done. I still think the Skins did an above average job in Free Agency and the draft even with this penalty now confirmed. Agree?" - Amani
Re: 83% Of Consumers Bailed On A Purchase Due To Poor Social Media Customer Service -
"Great statistics here. It is hard to convince people the value of Social media on the agency side. These articles help. Thanks. Please keep sharing." - Amani
Re: Q&A on RG3 with: Ron Jaworski -
"Get Lost @john_keim . Ha just kidding. Nice interview. Waiting to see RGIII's knowledge of the playbook as we move forward. He has been with Kyle already so that is a good sign!" - Amani
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I'm kinda pulling for #Baylor to beat #NotreDame and pull off the Perfect Season, but who doesn't <3 Skylar Diggins? #Womens #FinalFour
Skylar can get it. - Amani
+1 Amani... long time, no see in these parts! ;) - .LAG liked that
Re: UEFA 2012 Coming In a Matter of Weeks – But Not As a Standalone Title -
"Good decision I feel. I will buy it. I would not have bought an entire separate game. I like that I can use my Virtual Pro within this segment as well." - Amani
oreelee? - Zamms
oh my - maʀtha
d is outta control! - holly #ravingfangirl
JELLISS. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
How much did you drink? - Katy S
Uh...more than a couple? - Derrick
More importantly... How was it??? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
so you're 4-margarita straight? ;-) - DJF
Good grief. - Akiva
D, you being greedy now. ;) - Joel M
Oh my - lris from iPod
And I'm jealous! :o( - Melly
Those were some strong margaritas. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
They were delicious. And apparently I got a go cup and brought one home. - Derrick
I love New Orleans. - Zamms
You do you, boo. - Micah
Haaaaaaaaa.... i see what you did there Derrick. - Amani
jealousy? :) - Dilara TAN
It just occurred to me how much funnier Derrick's original tweet is if you imagine Joe Biden saying it. - Zamms
Joe Biden is my drinking buddy. - Derrick
Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Very Disappointed
Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Very Disappointed
Those tweets are... sad. Not surprising, but still sad. - Jennifer Dittrich
Liking to keep this in my feed and because someone wrote about it, not like-liking. Also, wtf is wrong with people, JFC. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
I'll have to read this when I get home. Blocked at work. - Shevonne
:( - Me
That's so awful. - Stephen Mack
I am most interested in how Hollywood will take this. Will they now feel that their position of whitewashing is justified after all, and go back to casting all-white actors? #ARacistDollarIsStillADollar - Victor Ganata
Good question Victor. - Shevonne
I was thinking about that too, Victor. Weirdly, I think Disney and Nickelodeon are pushing things the other direction, and that seems to be opening things up. They're far from perfect, but their shows have been employing more and more actors of color in kids shows over the last decade. - Jennifer Dittrich
This does not particularly anger me. It just confirms that we have a quite a way to go. - MoTO Boychick Devil
That's part of what I was thinking tiffany - it seems like there's a lot more money to be made in appealing to the broader audience of lots of different people, than the slice of the majority that can't handle knowing other races exist. - Jennifer Dittrich
I'm dismayed but not surprised. Sad that these kids are racist & thought it was okay to post it for the world to see, and also because they don't have good reading comprehension. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I don't tend to associate with people like that (the few outwardly racist people I know rarely read, so they wouldn't have read The Hunger Games), so I rarely ever see that kind of reaction to anything. I have to admit it was a bit surprising to me. It would never have occurred to me that people would complain about the color of a character in a movie, honestly (I know, I'm sheltered). - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Irony, you have been defined. - chrisofspades
I had always thought of it as a good thing that people can inject their own imaginations into books. This is my first encounter with the dark side of that phenomenon. - Bruce Lewis
BTW, h/t to Matt Mastracci for initially sharing this on G+ (that's where I saw it). Agreed, Bruce. I've certainly seen people upset over the way casting was done for books turned into movies, but I've never seen it this ugly and petty before. I wonder if these same people complained when a snow-white Italian-American was cast as Eva Peron? - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I'm not surprised by this. It's horrible, but not surprising. There has been a lot of this around President Obama too. I might not blame the people for being surprised Rue was black, I don't remember her exact description other than the comparison to Prime, people skim and they also picture people like themselves. The actual reactions to seeing Rue black is disgusting though. I thought the casting was pretty good and I loved little Rue. - Rachel Lea Fox from iPhone
These people are just damn dumb. The book clearly describes Rue as black. There is no question. Someone didn't read the book closely. Ignorance isn't genetic but my goodness. Some people continue to live under a rock. Their loss for being so close minded ... I wish I could virtually smack them on the backs of their heads. - Amani
What in the world? I had thought from the description in the book that Rue was black. And the actress that played her was adorable and, I thought, perfect for the part. People are damn stupid. - Tamara, #TeamMarina
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