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RT @carlospache_co: cc @missrogue Knockoff Louboutin Nail Polish Tutorial by @mmmegan
RT @carlospache_co: cc @missrogue Knockoff Louboutin Nail Polish Tutorial by @mmmegan
Sailing doggies! @ Kajama Boat Cruises
Adorable little swabbies! ridley and @lizziethepug are ready for their boat cruise! @ Kajama Boat Cruises
Doggie boat cruise! @carlospache_co @Ridley @Lizziethepug (@ Tall Ship Kajama in Toronto, ON)
On our way to the doggie boat cruise! ridley and @lizziethepug are more excited than they look.
I hope what we do with all of our free time is good stuff: "We’re heading into a jobless future..." by @wadhwa
I kind of hate grand electric. I love their tacos, but the loud music, super dark atmosphere and waiting thing is just not my thing anymore.
Is this Canada's #hipster beer? #canuckPBR @ Grand Electric
Drink while waiting for a table. @carlospache_co Marc-Andre Samuel (at @TheRhinoBar w/ 2 others)
Taking @lizziethepug and ridley on a boat cruise tomorrow. Just spotted this at @winners. Um...yes?! @…
Long live the malcontents! We may be annoying, but we’re the ones that will stand up for you when you need it:
RT @LegacyProj: Somehow most of us have got all caught up in the hamster wheel of life and forgot that there is more to it than that. @missrogue @msl_group
RT @LegacyProj: Read and RT @missrogue @msl_group #interview with us where she talks #success, #empathy and how to #inspire others:
"women don't advance in their careers beyond a certain point without learning to interrupt” #sorrynotsorry
RT @LeadAndLearnTM: Tara Hunt | Author, Speaker and Startup Founder. -Don't fear mistakes/Listen more/Be curious &passionate/Stop judging
RT @carlospache_co: Is YouTube Really Bigger Than Facebook? The Numbers Say Yes #youtube
So good. Everything is waffle! (B. Benny @ Starving Artist)
Seeing Boyhood with Lourena. Stuffed silly from dinner. (@ TIFF Bell Lightbox - @tiff_net w/ 2 others)
Taking Lourena to the fabulous KSR... (at @KhaoSanRoadTo w/ 2 others)
Brunch with @carlospache_co and Lourena at one of our faves! (@ Harvest Kitchen w/ 2 others)
RT @AmblingBooks: The Whuffie Factor, by @missrogue, is just $6.99 thru 07/28. Click to sample the audio:
Galaxy S -- Envy (Parody): via @YouTube Good job @carlospache_co and @boatrckr! Too true!
Galaxy S -- Envy (Parody): via @YouTube Good job @carlospache_co and @boatrckr! Too true!
Researching top Cdn @youtube-ers and have fallen in love with the hilariously angry @ADoseofBuckley “Viral videos = the herpes of videos."
Celebrate 9 years of the Shared economy at #Coworkingweek starting Aug 2nd SF:
Very cool. @coworking week starts on Aug 2nd, register now for free. Learn more here: #coworkingweek
RT @le_frick: TRUST IS THE MOST VALUABLE CURRENCY... both to earn and to give: by @missrogue
RT @jkhoey: Fake Foster snuck into the photo Loving my friends @missrogue @carlospache_co for this gift!
Upon discovering they couldn't break into the patio, the kids resigned themselves to a nap. @ The Mill…
My parents know how to enjoy Toronto. :) @carlospache_co (@ Mill St. Beer Hall w/ 2 others)
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