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Kim Zoot Holmes

Kim Zoot Holmes

Mom. Blogger. Writer. Photographer. Eater of BBQ and Drinker of Diet Coke.
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I normally kinda hate BuzzFeed lists but this one has me pegged SO HARD I just can't NOT share it.
I want @gogreen18 to put out a DVD set so when my 9yo is older she has an arsenal of resources regarding sexuality and body positivity.
I blame him for why I'm about to buy her stupid CD RT @seliahm: There's so much going on in this video I LOVE IT
I blame him for why I'm about to buy her stupid CD RT @seliahm: There's so much going on in this video I LOVE IT
I need to talk to HR about my inappropriate co-worker...
Weirdly hoping for some noise from @TeamREDSTONE as I'm testing out a @ThunderShirt on my dog today. Curious if it keeps her calm.
Not looking for donation, just a way to purchase individual @redbox rentals to give away to people needing some surprise Joy.
Anyone know of a way to buy gift cards/certificates for free @redbox rentals? We're sending care packages and would love to drop those in.
RT @Cmdr_Hadfield: With their spaceship behind them, Alex, Max and Reid smile into the brisk Kazakh wind. Welcome back to Earth, gents.
If crawling into bed at 7pm on a Saturday is wrong...I don't want to be right.
A card I made for our Spread the Joy gift packs we are sending people. If you know someone who could…
17 miles with a half-marathon in the middle!
RT @JustinMikita: Siri autocorrects 'lord' to 'Lorde' I just feel like for the first time she finally understands me.
I'm really only feeling at about 90% capacity for the race tomorrow...but this note reminds me why…
Try to say, "toyboat, toyboat, toyboat" quickly. Out loud. #guaranteedlaugh #yourwelcome #IneedMoreSleep
My new carpool line hobby! #zentangles
Still my all-time favorite episode of Television RT @whedonesque: 13 years ago today…
Doodling Like I’m Bored In Class… -
This is her, "We won and I scored!" dance! Go Sharks! Semi-Finals tomorrow!
Guy in front of me driving a red Corvette and holding his arm out the window squeezing one of those forearm muscle workout things. #macho
YES. YES IT IS. RT @krispykreme: It's always a good time for a #DoughnutParty
I've been researching the therapist we found for Wesley and I just saw her picture and there's no way she's older than 12. #IFeelOld
Packing a full day of anxiety into two hours! It’s my skill! -
I'm making my way through the @blastoffpodcast play list, I started with the FIRST episode and am now finally in 2014!
Portrait of a tired girl sleeping on the bathroom floor while her son soaks in the tub with a foot…
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