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Kim Zoot Holmes

Kim Zoot Holmes

Mom. Blogger. Writer. Photographer. Eater of BBQ and Drinker of Diet Coke.
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.@HVTL_launch I'm up for anything called #BaconHeist! Count me in! Wait. Unless it involves Kevin Bacon...we're not kidnapping him are we?
I'm really glad my black thumb keeps me from planting anything...ever. The only thing these temps…
(This issue probably hits a little close to home for me and I should therefore chill out about it. I KNOW.)
The #worldstoughestjob video irked me because...DADS. DADS ARE PARENTS TOO. (I know it's a Mother's Day thing but...DADS TOO! BAH!)
RT @FleetFeetChgo: Join us at 1:49pm CST in a moment of silence remembering the Boston Marathon victims. #WeRunTogether
Allergy season is not the ideal time to make tutorial screencasts that require vocal instruction. Especially not for a loud sneezer.
I had a REALLY vivid dream that spring had arrived...
RT @chrisgeidner: For all they say about #twitterafterdark, we're exploring science & astronomy tonight -- while daytime Twitter was looking at a plane in a v
Just noticed this text from @seliahm last night. I could text a lot of embarrassing tidbits in a week...
Because god forbid someone like me ever HAVE to teach any child any thing.
I spend 1 hour with elementary school children and I thank the universe that some people WANT to be teachers.
I woke up at 2:30am this morning and tended to Wesley's leg cramps. As a "Thank you" he let me nap in…
Special mugs for our back-to-back races!
Selfie with the kids, my nephew, and a bearded dragon!!
I hate to be all vain and narcissistic but LOOK AT THIS AWESOME PICTURE OF ME!!!
Look! We had a hitchhiker at the Butterfly Release!
We have a busy weekend planned...
I don't mean to dork out or anything, but I just picked up my 3rd place prize (30-39 Female) from…
THANKS! You all do a GREAT job in engaging the community! KUDOS TO YOU! RT @Go2HuntsvilleAL: @misszoot LOVED your post today...
Please send positive vibes to my husband in Huntsville, AL today as he goes to a VERY important lunch meeting. *FINGERS CROSSED*
In 2009 I did the Cotton Row 5K in 39:08. That girl would not have believed that in 5 years she would…
Must be book club night at Kim's house!
We've officially taken the gamble & turned down the guaranteed job if we move to NH in the hopes of finding one that keeps us here. #SCARY
Every time I tweet to my college-aged son, I can feel his eyes rolling from 120 miles away.
EEK. @seliahm! @seliahm! Wake up! Are you there? Can you hear me? Why don't we have this yet? WE MUST HAVE THIS!
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