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Kim Zoot Holmes

Kim Zoot Holmes

Mom. Blogger. Writer. Photographer. Eater of BBQ and Drinker of Diet Coke.
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Two Words: NAKED. TENTS. -
Farewell, Bullet Journal Volume III -
The Future Is Not Here Yet. In Case You Were Wondering. -
Washi Tape Makes Everything Better -
Kids were fighting tonight so I had to take away our nightly @TheCrashCourse video. Now they're both crying in their rooms. #FamilyOfDorks
AH! Maybe it was a malicious message/link. She apologized and said it was an accident! I'm still confused but I feel much better!
Someone I don't know just msged me on FB and asked me to remove a pic they're in. I can't see attachment. Doesn't that mean it's not my pic?
I Survived A Group Ride! -
Rickshaw Bags Bullet Journal Folio Review -
Quite Possibly The World’s Most Embarrassing Story. -
I'll be honest. This kinda killed me. RT @FLOTUS: Happy Birthday, @Beyonce! You're an incredible role model, a phenomenal mother... –mo
RT @civilwarbore: Hey @Twitter, I don't need your algorithm to curate my feed. I can do that just fine. Maybe devote resources to reducing abuse on yr service
I tried to steal preserves from Target today. I'm the worst about not seeing every item in the buggy before I checkout.
RT @OmegaMom: @misszoot I read it and can't tell if she was serious or if it was satire.
Okay. TOMORROW. TOMORROW will be the day I stop eating all of the things.
One thing I hate about #thegreatveganexperiment is how pretentious my groceries look. I kinda hate myself.
It turns out I can maintain my No Ice On My Head policy and still donate to the ALS association. You can too!
RT @PatMcGonigleNBC: Capt. Johnson urging daylight #Ferguson protests: "make ur voices heard when u can be seen and when ur not cover for violent agitators"
RT @AntonioFrench: Police again say a small group among the nighttime protestors had weapons, including guns and Molotov cocktails.
Speaking of Twitter feeds...mine sure is a hodgepodge of serious and not-so this morning...jeez...#schizotweeter
It seems @AntonioFrench only slept 3-4 hrs last night if his Twitter activity is any indication. I'm grateful for his coverage of #Ferguson
RT @stevenlwalker: Anarchists & troublemakers infiltrating peaceful protestors seeking #JusticeForMikeBrown smear his memory & movement as bad as #Ferguson PD
I'm a marathon runner which makes me addicted to podcasts so I'm totally in love with @gracehelbig's new project. #NotTooDeep
Celestina Warbeck is not a "NEW" character. We knew of her existence through Mrs. Weasley. #WizardRant #DamnMuggles
RT @MurielWAFF: I got a kool surprise this morning in downtown Huntsville (200 Westside Square)
Celestina Warbuck is not a "NEW" character. We knew of her existence through Mrs. Weasley. #WizardRant #DamnMuggles
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