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Kim Zoot Holmes

Kim Zoot Holmes

Mom. Blogger. Writer. Photographer. Eater of BBQ and Drinker of Diet Coke.
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RT @HSVevents: Next Thursday Huntsville gets artsy! It's time for the Gallery Tour! Complete list and info
Had a bike wreck on the way to the river causing me to drop a chain, then Wes's bike disintegrated at…
And now he's singing a song about his butt. We are officially in THAT phase now. It ends...when? Never? Right?
Well Played, Buzz. RT @BuzzHuntsville: "YUMberyard!" MT @SandwichFarmHSV: We're cooking out tonight at @boothlumberyard! Join US!...
Rocking our #grassrootsrooker shirts for @ElectKathie today! We didn't even plan this!
I need an honest answer: Do your feelings get hurt of someone "leaves a conversation" on FB?
10 things Doctor Who taught me about Parenting >>
Look who fell asleep in my arms tonight! This is why I love Sunday Family Dinner...guaranteed time…
15 miles ended in "Feels like 97" temps. Slogged the last 5 like I weight 800lbs. I'm rewarding myself with a hot bath and an iced tea.
RT @ElectKathie: Relationship building = how we can move the needle in our school district. #grassrootsRooker #5weeksofTweets
RT @VBAS_Huntsville: Planetarium show tonight at 7:30pm topic: "Black Holes" #HSV #Huntsville #UAH #UAHuntsville #MSFC
The people of my city stepped up to the plate and saved "hundreds of dogs" this week. #IHeartHSV
And now feels like a good time to promote @TrevorProject - to help the LGBT teens hurt most by ignorance and hatred.
Wesley says she likes my belly because it's big and fat. :)
Broke my policy. Had to put SOMETHING on FB vocalizing my anger of a recent politician's statements re LGBT agenda.
Kids made @ElectKathie shirts!!!
Our local running community is so great. Someone asked in a FB group, "What should be my 1st 26.2?" and everyone is all #RUNLOCAL :)
I get onto her all the time for the weird fake smile she gives me in pictures. I snapped these…
These were on sale this week at Target: 12 for $7.19 #runningfuel
I Did Not Put This Book Down Until It Was Done. -
Shared a lane with three hooligans for my swim workout tonight. They both did great! Nyoka got in 400…
Why do I get defensive when people say they don't have time to do something that I do? I get REALLY defensive and it makes NO SENSE.
Oh, yeah. That's another reason I never read it. @seliahm read it and therefore I'd rather just stay clueless. #IgnoranceIsBlissYo
I started and finished "We Were Liars" in one night (last night) - I can NOT recommend that book enough. I could not put it down.
Y'all - I'm seriously a prude. I can't handle shows like Game of's all CW channel for me. OINTB is about as "adult" as I get.
(That said. I'm a prude. Never read the book and prob won't see the movie. But still! Her video was great and informative!)
It seems timely to link to @gogreen18's video (language NSFW) about how 50 Shades does BDSM all wrong.
Back On The Road Again -
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