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................... I'm sorry, this was literally the first thing that popped into my head... so very sorry :(
I even took care to tuck his thumb... - Johnny from iPhone
*sigh* all the fun I miss. Just because I suck at Photoshop. - Spidra Webster
do not like. :P (hey i thought about you today while looking at lego star wars stuff... so... when are we swapping lego for tim tams?) - Trish Haley
*wheezes* - Lola Bean (Penguin)
News Headline - 6 year old releases dad's experimental balloon, and hides in garage, after seeing image of Josh Haley and friend visit local farm. - Mike Nencetti
I wonder if he has seen this yet... - Johnny from iPhone
IT TAKES TWO, BAYBEE! - Big Joe Silenced
GYARHGL - Mo Kargas
hahahahahahahahhahaha.... This is too funny! - Angels In Action
Balls! Hey give it a name! - Kevin J Hatton
Sharing is caring! - That's So CAJ!
That is happiness in hand. - kendrak
s/caring/scaring - Big Joe Silenced
First of all. THIS. #joshhaleybomb - Micah
Bump - Rodfather
No, Rod. Two bumps. Count 'em. - Stephen Mack
Mark: D.A.N. stands for "DO ANYBODY NO," yes? - Stephen Mack
If Dropbox Used GitHub’s Pricing Plan | Users in Hell -
If Dropbox Used GitHub’s Pricing Plan | Users in Hell
TheNextWeb Forum
iOS 5 faster with HTML5 than IE9 in WP7? Not even close -
Mac versus PC, the battle continues on Twitter
AJ Batac
Fist bump fail - AJ Batac
Very smooth LOL - comix aka martha
Haha. That's what I end up doing. Tap or slap the fist bump. - Rodfather
Lol - AJ Batac
Awww man. LOL. - Rahsheen
Big Joe Silenced
hate constantly self-editing everything i type or say in an effort to not piss off everyone and it makes no difference cos half of them are spoiling for a fight at any given moment and i should just fucking shut up and let the unending shit storms happen without my pathetic attempts at levity or deference. God,i wish i could just vanish right now.
O.O hope that isn't here on FF. - Yolanda
Yolanda - no, it's mostly in meatspace. - Big Joe Silenced
Yes, Jill, I know you've had some bad runs here on FF. Here's hoping you've found a nice balance. - Yolanda
There does seem to be a lot of tension around here lately. It's starting to get very tiring. - Katy S
Yeah, the other day when it got tense I decided that it would be a good time to check my plants and pet my cats. - Katy S
I don't deliberately go out of my way to offend anyone, but like many of us, I do have a little rant sometimes, and the things I feel passionate about. If that does upset some folks, because they don't agree with my viewpoint at that time so be it. I'm always willing to engage in reasoned argument. Start that name calling shit, and I'll just tell you to FOAD, and then ignore you, as you're obviously of rather low intelligence. - Ian May
actually, it WAS here on FF. things have changed a bit since then. mercifully. or i wouldn't be here anymore. - Big Joe Silenced
I still push my point that it would be helpful on some posts if there was an audio feature, so the full intent of an issue could be more easily understood...but I guess it could also be argued that audio might make rants more intense...would be interesting to see tho. - JB
Che Bellaaaaa!! - keiko-san
ima no fujisan, mou masshiro yoooo! samuku natta karaneeee! - keiko-san
のように :) - نقطه
katatsuburi sorosoro nobore fuji no yama - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
Wow! Is this HAIKU?? Do you like Japan? - keiko-san
Yes, It is by Kubayashi Issa. Who doesn't like Japan? :) - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
Ah...Kobayashi Issa desune. Can you speak Japanese? - keiko-san
No dear, I wish. - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
If you like.....Let's enjoy Japanese with us! - keiko-san
Oh, Sorry.....Nice to meet you! - keiko-san
Nice to meet you too, Keiko Yamada. - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
Kire desu ne!! - rowlikeagirl
nice pic - sooohr@b
beautiful - Mitch
Reminds me Damavand peak . :) very nice .. - Mehrdad...
@ rowlikeagirl>@ winckel>@ سهراب=s.o.s >@ Mitch>@ houshang, Thank you!!! - keiko-san
Geoff Schultz, Nice to meet you! Do you speak Japanese?? - keiko-san
A little piece of heaven in earth. Just the sound of silence. :) Beautiful mountain - Alessandro Marocchini
@Isola Virtuale>Grazie! - keiko-san
@Alessandro>Siiiii ! - keiko-san
Ah, ma allora parli un pò di Italiano? :) - Alessandro Marocchini
Si, ma non tanto! - keiko-san
Te la cavi comunque! Ciao da Roma! Ora vado via perchè ho finito di lavorare. A domani, ciao :) - Alessandro Marocchini
Ciao! a domani. Ahhh, Bravo! Tottiiii!! - keiko-san
È bellissimo! - Dukko
Ciao, Dukko! - keiko-san
I ♥ your country so much! - Dukko
Grazieeee! ;D - keiko-san
Wow! Thanks, Poldo Sbaffini!! - keiko-san
Hi! Geoff, Nice to meet you, too! ; D - keiko-san
Viva! Mt.Fuji !! - keiko-san
Beautiful! Love the Cherry Blossom Trees - Sakura I think!:) - Citronella still FFing
Yees! That's right. ; D - keiko-san
何て綺麗なシルエット・・・ - keiko-san
Fujisan!! - ikera
Hi, Fujisan desu yooo! ikera, do you speak Japanese? - keiko-san
Ma cosi tante persone ....... sono molto lieta!! - keiko-san
Molto bello, ispira pace e armonia. - Will Sandaleros
Siiii. penso di si. Piacere!! - keiko-san
Il piacere è mio, ciao :-) - Will Sandaleros
ciao! Will Sandaleros. - keiko-san
Fujisan..... - keiko-san
:))) - keiko-san
Beautiful! - keiko-san
I didn't know there were so many fans.....!! - keiko-san
:D - keiko-san
~ ♪~ Fuji wa nippon ichi no yamaaaa ~ ♪ ~ to iu uta mo arimasu :))) - keiko-san
Hello, roberto! It was a good experience. Perhaps it will seem that the open-air bath (Roten-Buro). - keiko-san
Happy New Year Friendfeed! from Mt.Fuji. - keiko-san
Hello, Zu! Thank you for beautiful pictures......wonderful! :) - keiko-san
非常に良い - کاوشگر
با تشکر! - keiko-san
:-) - Zu
^_^ :) - keiko-san
Hello, echostreamer!......Thank you! :) - keiko-san
This is Mt. Fuji..... - - keiko-san
mio dio che meraviglia! - letix
ciao, letix!.....^_^ - keiko-san
Bellissimo...spero di poter visitare il Giappone in futuro! - bergadario
Si...ti aspetto!......^o^ - keiko-san
I don't know why it keeps sending me the last it only my problem or does somebody else get the "Si...ti aspetto!......^o^" comment every week??? - bergadario from email
1度だけ富士スカイラインへドライブした事があります。目の前で観る富士山は筆舌しがたいほどの雄大さがありますね。 - Ami Iida
@bergadario >ciao, Dario!....... I'm sorry. . . . but I have no particularly deep meaning........^_^ - keiko-san
@Ami Iida >Amiさん、こんばんは!・・・富士山ってホントに綺麗ですよね。新幹線から見える富士山も結構見応えないですかぁ?・・・・ただ、見えるのは一瞬ですけどね.......^o^ - keiko-san
Don't worry Keiko, for sure it's not your fault ;-) - bergadario from email
Grazie!....^o^ - keiko-san
Fujisan...... - keiko-san
è li che Goldrake combatteva le sue battaglie se non sbaglio :D - EmaWebDesign
ciao! che tanto tempo non ci!.......come stai?......^o^ - keiko-san
bene bene, pieno di lavoro anche se cerco di non far mancare il cazzeggio. Tu come stai? - EmaWebDesign
E 'così così.....grazie!...... - - keiko-san
hi! are u? - keiko-san
hi keiko.How are u? long time no see... - فوژان
I'm fine! ...... ^o^ - keiko-san
great :)) - فوژان
(^______^) ; - keiko-san
kono Fujisan wa saiko! kirei desu - keiko-san
hi! - keiko-san
@keiko-san, I love Japan. :) - emanuela pegurri
hi emanuela! .... oh, really? .... have you ever been to Japan? - keiko-san
Unfortunately not yet. :( - emanuela pegurri
がんばろう、ニッポン! - keiko-san
don't give up Japan! - keiko-san
friendfeedTranslate – userscript and bookmarklet (new!) for integrated language translation -
wow! - K.D.
you're on fire! - metalerik
Good stuff man, props :) - LANjackal
Dude...seriously... You are the man. This is groundbreaking stuff here. - Josh Haley
Ah shucks. Thanks guys :D - Micah
Thank you Micah, You have outdone yourself again - zsafwan 
Great! - Ton Zijp
this will work awesome in my "foreign but good" list - Tyler Gillies
jnman, google's translation service has it's limitations. I don't know what is different about that particular comment, though. This is anecdotal, but I would roughly estimate that 20% of the posts I've tried google translate responds with at least some null translation results. - Micah
Thank you Micah! Josh just showed me how to do it. I didn't know you had to open an individual post by clicking the time. I'm tech challenged. :) - Trish Haley
dude, you're a ninja - chrisofspades
Trish, thank you for the honesty. Ahhhh, _documentation_ so often an afterthought *scolds self*. Actually, if someone wants to pitch in help make a tutorial, please let me know. I'm working on a full set of pre-loaded configurations for each support translation language ~ maybe it will get released tonight (hard not to be in all the great conversations, though - that's the rub :D - Micah
Thanks, chrisofspades. I've been meaning to ask how the activity on ffThreadKiller is lately? If ya-all haven't checked it out yet head over to - Micah
Micah - tried out the bookmarklet on safari :))) Awesome. interesting how much better the translation is that the .( version doesn't seem to do transliterated text. - the version your script accesses is getting a fair amount of it.) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
activity waned. and I've been waffling on some back-end decisions that's preventing me from updating it. - chrisofspades from email
Rob, cool. That's an interesting comparison. - Micah
chrisofspades, yeah, I guess for a lot of people the statistic is interesting initially, but doesn't have legs. Have you considered expanding what statistics it gathers? You've already worked out how it spiders, what other calculations are feasible? I've seen a lot of requests for date range searching. Maybe some slice of data related to the timestamp. - Micah
date range searching would be sweet chrisofspades! if there's anything I can do to help please let me know! test maybe? - metalerik
Rob I noticed that too. - metalerik
*bump* I installed it on my home machine :) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
And it worked? - Micah
Yeah, mostly. :) I think people tend to write with mispellings though so that's tough to translate anyway. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Oh, cool. :) - Micah
Keith - @tsudo
A collection of the best guides and tips for using FriendFeed.
Friendfeed Beginners Room - Keith - @tsudo
Friendfeed Beginner Guides (via Search) - Keith - @tsudo
3 Reasons you should be on Friendfeed Now by Hutch Carpenter - Keith - @tsudo
Did You Make the List? How I Use Lists to Organize My Life-Stream - Keith - @tsudo
10 People to follow for the month of "X" by Louis Gray - Keith - @tsudo
Twitter Fight (Why Friendfeed rocks) by FF community - Keith - @tsudo
20 Things about Friendfeed by Robert Scoble - Keith - @tsudo
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FriendFeed as a social media strategy tool by John Haydon - Keith - @tsudo
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How to Use Friendfeed as a Collaborative Business Tool by Chris Brogan - Keith - @tsudo
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I don't have a coffee problem, but anyone that gets between me and that hot, dark ambrosia sure does.
Funny, my *other* nickname is 'Hot, Dark Ambrosia". - Anika
<wink> - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I have a new absolute need for the stuff. - Eric - Final Countdown
come on, Micah. Just admit it. You're addicted to caffeine. :P - imabonehead
I'll say this, if decaf tasted just as good as regular, I would gladly....AHH, SCRATCH THAT -- I like the caffeine too. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I haven't had a coffee in 4 weeks. Cold turkey. - Melly
O_O - Micah
coffee makes my guts freak out. i love the flavour, tho. - Big Joe Silenced
You and may have been separated at birth. - Jenny from Android
*nod* - Micah
Aruba War Vet - RAPatton from iPhone
Brutal - RAPatton from iPhone
He has the same power as Major Disaster. - Derek Coward
Don't play pool against that guy - RAPatton from iPhone
Poor burninated guy - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
You know sooner or later he will stay out too long - RAPatton from iPhone
That makes me sad :( - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
PETER IS JUDGING YOU - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Maybe in Walternate's world Dawson's Creek really happened - RAPatton from iPhone
boyfriend will tattle on you, Realivia - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
The Fringe logo on Astrid's beret looks like the old Van Halen logo - RAPatton from iPhone
That is one creepy looking dude - RAPatton from iPhone
I really want to see Red; please be good! - RAPatton from iPhone
Love the glasses - RAPatton from iPhone
Flowers for psychotic Algernon - RAPatton from iPhone
Gawd that was a good book. The actual book, I mean, not the faux-Ethan_Hawke version - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
I once wrote a paper on how that book used comic book references like the romantic writers used classical mythology references - RAPatton from iPhone
Last Door on the Left - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
I want sexy hairswish like Olivia - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Olivia is claustrophobic - RAPatton from iPhone
Creepy truthful Peter is creepy and truthful - RAPatton from iPhone
Yeah, baby! - RAPatton from iPhone
Molestered by a memory - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Smmmoooooooooooch! - Jess
I'm not sure which Universe episodes I like better. The Walternate Universe seems to have more going on for sure, and that's where 'Real Olivia" is. I loved the call back to the Sensory Deprivation chamber from Season 1. I wonder what's going to happen when Olivia gets put in there. Think her real life will all come back to her? Speaking of The Walternate Universe, I wonder why they... more... - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Gunny, he is the star of Human Target which makes it tough to have him back and Anna used to date him and they no longer date, which also might make it hard, but it would be great to have him show up for an episode or two if they could swing it - RAPatton
OMG How could I forget that. Thanks RAP - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Mmmm, so wet... -
Nathan Chase
This pretty much says it all...
I'm sure it really burns hard... What with all the money he makes... - Johnny from iPhone
Ping might be more useful if I only liked a single genre of music.
Andrew Trinh
I Love Metric (the band)
I Love Metric (the band)
Bang! Bang!
how cute - mina_sydney
hi, mina!......(*^-^)♪ - keiko-san
are those I've never seen a cat with balls. - sofarsoShawn
balls?? - keiko-san
Hi, Keiko Yamada :) - mina_sydney
........(*^-^)♪ - keiko-san
hello,Ramin!......^o^ - keiko-san
........(*^-^)♪ - keiko-san
i shot you down - 4 yorum daha
.......^_^ - keiko-san
"I ain't done nothing wrong !" - Quad
........^o^......!:) - keiko-san
thanks, Free cute!........^o^ - keiko-san
کوشولو - Mohammed troops
hello,Mohammed troops! - keiko-san
Merhaba!...... İyi Aile Kızı .......^o^ - keiko-san
hello, Ömer ŞEHAP!.......^o^ - keiko-san
kyo wa February 22 de 222....nihon dewa "NEKO NO HI" means "Day of Cats" desu. nyan! nyan! nyan!.....^o^ - - keiko-san
今日は2月22日、ニャン、ニャン、ニャンということで「猫の日」なんだそうです・・・^o^ - keiko-san
yappari kono neko wa kawaii......!! - keiko-san
onegaidakara......tasukete!...... - keiko-san
help me......! - keiko-san
dareka~.....tasukete~!...... - keiko-san
よく似た動画です - Ami Iida
わぁ~、可愛いですねぇ!・・・この映像、かつてTVで見たことがあるような気がします。 - keiko-san
:-))))))) - Sepi ⌘ سپی
hi Sepi!.......:) - keiko-san
hi..... (^_^) - Sepi ⌘ سپی
......(*^-^)♪..... - keiko-san
^_^ - Ron Bailey
hi Ron!.....nice to meet you!......^o^ - keiko-san
cute little cat says: "come closer and see what a cutey can do to your finger" ^__- - Kissakie
hahaha~......nice!......^o^ - keiko-san
help me......! - keiko-san
hello proosha!.......^o^ - keiko-san
Aiutoooo! - - keiko-san
minacciato a dito armato ^_^ - Kissakie
@Kissakie > ciaooooo!........^o^ - keiko-san
@ _Ali_kısa-öz > wowwww!........fantastic.....:))) - keiko-san
hello Suzan Nur Başarslan! - keiko-san
hello, again Suzan!.........^o^ - keiko-san
Cute! ..... kawaiineeee! - keiko-san
Scoble, Alex Scoble
Matt Damon on 30 Rock? I am so there!
FFing Enigma
You know what would be nice? The ability to DM to a list. Say I make a list of people called SoapMakers, and I find a great soap making resource. I'd like to be able to enter the list name SoapMakers in the 'To' field, and this link would be DM'd to anyone on my SoapMakers list that I'm subscribed to.
Interesting idea, Tina- distribution lists. #betakoltag-sg-dm - Kol Tregaskes
indeed. - vijay
Feeds/Rooms are almost what you are talking about, almost. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Bret Taylor mentioned that was on the to-do list during the press conference. Should be on its way. - Nathan Chase
While you could use e-mail to spread that information, people like myself don't enjoy getting shared links via e-mail. Distribution Lists would be an awesome idea to quickly share information with a select group. I like the idea. - Joshua
Brian, these services are all similar to a fashion, but they are used differently. Having some sort of messaging integration in to friendfeed is very key to the survivability of the service, I think. There have been many times when I wished I could talk directly to one person about something and instead had to bring the conversation outside to gtalk or MSN Live which can be an unwieldy process at best. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Yes. Much easier than typing in all the names. Just like an email list. - Rodfather
Nathan Chase, do you have a link to that to-do list? I'm curious what else is on it. - Rochelle
DM to a Room requires people "Accept" your "invite". Not so in lists. - vijay
Almost Alex, but not quite. Brian, it pretty much is email, but I don't have the email addy for everyone I follow on FF. You can DM a room (though it's not a DM anymore, just a normal post), but not everyone I want to talk to is in that room. And Rodfather: that's it *exactly*. It just makes sense (to me) to have lists serve multiple purposes like that. One list, two different uses. - FFing Enigma
I haven't found a use yet to DM someone in Friendfeed oddly enough. In a work context, I could certainly see the need. What are some everyday use cases where you just wouldn't use email? - Lou Paglia
Lou, I follow 1300 people: I don't have email addresses for everyone. Actually, I only have email addresses for maybe 20 at best. If I'm already encouraged to break people up into lists, why not make those lists usable in more than one way? - FFing Enigma
@Tina: good idea! - .LAG liked that
During press conference (just watched on, Bret noted that is on...oh, Nathan said this already. Oops. *grin* - Ken Kennedy
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
Kol Tregaskes
What do you think, if the service icons were not coming back would having the duplicate detector with optional service priorities (where you can pick, for example, FriendFeed as priority and thus other services dumped under Related Entries) be a solution?
I can see the reasoning behind hiding the service icons but I'd be happy with this solution. #betakoltag-sg-gen - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks to the magic of Greasemonkey I can get service icons showing up in the stream, so while it's annoying that they're not there, it's not so big a deal. But if the full set of service icons aren't restored on user pages, there's no way to really rectify that. - Chris Charabaruk
I'm kinda changing my mind about the icons. If the icons are not visible then you interact with each post without discimination. - Kol Tregaskes
In the old FF, most commented on FF posts and less so on Diggs, for example. Now that you can't see the icons people might ignore this? Just a thought. - Kol Tregaskes
Kol... My thoughts exactly. As per Thursday's demo, each post is treated equally no matter what the service - Johnny
Yep, methinks so too. Gosh, it's a hard one to decide. - Kol Tregaskes
You know, some content needs to be discriminated against. I don't see it as desirable to get equal comments on different content. It's also a big pain to filter by service without the icons, because you'd have to manually create a filter for each service, and it's the rarer content types where the filters were most useful. - Mr. Gunn
Perhaps services like iLike and should be playable within FF if the track is available? That might have music-related services. It doesn't really help those posts without tracks. - Kol Tregaskes
I want to discriminate against links to music and movies if I'm somewhere where people's heads will turn at sudden blasts of noise; or if I'm somewhere with low bandwidth capacity. I want the cues that let me subconsciously skip over stuff I don't have time for. The Greasemonkey script is great - if I'm somewhere I can install it, but I work almost every day at a computer where I can't. - Deborah Fitchett
beta is so buggy. the add to list window doesn't scroll. why do they work on live feed when there are so many options they should be working on?? - NoahDavidSimon
I'd definitely like to see a service priority setting in my account settings. FriendFeed native posts should always take #1 priority if the linked content is identical. - Nathan Chase
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
a suggest for adding a Blast feature. in this feature friendfeed user can write a blast, that can see it in their own profile page.
Like an in-built status update feature? #betakoltag-sg-gen - Kol Tregaskes
@Kol Tregaskes yes, it's status or user character in this day for example( happy, Distraught, successfully day) - Nimaa
I'm mostly ambivalent about this idea but would probably use it if it existed. - Akiva
it's a very good idea. I like this featur - Saghee
some users may use it to put comerecial links, it's good but without hyperlinks - خیزران
tehKenny Approves. - tehKenny
Um... We don't really need another status feature, do we? What with Twitter, Plurk, Jaiku, YouAre, Koornk, Facebook, MySpace... - dgw
There's already a kinda status-y thing on FriendFeed. Just post a message. On the other hand, I think there's certainly room for adding the ability to have a <160 character micro-bio, a la Twitter's bio field. I'd like the opportunity to say who I am, because sometimes my feeds don't do a good enough job of spelling it out. - Chris Charabaruk
Nothing in the beta for this. - Kol Tregaskes
You can add a little user bio now. That might help. - vimoh
Yep but no status updates. No sure it's needed but could be fun. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Just feed your status update into friendfeed from whatever service you use, why tack on another feature that will only be abused by the marketing types? - Mr. Gunn
Thank you Kol :) - Nimaa
Maybe 'cos it viewable on your profile and doesn't disappear in your feed? That's how I read the image above. - Kol Tregaskes
i want it just for showing an update for user in his/her profile, which tells about user activity for example in a month. - Nimaa
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
Kol Tregaskes
“Now that we can put in front of any URL to digg a page and get the toolbar (which is very neat!), can FriendFeed do something similar? :-)” -
Either to put or in front of any URL and get a FF toolbar? #betakoltag-sg-gen - Kol Tregaskes
DO WANT. - Chris Charabaruk
It steals traffic from content providers. - Ninh Nguyen
But you're sharing the content on FF and thus more people will then see it. - Kol Tregaskes
Ninh, if you mean when you click on a link within then yes the toolbar shouldn't be there. But if you put in front of the URL then that is fine. - Kol Tregaskes
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
Kol Tregaskes
When you select to delete an entry and it's been shared to multiple feeds, can we please have the option to select where to delete the entry from, e.g. from all feeds or from a selection?
Perhaps a simple dropdown list of the feeds the entry is shared to could appear when you click on Delete entry and you can tick the ones to remove it from (with all ticked by default). #betakoltag-sg-searches - Kol Tregaskes
How does it work atm, if I select to delete an entry on my home feed that is also shared to the Feedbackk room/group, will it only delete the entry on my home feed? Gosh lots to test tomorrow. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Answered it myself here: hehe. - Kol Tregaskes
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
Kevin Fox
It's like Comcast doesn't want me to log in to my account.
Screen shot 2010-08-19 at 6.10.04 PM.png
想, you can copy this one - pala
ROFL, that's new, I think Captcha's are reaching new levels of insanity - Chieze Okoye
pala, what does that mean? - Andrew David
the character means "to think" - Ryan Kaisoglus
@Andrew 想 means 'think' - pala
I got a strange one today from Comcast too. - AJ Kohn
hoho, 想“ - 老巫
That's awesome - Eric Florenzano
Man, I thought the ones with multicolor backgrounds were difficult! - Heather
I think their system was all spastic earlier. I got a bunch of junk characters, and even when it made sense, it wouldn't work. It sorted itself out a bit later, but sheesh. - Jennifer Dittrich
Too damn funny - Hutch Carpenter
fantastic :))))) - آریــوبرزن
I got some weirdos earlier from Windows Live ... I think it's time to start looking for some alternate method of preventing automated signups ... - Louis Simoneau
I saw a captcha recently that included a bunch of Greek characters. - Andrew C (✔)
Another translation for 想 is: "Feel like doing something" - But we feel that reCaptcha should do something. Many of those strange characters during the last weeks show us that they may exchange some of their employees... - Lumino_GmbH
I regularly get thrown a captcha when trying to view Facebook profiles from behind a corporate proxy and often when I'm not. It's almost like Facebook doesn't want me to view social network information when I'm not logged into Facebook. - no name
BTW, recaptcha is sort of dumb in the sense that anything can be provided for the word that appears to be hardest to OCR. They don't know what it is either. - no name
Best True Blood ending EVER. EVER. EVER. EVER. -
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"Last Sunday's True Blood took all the long-winded fang banter about vampire kings, vampire queens, magisters, vampire equality acts, and "authorities" and turned it into something interesting. From here on out, vampire politics cease to be boring! Some NSFW pics. I've been accused before of being a bit of a "fangirl" when it comes to True Blood. Sorry haters, but this is going to be one of those times. Last night had the best conclusion in True Blood history. Plus, Ginger's back. But let's let the Pros and Cons do the talking shall we? Pro: Eric soars in on the vampcam. He's like the wind, that one." - RAPatton
"Pro: FINALLY THE END SCENE: Pro: Amazing. Even the exaggerated pausing and vigorous scenery chewing doesn't stop this moment from becoming the best ending on True Blood thus far. Nothing has topped this. Nothing. Leave it to Dennis O'Hare to make vampire politics interesting. Give this man every award that exists. Also if I could have made that "Gangsta" necklace say "EGOT" I would have. Dennis O'Hare for the EGOT! " - RAPatton
Heads up, the linked in article does have unclothed female image in it that is NSFW - RAPatton
yeah, the episode had some great lines in it - Imabug
Russell is the Big Bad. The Scoobies will have to defeat him by the end of the season. - Michelle Jones
Willow could take him out. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Totally agree Gunny. - Michelle Jones
I read that as "fang banger". - Spidra Webster
Next up, Weather - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Sam. I'm so proud of you. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Why it's a bad idea to "turn your backside" on a naked vampire in True Blood
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"We learned many valuable lessons from this week's True Blood, such as how dating a vampire never allows for enough time to make a shitty scrapbook, how to tan cry, and the ABCs of vampire hate-sexin'. Enjoy the NSFWness. Pro: Sookie is still screaming, because Bill is at the foot of her bed hospital trying to steal her light or eat her or something. I'm not really sure what it is at this point — either way, it's loud. Pro: The screams cause Alcide to make this startled puppy face." - RAPatton
"Pro: There's a were-b*tch in your study. Isn't there always? Pro: Debbie is back! I love this character so much I think she should come with a Cosmo Kramer style laugh track entrance. Hey everybody it's Debbie! And naturally she gets to deliver this gem: "They killed my Cooter." Pro: "She's a c*nt. But she's a special c*nt." They should write that on Sookie's headstone. Special Kind of C*nt. " - RAPatton
"Con: A new waitress, a new plot line, a new set of magical powers. Remember earlier when we said True Blood is crap at foreshadowing? Meet the new witch. Probably!" - RAPatton
I Love Metric (the band)
I Love Metric (the band)
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