Mitchell Tsai
Thomas @thomashawk If you do settle this mess with <name redacted>, perhaps some thought should be given to deleting your entire post so that it will disappear from Google in a few months.
Your thread is in Google's Top 10 for <name redacted>. FriendFeed gets a pretty high GoogleRank, so this thread could be there for a longggg time (e.g. 2-5 years) for all of <name redacted>'s business associates, college/high school friends, etc... See also this thread "Thomas @thomashawk Your FriendFeed post appears the "top 10" when Googling <name redacted> :-)" People have ReTweeted your original post. And if this lasts long enough for to catch a lot of the ReTweets, etc...... Ouch! - Mitchell Tsai
<edited post by Akiva> I'm not trying to suggest anything but perhaps <name redacted> should've thought about this sort of consequence to begin with? - Akiva Moskovitz - Mitchell Tsai
Thomas, I am willing to delete every post in my account with the name <name redacted> and "Leather Donut" associated with this incident...if you consider that for the best. If we delete the records, we should try to delete them before the next pass before they are permanent... - Mitchell Tsai
Akiva: Yeah. That's his stupidity, but hopefully he can learn from it. We all make mistakes & do stupid stuff. We've all been assholes at some time in our lives (at least I think we all have been). Live & learn. Internet --> Your stuff + Other records (phone numbers, comments) --> ReTweets, Talking about you, Blogs --> Google, Twitter -->, e-mail archives, Peoples' private records (e.g. I have personally copies of everything I found. Internet loses stuff, so I have records from 20-30 years ago from the Internet). - Mitchell Tsai
Google Search on <name redacted> <search redacted> (Keep in mind that Google alters the results based on previous history. You may have to use a fresh/foreign browser/computer to see what most people see). - Mitchell Tsai
The Internet is forever. - Sparky, lurking
Google Search on <name redacted> <name redacted> Twitter (87-124 results) <name redacted> Thomas's comments are already on,,,,,,, Google's cache. - Mitchell Tsai
Even the short Google quotes contain "...Twitter · Thomas Hawk. <name redacted>, aka <name redacted>, you troll the web for a year anonymously, as <name redacted> trashing me on my blog, ..." and they will be in Google's cache for at least a few months. Probably too late to prevent from catching this quote, unless 7 websites can be scrubbed, but perhaps your post can be X'ed before the entire discussion enters - Mitchell Tsai
I say don't delete anything until jauder ho issues a public apology. - Mrsth
<edited Jeff Henderson's comment> Just curious Mitchell, why are you spending so much time worrying about <name redacted>'s reputation? Is he a friend of yours? As far as I can tell this issue had nothing to do with you, why the obsession with it? - Jeff P. Henderson. Jeff: I like & appreciate all of Thomas Hawk & MrsTH's contributions. His photography tips have helped me a lot in my beginning photography, and some pictures really rock. They are beautiful. I'm also not spending much time. The 15-30 min looking into <name redacted> is dwarfed by the amount of time I spend looking at people I enjoy. Guess how much time I spent reading the stuff of Robert Scoble, Thomas Hawk, or Kol Tresgaskes? I'm an information junkie... :-) - Mitchell Tsai
OK cool! I too appreciate Thomas Hawks work and his contributions to the photography community. Nothing wrong with sticking up for a friend. - Jeff P. Henderson
Much appreciated & never to be forgotten. - Mrsth
Building on what Jeff P H said above, why add fuel to the fire with posts like this? Count me as someone who *does* consider your deletion of all of them "for the best". This ridiculous wasted energy strikes me as such an in-appropriate, in-equal reaction. - Anthony Citrano
Well. No action is a choice... (Google & are crawling all the time). I'm going along with whatever Thomas Hawk & Mrsth would like. My personal preference is to leave it all permanent, but Thomas expressed some reservations that it might be too strong a response. - Mitchell Tsai
Thread has been edited at request of <name redacted> (aside from Mrsth's comment). - Mitchell Tsai