Mitchell Tsai
Tweens' Secret Lives Online - Social Media Sites Have a Growth Spurt; Trying to Avoid Mom on Facebook: KidsVuz, Instagram, Viddy, Playground, Club Penguin, Everloop, FashionPlaytes [Katherine Rosman, Wall Street Journal - 5/1/12]
Celina and her friends mostly use Instagram to post and "like" Photoshopped photo-jokes and text messages they create on another free app called Versagram. When kids can't get on Facebook, "they're good at finding ways around that," - Mitchell Tsai
Many parents limit their preteens' access to well-known sites like Facebook and monitor what their children do online. But with kids constantly seeking new places to connect—preferably, unsupervised by their families—most parents are learning how difficult it is to prevent their kids from interacting with social media. - Mitchell Tsai
Along with established social sites for kids, such as Walt Disney Co.'s DIS +0.62% Club Penguin, kids are flocking to newer sites such as, a meeting place aimed at girls ages 5 to 12 who are interested in designing clothes, and Everloop, a social network for kids under the age of 13. Viddy, a video-sharing site which functions similarly to Instagram, is becoming more popular with kids and teenagers as well. - Mitchell Tsai