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Brad Fitzpatrick
Me and Ryan and Apple II+, August 1984. - http://picasaweb.google.com/bradley...
so... you has been not innocent already in August 1984 ... :) - A. T.
Is that VT100 connected to the Apple? - Gabe
coooooooll - siniradam
cool. in 1984 the only computer I had access to was an ancient device with ferrite core memory and a mechanical teletype. - 9000
well, in 1984 I had been working part-time with local university's IBM/360 ... never seen better HW since then - A. T.
Was 1 year old! Same month! NES was 4 years later.. PC, 5 years was away from me and the keyboard of a 286 in '84. - Zu from AOD
Jeff Lindsay
Michael Malone
@defunkt christ, how'd you find that tweet? Plus, "via im" - old school!
Akinori MUSHA
ケンタッキーの残った骨で一羽組み立てた 2ちゃんねる瓦版 - http://white0wine.blog10.fc2.com/blog-en...
ケンタッキーの残った骨で一羽組み立てた 2ちゃんねる瓦版
Kevin Rose
Omg just met a drunk girl from apple "no apple tablet coming... well, we wouldn't call it a tablet" haha leak!!
Roger Roger Blue Angel? End mission now! some people are trying to work!
Jeff Lindsay
Also, TweetHook was released recently, giving you webhooks for Twitter search results: https://tweethook.com
CPAN bot
Satoshi Nakagawa
@hakobe が内製WAFをPlack対応してくれた
Akinori MUSHA
会長の提案 | お知らせ|お知らせ・イベント情報:日本将棋連盟 - http://www.shogi.or.jp/topics...
いい加減に怪文書乱発癖を直してはどうか。どう理解・支援しろというんだ? - Akinori MUSHA
お知らせ一覧から消えてるww http://www.shogi.or.jp/topics... RSSにはあるけど。 - Akinori MUSHA
でも、トップページに載ってますから(笑) - OYAMA Hiroyasu
ほんとだw 急募:CIO - Akinori MUSHA
yappo's nginx-psgi-patchs at master - GitHub - http://github.com/yappo...
PSGI module for nginx. PSGI is WSGI for Perl. - alex@kapranoff.ru
а в чем смысл PSGI? - citrin
Вот тут есть спек и хороший FAQ: http://github.com/miyagaw... - alex@kapranoff.ru
Как я понимаю, ты из nginx не проксируешь запрос на свой перловый демон, который будет сам разбирать запрос, а сразу вызываешь обработчик и передаешь ему уже разобранный объект запроса. - Анатолий Шарифулин
Hi Alex, are you a nginx committer? With this patch (and PSGI/Plack) the way Perl web applications work would dramatically change: all PSGI compatible web applications such as Catalyst would run natively inside nginx embedded perl, right? :) - Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
My hope considers taking in to core of nginx, after this hack settles down. - kazuhiro osawa
Miyagawa, no, I'm not, although Igor (the author) is my friend. He says that ngx_http_perl_module is not very stable by itself. I'm still going to give nginx-psgi a try. - alex@kapranoff.ru
Chris Wanstrath
Chris Wanstrath
randomly came across @miyagawa's blog. it's good (no surprise).
Gabe Wachob
New App Engine SDK include XMPP support using webhooks pattern for API. Just as expected... (via @progrium)
Superfeedr Blog : Getting Stated with PubSubHubbub - http://blog.superfeedr.com/API...
Ken Brady
Two Japanese salarymen slyly showed me their new iPhone 3GSs on the train. "Shh!" they said. "We work for Docomo."
Daisuke Murase
shipped AnyEvent-Gearman 0.01 - soon at http://search.cpan.org/dist...
Kevin Marks
you know, @siobhanquinn, now @blogger supports PubSubHubbub it might be more resilient than mail
Brad Fitzpatrick
#gmail is down, so I took the time to experiment elsewhere: "Yahoo! Mail is experiencing some temporary problems. Please try again later."
You know, I kind of wish all email providers would stop working for a couple hours a day... - Dustin Sallings
Y! mail works for me - eugenio
Me too (my old old old account that was not active...) - Luka
Tabata Shintaro
RT @takeshix: 何この並びwww>麻生総裁が辞任正式表明 太田公明党代表が辞意 梨田監督が続投 http://www.47news.jp/news...
Koichi Taniguchi
目黒のこんぴら茶屋。深田恭子と相席なんだけど… (マジで)
Gabe Wachob
Quick/Dirty way to debug #webhooks (e.g. port 9980): while true; do echo -e "HTTP/1.0 204 No Content\n" | nc -l -p 9980 -q 1 ; done
Emily Chang
check the updated snow leopard compatibility list: http://snowleopard.wikidot.com/
Robert Scoble
New Yelp iPhone app is also out. There's a cool easter egg (Augmented Reality feature). Here's how to do it:
Download the new Yelp app (came out yesterday). So you shake your iPhone 3 times. That activates a feature called Monocle. A message should come up if you activated it. A blue box will come up saying "the Monocle has been activated." It will create a button in the top right corner. Now you should be able to look at the bars, restaurants, etc. Only works on iPhone 3GS. - Robert Scoble
waiting Robert.... :) - Sampad Swain
You point it at businesses, or down the city block. I'll try it right now. - Robert Scoble
That sounds so cool. Would love to see a video demo of it Robert! - Alex Calic
I wonder why it's an easter egg. That sounds great. - Daniel Ha
I just did it. Very cool. I hear this feature was added for me. I really love it! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Daniel: probably to get it through the iPhone store approval process faster. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Raises the question of whether they would have rejected it if they'd known about it. Or did Yelp tell the reviewers about it? - Jan Dawson
Very, very cool! Just tried it out. There's not a lot on Yelp near by work (kind of an industrial area), but I did get it to find the nearest restaurant. So cool! :-) - Josh Bancroft
as long as Yelp allows iPhone users to rate on the fly.. previously had to sync first (not smart) - Sam Levin
can anyone grab me a screenshot of this? i want to write about it - Marshall Kirkpatrick
I do love beating TechCrunch with news! :-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Yes, Mr. Scoble, you beat RWW, TechCrunch, AND Mashable! Damn. - Ben Parr
I can't get it to work... :( - Larry Roth
We need a Yelp for Federal, State and Local government services. - Chris Stevenson
Too bad nobody will ever see it 'cause you mentioned it here and not on your blog ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
I just posted a photo on my friendfeed account. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Installing - Stephen Pickering
You android lovers will see that 'Layer' reality browser does the same as Monocle - Wayne Bentz
Yelp also just launched their Palm Pre app in the Palm app store. No augmented reality that I can find :-( - Ken Sheppardson
Yelp doesn't seem to have much support for Canadian business according to some reviews - Alex Knight
Marshall, I just blogged a screenshot. Will be on www.tinyscreenfuls.com as soon as Posterous gets it there. - Josh Bancroft
Stupid 3GS. You guys think you're so cool. Easter eggs, harumph! *mumble grumble* - Sarah Lane
Yay it works in Canada too! - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
Nice idea but in my case the locations seem to be about 180 degrees off - i.e. showing behind me instead of in front - but may be down to a fuzzy GPS location or something - will have to keep trying - Jan Dawson
I wonder why it was "secret", ... undocumented API usage or just to create marketing buzz ? - Kooleido
Kooleido: I hear it was added at last minute. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Damn, nothings happening. I've shaked it :( - Stephen Pickering
No iPhone 3G love because no compass? Phooey. :P - Cheryl Jones
Installed It! Works Awesome! Would definitely use it on my next lunch hunt in Downtown - Kooleido
Got it to work--just took a little more shaking...was worried I was going to put my phone through the ceiling! - Larry Roth
Kooleido, how'd you get it to work. I've installed and shaken, but nothings happening - Stephen Pickering
Oh--and very cool - Larry Roth
Stephen shake in long and hard strokes. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I hate that the iPhone 3G can handle all this new stuff, but Apple insists that you need the 3Gs. Qik on the jailbroken 3G has been awesome! - Elijah Nicolas
@Elijah Nicolas The 3Gs is for the built in compass that is required for augmented reality to work. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
lol if it was added for you Robert it would show the cutest girls in the area instead - Sherry Reynolds
Didn't I hear that Apple had an embargo on AR apps til next month? - Brian O'Connell
Very cool, thanks for the info. It appears you have to be logged into Yelp though the app before the monocle option will appear. - Patrick Looney
just posted about it http://www.readwriteweb.com/archive... good job finding it first Robert! - Marshall Kirkpatrick
1st sentence typo in your post Marshall ;o) - Alex Calic
Couldn't get it to work by "shaking it" but I got it to work by moving my iPhone up and down 3 times in a vertical motion. Pretty damn cool. - Doug Rice
Marshall, how do you get that camera view? I can't seem to get mine to work. I've shaken and shaken - Stephen Pickering
Stephen, you should probably just keep shaking. In publish, with lots of people around. :) No, I don't know. I don't have a 3Gs so I don't have a compass so I don't have the Yelp AR. - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Holy crap. It really works. - David Sharpe
Unreal... landscape and portrait works. - Drew Lucas
Check out our Yelp AR layer inside of Layar Reality Browser ... Android. http://www.GoWeb3D.com - Dave Elchoness
Scoble, I just published on Mashable: http://mashable.com/2009... - Ben Parr
Doh! mashable wins with the most link-baity headline again. - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Putting up a video on Gear Live. - Andru Edwards
we have video too :P - Jennifer Van Grove
@Marshall - We still love you guys, your article's great. :D; @Robert, props. Total props. - Ben Parr
@Robert thanks it's fun http://bsu.gr/4414782 - briansugar
I made a screenshot here: http://www.flickr.com/photos... It takes a few tries to turn on the option though! - Daynah
posted about this on Obsessable and my blog. We'll see if Techmeme grabs it and actually puts this FriendFeed thread first, or if they just ignore it until TechCrunch covers it lolz http://www.obsessable.com/news... & http://www.sampletheweb.com/2009... - C. K. Sample III
ah Marshall got it up first on a notable blog... http://www.readwriteweb.com/archive... - C. K. Sample III
I got it to work and man, is it sweet! So smart. - Leslie Fishlock
Shake the darn thing 3 times :)- they say that break dancin was learnt , robbing hubcaps of a movin car in NYC.. so lets so what the new thing will be by the time th iphone has all the motion sickness activiated apps !! - Peter Dawson
just got word of a THIRD app with AR live in iTunes store! http://www.readwriteweb.com/archive... I'd say it's official: AR apps have come to the iPhone! - Marshall Kirkpatrick
I already had 2.0.2, but I'm downloading 3.0 now. I'm not thinking it's going to work in my office, but we'll see. - RobinDotNet
Ok, that's really cool. It even works sitting here in my office at home. - RobinDotNet
Downloading now. I am absolutely fascinated by the idea of augmented reality! - Victoria Harres
This is pretty cool but the shake 3 times thing doesn't work too well - Jason Wehmhoener from iPhone
This is fantastic, just activated Monocle. For those having trouble, its best to move/raise and lower the iPhone 3 times vertically instead of just shaking it. I was shaking mine like a madman until I tried the vertical move. - Bryan
[Video] Yelp iPhone Augmented Reality Application http://blip.tv/file/2524950 - Steve Garfield
very cool - I can't believe stuff actually shows up near my house on the bay - sweet :) - Susan Beebe
Damn, guess I'll have to upgrade to the 3GS now. - Damon Cortesi
I am using the app in Indianapolis to find a restauant. As I guessed the augmented reality is cool but not very useful. Other than to help figure out which direction to walk in. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Argh. I wish I had wifi here so I could download it. A trip to Starbucks might be in order. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
killer in nyc - mike "glemak" dunn from iPhone
dang it - iPhone 3G... - Jodi
iPhone 3G... not in the States... meh - Johnny
It's innovative and that's awesome, but I think this type of interface will be a passing gimmick until more advanced image processing is built into the mobile device. My thoughts on what does matter about it here - http://bit.ly/12wtcY My $0.02. - Alex Hawkinson
shake your iPhone 6 times, that activates GoogleVoice - HansVanRock
Pretty damn cool. Thanks for the heads up - Jim Goldstein from iPhone
I just got this going on my friend's 3Gs. I don't even know what to say. That is freaking incredible! Makes me want a 3Gs *just* for that feature! - Michael Lynton
Just tried this. Awesome! Too bad I'm in a po' dunk town with nothing to do. :) - BRҰANSAҰS
Amazing, how on earth did you find it! It's still 6:00 am, perhaps I'll Yelp for breakfast - Nalin Perera
Wow, I'll have to say this is phenomenal. Wish I'd had this on my trip to D.C. a couple weeks ago. Yelp just made an incredibly useful app even more useful. I've seen a lot of developers working on this technology lately but it looks like they beat everyone to the punch. - Mike Elliott
screen capture of it in action http://twitpic.com/fklr4 - mike "glemak" dunn
I just got the yelp AR to work, and I am staying tonight in a hotel, so I went to my window, and held the camera to the window and it was able to show me reviews of the businesses right across the street from me! I am in love with yelp all over again! - Colide81 (James)
Can't get it to work! Shook long and hard! - UniqNYC aka Jeff from iPhone
This youtube video should help you learn how to get it Islandwoo, I think its in how you shake it, I tryed several ways but after I watched this video I did it like the guy in the video and it worked. http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Colide81 (James)
Yeah, you've got to learn to shake it just right! :-) - Nalin Perera
どうでもいいんだけどもデジタルガレージさんは twitter 担当者が俺からメールで電話番号を聞きだしておきながら半月以上特にアクションを起こしてこないので一体どんな evil な運用されちゃってるんだろう!とワクワクさせてくれるバッドカンパニーなので明日滅亡してもらって ...
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