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Michael Sippey
I really need to buy a Drobo. - http://www.drobo.com/product...
I love mine! 2.7TB and counting! Make sure you get firewire 800 though. - Steven M. Ledbetter
I'm still deciding which NAS to buy -- I just hope I make up my mind before something bad happens to my data. - DeWitt Clinton
LOVE LOVE LOVE my Drobo. - Robert Cooper from twhirl
Can the Drobo take the new 1.5TB drives? - DeWitt Clinton
I haven't put one in, but they say it will. - Robert Cooper from twhirl
Drobo runs linux. There's a space for the developer's community: http://www.drobospace.com/page... - imabonehead
Wish I had known about these sooner. At the rate my WD external drives I use for backing up seem to die on me I could pooled the money and been able to justify the cost of a Drobo. - Brett Cannon
If I read this right, you can yank a drive from the Drobo at any time and hotswap it with a bigger one? - Ray Cromwell
@Ray - in theory yes, but it will take a long time to rebuild 1.5TB from the stripes, and you lack redundancy while that happens and should probably take the whole thing offline when even one disk is down. - DeWitt Clinton
○ 沖縄は江戸時代まで琉球王国という独立国家と言われているが実際は薩摩藩に支配されていた(5) - http://kotonoha.cc/no/186826
日本は平成時代まで日本国という独立国家と言われているが実際にはアメリカ合衆国に支配されていた - raurublock
Tiff Chow
Kenn Ejima
Martin Atkins
Martin now has a real (non air-filled) bed!
Evan Williams
OH: "So, it's technically possible -- by doing some sketchy stuff that we will call legitimate."
Hopefully this isn't about OAuth - Jesse Stay
...or circumventing the API rate limits. - Ken Sheppardson
maybe they're talking about me ;-) - Jesse Stay
Scott Beale
so annoying when you subscribe to a blog only to find out they are publishing partial feed, amazing that some blogs are still doing that
Agreed. - Ari Braginsky
I think more blogs are going to do that so trafic gets to their actual site. They need that for the ad revenue. - ChiliMac from twhirl
I was slightly annoyed that the whitehouse.gov blog does this. They should be publishing full feeds, IMO. Also (note to self), no need to block out the /includes/ directory in robots.txt and they probably want to use the NOODP meta tag. They should plan to add some additional protections on their "Contact Us" page eventually too. Overall, quite a solid launch though. - Matt Cutts
Matt, I noticed that as well about whitehouse.gov, but they did just launch so maybe they will change it in time. Also it's great how much attention their robot.txt file has been getting. I bet a lot of people are finding out what that is for the first time because of all of this, which is great. - Scott Beale
I set my blog/feed up years ago and never realized it still was still partial until someone commented. I know reading partials was a pain so I quickly made it full - Chris Miller
I unsubscribe and forget about the blog if it is a partial - Ryan
On the tech side--I'm surprised how many Apple oriented blogs publish partial feeds. It seems to be a standard. They're not the only group that seems to do this, but I think in some cases a handful of popular blogs that publish feeds encourages others follow suit, just because. - Loren Heiny
ChiliMac - I think you nailed it, unfortunately most bloggers that do it just for the money, have low to crap quality blogs on the whole. - Robert D. Fraser
But you can introduce ads into RSS now like the nytimes, which I think is icky. I also think it's important for bloggers to subscribe to their own feeds in the various formats (atom, rss 2.0) and using different readers (google reader, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, etc.). - barce
Journey – Don't Stop Believin' - http://www.last.fm/music...
Gee I love this song :) - Carlos Lorenzo
Oh yeah, now that song is stuck in my head!!! - Casey Florig
I would love this to come to Rock Band 2 - Fee501st
8th grade revisited! - Morgan
it's not in rock band yet?? - Veronica
Awesome song!! - CW
Check out the version on the Guilt by Association album by Petra Haden: http://www.myspace.com/guiltby... - Whole album, and the second one are great. - Simon Wicks
@Veronica: nope! :( Only "Any Way You Want It" is in RB right now, but I'm sure it's coming. - Fee501st
This woulda been a great soundtrack for yesterday's events. :) - Jericho
David Recordon
JanRain shares pie charts of which OpenID Providers (plus Facebook) that users use to sign in to three sites. http://blog.janrain.com/2009...
When Obama is president, HBO will be free.
Sarah Sosiak
Chris Messina
Masato Kogure
WordPress の一体何が重たかったのか/「IDEA*IDEA」の移行劇 - talk to oneself 2 - http://www.hazama.nu/t2o2...
Hitoshi Hokamura
既得権益をどうしても手放そうとしないおっさん達はどう処理したらいいのか。不況というならよけい守りに入ってはいけないのに。 http://www.nikkeibp.co.jp/article...
その通り。明日規制改革会議で問題提起の予定。 - Hiroyoshi Watanabe
Chris Messina
RT @daveman692: Does your blog have half a billion registered commenters? It could. http://www.sixapart.com/blog... #OpenID
My blog just passed 111,000 comments. Half a billion registered? Wow. - Robert Scoble
Still damn impressive Robert. Well done. - Simon Wicks
Scott Beale
Obama's Official Presidential Portrait Released (includes EXIF data) - http://daringfireball.net/linked...
Hitoshi Hokamura
Chris Messina
Sweetie | Cute and clear icons - http://sweetie.sublink.ca/
Sweetie | Cute and clear icons
"Cute and clear icons to use in your nifty web application. They are licenced under a Creative Commons licence, so commercial use is fine. Also feel free to make derivatives with the included Photoshop documents." - Chris Messina from Mento
Scott Beale
Chris Messina
Foreign Friends: from a service-centric to an object-centric social web (zengestrom.com) - http://www.zengestrom.com/blog...
Foreign Friends: from a service-centric to an object-centric social web (zengestrom.com)
ian kennedy
Historic DiSo Activity Streams meeting - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
Historic DiSo Activity Streams meeting
Kimmie Nguyen
Six Apart
ReadWriteWeb has a nice writeup of the Action Streams event we hosted in our San Francisco offices yesterday: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archive...
Eye-Fiの記憶領域が2GBのままの理由 - http://d.hatena.ne.jp/hirose3...
Masafumi Otsune
[O] これから15分で Remedie を始めるための資料 - http://overlasting.dyndns.org/2009-01...
15分じゃ必須なCPAN Module入れるの無理! - Masafumi Otsune
Kimmie Nguyen
I'm returning to Berkeley today. - http://www.dopplr.com/travell...
See more in my Dopplr profile. - Kimmie Nguyen
TSUDA Daisuke
ナタリーって津田さん絡んでるとこでしょ(笑 津田さんが絡んでる時点で、何の意図もない悪いインタビューを仕掛けることはあり得ないですよ(笑 > 侮辱のように見えたら、それはそう見た人が侮辱しているんです。<p> - http://detail.chiebukuro.yahoo.co.jp/qa...
Daisuke Murase
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