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Should ask Menos sal to get salt reduced or ask for separate salt in Spain. Otherwise too salty.
51: You-know's Per Second (naan) -
miyagawa starred sugyan/ttygif -
miyagawa starred sugyan/ttygif
RT @dane: Dear Comcast: When your lobby needs bulletproof glass, you're doing something wrong.
RT @SkyNewsBreak: Update - Ukrainian Interior Ministry adviser: Malaysian plane was brought down by a ground-to-air missile & all 295 people on board are dead
331 subscribers on Yo REBUILDFM
RT @dankogai: Dickheads are us, sadly <@Osaka_101: #PasFaux #Japon #日本 |
RT @naoya_ito: んー、まあ、確かに。
RT @benbjohnson: Structuring Tests in Go
Allthecooks (Cookpad) featured in TIME's Android wear article as one of the wear apps that gets it right.
(yes i knew there's an EU/UK law - just wondered if there's a name for the banner on the Web UI context)
of course there's an extension for it #eucookie
is there a name for this? like "EU cookie nav?"
Nice, the name Noto means No Tofu (tofu being a net slang for replacement fonts)
is there a Chrome extension to not let blogspot redirect to country tld? It's so annoying.
Noto font looks great. Can't wait to get it work on Android
RT @bradfitz: OMG none of this Swift code is fmt'ed. My eyeballs! #golang pains. (At Swift meetup...)
RT @tim_cook: Today Apple and IBM announced a landmark enterprise partnership. Thanks Ginni! #Apple #IBM
RT @jsnell: CNBC: IBM will create 100 enterprise iOS apps. "In return, IBM will sell Apple's products." In return?
wow, didn't expect that she's now playing MOTHER 3
"If you enroll your personal insurance, there's 90 day window for vision and 6-month wait time for your dental treatment" #wtf #america
Just posted a photo @ La Bodeguita De Triana
I seem to have remastered enough Spanish to get to a tapas place and order beer and some food.
RT @ayato_tw: #rebuildfm 聴いて #yapcasia の学生チケット確保したった
Speaking of which @comcast still owes me $15 they overcharged when I cancelled their service in 2006
This is why never use @comcast and stick with @sonicnet
LINE goes IPO. Shit that my stocks with LDH went nothing!
RT @timberners_lee: Cable's trying to end #netneutrality & break the Internet for profit. 36 hours left to stop em
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