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Done doubleheader for #rebuildfm. Now packing to check out...
RT @naoya_ito: #rebuildfm 出て自分が開催する催し物のの宣伝をしてきて、本当に笑っていいともみたいだった
having issue with live streaming box. #rebuildfm
RT @__gfx__: #rebuildfm / “GoConvey - Awesome Go testing in the browser” #test #golang
the guest got a new Mac, realized no Skype installed. Downloading now. #rebuildfm
awake, with a slight ponpon pain. Also the room is faced to the station and has a constant train noise. asking for a change...
RT @obra: 2012: traditional 2013: qr code 2014: twitter and Instagram icons + twitter account
RT @QuiltingMuriel: Much nicer than "I'm With Stupid".
RT @QuiltingMuriel: Much nicer than "I'm With Stupid".
Siri's speech recognition has become so much better
RT @tenderlove: Rails の実行速度は遅い時にこれは「お待たせ Frameworkだ」と思っている
i also met Rubyist from Taiwan at #oedo04 and talked about and our common friends @audreyt @clkao @gugod @hlb. Such a small world
RT @xoyip: 基本ぼっちでの参加でしたが @miyagawa さんにいつも聴いてますーというのは伝えられたのでよかった。写真ありがとうございます! #oedo04 #rebuildfm
RT @tagomoris: 世界のmiyagawa too drunk! It's my great work!
I think we ate whale meat tonight. Let's pretend we didn't.
Met great people at #oedo04, including listeners and potential sponsors and guests. Really enjoyed it.
On my way home. Blame @tagomoris and @zundan if I'm too drunk for tomorrow recordings #rebuildfm
Just posted a photo
Pretty interesting talk by @hone02 on rubygems index file formats. Quite similar to what we do with CPAN packages and cpanmetadb
Just posted a photo @ Edo-Tokyo Museum
Wow so many bugs, such Nobu @_zzak #oedo04
On my way to #oedo04 hoping to see Rubyist friends and #rebuildfm listeners.
RT @xoyip: 仕事ではほとんど使わないInfra as Codeとか出てくると #rebuildfm できいたやつだ!って感じになる。 #oedo04
RT @otukutun: ヒロシマさん、ゲートボールの人と認識してました #rebuildfm
RT @daringfireball: CNet: Nike Fires FuelBand Engineering Team; Set to Exit Wearable Hardware Market:
so i can't see comments on YouTube video from Japan?
RT @lrz: Looks like Heroku is finally about to support 2FA (last post is a pointer to sign-up for the beta).
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