RT @jsysmans: @mjayliebs my number is 53151, so what is yours? | Uh, er ah #tooembarrasedtosay
RT @CRMStrategies: RT @sameerpatel: I love you regardless of your #LinkedIn member number | Speak for yourself #jealous
RT @CRMStrategies: Who is attending SugarCon 2011 and would like to meet up with the @Focus Expert Services Team? http://www.focus.com/questio... #scon11
Where would #scrm be without @BrentLeary ? Happy Birthday sir! #acinsights
RT @techguerilla: In this context I mean biz who *know* they need to change, but bird in the hand is just too comfy | Got it! #changeishard
My #FF for this week may surprise some - @rnadworny smart, articulate and a good heart (and for putting up with me :-)
Having a very interesting conversation this morning about higher education, who is the real customer?
LOL, OMG just an FYI - No, really Oxford adds - http://www.digitaltrends.com/computi... H/T @scrmac
Too many recent examples of people who are "teaching" social who are not very good at being social
Customer Service is everything. Listen to what these #moms say http://www.findandgoseek.net/listing... #btv #kids #custserv /via @MissMagpieFGS
RT @KRCraft: The Missing Link between the Pioneers & the Preachers – Practitioners: bit.ly/eAwwY5 A little #socbiz theory of evolution #scrm
RT @scrm_ac: The Social CRM AC Daily is out! http://paper.li/scrm_ac ▸ Top stories today via @wimrampen @buchanla
RT @PeterFriedman: In social, does size matter? See my comment on @mjayliebs blog http://thesocialcustomer.com/mitchli... | good comments, thanks!
RT @CRMStrategies: Congrats! RT @insideview: InsideView Raises $12M To Give Businesses Social Sales Intelligence http://blog.insideview.com/2011... #scrm
In Social, there are more exceptions than rules: cc @PaulSweeney: @jobsworth: @jhagel
RT @Katykeim: @AlexDigirati social doesn't fix the business. It can use social however to 'hear' where customers wants to see changes made...
RT @mfauscette: Mobile By The Numbers http://mashable.com/2011... | 4 Billion, 75% SMS enabled WW, Americans spend 2.7 hrs/day being Social mobile
Innovation starts with Empathy - interesting read, points to be made for #custserv as well http://www.fastcodesign.com/1663453... #scrm
If it were totally selfless, would your company logo be on the sponsor page? #justaskin'
Mutual Admiration Society, Group Think and Echo Chambers abound - lesson learned in little ole #btv
RT @KRCraft: My observation on #1 reason for Enterprise Collaboration? Failure to clearly define '#collaboration' #e20 #socbiz
RT @LianaMiller: Poor NYT. they r trying to figure out the paywall. But, just keep running into [social media] problems. http://www.mediapost.com/publica...
Listening and Watching @dahowlett , @ekolsky and @pgreenbe here: http://www.readwriteweb.com/enterpr... if #e20 and/or #scrm is mildly interesting to you...
I've made plans for Social Business Forum http://plancast.com/p...
RT @CRMStrategies: Social CRM Best Practices: What are your 3 tips for developing a social CRM strategy? http://www.focus.com/questio... #scrm
RT @CRMStrategies: Good convo happening on Social CRM Pioneers http://groups.google.com/group... #scrm Mascots as a proxy, really interesting and gr8 idea
Since the next #btvsmb topic is Community mgmnt thought this might b of interest from @TheCR http://community-roundtable.com/2011... h/t @CRMStrategies #btv
RT @CRMStrategies: Social CRM – Getting Down to Reality by @pgreenbe on the @BrianSolis blog http://www.briansolis.com/2011... #scrm #acinsights #pr
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