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Start Em Young - Three Web Apps for Families - http://mashable.com/2008...
Robert Scoble
Scraublous is Back! It’s New Name is Wordscraper - http://mashable.com/2008...
New version in Mandarin Chinese! ;-) - Indio Apache from twhirl
Thank goodness! Enough people were twittering about it ;-) - Carla Lynne Hall
that didn't take long - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
Wait, they went through all of this agony, and all they had to do was change their name? It can't be that simple... - Josh Bancroft
Sounds like Words Crapper :) - Andrew Wooldridge
@Andrew Wooldridge LOL! That brightened up my day! - Charlie Hope from twhirl
hm? I just assumed you meant a new blog post. Do you mean a whole new blog site? Now I'm even more curious. - Lise
It's not actually the same. Apparently you can set your own board and rules at the beginning of a game. I haven't played yet but I was looking at it this morning. - CJ
Louis Gray
This is How We Roll in India - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
This is How We Roll in India
Louis - not real sure on the etiquette for crediting links spotted on FF in a post - so hope credit to you for an interesting link earlier seems ok: http://tinyurl.com/5uw7fp - Patrick Jordan
Patrick, in regards to your link, I would have given credit to Kevin Fox, who shared the item, but it was an NY Times story. - Louis Gray
Absolutely crazy! I'm going to India in two weeks' time -- will post videos if I come across such (and similar) gems! - Mansi Bhatia
I, in turn, should have given credit to John Gruber of Daring Fireball, but his quick link didn't have the images in it, so I went to the original source. It'd be interesting if there was an 'attribution' or 'via' field in FF so people could give such credit without interrupting the flow. - Kevin Fox
Thanks Louis and Kevin - will amend the Via entry to reflect Gruber's original post and the rest :) - Patrick Jordan
David Erickson
KTLA "Reporter" Eric Spillman Makes Ass Out Of Himself Covering iPhone Release
Robert Scoble
This is the answer to those crazy PETA people! - Robert Couture
People Enraging Tofu Advocates! - David Silvernail
I was a huge fan of peta.org until PETA took it away. http://www.mtd.com/tasty/ - Slobokan
I like the sound of that club. Where do I sign up? - Jeff P. Henderson
Homer: Are you saying you're never going to eat any animal again? What about bacon? Lisa: No. Homer: Ham? Lisa: No. Homer: Pork chops? Lisa: Dad, those all come from the same animal. Homer: Heh heh heh. Ooh, yeah, right, Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal. - Andrew Smith
I like the one that says "Red Meat, Because the West Wasn't Won on salad" - Andrew Leyden
I work for Cabela's and that's a very typical saying for our corp. headquaters - Garrett
spotted a shirt in wisconson- "vegetarians= bad hunters" made me smile ... mmm....bacon - michael sean wright
on the other side of the car is the mean people suck sticker, correct? - Pete D
I soooooooooo want one of those stickers! lol awesome - John Blanton
Brian: Humans contribute just as much, if you skin and cook them right... - Ian Betteridge
very telling presentation of chav lifestyle - Ralf G.
One of my all-time favorite bumper stickers! - Craig Eddy
OMG that's too funny! - Susan Beebe
Jennifer Leggio
Happy 4th of July | Photo by Thomas Hawk - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
Happy 4th of July | Photo by Thomas Hawk
Thomas Hawk posted this a minute ago but I really liked the pic. Nice work, Thomas. - Jennifer Leggio
Robert Scoble
what a nerd joke. I love it. - Greg North from twhirl
I didn't notice the joke at first... Funny. - Mike Wills
Hehehe, that's great. - Andrei M. Marinescu
Old but clever. Apple's HQ is located at 1 Infinite Loop. - Jeff P. Henderson
hmmm and twitter address is "South Park" .. it makes me wonder :) - Naor Mark
+1 Infinite Loop - Hao Chen
wow...*snicker* - xero
*giggle* - Lisa L. Seifert
"Don't disc 'n drive" - Gustav Holmström
Jeremiah Owyang
So many are getting it wrong, it's Twitter AND Friendfeed, it's not Twitter OR Friendfeed. Agree or Disagree?
at the moment, yes. but that doesn't need to be the case in future - Jamie
Yes to both currently. - Paul W. Swansen
Of course its both... as Shel says: "New Media don't kill Old Media." Does this mean Twitter is now 'old media' - David Phillips
Agree. Twitter for a-synchronous talk, Friendfeed for more extended discussion. For me that is:) - Martijn Verver from twhirl
I've been preaching that for awhile now... Use twitter as a broadcast and FF for the conversation. It's a relationship that works. - Vince DeGeorge
absolutely agree, but I am wondering whether they are going to be the "defacto" standards. - Rob Diana
mine is a little more extreme - friendfeed mostly & twitter rarely - i do push my ff's to twitter & i check my twitter replies & dm sometimes - i would like to get to the point where all my friends are in friendfeed and i no longer need to go to twitter at all - i used to like whales ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
Agree. They are different and both ueful in different ways. I see no need to choose between them just yet. I'm using Plurk too, which is different again - very informal conversation. - jjprojects
Jury is still way, way out. - Warner Crocker
tiwtter is short and sweet.... ff is for discussions... i think they both have a niche - c010depunkk from twhirl
agreed - Mona Nomura
You don't need one to use the other but they sure are handy to use together - John Blanton from twhirl
Haven't maid up my mind yet, but it seems that the different services and their approaches fill different needs. Undecided for now! - tekspectator
Exactly! Why does it have to be "either" "or"? - Steve
I definitely agree. It is frustrating to have people insist one is better than the other. Two totally different beasts. - Shawn Farner from twhirl
could not agree more. probably the best twitter, FF comment in a long time. - Bastian
Agree! At this point, FF's comment functionality isn't good enough to replace Twitter for me. With Twhirl, it doesn't seem like tool overload to use both. - jen robinson from twhirl
Apart from twitter's SMS interface.. what is missing (for you) in FF? @ ? - Kishore Balakrishnan
Its FF only. reaons against Twitter : (a) Twitter whaling to often (b) not easy to track/thread twitter replies together. FOR FF (1) FF stable (2) FF Conov enabler/agggreagator (3) I like it better :)- - Peter Dawson
An integrated solution with both would be best. Twittering out of FriendFeed - that's my dream! - Matthias Schwenk
Oh definitely agree. They are symbiotic beasts - Deepak Singh
Agree absolutely, when social media tools complement, the sum become greater than the parts - Charlie Hope from twhirl
@ Matthias you can comment back from FF in Twitter already... - Charlie Hope from twhirl
and, and, and... there's Utterz, Flickr, blog, etc. etc. etc. -- so, yes. It all goes together. FriendFeed has a chance to become a hub (the way Twitter is foe me now, but more so), if it can somehow tame itself - Doug Haslam from twhirl
Funny how this comes to my attention now as Twitter is not updating for me, but FF is. I love how I can reply to FF via @Twhirl. That is a dynamic combintion. - Tracy Lee Carroll from twhirl
agree - Dieter Schwarz
elliot: twitterfeed does that, put in your ff atom feed and remove your twitter feed from ff - mike "glemak" dunn
Agree....finally somebody comes out and says it as it should be said :) - Arjun
it's both right now - if you have group of people in Twitter then it is both - otherwise the conversation is moving more into friendfeed on a greater range of topics so for those not so tied to twitter it is twitter or friendfeed - Riaz Kanani
Disagree. Twitter has crossed the line. It is dead to me and too much of the time it is dead to everyone. - Dave Slusher
I kind of agree. There's too much noise on FriendFeed to have simple, conversational, exchanges. - Bill Bittner
If Twitter doesn't get its act together, it will be FriendFeed and no Twitter. I'm revisiting FriendFeed today after a nice hiatus - Michael Koby from Alert Thingy
Completely agree. - Parth Awasthi from twhirl
This is be being real: I love Twitter, and don't get me wrong, I think FriendFeed is cool, too.. but I think Facebook will ultimately adopt the killer features of both and wipe them out. - Shawn Farner from twhirl
Elliot, you can try feeding your FF entries feed into Twitterfeed.com. - Dewald Pretorius
And probably many other services we'll adopt - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
Agreed. FF, to me, is more of a reading rather than authoring experience - Michael Lehman
Agree. Friend Feed is my Twitter extension for comments and groups - Jon Bishop
Yep, I use both. - Brent Newhall
Agree! - Sarah Perez
Agree; tell me though, does Pownce = Twitter + FriendFeed [or vice-versa] or am I just being thick? Twhirl posts to Pownce for me as well, but taking Rafe Needleman's advice and not tracking multiple communities. FF good for posts too long for Twitter - Justin Guy Souter from twhirl
FriendFeed > Twitter for me. I feel more value when I post here first. - Steve Isaacs
agree, and, in between Twitter and Friendfeed , many other indispensible things are included. - Nikos Anagnostou
Agree! - Marc Dierens
twitter for messaging, friendfeed for aggregation - Tyler Gillies
Agree 100% - Mike Doeff
I agree. I still just wish that twitter is more stable. - Alan Le
agree!! - edythe
I definitely agree. FriendFeed is not a Twitter replacement. - Jake (aka Jawee) from twhirl
agree for now, but not forever... - Jeremy Toeman
well I would have to agree as I do use both.. it seems obvious they are different things. - Karl from twhirl
Both - but grudgingly. Honestly? The only reason I go to FF is because some of my Twitterpals migrated here and won't come back. Twitter is my main gal - FF is my Friday night stand-in. If I could do away with FF I would. - Lucretia Pruitt
Twitter is too myopic to last much longer. Our online lives are a lot more complicated than 140 characters. - David Weiner
How much time to we all have?? There are use cases for both twitter and friend feed. Some people WILL choose one or the other. There are functional aspects that i like about both. For me it is both. - Rodney Rumford
Its neither - it's what fits your structure and how you want to connect. If you want actual conversations and build on relationpships, IMO, Plurk is good at that. FF seems too cluttered but aggregates a lot information together. Twitter is still good for me and is a great broadcast tool, some communication, and a lot of industry heads that you can learn from. - Sonny Gill
It's becoming less and less so. I'd much rather have one service I can do it all on and FriendFeed satisfies that much better. Twitter still has things FF doesn't though so for what FF doesn't satisfy, I will continue to use Twitter for. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
I suppose I could go with the AND if FF offered a pure stream like twitter. I really don't like the threaded conversation presentation ... but maybe that's because I mostly use twirl? - Clint
Agree *completely*! - Kasey Sistrunk Anderson
You're almost right. I get what you're getting at. But the two are different and will grow separate paths with some common features. - phil baumann
phil, if they do grow in separate paths, that's great! I'll continue using both! However, I will not continue to use both for the same reasons. I'm removing the duplicate effort lately and consolodating what I can over to FriendFeed, leaving the remaining effort to Twitter. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
My other concern is that Twitter just doesn't have the expertise up high to make it a successful service. You will see the FF founders frequently engaged in conversations about FF on their service. I have yet to see a single Twitter founder engage in any of the critiques or compliments about their service on Twitter. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
FF ideal for social discovery as long as folks hooking up enough of their services. I like the "noise" of FF. - Stephen Francoeur
...and Plurk, and Facebook, and Pownce, and Jaiku, and more to come. Twitter for its simplicity and all the add-on apps and all the others for conversations or smaller groups with specific interests. - Brenda Young
agree! - Clay Newton
Agree! To me, it's "FriendTweed" - David Cook
Just for you Jeremiah (Just a rough draft) http://tinyurl.com/55eof3 - David Cook
currently it's only Friendfeed cause twitter has lowered the allowed API requests. I don't use Twitter via web - Frank Hamm
Completely agree - Peggy Gartin
Pretty much agree. - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Twitter+FriendFeed! - Igor Poltavskiy
Kevin Dugan
Twitterpitch is a plug-in for wordpress that means well, but misses the point. I want your pitch to be relevant and on-target. After that I don't care if it's 140 characters or 140 words or... And I suspect if your pitch sucks at 100 words, 100 characters won't make a big difference for you. - http://www.nevillehobson.com/2008...
Thank you for that sentiment! - Mike Keliher
Jeremiah Owyang
It's kind of BS how people pick on Scoble so much, he works really hard and carves out the adoption path for many of us. When you look pass the 'noise' you'll see he's sorting out the crap from the rough nuggets.
I think he takes the crap people dish at him really well. Scobez is one of my heroes. That said, it's kind of funny some of the stuff that gets said about him. I think he opens himself to a lot of it on purpose. It keeps people talking about him. ;) - iTad
Amen! - James
EZ targets are well...so EZ! - Mark Forman
He's just so damn likable, and he doesn't "hit back" so he makes himself an easy target. I'd love to see anyone else try to do what he does, the man works hard (but prob needs to spend more time with family) - Jeremiah Owyang
He's one of my heroes as well. He must be pretty comfortable in his own skin. - Francine Hardaway from Alert Thingy
easy for you to defend scoble, jeremiah. he didn't kidnap your dog - @baratunde
Baratunde he did take my lol cat though. - Jeremiah Owyang
I think to a certain extent Scoble like others is, "say something nice is best, say something bad is ok, but just don't say,'nothing'" - Mark Forman
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