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RT @starlajo: Lunch and talks in the sunshine with @mjollnir and cuddles and giggles with baby V make the day even better. <3
I know this has been all over everything already but WOW #fb
Still do not even remotely understand cricket #fb
Wow I think the bear just experienced her first earthquake!
the little bear is now officially half a kiwi! #fb
Lacking a #gayredshirt myself I put Veronika in her best #gayredshirt yesterday
This morning I woke up to my face being vomited on #mummy #fb
RT @jshirley: If you find a piece of software that helps you out, send the author a thank you note. People hear about bugs, rarely do they get thanked.
RT @puck_: /cc @mjollnir RT @simon_w: .@geonet: open data before it was cool. #nzosa
The incredible shame that this is New Zealand's prime minister:
Continually amazed by the things one sees being towed by bikes in Munich.
Dear yellylady in baby shop. if you own a baby shop I expect you to understand that "the baby's sleeping" means talk quietly. Love, mjollnir
ginger, lemons, manuka honey, cayenne pepper and glenfiddich. out, damn cold!
RT @levie: The east coast is dealing with the biggest hurricane ever, and the west coast response is: launch more smartphones.
RT @norightturnnz: So Nats suspended Canterbury democracy because they thought voters would vote to protect the environment. #fuckers
I just posted a recipe for hedgehog teething cookies that the bear absolutely LOVES #fb
The bear is sleeping. WHY CAN THE MUMMY NOT SLEEP???
RT @HonestToddler: Have you ever wanted to tell someone how much you appreciate them but realized cake doesn't have ears?
taking the tornado for a bike ride to enable her afternoon sleep was awesome. it would have been better if she'd slept though. #fb
perfect thing against a horrible tuesday morning
perfect thing against a horrible tuesday morning
Baby sleeping without waking up for 8 hours now. Mummy wide awake anyway. Woe.
RT @VikOlliver: @mjollnir Fukyeh! They need to concentrate this and inject it into the veins of homesick ex-pats.
awesome raw chocolate, fig, date and chipotle brownies SUPER RICH though.
RT @HonestToddler: RT if you think oatmeal destroys families and evaporates dreams
RT @TheEgonomist: It could have been the lovechild of Hitler & Blackbeard who discovered your security fuckup, MSD. Doesn’t stop it being your security fuckup
what I'm making for dinner tonight: salmon, chipotle, feta and salsa tacos.
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