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RT @martinkrafft: does not deal with mobile data access and is not as good as making a scene and turning a cold shoulder #googleglass
RT @martinkrafft: @susanmwood partisanship on @NZQandA made @mjollnir unhappy today, so I don't like her anymore.
RT @phirate: When Oxford needed a definition for "what I don't even", they needed this photo
RT @martinkrafft: Vote on the DebConf15 logo submissions: #debconf15
want to help Debian? Call for logo design for debconf15 in Heidelberg #debconf15
want to help Debian? Call for logo design for debconf15 in Heidelberg ttp:// #debconf15
RT @badtom: Nope. Nononononope. RT @kehealey: Oh my god. #lululemonnonsense
hey @piawaugh and @keith_ng do you two know each other? (budgets, data, govt)
when inbox 0 is impossible, I at least aim for no inbox scrollbar
RT @B_RussellQuotes: The whole problem with the world...
I am not sure what a dismantled winter slag is but it doesn't sound appetising #fb
happy birthday @elHornair !!
happy birthday @kevinmoilar ??!
RT @mikeal: Best part of boycotting Firefox is that you get to send a ton of private data to Google through Chrome about how progressive you are.
LOVE spoon “@kb: “The Fitted Shirt” by Spoon is my new jam. ♫ Listen:”
Sitting in tram with my not yet 2 year old daughter who is loudly singing soft kitty #fb
RT @normnz: Wellington sunrise. "You can't live here by chance". My town.
RT @yourjokesarebad: today when i was walking down dixon st i saw a guy take a photo of him pulling the fingers at bike barn. help me find it please
RT @babalonsister: Haha,this is very succinct :)
there are a lot of things i love about germany, but realising the bread my poached eggs are on has caraway in it is not one of them. #fb
i had to look at this three times before i could even parse the content i was so busy being cross
am I insane, or is it reasonable to expect journalists and/or news website content editors to be able to spell?
hey @headhntr I watched the vmars movie last week and was CONVINCED you were in it but it was this guy
unsurprisingly, my #FirstTweet was about coffee
trying to keep a jetlagged baby awake until a reasonable bedtime is heartbreaking :( #fb
Made it home to Munich safely with all luggage (including pram) #fb
Sadness at leaving wellington slightly overshadowed by learning air nz lost the pram before Auckland. Stop over in Singapore not looking fun
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