RT @darkixion: PostgreSQL is a NoWTF database system.
RT @NZGreens: A @NZStuff poll today shows NZers don't want to partake in National's roading binge http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominio... https://twitter.com/NZGreen...
RT @BiellaColeman: Hey if you support crypto and Tor please RT this Tweet ---> https://t.co/E4I8Lv5FS9
RT @martinkrafft: Retweet n times within a week and I'll donate [ 10-exp(-n/10³)×10 ] #Bitcoin to @torproject. Go! #Tor #RTdonateWeek #FeelingExperimental
So far 100% of my responses are for anatomical which is also what we were thinking. #ttrttpt #fb
informal social media poll. parents: did you teach your children anatomically correct or "cutesy" names for their genitalia? #fb
RT @damianchristie: Dear phone: I am never trying to write "ducking".
#followfriday my husband @martinkrafft recently finally relented after years of being a twitter hater. follow him, he's awesome <3
just got home to a letter from german zoll saying they'd stolen my #thunderpants. WOE. ok not stolen but an hour trip to pick them up.
hey @GenerationZer0 you might want to change your survey so expats can say where they live ;)
RT @martinkrafft: @fatfreddysdrop1's Blackbird playing on the lobby of the Courtyard Marriot Bochum (DE). Joy! Cc. @mjollnir
RT @rmi: The government will build more roads for homeless newborns to live in their cars on. #brighterfuture http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz...
RT @paulapenfold: Where do your clothes come from and why does it matter? http://www.3news.co.nz/The-ugl... via @3NewsNZ
Hey @liip seems like you can still go to Lily's for lunch from the new office! Choice :)
RT @Littlemrsmrs: Does anyone know this couple? SD card with lots of baby pics found in Waterloo Sydney. Please RT https://twitter.com/Littlem...
RT @OdyX_: @mjollnir Freefall! Brain and internal ears getting all confused, refreshing rarely used neuronal connections!
What is it about jumping on couches that is so much fun and hilarious for toddlers?
RT @norightturnnz: A boat race for rich pricks or feeding the kids. Its that simple.
this is fascinating and the sort of thing I wish would make it into the NZ MSM http://www.thepoliticalscientist.org/the-rea... #nzpol
wow, I can't believe I'm agreeing with something Fran O'Sullivan writes http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz...
RT @martinkrafft: Valessio Brito won the #DebConf15 logo contest: http://blog.debconf.org/blog...
so, people feel strongly about that and twitter mostly says 1 and facebook exclusively says 2. I use 2 fwiw. #ttrttpt
RT @edufk: This is a great idea & more bars should take part - Bar staff trained in predator spotting http://t.co/4DaW50Qedc
RT @TransportBlog: With roads the govt is investing to generate demand. With PT, walking and cycling they begrudgingly invest only after demand exists
RT @6: Not sure if ashamed to have LOL'd. https://twitter.com/6...
RT @martinkrafft: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/busines... does not deal with mobile data access and is not as good as making a scene and turning a cold shoulder #googleglass
RT @martinkrafft: @susanmwood partisanship on @NZQandA made @mjollnir unhappy today, so I don't like her anymore.
RT @phirate: When Oxford needed a definition for "what I don't even", they needed this photo http://i.imgur.com/gbu5YNM.jpg
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